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Chapter 21: The Enchanted Xiaoyu

After listening to Xiaoyu's words about pursuing Gao Qianwen, I had a bad feeling that Xiaoyu had just helped Kuang Siyu, and our relationship was in the honeymoon period, and if Xiaoyu rashly went after Gao Qianwen, he would definitely turn against Kuang Siyu, and even if Xiaoyu won, he would definitely attract a lot of curses, and I felt in my heart that such behavior was immoral anyway.

"Hey, you get up early tomorrow, let's go to school early, you accompany me to find Gao Qianwen." Tsongyu saw that I did not speak, added a sentence.

"Xiaoyu, I think you chase Gao Qianwen, not appropriate!" I thought about it for a while, but I still planned to talk to Xiaoyu.

"Inappropriate? What's inappropriate for me to chase her?" I was asked by Xiaoyu, who was unreasonable, "Tell me, will you help me or not!"

"It's not that I won't help you, but Gao Qianwen is Kuang Siyu's girlfriend ...... friends' wives can't be bullied, it's really inappropriate for you to do this ......" I tried my best to explain to Xiaoyu, hoping I don't care whose daughter-in-law Gao Qianwen is, you just tell me now whether you're helping me or not!"

"Have you ever fucking thought about Kuang Siyu's feelings? You're drunk! Don't be an idiot! Can you?" I was angered by Tsao Yu's nonsense and my tone became agitated. I was the only one who dared to speak like that to Tsao Yu at that time.

"Oh, if you don't help me, our relationship will end here!" Tsao Yu's tone was full of threats as he gave me an ultimatum: "What I need is a brother who helps his relatives, not a Mr. Nice Guy who teaches me how to behave!"

"Kuang Siyu has helped us ......"

"I gave it back to him!"

"But, we are friends ......"

"I never treated him as a friend! I've told you many times, between us and them, we are using each other!" Xiao Yu saw me rambling, a little impatient: "Be quick, just say whether you will help me!"


After Tsao Yu finished this sentence, I completely silent, since Tsao Yu came, my days are much better, although in the eyes of my classmates, I instantly degenerated, but I do not care about the views of others, I know in my own heart, this is the life I want, Tsao Yu can get a girl regardless of the consequences, from this point, we both have a lot in common, I am for reckless, get others The respect, but my morality tells me that I can't help Tsao Yu to pry someone else's girlfriend, but if I don't help, I will lose Tsao Yu, the only one friend, and I know that what he wants is not what I really want to help him, but just an attitude from me.

"Okay, I get it! From now on, we both, even if no one knows anyone!" Xiao Yu saw me half a day did not reply, turned around and left.

"...... I help!" Seeing Xiaoyu walked out of a good distance, I panicked a little, immediately shouted a, at that moment I had no idea, just think that my life, if less Zhang Xiaoyu, too boring, after many years, I understand a truth, brothers still have close and distant, let alone with me just a general friendship Kuang Siyu it.

After hearing my words, Xiaoyu stopped in his tracks and smiled back at me: "Fuck, I told you so!"

Early the next morning.

I got up early and when I got to the school gate, it was not yet open, so I stood at the door and waited for it to open.

"Brother Fei!" One of the boys in our class passed by and nodded to greet me, I froze for a moment, then nodded my head.

"Little Fei! Come so early!"

"Here you are, Fei!"

This morning, the frequency of people greeting me has doubled several times, put a month ago, this situation is impossible to happen, since Zhang Xiaoyu came, I fire to take advantage of the wind to rocket up, as if a is gradually on the color of the transparent person, Han Fei two words, but also finally no longer a synonym for poor and lowly, in the second high, I finally became a, everyone will treat each other as equals, or even a high look at people.

After standing for more than ten minutes, I was suddenly tapped on the shoulder, I turned around and saw that it was Yan Bo and Zhang Yan Jun.

"Brother Fei! Good morning!" Zhang Yanjun saw me and greeted me with a smile.

I nodded slightly: "You guys are also quite early!"

Yan Bo took out a cigarette and handed it to me, I shrugged my shoulders and told him I wouldn't smoke, while he bared his teeth and smiled: "You drank so much yesterday, you can still get up today!"

I laughed a little: "You guys are up pretty early too!"

"Also ...... Hey? Where is Brother Yu?"

"He ......" I casually wanted to say that he went to buy a gift for Gao Qianwen, but suddenly remembered that Yan Bo and Zhang Yanjun, both called Gao Qianwen sister-in-law, so a pause: "I do not know ah, he may not come yet! I don't know.

"Oh, okay, then you wait for him, I'll go say hello to my classmates!" Yan Bo finished his sentence and went back to their small group with Zhang Yanjun.

A few minutes later, I saw Xiao Yu in the crowd from afar, he wore a tapered pants today, on top of an Ezra half-sleeve, with a sports watch on his wrist, even the glasses have changed a new pair, also did the hair, apparently after careful dressing, at the moment he was holding a gift box half a meter wide, nearly two meters long, with a big bow on it.

"How about this gift, I look imposing, right!" Xiaoyu walked to my side, and also patted down the box in his hand.

"So big, what's in it?" I looked at Tsao Yu's exaggerated gift that was bigger than a person, a little surprised.

"Plush doll, girls like this!" Tsunami Yu bared his teeth and smiled again.

"You think about it, really want to give it to Gao Qianwen ah!" I couldn't help but laugh, this smile is just hiding my inner apprehension, with my experience of watching so many years of hilarity in school, robbing girlfriends of such things, there is no good.

"Nonsense, buy all bought, not send her, send you ah!" Xiao Yu rolled his eyes at me: "Go with me to send it, I'm a little shy!"

"I f*ck, you still shy when ...... open the door, let's go!" I spoke with Tsunami Yu, it just so happens that the telescopic door at the entrance of the school also slowly opened, so Tsunami Yu and I two people, carrying his gift into the school.

Last night I lay in bed for a long time thinking about it, but decided to accompany Tsao Yu to deliver the gift, not for any other reason, because I felt that Tsao Yu's friend in the second high school, in addition to me is also Kuang Siyu, today if I do not accompany him to go, always feel that something will happen.

After Xiao Yu and I entered the school building, we carried the box with stuffed toys and went to Gao Qianwen's class. When we were going up the stairs, Kuang Siyu happened to be coming down the stairs with Zhang Yanjun and passed by us. You want to die!"

"Well! I'll bury you!" Tsao Yu squints back at Kuang Siyu and starts to move things.

"Okay! If I die, I'll definitely be buried with you!" Kuang Siyu is obviously in a good mood, and Xiao Yu teased a couple of mouths, and then patted my shoulder: "You guys busy, I'm leaving ah, Xiaofei!"

I didn't even raise my head, I really didn't have the face to face Kuang Siyu, and I didn't know how to speak, I couldn't say, "You go busy, I'll help Xiaoyu move some things, we'll both pick up your daughter-in-law", right?

"Xiaoyu, have you really thought about it?" After seeing Kuang Siyu go downstairs, my inner guilt got heavier, after all, in recent days we always with Kuang Siyu, food and drink are all Kuang Siyu spend money, I personally feel that Kuang Siyu this person is not bad.

"You ask this topic again, we two will cut off friendship!" The man was really impatient.

"I'm not stopping you from going, just ask what's wrong! Fuck!" Under the influence of guilt, I was also a little angry, opened the mouth to curse, and then did not speak, so Tsunami Yu we both 'utter! I'm not going to say anything. The plush toy does not weigh much, but the box is a wooden crate, there must be at least twenty pounds.

Not long after, Xiaoyu we two will stand the box to the door of Gao Qianwen's class, Xiaoyu reached out and casually grabbed a passing boy's back collar.

"Damn, who ...... tsunami Yu brother!" The boy was dragged by Tsunami Yu, the expletive exit, but after seeing me and Tsunami Yu, immediately changed his mouth.

"Huh? You know me ah?" Tsunami Yu took a look at the boy.

"I know, I hang out with Bo, beat up Zhang Ye yesterday afternoon, we are a team!" The boy thought that Xiaoyu was here to get him in trouble, and immediately moved Yan Bo out, "You want something from me, Brother Xiaoyu?"

"Huh? Ah~! Nothing!" Only then did Xiaoyu release his grip on the boy's hand: "Is Gao Qianwen from your class?"

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"Is she here yet?"

"I just came, not yet into the class, but I guess she is here, Gao Qianwen is the class president, the class key in her hands, since the door is open, then it is here!" The boy was relieved and explained to Xiaoyu.

"Oh, you can call her out for me!" Xiaoyu smiled with the boy, and patted his shoulder: "Thank you!"

"It's okay, then you wait for a while brother Xiaoyu!" The boy nodded and turned around to go back to his class.

Not long after, Gao Qianwen pulled open the door and came out, she was different today from last night, plain face, no makeup, looked especially innocent, no lie at all, Gao Qianwen is one of the two prettiest girls I have ever seen in the second high school girls, wearing school uniforms, the other one I do not know, but one day at noon after school, Tsao Yu took advantage of me, grabbed my hand and spanked the girl, especially soft.

"Hello ah! Beauty!" Tsuneo Yu saw Gao Qianwen, just like lost his soul, very immodest greeting.

"Good morning! Brother Xiaoyu!" Gao Qianwen greeted Xiaoyu and waved her hand at me: "Hi, Xiaofei!"

"Hello, Sister Wen!" I replied coyly as well.

"You guys are looking for me, what's up?" Gao Qianwen asked like a curious baby.

"It's nothing much, this is for you!" Xiaoyu pushed the gift box, but surprisingly it didn't push.

"What is this, for me to pass on to Siyu?" Gao Qianwen touched the box and became even more curious.

"No, it's for you ......" After Tsao Yu finished speaking, he was silent for about ten seconds, and suddenly spoke in a loud voice: "Gao Qianwen! Be my girlfriend!"

"Are you crazy?!" Gao Qianwen's eyes were wide and very cute.

"I'm serious! I like you!" Xiaoyu bared his teeth and smiled.

"Zhang Xiaoyu! I fuck you!" Behind us, there was a sudden angry cursing.

Along with the curses flew a carton of milk, which slapped directly on Tsunami Yu's face.


After Tsao Yu was hit, the glasses on his face were shattered by the milk carton at once.