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Chapter 8 Knife

After Lei Lei was kicked back inside the KTV, I saw the situation outside, at the moment there are two very dilapidated off-road vehicles parked outside, headlights support, just shining to our side, two vehicles in front of the shadow of seven or eight people standing, the head of these people, is a twenty-three or four-year-old youth, he is carrying a knife in his hand, just now it is he, kicked Lei Lei into the hall to come.

"Fuck you, you hit my brother!" Leng Xin has been drinking a little unconscious, but after seeing Lei Lei beaten, he was the first to rush up, Xiao Yu saw Leng Xin rushed out, also picked up a bottle, just rushed a step and stopped, side face looked at me: "You do not get involved, protect Mei Qi and Qi Wen!"

"Good!" Hearing Tsao Yu's words, I subconsciously took Liu Meiqi's arm and took a step back, I was different from Tsao Yu, Leng Xin entered society before graduating from elementary school, and later met many friends who were socially active, Lei Lei also did not graduate from junior high school, usually always mixed with Leng Xin, so often fights, Tsao Yu needless to say, as one of the city's most famous problem students, the fight will definitely not be less, but I I heard the strange man's phrase 'fuck your mother' after my legs had gone soft, the body is still shivering, but because there are two girls on the side, I tried to restrain the fear, and did not show too obviously.

The words of Xiaoyu just fell, Sun Bing also carried a bar stool rushed out, swung up on the head of the leading youth and smashed down, the result of a youth behind the action very quickly rushed up, a foot on the Sun Bing kicked down on the steps.

"Little B brat, how dare you fight back!"

"Fuck! Give me a fight!"


The people on the other side saw our side doing it, they all swarmed up, and Sun Bing was kicked in the face, then a man yanked him by the hair and slammed him twice against the steps.


The bottle in the hand of Tsao Yu, directly smashed in the head of the youth, the youth fell down in response, threw off his head still intended to stand up, Leng Xin raised his foot high, another kick to the head of this person, then was another person from behind around the neck, a moment to drag to, two people fell to the ground, began to tear up.

"Fuck you! Who hit me!" Leilei struggled up from the ground, reached out and pulled out a card spring knife in his pocket, broke it and rushed up, the youth carrying the knife opposite saw Leilei, he was also red in the eyes, carrying the knife and met him.


The youth carrying the knife raised his hand, the arm of Lei Lei is a knife, Lei Lei did not even dodge, using his arm to block a knife, and then the card spring knife to the neck of the youth on it, the youth is obviously afraid, the body leaned back hard, by Lei Lei a knife to the shoulder skin pierced, Lei Lei raised his hand, the skin of the youth shoulder was immediately opened up a piece, mixed with blood, revealing the yellow and white fat. The air was instantly filled with a disgusting smell of blood.

Two people's clothes were instantly stained red with blood, this is the first time I saw two people pinching knives dislike each other in addition to film and television works, I was scared, really scared, two people on the knife is like a black hole, a large mouth devouring my sanity, fear to the extreme after I saw the knife moved, and hurriedly pulled Qi Wen back two steps again.

"Husband! You guys stop fighting! Don't fight!" The girl who came to Lei Lei, seeing that both people were injured, directly panicked, crying and stopped in the middle of the two people, reached out and hugged the youth carrying the knife, turned his head to Lei Lei and yelled: "Go! You guys go!"

"Fuck you, you fucking bitch. Son! I treated you so fucking well, and you gave me a cuckold!" The youth with the knife saw that the girl was still protecting Leilei, lifted her leg and kicked her to the ground, while Leilei took advantage of this opening to rush over and pressed the youth's neck with one hand, holding the knife in the other, and stabbed the youth in the stomach.




Three knives later, Lei Lei's whole arm has been blood-stained red, the dagger in his hand is too slippery and off, the opposite youth pale, hand covering the stomach, some unstable, and Lei Lei has no intention of stopping, he grabbed the youth's collar with one hand, the other fist is constantly smashed to his face, I witnessed all this behind Lei Lei, legs trembling, I was really I was afraid, because from Leilei's reddened eyes, I could see that he hadn't even thought about whether he would miss killing someone.

"Fuck! You're crazy!" After seeing Lei Lei's abnormal behavior, Xiao Yu took an arrow step up, his left arm strangled Lei Lei's neck from behind, and his right hand clutched Lei Lei's hand that wanted to grab the knife.

"You fucking let go of me!" Leilei gritted his teeth and struggled to break free from Tsunami Yu's arm, but did not break free, and Leng Xin also saw the bad situation, also went up with Tsunami Yu to hold Leilei.

"Fuck you, don't want to die, right!" A youth saw someone on his side of the knife, turned around and pulled open the car door and carried out a cloth pocket.


Cloth pocket was he pulled open, the things inside scattered all over the ground, 'tinkling' fell out, then I saw that the cloth pocket contained, are more than a meter long threaded steel pipe, the head of the steel pipe welded with three . Prongs. Military. The head of the steel pipe is welded with a three-pronged military spike.

The city of Anyang is rich in gold, iron ore, bentonite, kaolin, perlite, marble and other mineral resources, and the years of the mining industry is also the rise of the time, under the profiteering will naturally breed a large number of social mixer, when the city of Anyang more than 20 years old youth, as long as they do not go to school, almost 80% have gone to the social mixer, when the Anyang fish and dragon mixed, excluding the province's tax halo, Anyang is also the province's The city has the worst law and order in the province, no one.

As soon as the youth's steel pipe fell to the ground, I subconsciously remembered two words - zap gun, the legend is that such weapons are designed to kill and maim the existence of.

"Fuck! Run!" Tsunami Yu look across the people quickly gathered in the past, after each person picked up a zapping gun, dragging Lei Lei to run.

"Run a JB run! Do it with him!!!" Leilei leaned down to pick up the knife, then one hand clutching the card spring knife, the veins on the neck, the momentum will be charged upward.


Leng Xin raised his hand, a mouth on the Lei Lei face, then gritted his teeth and lowered his voice: "Can not fight! Go!"

"Fuck!" Lei Lei, perhaps because of a slap from Leng Xin, slightly returned to some sanity, twisted around, followed Tsao Yu, Leng Xin, Sun Bing a few people scattered their legs and ran.

"Chase! Break his legs!" The youth who was stabbed three times by Lei Lei covered his stomach and roared in a frenzy.


The youths behind him heard him finish and all chased in the direction of Leilei, but at this moment, Leilei and the others had already run across the road, and the chasing crowd was blocked by the traffic, and then raised their eyes, and Leilei and the others had already disappeared into a small alley across the road.

"Husband! What happened to you, are you okay!" Called by Leilei, the girl called Zhao Mengna reached out and covered the stomach of the youth, standing in place and crying out in pain.


The youth raised his hand and smacked a mouth on Zhao Mengna's face, Zhao Mengna's face instantly swelled up very high, and a bloodied handprint was printed.

"Honey, I was wrong! Let's go to the hospital first, okay!" Zhao Menna's eyes were hazy with tears, and she reached out to pull the youth's arm again.

"Fuck you! Get lost !!!!"

The youth hissed, coughed loudly, reached out and pointed at Zhao Mengna's nose: "Zhao Mengna I can see, your life is the life of a chicken! At that time, I defied my family's opposition, stole the account book and married you, in order to keep you from sitting on the stage, in order to be able to support you, I fucking sell my life every day, living by robbing mines for others! I can't even get you back, you fucking bitch! I can't even get your heart back, can I?"

"Honey! I was wrong! Please forgive me for once! I beg you! Wow ......," Zhao Mengna cried once more halfway through her words.

"Forget it! Let's get a divorce tomorrow!" The youth's eyes also had some red circles, and blood kept flowing out from the fingers covering the stomach, and then dripped down to the ground.

When I saw this scene, clenched my teeth, I hated Lei Lei, I think he is the culprit of the destruction of a family, but after seeing this society, now think about it, even if there is no Leng Lei, Zhao Mengna will know Liu Lei, Wang Lei, Li Lei, Sun Lei ......

nature of this thing, who can say good things.

Youth of those friends see did not chase Lei Lei, quickly turned back, a person reached out to hold his arm: "Let's go, go to the hospital stitches!"

"Do we need to call the police?" Another person interjected and asked.

"Forget it!" The youth who received three stabs from Lei Lei shook his head: "Stabbed by a little B brat, it's embarrassing to spread the word."

"Okay, let's go, go to the hospital!" The one holding the youth nodded his head, holding her to get into the car, the year of the bastards is like this, not out of life, rarely by the officials, but the moment of the car, the youth turned his head, is and KTV inside my four eyes.


After seeing the youth's eyes, my whole person froze in place, my brain went blank, because things have come to this point, has been completely beyond my comprehension, not to mention the strain.

"Fuck you! They're together! Fuck him!" After that youth saw me, he reached out and pointed at me, and then after the rest of the guys heard that, at least four or five of them rushed over together in the direction of the KTV.

"Ah!!!" Seeing the bastards rushing over, Qi Wen screamed in fear and grabbed my arm with all her might. Although Liu Meiqi was fierce, she was a student after all, and seeing this situation, she was also a bit scared and reached out and pushed my arm: "What should I do?"

"I ... I ... I do not know ah!" After I stammered out a sentence, several youths had pushed open the door and stood in front of me.

"Little B-boy! You guys are together, right?" A youth looked at me, reached out and grabbed my hair, dragging me to go, and my feet went weak, people directly paralyzed on the ground, at that moment I was scared to death, almost to the point of pissing my pants, and the youth did not care about me, dragged me out by my hair, pulled and dragged by him, my hair ripped off a large hand.

Under the severe pain, my mind was a little clearer, I swallowed hard and blocked Liu Meiqi and Qi Wen behind me: "Brother, what's wrong with me!"

"Fuck you, what did you say?" After a man glared at me, he raised his leg and kicked me in the ribs, and I bowed up in pain.

"Cut him!"

The rest of the men, without further ado, surrounded me with knives.