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Chapter 4 another world

"Brother Yu, are you okay ......" Seeing Tsao Yu's still slightly swollen cheek, I was a little moved and a little sad, but I really couldn't say anything useful, so I made a special fake consolation.

"It's okay!" Tsao Yu still indifferent smile, and then swept me two eyes: "Wang Xin did not find you trouble, right?"

"At the end of class, he blocked me at the entrance of the teaching building, I did not dare to go out ......" I said with a small voice and a little blush.

"Oh, he's almost there!" After Xiao Yu inexplicably said so, directly turned this over, still pull out that small note full of names, began to send letters with the girls in the class, as if the noon was beaten by others.

A few minutes later, Xiaoyu received a note from a direction unknown, read it over, and soon revealed a lecherous smile: "Hey! Do you have any money on you?"

"Oh, there is!" A class down, I was tsunami Yu abrupt questions, and jump thinking tossed enough, and then pulled out twenty dollars from his body: "Here!"

"Tsk ...... these, also not enough ah!" Xiaoyu took my twenty dollars, and pulled out more than twenty dollars from his own body, full of sad face sipping teeth.

"What do you want ah? Twenty more is not enough?" I looked at my half month's pocket money and was a little upset that Tsao Yu disliked it. Back then, prices hadn't soared as badly as they do now, so forty dollars was already a lot of money for high school students.

"Zhao Runan has promised to go out with me to get a room tonight! The two of us eat something, after that go to the Internet cafe to go on the Internet, and then open a hostel, at least a hundred dollars!" Xiao Yu lightly quoted the price, and then bared his teeth and looked at me: "Can you help, and then give me some?"

"This ...... line!" I was going to refuse, because I do not have a few friends in the class, and everyone is a poor student, but seeing the injury on Tsao Yu's face, I still agreed, I thought for a moment, wrote a note, to the drama Feng threw over, not much time, the paper ball and threw back, I opened after a smile of relief, because the paper ball is also sandwiched inside more than ten dollars, even ten cents coins are pulled out, after giving the money to Tsao Yu, I I wrote another note and intended to throw it to Yin Xiaopeng, but as soon as I raised my hand, I was stopped by Xiaoyu.

"What are you doing?" After being stopped by Xiaoyu, I thought the teacher was coming, so I looked at the glass window of the back door, but I didn't see anyone.

"Who are you going to throw this note to?" Xiaoyu glanced at the direction and asked me.

"Yin Xiaopeng ah, what's wrong?"

"Yin Xiaopeng is that little white boy?" Tsao Yu sounded disgusted.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" I asked curiously.

"Don't ask him to borrow, I don't spend his money!" Tsao-Yu sickly put the note in my hand into the table box after shredding it: "When I fought at noon, he was less than two meters away from me, and after the action, this grandson ran faster than anyone else, I am most annoyed by this kind of people! I fight he can not help, but he does not have to hide from me like a rabbit it!"

"He is just timid, in fact, people are still quite good ......" I vaguely explained a, in fact, if not because I fought at noon, maybe I will make the same choice with Yin Xiaopeng, like we are such students afraid of the degree of trouble, is Zhang Xiaoyu can not Imagine, although I disguise myself as very strong, but in fact the guts may not even compare to the drama Feng.

"I'm annoyed with him!" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"I can't do it!" I directly shook my head and refused: "If this fifty dollars to us, the two of us can be in the Internet cafe for a week!"

"Then okay, I'll figure out the rest myself!" Tsao Yu also did not force, see I refused, and then continue to start writing notes with Zhao Runan.

"Hey...Xiaoyu, you guys have a room at night, what are you doing?" At that time I was still a virgin, for this kind of room class topic, naturally is incomparable interest, so always want to obscure more to understand some.

"What can you do in a room, sleep!" The first time I heard the words, I replied casually.

The third class soon passed, and the bell just rang when Xiao Yu's body shook, like a changed person, reached out and patted my shoulder: "Go!"

"Why go?" I asked sideways.

"Wang Xin is blocking you at the entrance of the building, go find him!" Xiao Yu put the note handed over by Zhao Runan into his pocket casually, stood up and walked out, I followed behind, although I did not know what he was going to do, but still trembled and followed behind Xiao Yu.

Soon, I met Wang Xin, who was blocking the entrance of the building.

"Fuck you! How dare you come to school?" Wang Xin's face, where Tsao Yu had smacked a wooden plank, was now bruised, but I could see from his eyes that he carried the pride of a victorious man.

"Oh, you little brat!" Xiao Yu looked at a few people on Wang Xin's side, still with that disdainful look: "Can't you find someone? Tell that idiot at noon, at night after the evening study, still in front of the school, I will continue to play with you!"

"Okay, it just so happens that I didn't have a good time beating you at noon!" The confidence on Wang Xin's face was even stronger, and after he finished talking to Xiaoyu, he reached out and pointed to me behind Xiaoyu: "And you! You don't run away either!"

"......" I looked at Wang Xin's eyes a little evasive, and did not dare to answer.

"Let's go!" As if he understood my cowardice, Xiaoyu reached out and put his arm around my shoulders and walked back, and halfway there, I heard him whisper a sentence: "This group of pretenders!"

In those days, cell phones were not popular in schools, much less smartphones, so a resistive touch screen phone with a stylus was already considered an absolute luxury, and during the fourth period of class, I found such a phone in Tsao Yu's hand, and he spent almost the entire class texting until the last few minutes, when he broke into a smile and chatted with me.

"Hey, Xiaofei, do you know Erhei?" Xiaoyu opened his mouth and asked.

"Do not know, heard of it!" I nodded in agreement, two black this year is about rather twenty-three or four years old, in the downtown area is already a relatively well-known gangster, I also often heard others mention this name: "Why do you ask this?"

"Nothing ah, blindly ask it! We have a good relationship, so let's go out and play together one day!" While Tsuneo Yu was talking, his phone rang and he started to launch another message.

Our school had four regular classes in the afternoon and two evening classes, and school was usually over at 8:00 p.m. After the four regular classes, we all ate in the school cafeteria, but in the cafeteria, I looked around and couldn't find Xiaoyu, and to be honest, I was afraid of running into Wang Xin here.

After the meal, I picked a table at random and sat down, not long after, the drama Feng also carried a plate and sat next to me, face full of excitement looking at me: "Hey! Little Fei, have you heard?"

"Heard what?" I immediately raised my head quite interested, thinking that the drama Feng heard what lace news, also want to follow the happy, down a pressure on my slightly fearful mood.

"You do not know ah? I tell you, Xiaoyu noon is not and Wang Xin fight, and then Wang Xin's cousin Liu Qing came ...... "drama Feng colorful began to describe it.

"I know, Yin Xiaopeng told me!" I heard that it was this matter, immediately lost much interest.

"That Xiaoyu and Wang Xin about the evening after school to date, you know!" Play Feng released the heavy news.

"Know, it is the two of us together to go about Wang Xin ......" I nodded and took a bite of steamed bun.

"......" Drama Feng heard that I know all, suddenly lost any interest in conversation, continued to ask: "Then Xiao Yu those friends are what ah? Looks so fierce!"

"Friends? What friends?" I asked, confused.

"You just passed by the school entrance, did not see?" Dramatic Feng's eyes widened.

"No! What's wrong?" I listened to Dr. Feng, put down the chopsticks in my hand and ran outside the cafeteria with a few steps, just outside, I met Yin Xiaopeng, who looked at me with a smile, "Little Fei, I heard that you borrowed money in the class this afternoon?"

"Ah, yes!" I nodded, thinking that if Yin Xiaopeng gave me the money, I would then take it to Xiaoyu, and by the way, I would say a few good words for Yin Xiaopeng, because Yin Xiaopeng is usually bullied, and if Xiaoyu took care of him, he would have a much better time.

"Ah! Nothing, I'll just ask, and by the way, I tell you, I don't have any money!" Yin Xiaopeng said, throwing away two rotund legs and striding away.

"Stupid bastard! Why are you asking me if you don't have money?" I looked at Yin Xiaopeng's back, cursed viciously, then out of the cafeteria, from my position can just see the school gate, look at the moment, I was suddenly confused.

At this moment, outside the school gate, at least twenty cars parked, better Audi, BMW, worse old Jetta, Alto, and four or five cabs, but the common denominator of these cars is that they all have double flashes, and on both sides of the car, at least forty to fifty social youths standing, these youths and I usually see those students gangsters are completely different, they have a clean cut small inch hair, is I took a glance and quickly found a trace of Xiaoyu, who was chatting with a few people in the center of the crowd, and many of the people around him I did not know, but the most conspicuous ones were all the big resistance of our school classes.

I didn't expect that Tsao Yu, who had just transferred over, would know so many people from our school. If Wang Xin had seen this scene earlier, I believe he would never have messed with Tsao Yu.

I nodded my head and walked over with a stiff upper lip.

When I walked into the middle of this group of people, I was quite nervous, but also somehow felt very bullying, not much time, I reached Tsao Yu side, then I saw that the people around him, the most famous in the second high, there are eleven classes of Kuang Siyu and a class of Yan Bo, the crowd is constantly looking at their phones and watches, apparently waiting for the arrival of Wang Xin's group.

"My brother, Han Fei!" Xiao Yu wrapped his arm around my neck and introduced himself to the crowd.

"Looks familiar!" Kuang Siyu swept a glance at me and said in a modest voice.

"Hello!" Yan Bo looked at me and smiled.

"Hello guys!" I subconsciously nodded, and in this very moment, Xiaoyu took me and saw a world that I had never been exposed to before.