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Chapter 7 An Yang broken shoes story

Lei Lei chose this KTV is not very big, is the kind of spend 50 yuan can sing for three hours, and also give a dozen beer small cabaret, the quality of the room stereo has been poor to bad, leather sofa also has a lot of places have been broken, inside the sponge exposed place, just a symbolic paste with transparent tape, even if this environment, still let me feel excited, because this The first time I entered the KTV, before in my impression, the concert hall is the kind of place that only the family is superior, or delinquent teenagers can come.

"Come on, have a drink, huh?" After Leilei entered the door, he opened the beer on the table with ease.

"Drink up! I'm still afraid of you, huh?" Xiao Yu bared his teeth and smiled, picked up a bottle of beer and Lei Lei clinked, then directly with the bottle to drink, a mouthful of dry down half a bottle, Lei Lei is a breath, directly a bottle of beer blew.

Leng Xin on the side also picked up a bottle of wine and handed it to me: "Drink, buddy?"

"No, I can't drink!" Looking at the bottle of wine handed to me, I waved my hand, before this, I did not drink once.

"Forget about it, then you sing a song!" Sun Bing handed over the microphone in his hand: "Sing what, I'll give you a song!"

"...... I can't sing either!" I blushed and refused again, and then sat quite quietly with Qi Wen in the corner of the sofa.

"This friend of yours is quite shy ah!" Lei Lei looked at me and bared his teeth and smiled at Tsao Yu.

Xiaoyu turned his head to look at me: "Little Fei, you let go! There are no outsiders here!"

"I really don't know how to drink or sing!" I explained with a slight embarrassment.

"Okay, then you play by yourself, I'll leave you alone anon!" Xiao Yu nodded his head and continued to drink with Leng Xin.

A short while later, the owner of the concert hall pushed the door in, carrying two dozen beers: "I just heard that today Xiao Lei's birthday ah? This wine you drink, a gift!"

"Thank you! Sixth sister!" Lei Lei bared his teeth and smiled, poured two glasses of wine, handed one of them to the boss lady: "Sixth sister, I toast you a glass!"

"Happy birthday to you, brother!" The boss's wife took the cup and then drank it all.

The next half hour, my ears have been in the ravages of Leng Xin, he is a wheat bully, but is a wheat bully without five tones, he is singing, basically pulling a long tone to read the lyrics, with the concert hall sub buzzing sound, I listened to my head hurts, but Xiao Yu and their side obviously played well, at the moment they are on the small coffee table, has been filled with a dozen bottles, the crowd also Obviously all have some drunkenness.

During this period, Lei Lei used Xiao Yu's cell phone to make a phone call to someone, after a while, came a good-looking girl, she drew a thick dress, looks like it should be several years older than us, the girl came, Lei Lei drinking frequency is obviously less, hugging the girl and touching and kissing, and constantly up and down their hands, look at me on the side is also a heartbeat, but turned his head to look at Qi Wen after a glance, I again I'm not interested in going down on her, Qi Wen is not ugly, but for some reason, I just don't feel for her.

Liu Meiqi, who was sitting next to Xiao Yu and drinking with them, quickly saw my difference and moved her body to my side and tapped me on the shoulder: "Hey, man! What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, pretty good ah!" I replied perfunctorily.

"Hey, do you not like Qi Wen ah?" Liu Meiqi asked me very gossipy.

"No, I quite like her!" I looked at Liu Meiqi, I answered against my will, because I had seen Liu Meiqi in the corridor of the school, beat up a boy who was taller than her, I did not want to offend this mother of the night.

"Don't lie, I can see that you don't have electricity for Ziwen!" Liu Meiqi frowned slightly and said with a squint.

"Which has ......" I hurriedly explained a sentence, used to cover my embarrassment, and glanced at Qi Wen with the afterglow, fortunately, in the cold Xin knocking gong general song, Qi Wen did not hear what we were talking about.

"I tell you, Qi Wen girl is actually quite good, never had a boyfriend before, speaking of which, you are still her first love! Haha!"

"I am also the first love ......" I replied in a voice that Qi Wen could not even hear, and then said, "We two usually chat online, she told me about this!"

"Well, it's good that you know, Qi Wen's parents are working in the city government, the family on this one child, she does not lack money, you and her good benefits it! I can feel it, you're a good person!" Liu Meiqi thought I was embarrassed by my own identity, so enlightened me a few words.

"Got it, thank you, sister Qi!" I nodded seriously, not for anything else, just for what Liu Meiqi said to me sincerely.

"Nothing more to chat with her, keep her company, put a little girl aside by herself, not like a man to do things!"

"Mmm!" I nodded my head and gave a smile.

"I wish you a happy marriage!" Liu Meiqi completely disregarded my feelings after the blessing of a sentence, continue to drink with Xiao Yu, I took a look, Lei Lei and the girl, I do not know when they have disappeared.

After listening to Liu Meiqi's words, I think there is more or less a little bit of truth, although I do not like Qi Wen, but after all, she is out with me, just let her sit here dry, indeed not very polite, so I poked my head into Qi Wen's ear: "Want something to drink? I'll go out and buy you something!"

"Mineral water is fine!" Qi Wen smiled lightly and nodded slightly.

"Okay, you wait for me here!" After I said that, I got up and left the room, I simply did not know that KTV also sells water inside, so I went outside the supermarket to buy a bottle of mineral water, just to go back to KTV, suddenly found Lei Lei is on the side of a small alley, talking to the girl he called, Lei Lei leaned against the wall, the girl is one hand propped up against the wall, blocking Lei Lei's way, from the expression of the two people, the atmosphere should not be very cordial, so I paused for a moment to listen to what the two people were saying.

"Leng Lei, you're not going to be responsible for me, are you?" The girl's face was sulking, and there were two traces of eyeliner spent makeup on her cheeks, apparently she had just cried.

"What kind of responsibility do I have for you? You're five years older than me, do you think it's possible for us to be together?" Lei Lei's face was wronged, struggling to explain: "Besides, when we first met, did we agree that it was just a date! Listen, you go home quickly!"

"I'm not leaving, I don't care what you say today! I'm just in love with you!" The girl roared hysterically, scared me who was eavesdropping in the corner, and suddenly hit a jolt.

Leilei was also apparently shocked by the girl's voice, silent for a while before he spoke again with deep emotion: "A man who intends to play with you will always say to you, don't go, stay with me again, even if only for a little while! But I am not that kind of man! And even less likely to do that!"

"Oh, I knew you loved me!" The girl broke into tears and wiped the tears off her face.

"Fool!" Leilei reached out and touched the girl's hair, and spoke again with deep emotion: "Be good, go home now! You've just been married for a few months, don't let your husband get suspicious!"

"Pfft! Ahem!"

I immediately choked on my own saliva, after half a day, this girl turned out to be married, if Tsunami Yu is a catfish in the world of picking up girls, then Lei Lei is definitely a Kun.

"As long as you are willing to marry me, I can immediately divorce!" The girl saw that Leilei was still pushing back and replied seriously.

"Oh, why can't I talk to you! Can you stop it, I have guidelines for being a person, while dating, I will never destroy someone's family!" Leilei said righteously, proudly holding his head high: "I tell you anon Zhao Mengna, you stop messing with me! Do you hear me? I'll beat you up if you fool around!"

"I'm messing around! If you have the ability, you beat me to death!" The girl spoke again defiantly, "As long as I have a breath left, I will follow you!"

"Holy fuck!" Lei Lei's face suddenly changed, he pushed the girl away and clenched his fist to make a move.

"Ahem!" I faced this scenario, I truly do not want to see the girl beaten, so I deliberately coughed twice, and after Lei Lei heard my voice, the action of the hands also stopped and looked at me here, while I looked at Lei Lei with an unexpected face: "Hey? Leilei what are you doing here? Everyone is waiting for you to go back!"

"Oh, nothing, I'll talk to her about Archimedes' Law!" Leilei face grim expression instantly disappeared, the hand also smoothly wrapped around the girl: "It's okay, let's go, go back to sing!"

"Mmm!" I smiled brightly and showed an expression that I know.

In fact, after seeing that action of Lei Lei lifting his hand, my heart has a little revulsion, because in my eyes, Lei Lei is a beating woman's animal, I think this kind of people since they can do it to women, will certainly also do it to friends, and I have a vague feeling that this person is not removed, will become a big problem for male compatriots in Anyang City.

After returning to the private room, Lei Lei no longer drive the girl away, is with Leng Xin, Xiao Yu they keep drinking, not a word with the girl, but the girl seems not angry at all, is sitting quietly on the side, but the eyes have not left Lei Lei.

To be honest, in the eyes of a virgin, plus my parents divorced, love is incredibly sacred, so I despise such women, I really do not know when she and Leilei rolled in bed, did not think about his husband's feelings.

This day we have been singing in KTV until more than six o'clock in the evening, and then Leng Xin's voice are singing hoarse, Sun Bing proposed that we go out to eat together, we got up to leave, Xiaoyu and Lei Lei two people, has been drinking some unstable, from Lei Lei's lost eyes and staggering feet, he must be drunk, and Leng Xin also drank a lot, he reached out, directly poked a hole in the sofa with his finger, had to The hole is the crotch of his dream girl in elementary school, took off his pants and pounced on it, a yellow hair with his ups and downs constantly flip, Leng Xin in addition to a pair of pants, inside even a pair of pants are not, in the pants off the moment, Qi Wen a scream, directly buried his face in the chest of me, and Liu Meiqi like a man, followed us together with laughter.

And Tsao Yu took advantage of Liu Meiqi laughing when, very shamelessly on the momentum of her waist, Liu Meiqi flabbergasted, but also did not resist.

Sun Bing took a lot of effort to drag Leng Xin off the sofa, after he held Leng Xin, Liu Meiqi and Xiaoyu held each other, the girl held Lei Lei, our group was very happy to push open the door of the KTV.

The door just opened, walking in the forefront of the girl holding Lei Lei suddenly stopped, I saw in the back of her body obviously a little shaky, but the door was very tightly blocked by her and Lei Lei, I simply can not see outside.

But the girl's next sentence let me instantly through, because the girl's tone a little stammering said, "Old, husband ...... how you came!"

"I fuck you!"

After a roar, Lei Lei was kicked back inside the KTV.