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Chapter 9 Surgery

I was lying on the steps at the entrance of the KTV, and after seeing the four or five knives pointing at me, my spirit instantly collapsed, tears unconsciously welling up in my eyes, and my body backed up: "Brother! How on earth did I offend you!"

"What did those little bastards with you just do, didn't you see?" A young man reached out and poked me with the tip of his knife, my clothes were directly pierced with a slit, and my right shoulder was also pierced.

"Why waste words with him, cut him!" Another man raised his knife straight away.

"I don't know them! You've got the wrong people!" I hissed in a loud voice the moment the blade was raised.

"What?" The youth who stabbed me with the knife froze for a moment, and then lowered his body downward.


A loud slap on the side of my face, I immediately felt a roar in my ears and a hot pain in my face, the youth slapped my face with the blade: "You lie to your father?"

"Brother, I really don't know them!" I was in pain and fear, and my tears broke straight down.

"Stop fighting, you guys! We really don't know them! We're still students!" I heard Liu Meiqi's voice coming out, but didn't see her figure, because my eyes were crying and blurred early, this was the first time I was beaten by people from the community, full of only horror.

"Really do not know?" The person who slapped me saw me this goose, the heart also a little hesitant, and then turned his head to look at Zhao Mengna, and Zhao Mengna after looking at me lying on the ground, barely even hesitated, directly shook his head, indicating that he did not know me.

The youth frowned: "Fuck, maybe it's really the wrong whole?!"

"Hey? What are you guys doing? If you fight, you fight, why hit them? It is not together!" The boss's wife, who had already watched the whole process from behind the bar, pretended to have just found out after seeing me bite the bullet and came over to give me a roundabout.

"Fuck!" The youth paused a bit unexpectedly, then reached out to me and pulled me up: "Hit also hit, count your bad luck!"

"Mmm!" My voice choked, coyly nodded.

"Sorry about that, boy!" The man who grabbed my hair, as if nothing had happened, also smiled and reached out and patted my shoulder.

"It's okay, big brother!" I did not dare to raise my head, once again the atmosphere did not dare to breathe a reply.

"Let's go, take Ah Niu to the hospital!" This person put away the knife, turned around and left, then these people, along with Zhao Mengna, drove away together.

After seeing the people completely gone, I finally breathed a sigh of relief, not caring about the slap that hit half of my pasty face, my legs went limp and I fell to sit on the steps.

"Is everything okay, kid?" The owner of the concert hall came over, took a look at my red and swollen cheek, and asked with concern.

"It's fine, thank you, sis!" I replied with a sense of relief, surprisingly feeling like I had come back from the dead despite the beating I had received.

"It's good that you're okay! The few youngsters just now, the leader called Niu Pan, in this area is quite famous, recently be careful, you can not afford to mess with these people!" The boss lady said casually, and turned back to the concert hall.

"You are injured, or let's go to the hospital!" Qi Wen was obviously shocked, looking at the wound on my shoulder, in addition to tears, the rest is all overwhelmed.

"It's okay!" I gently shook my head, one side of my head only to find that my shoulder area is full of blood stains, clothes have been blood stuck to the skin.

"Zhang Xiaoyu and the other bastards, they know how to cause trouble, this is good, after causing trouble they ran away, and just left us two girls here! Damn it! What kind of man!" Liu Meiqi sat next to me, cursing indignantly, breathing heavily, apparently in her eyes, I am a useless little transparent.

I know Liu Meiqi is not humiliating me, so red-faced back: "Xiao Yu they also have hardships, he is still a student, must not be able to beat these bastards, just now if not run, now has long been in the hospital!"

"Ugh ......"

Liu Meiqi opened her mouth and wanted to talk back, but the corners of her mouth twitched, and eventually just a sigh.

We sat for about five minutes, the owner of the concert hall pushed open the door again and walked out, said to me: "Leng Lei just called me, they will be right back!"

"Oh! Thanks!" I nodded blankly, my mood was gradually calming down at the moment, and the wound on my shoulder began to emit severe pain.

"Son of a bitch! Still know to come back!" Liu Meiqi once again scolded.

"Sister Qi, can you, please one thing ......" I thought for a moment and turned my head to look at Liu Meiqi.

"What's wrong?" Liu Meiqi and I looked at each other.

"That is, what I just did ...... you...can you?" I stammered, a little difficult to say.

"Can you not talk to Zhang Xiaoyu and them, right!" Liu Meiqi suddenly laughed and patted my arm: "Don't worry, I'm not that gossipy, I know you're not the same as Zhang Xiaoyu and their kind of gangsters, you're just an ordinary student, nothing to be ashamed of!"

"Well...thanks!" I answered, quite lost and lowered my head.

I felt sad to hear Liu Meiqi say that, because in her heart, she had denied that I could become a person like Xiao Yu, but what she didn't know was that I actually yearned for Xiao Yu's kind of life, I don't know if it was after Xiao Yu helped me fight Wang Xin, or from the time Zhang Yanjun called me brother, I just liked this kind of life anyway. My family environment predestined me to be ridiculed and looked down upon since I was a child, and my own inferiority complex was so severe that it was hard to attach it, but Tsao Yu was different, on campus, he was very majestic, only a few days after transferring over, I could already see the awe of him in the eyes of other students, I didn't know if it was right or wrong, but I desperately wanted to fit into this life.

Five minutes later.


A cab stopped at the entrance of the KTV, and Tsao Yu was the first to push open the door and get out, then took a few quick steps and gave me a look, "Is everything okay?"

"Yes!" I held back the pain in my shoulder and squeezed out a far-fetched smile.


The car door was pushed open one after another, Leng Xin, Leilei, Sun Bing three people in turn got out of the car, and only then I saw that the three of them, each with an extra half-meter-long machete in their hands, Leilei carried the knife and was the first to walk to my side, also noticing the wound on my shoulder: "They hit you?"

"Well..." I nodded gently, then added: "It wasn't much worse, I said I wasn't with you guys, and they believed me!"

"Fuck!" Leilei spat out a word roughly, and it was then that I noticed that the cut on his arm had not been bandaged, the deepest part of the flesh was turned outward, but it had scabbed over and was no longer bleeding.

"Run away, how to do ah?" Leng Xin opened his mouth and asked.

"The boy was injured, must have gone to the hospital, go, go to the hospital to find him!" Leilei said nothing, wrapped the knife into his clothes, intended to stop another cab.

"Hey!" Xiao Yu stepped forward and stopped Leilei's way: "Forget it, they are social gangsters, we can't fight them, now both sides have damage, so let's just pull back!"

"Impossible! I've been fucking knifed, you can't see it? Lei Lei stared straight ahead with his eyes, a desperate man's stance: "Today we must still fuck him!"

"Yes! These knives can not be in vain!" Leng Xin added fuel to the fire.

"Stubborn ass! Do what you like!" Xiao Yu was angry with Lei Lei and turned his head away from speaking.

Lei Lei bared his teeth and smiled, then looked at me, pointing at me and said to Xiaoyu: "Xiaofei is injured, you take him to a clinic, first package!"

"You do not make! Okay!" Tsao Yu frowned and shouted again.

"You leave it alone!" Lei Lei spoke, already reached out and stopped a cab, then got in with Leng Xin and Sun Bing, and quickly disappeared at the end of the road.

"Stupid bastard! Fuck!" Xiao Yu stomped his feet in anger, and after standing in place for a while, he walked over to me: "Your injury is okay, right?"

"Hum, not hurt on you, of course you do not matter!" Liu Meiqi did not have a good temper back tsunami Yu sentence.

"Oh ......" Tsunami Yu embarrassed a smile, and then apologetically looked at me: "I did not think so much at that time, just thought you were inside the concert hall, they will not look for your trouble ... ..."

"I didn't hurt much ......" I replied with understanding.

"Let's go, find a clinic and get your wounds dressed."

"Mmm!" I answered, and Tsao Yu, Liu Meiqi, and the already terrified Qi Wen four people, also stopped a cab and took a taxi to a very large clinic.

In the clinic.

The doctor took a look at my wound, and then said to me, "You have a deep wound, and the knife that stabbed you is still rusty, you must be disinfected immediately, and you have to get stitches!"

"Is it so serious? A simple bandage can not ah?" Xiao Yu looked at my not much wound, took over the doctor's words.

"No!" The doctor shook his head: "The wound is not much, but it is too deep, almost to the bone, must be stitched!"

"That's fine!" Xiao Yu nodded: "Stitches...how much does it cost?"

"Anti-inflammatory medicine, anesthesia and surgery, a total of 750!" The doctor pointed to the entrance of the guide table: "Go there and pay!"

"That much?"

After hearing this cost, Xiaoyu and I were confused, because I only had 30 yuan, and Xiaoyu only had about a hundred left, the seven hundred and fifty yuan, we two certainly can not come up with, I licked my lips, looked at the doctor: "Doctor, or you can use gauze to wrap me, I think it's not a big deal! "

"Without surgery, I can not give you a bandage, this kind of wound is too easy to infect, you so in the future accident, we will be spread the responsibility!" The doctor said completely uncompromisingly.

"What to do ......" I looked at Tsunami Yu in six different ways.

"Not good ......" Tsao Yu also slightly helplessly answered me a sentence.

"I have money here!" The first thing you need to do is to get the money to pay for the surgery.

The first time I saw the back of Qi Wen to pay the bill, Xiao Yu sipped his teeth and said to me with a cheap smile, "So much pocket money on your body, your daughter-in-law can ah!"