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Chapter 3 Wang Xin's cousin

The two hundred meter long canal under my feet, I seemed to walk for a century, and could not help but slow down my pace, how I hoped that this time would suddenly appear the head teacher, or a police car, directly to Wang Xin and their group of people arrested, but unfortunately all this did not appear, and two hundred meters of road, finally came to an end.

The school is a cross road after the school gate, opposite a large area of bungalows, forming a myriad of intricate alleys, and almost all the school violence in the second high school, are in these alleys, these ordinary alleys in the eyes of others, but has been my mind forbidden area, even if it is to skip class to go to the Internet cafe, I will not choose these alleys in the shortcut, because you do not know when, there will be two already high school dropouts. I don't know when there will be two punks who have already dropped out of high school, dragging you in and robbing you of the money you need to go online.

Outside the school gate, after Wang Xin saw us coming out from afar, he gave a grim smile, then hooked his finger and pointed to a residential area across the street from the school gate.

After seeing Wang Xin's gesture, Xiaoyu's feet did not even stop and took a big step towards the nearest alley, I hesitated at the back and followed, after all, things are because of me, I thought well, the big deal is to accompany Xiaoyu to take a beating, and even if you do not go in, I guess I can not run away ......

Yin Xiaopeng saw this situation, the already white face became even whiter: "...... that, I still have things to do at home, I'll go first ah!"

"No righteousness!" Dramatic Feng listened to Yin Xiaopeng finished, immediately spiteful said, and then clenched a fist full of sweat, also trembling to follow me.

"Really something, I'll go first ah!" Yin Xiaopeng's words just fell, rode the bike and disappeared as if.

Soon, both of us walked into the alley, the alley is not wide, only a little more than a meter, barely able to stand side by side two people, Wang Xin's behind at the moment stood five or six people, I do not know one, but are some familiar faces, usually see them gathered in the playground side of the toilet smoking, at that time in my impression, smoking students, certainly are not good people.

"You told me not to leave after school, just to find so many people ah?" After sweeping the crowd across the street, Xiaoyu took the lead and laughed.

"It's enough to clean you up!" Wang Xin mimicked the tone of voice inside a Hong Kong movie and returned with great arrogance.

"Huh!" Tsao Yu did not return the favor, bared his teeth and laughed, then his right arm, which had not been bent, began to shake and shake continuously, as if it was electrocuted, with the wide school uniform, like a twitching bat.

Opposite Wang Xin saw this action of Tsunami Yu, also showed a look of confusion, and Tsunami Yu is like an elegant princess, simply do not care about the actions of others, just keep flinging his hands, only I, who was standing behind, could see what Tsunami Yu was actually doing.


After Tsao Yu flung half a day, a wooden board removed from the chair, along his cuffs fell out at once, Tsao Yu skillfully grabbed the end of the board, raised his hand and pumped it up.


The wooden plank carried the wind and jerked out directly.


Wang Xin could not dodge, his face took a solid hit, and immediately drew a raised mark, and my side of the drama Feng saw the action, did not even think, hands on the head, directly squatted on the ground, ready to take a beating, and I also panicked in this moment, I had thought well, when the fight, even if you can not fight also have to protect Tsao Yu, can not let him take a beating because of me, but never thought that I found that, even now, I still do not have the courage to do it.

"Fuck you!" After he won a blow, he didn't stop moving, he hit Wang Xin twice on the head, then kicked Wang Xin down and hit the people behind him with the wooden board, I guess the people behind him had heard of the name Zhang Xiaoyu, and after seeing his fierceness, no one really fought back, and he was driven out of the alley with a few sticks and scattered.

After a few minutes, he walked back to the alley with the board in his hand, full of disappointment, and looked around: "Where is that idiot?"

"Who?" I looked at the god of war possessed Tsao Yu, full of adoration.

"The one leading the charge! The one called Wang Xin!" Tsao Yu asked me as he looked around.

"Holy fuck! Where is everyone?" I glanced around, also confused, because I was watching Tsao Yu fight the whole time, but Wang Xin disappeared right under my nose, until now, Tsao Yu we occasionally small gatherings, also will be the reason Wang Xin disappeared as the top ten miracles of the year, I am still sure that this grandson must know light kung fu.

"Forget it, run away! Go, go home!" Xiao Yu apparently very satisfied with the results of this battle, casually threw the board, wrapped his arm around my shoulders, and looked at the still squatting on the ground, and hands on the head to block the ears of the drama Feng, to his ass is a kick: "stupid! People are gone you still squatting for what, let's go!"


Play Feng after a long breath, slowly stood up: "They hit quite lightly ah, I did not feel the pain!"

"Indeed silly!" I gave Tsao Yu a look of approval.


Tsao Yu opened his mouth and laughed, and the three of us stepped out into the alley as if we were victorious generals, stepping out into the sunlight.

"Xiaoyu, we just met today, why are you so helpful to me?" I thought about it for a while, but still opened my mouth to ask.

"Didn't you also help me to pick up girls!" I was not even thinking about it, so I said rightfully.

"I mean it, Wang Xin is not easy to mess with!" Although Xiaoyu beat Wang Xin twice in one morning, I still felt weak inside.

"I'm like that with everyone! I like to make friends!" Tsao Yu gave me a look, the light still reflecting on the lenses of his glasses.

"Then why did you dance before you fought just now? Is it to invite the gods!"

"Fuck, don't mention it! In the first high school, we fought all the board hidden in the sleeve, it is convenient to use, I did not expect that your second high school uniform is different from the first high school, the cuffs are too tight!"


The more I thought about it, the more confused I was, the more scared I was, and finally I fell asleep in a daze, and when I opened my eyes again, it was already time for the first class.

Although I was often late, today was different because there was a class in the afternoon for the class teacher, and I was afraid that Wang Xin would retaliate against Tsao Yu. I knew I couldn't help much, but subconsciously I still wanted to be by his side, after all, it was because of me. Friends, very good friends.

I pushed open the back door and tiptoed back to my seat. I looked sideways and saw that Xiaoyu was not there, but Yin Xiaopeng was sitting in his place, blocking his face with a book and sleeping on his desk.

After I sat down in my seat, I reached out and pushed Yin Xiaopeng: "Hey! Where did Xiaoyu go?"

"Hmm? Who?" Yin Xiaopeng sleepily sat up straight and asked with a puzzled face.

"Zhang Xiaoyu ah! Where is he?" I thought Xiaoyu and Yin Xiaopeng changed positions, but when I looked up, Yin Xiaopeng's position was empty, I couldn't help but be a little nervous: "You said he couldn't be arrested by the police for beating up Wang Xin, right?"

"Ah! You said that the new arrival ah!" Yin Xiaopeng's brain finally cleared up a bit, then pursed his lips and looked at me: "He got beaten up at noon!"

"Beaten up? How can you be beaten up?" I was stunned, then asked with an anxious face: "What is going on?"

"I arrived at noon today when the school gates were still open, not long after Zhang Xiaoyu also came, when he was eating at the roadside stall, suddenly Liu Qing came with a group of people, those people did not say anything, surrounded Zhang Xiaoyu on the fight, when Zhang Xiaoyu picked up a brick He said that if Zhang Xiaoyu moved, he would be stabbed to death, and Zhang Xiaoyu did not move, and was put down by a group of high school students in front of the whole school, and the fight lasted at least ten minutes before it stopped!

"Xiaoyu is all right!" After hearing this news, my ears went 'boom', I was really scared, but I didn't know whether this fear was coming from Wang Xin or Tsao Yu.

"Nothing big, just a broken nose, bleeding a lot, after Liu Qing and they left, Zhang Xiaoyu got up and patted the dirt on his body, without saying a word, he left!" After Yin Xiaopeng finished speaking in a vivid voice, he continued, "Hey! You know, Zhang Xiaoyu after the beating I heard that he was in the last school, is the school's grade group big brother, later expelled for fighting ......"

I didn't listen to a single word after Yin Xiaopeng, that class I was imagining the development of the situation, Wang Xin such students, usually in my eyes is unattainable, because he gathered around him a group of and he has a common hobby of scum, although I am also a scum, but definitely not a scum will fight, Xiaoyu just transferred to school today, for me for no reason received a beating, thinking about it, I I wanted to avenge him, but I really didn't know who would be willing to make enemies with Wang Xin for me, except Zhang Xiaoyu.

When the second class ended, Wang Xin found someone to beat up Zhang Xiaoyu, the whole year group has been buzzing, the whole class period I stayed with the drama Feng, did not even dare to go out of the class, because classmates told me that Wang Xin found a group of people, waiting for my appearance at the exit of the teaching building, I was afraid, really afraid.

People waiting for the unknown, internal fluctuations are particularly powerful, I am a person with a complex mind, the more this complex mind, the more a person will indulge in the world of terror, to put it bluntly, is to scare themselves, so this terror did not last long.

Because halfway through the third class, Xiaoyu came back.