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Chapter 6 New Friends

After Xiao Yu wrote a letter to Qi Wen instead of me, in the afternoon of the same day, I received a letter back from Qi Wen, the content of the letter surprised me, for this paragraph, I also deliberately found out the letter, the main content is as follows.

Xiao Fei, I didn't expect you to say your inner thoughts so frankly, I was surprised that you would like me, but seriously, maybe I also like you, haha, love this kind of thing who can say it, I always thought we would be very good and good friends, just like Jin Yuelin and Lin Huiyin, but since you confessed to me, then I also told you openly, I agree with you, we can Ps: being my boyfriend will be very hard yo!

The moment I saw this letter, my whole person is confused, because I really really did not intend to pursue Qi Wen, I just want to have a good friend, usually can write letters, talk, and that's all, in addition to the inferiority factor, I also know in my heart I am not worthy of Qi Wen, although we two have not met, but the school board, often appear her name, excellent communist youth league member, the whole school The two of us did not see each other, but on the school's board, her name would often appear, excellent youth league member, all-school student, grade group study standard, etc., etc.

She is the princess of honor, and I am more like a clown who hides behind Xiao Yu after stirring up trouble.

The girl I knew because she was the one who delivered most of the correspondence between Qi Wen and I. Her name was Liu Meiqi, not very beautiful, but with an indescribable but charming flavor, and most importantly, she was a big sister in our year group.

"Little Fei, can you help me contact contact Liu Meiqi?" Xiaoyu poked me with peachy eyes.

"No! I can't afford to mess with Liu Meiqi, I've seen her fight and kick a boy from this side of the corridor, all the way to the other side!" I refused while gesturing the distance with my hands.

"If you do that, it's not enough anon!" Xiao Yu frowned at me: "I have helped you to find happiness, you can not bear to see me play bachelor ah?"

"Since when are you a bachelor, you have Zhao Runan!" I said back with great contempt.

"Zhao Runan does not count, between the two of us has long been agreed, the two of us belong to the friendship gun, usually we can sleep together, but definitely not interfere with each other's love life! In other words, we are only pure gun. Friendship, do you understand!"

"You guys are playing really bad!" I looked at Xiaoyu with contempt and continued, "You don't play Liu Meiqi's idea, even if you want to have a relationship with her, you can say it yourself, I absolutely do not care!" I still have half a sentence did not say, that is, with Tsao Yu this kind of attracting butterflies character, in case when the time to Liu Meiqi dumped, then she was in a rage, but also must be my brain cut fart ah!

"......." Xiao Yu bowed his head in silence for a while, retreating to the second best, "Then this way, when Qi Wen looking for you to go out to play, you let her also called Liu Meiqi, and then I went with you, so okay?"

"Well ...... line it!" I thought about it for a while, Tsunami Yu this proposal is not wrong, I really have no way to refuse, and I have not met with Qi Wen, only two people together, but also apparently awkward.

The next few days, Xiaoyu is like a different person, not really hooking up with the girls in the class, waiting to meet with Liu Meiqi, and I also in the expectation, has been imagining Qi Wen look like, the days passed very calm, but has been making me anxious, is that Wang Xin seems to have evaporated, Zhang Yanjun said, he took a long leave.

For a student with a serious aversion to learning, the day-to-day mechanization of the curriculum is certainly tasteless, and the advantage of this mentality is that my time seems to pass faster than others, and in the blink of an eye, the day soon arrived on Saturday.

The second high school in Anyang City was fortunate enough to be chosen as the pilot unit, so the second high school became the only high school in the city to have a double day off, amidst a lot of complaints from parents and cheers from students.

The place where Qi Wen and I agreed to meet was chosen in the East Ring Park in Anyang City. On this day, I purposely chose a relatively clean clothes, and also went to a rare ironing hair, my senior year is popular non-mainstream, so my hair is quite long, so long that it blocked the left half of the face.

When I finished packing and arrived at the park, I found that Tsao Yu was already waiting there early.

"Hey, you're here early!" I greeted Tsunami Yu from afar.

"I must! I'm telling you, last night when I thought I was going to see Liu Meiqi, I was so excited that I didn't sleep well!"

"As far as you are concerned!" I bared my teeth and laughed, mocking Tsao Yu, in fact, I myself only fell asleep at two o'clock.

"Haha, what time did Qi Wen say she would arrive?" Tsao Yu was obviously also well groomed, and I smelled a strong smell of hair wax just as I stood next to him.

I glanced down at the cheap electronic watch and nodded, "It's about nine o'clock, so I should have about ten minutes left!"

"Well, wait a little longer then! Are you thirsty, I'll go buy some drinks!" Xiao Yu said, pulled out two hundred yuan bills from his pocket and waved them in front of my eyes: "Today's food and room, all on me!"

"Where did you get so much money?" I was stunned by Tsunami Yu's generous offer.

"I lied to my mother and said that the school had to pay for extra classes!" Xiaoyu's face turned red and he reached out and put his arm around my shoulders, "Let's go, buy water!"

"You've got a lot of nerve!"

I just came out of the supermarket with Tsao Yu after buying water and saw Liu Meiqi and another girl from afar, without even thinking, it must be Qi Wen.

To be honest, when I first saw Qi Wen, I was a little disappointed, Qi Wen is not as beautiful as I thought, but a very ordinary, thrown in a pile of people without a girl, she is about one meter six meters tall, wearing a very ordinary sportswear, when she saw me, she showed a very shy smile, and I also politely smiled: "Hello! "

"Yo, this young couple how to meet the first time also embarrassed?" Liu Meiqi pushed me with a big grin.

"Sister, you do not say nonsense!" Qi Wen blushed and slowly lowered her head.

"That what, Meiqi, are you thirsty? I just bought you water!" Xiao Yu scurried to Liu Meiqi's side in one step and handed over the nutrition fast line in his hand.

"Thanks, buddy!" Liu Meiqi did not make a show of taking the water, and then the four of us, side-by-side in the park skating up.

The two of them are talking and laughing together, while the atmosphere on my side and Qi Wen's side is a bit awkward because, to be honest, I don't have eyes for Qi Wen, that is, from the moment the two of us meet, I think it's good for us to simply be friends.

"That ...... heard that you beat up Wang Xin ah?" After a moment of silence, Qi Wen took the lead and spoke up.

"And no, is the day he came to me, said you are his sister, told me to stay away from you, I did not agree, and then he did it, and then it was Tsao Yu could not stand it, just beat him up!"

"In fact, he is not my brother at all, I also quite hate him!" Qi Wen replied in a soft voice.

"Oh ......" I didn't say anything, just a soft response, then the atmosphere hit rock bottom again, ridiculously cold.

"Wang Xin left me a message online saying that this time he was quite humiliated, the second high school also had no face to stay, and intended to transfer to another school, but he told me that Zhang Xiaoyu is not a good person, let me stay away from you guys, huh, but I ignored him!" Qi Wen once again smiled and said.

"Oh ......" I agreed once again in a salty way, and then Qi Wen also stopped talking.

The four people just aimlessly walked from the park to the mall, and from the mall to the pedestrian street, has been idle until eleven o'clock at noon, and then together to eat a spicy hotpot, noon meal I found, Xiao Yu and Liu Meiqi two people mushy more and more hot, the whole meal time, are in the mingling of what to say.

Halfway through the meal, Xiaoyu received a phone call, and then said with a smile, "I have a friend's birthday, asked me to go to KTV to sing later, why don't we go together!"

"Sure! I have not sung for a long time!" Liu Meiqi was the first to raise her hand in favor.

"I will not go to it ......" I have not been to the concert hall once, although also want to go to see, but the thought of those friends of Xiaoyu, I always a little inexplicable resistance, now that I think back, more should be subconsciously afraid of it.

"It's okay, it's one of my original neighbors, just him and a few of his friends, no outsiders!" Xiao Yu also knows that I am not very good at dealing with strangers, so explained a sentence, during which he also gave me a wink, meaning that I told me to pull Qi Wen, so as to create a chance for him and Liu Meiqi.

"Otherwise, let's all go together!" I asked Qi Wen's opinion.

"Good!" Qi Wen smiled and nodded her head.

After eating, the four of us took a cab and rushed to the KTV that Tsao Yu had arranged with his friends, and just got out of the cab, I saw from afar a young man standing in front of the KTV, he was about 1.85 meters tall, with a very chic look, his hair was almost shoulder length, dyed blond, and also permed into the shape of corn beard, at first glance, it was a living corn The look is definitely ridiculed today as a horse killer, but at the time, this golden lion king was definitely at the forefront of fashion.

"Fuck, why did you just come!" After seeing Xiao Yu, the golden-haired Lion King greeted him from afar and then walked over, and together with him, there were two other youths, one of whom was around one meter eight and looked like a younger version of He Rundong, and the other with small eyes was not very tall, just a little over one meter seven.

"A little delayed, to introduce you to anon, my buddy, Han Fei!" Xiaoyu pointed at me and said.

Then in the tsunami Yu's introduction, I learned that the golden-haired Lion King and that 'He Rundong' is a pair of twin brothers who look nothing alike, the golden-haired Lion King is the oldest, called Leng Xin, 'He Rundong' is the second, called Leng Lei, the small man is a friend of Leng Lei, called Sun Bing, today is Leng Xin, Leng Lei's birthday, Leng Xin, Leng Lei, Sun Bing we are the same age, but they have long been out of school.

"Happy birthday Ang!" I smiled and said to Leng Xin and Leng Lei.

"Thank you! You can call me Leilei from now on!" Leilei took a few of us to the store: "Let's go, private rooms are booked, inside talk!"

This is the first time I met with Leilei, very ordinary and ordinary.

But in the years after this, the relationship between the two of us heated up quickly, others mention the name Leng Lei, will certainly also mention Han Fei, mention Han Fei, the next is definitely Leng Lei, these two names, really do not leave the state of Jiao.

You are born, I am also born, life is fortunate.