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Chapter 20 youth is always parting more

I went out of school, they have found two cabs, Xiaoyu, Lei Lei, Kuang Siyu, Kuang Siheng, Yan Bo, Zhang Yanjun seven of us got into the car and went directly to the restaurant.

Kuang Siyu looking for a restaurant is a special grilled fish, a few of us laughing and joking around the table, Kuang Siyu took the lead in pouring a glass of beer: "Come on, I first question a cup, thank you all for your help today, especially Brother Yu and Brother Lei, if not for you two, today we definitely lost!"

"Yes, to Brother Yu, today's events spread, in the future in the second high, you are deservedly a brother!" Yan Bo also followed and raised his cup.

"All right, drink up!" Leilei is obviously not interested in school matters, he had a total of three hobbies at that time, drinking, fighting and picking up girls.

"Come on, cheers!" The crowd picked up the cup, a drink, everyone drank beer, only I drank orange juice, Xiao Yu glanced at my cup: "Drink some wine, ah, a big boy drink drinks, you interesting?"

"Do not drink, I can not drink!" I shook my head, thought about it and added: "Qi Wen to find me after school, she hates boys drink! If she finds out that I'm drinking before I'm healed, she'll be upset!"

"Damn it, drink it or not!" After three rounds of drinking, Xiaoyu's cell phone rang, he took a look at the caller ID and threw it to me, it was Qi Wen.

I took the phone and left the room and went to the corridor and answered the phone, "Hello? Honey!"

"Well, where are you?" Qi Wen's voice was a little hoarse and sounded a little uncomfortable.

"I'm outside, having dinner with Xiao Yu and the others, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, where are you, I'll go over and find you!"

"Didn't your parents come back today? You do not go home ah?" I asked curiously, because Qi Wen had said that his parents were coming back today, and her tutor was very strict, so she couldn't go home too late.

"It won't take you long, I just want to say a few words to you!"

"What do you think, I do not mean that" I thought Qi Wen misunderstood that I did not want to take her out, hurried to explain a: "I am in Zhuge grilled fish, you come!"


After hanging up the phone, I went straight downstairs and waited for Qi Wen at the door, a few minutes later, a cab stalled and Qi Wen came, I ran over quite happily and took her school bag: "What's up, you can't tell me on the phone!"

"Oh, it's nothing, just wanted to see you!" Qi Wen looked around and found a small park across the street: "Walk with me there, okay?"

"Okay, it just so happens that I don't drink, and it's no fun to stay up there!" After I promised Qi Wen, I took her hand and walked over to the small park.

This park is small, but the scenery is very good, rockery, river everything, a breeze blowing, there is a faint smell of grass, Qi Wen and I walked inside two laps, sitting in a small gazebo, Qi Wen silent for a while, slowly spoke to me: "Xiao Fei, I want to talk to you about something!"

"Well! You can say it." I stroked Qi Wen's hair and whispered.

"Let's ...... break up!" Qi Wen suddenly spoke, murmuring and spitting out a few words.

"What?" I thought I was hallucinating and quickly turned my head to look at Qiwen.

Qi Wen looked into my eyes, her gaze flickered a bit, and quickly turned her head sideways again: "Let's, break up!"

"Why?" I felt as if I had received a bolt from the blue, although I had been dissatisfied with Qi Wen's appearance, but after a period of contact, I found that I really liked her personality more and more, I liked her ideas, her dumb cuteness, and her occasional little capriciousness with a bit of dominance.

I don't know why, but just when I had accepted Qi Wen, she suddenly proposed to break up.

"You've heard about Wang Xin, his parents went to school and told me about it, and it ended up with my homeroom teacher, who talked to me today. ...My tutor is very strict, you know that ...... so, we'd better break up."

"This ......" I was also silenced by Qi Wen's words, although I had been hanging out with Xiao Yu recently and seemed to have changed quite a bit, but ultimately I was still the same Han Fei who was sensitive inside and had an inferior personality, and I heard that Wang Xin's parents were going to take things to school and And will also look for Qi Wen's parents, I am also a little scared.

"Fei, I love you very much, it's just ...... probably the wrong time for us to meet, we have the opportunity of two lovers, but not the fate of a long relationship, I'm sorry, let's break up! I'm sorry ......" Qi Wen spoke, tears fell directly down.

"It's okay!" I saw Qi Wen crying pearly tears, also nose sore, forced to suppress the painful emotions.

"I love you ...... but, wish you happiness!" Then gently took the school bag from my hands, stood up and slowly left.


Just as Qiwen's figure was about to disappear, I opened my mouth and shouted very loudly.


I saw Qiwen turn around, but I could no longer see her expression.

"I wish you happiness too!"

I pulled my voice and shouted out a few words again, and then I saw that Qiwen's arm was raised and crossed in front of her eyes, and a few seconds later, Qiwen turned around again and completely disappeared from my sight.

My first love, the first time I felt the warmth of a girl other than my family, we wrote to each other for two years, together for half a month, and finally went our separate ways and became strangers.

After Qiwen left, my mind was blank, can remember, are the two of us together in the years, Qiwen to wash my feet, buy me clothes, feed me porridge, send me snacks, our first hand, her hair fragrance ...... memory fragments turn faster and faster, and eventually annihilated in the long river of youth, after many years, I have I forgot whether I had dropped tears at the time, but I remember that after sitting alone for a long time, I went back to the restaurant again and drank wine for the first time in my life.

We drank until 7:40 p.m., when it was almost dark, and a group of people went to a small bath and took a shower, then rushed to the concert hall, Kuang Siyu looking for a concert hall and the last Lei Lei looking for that, definitely not a class, the decor of this concert hall, in the city of Anyang at that time is the best, but has repeatedly vomited several times, plus the loss of love hit me, simply not in the mood to watch this But I had already thrown up several times, and I had lost my love.

After arriving at the concert hall, we all began to call, soon, Yan Bo, Kuang Siheng have found their respective girlfriends, looking at others in pairs, I feel even worse, began to drink alone, not long after, the door of the private room was pushed open again, came in a very beautiful girl, I have seen her, her name is Gao Qianwen, is two above the famous beauty, the moment she entered the door, the male compatriots here are frozen A moment.

Gao Qianwen is about 6.5 meters tall, wearing a very popular crotch pants, above is a halter top, her skin is very white, her face is slightly made up, head style or the more popular non-mainstream puffy head.

Gao Qianwen entered the door, sat directly to the side of Kuang Siyu, Kuang Siyu haha a smile, pointing to Xiaoyu we introduced to: "Lei Lei! Xiaoyu! Little fly!"

"Oh!" Gao Qianwen playfully smiled and waved at us, "Hello guys!"

"Well, hello!" Tsao Yu raised the cup in his hand and greeted Gao Qianwen.

After Gao Qianwen came and sang two songs, the atmosphere was immediately mobilized, because at that time we went to sing, we all sang along with the original songs on, and Gao Qianwen only sang with the backing vocals on, her voice was beautiful and moving, the last song she sang was "Courage" by Liang Jingru:.

"Finally made this decision

I don't care what others say

As long as you also affirm the same

I'm willing to go with you to the ends of the earth

I know everything is not easy

My heart has been warming up to convince myself

I am afraid that you will suddenly say you want to give up

Love really needs courage

To face the gossip

Just one look of affirmation from you

My love will have meaning

We all need courage

To believe that we'll be together

I can feel you in the crowd

In my hand

Your heart


Gao Qianwen's song is gentle and melodious, as if each sentence is tugging at my heartstrings, familiar melody, but I miss Qi Wen more, so I began to drink a glass of wine, to the end, simply directly picked up the bottle, directly to the bottle blow.

The first person to notice my difference was Xiao Yu, who grabbed the wine from my hand and frowned at me: "What's wrong with you? As if you've never had a drink!"

"Qi Wen... broke up with me!" I said in a low voice, a little choked up.

"What? Broke up? How could you two break up?" Xiao Yu looked at me with great surprise.

"Wang Xin's parents made a scene at school, her class teacher knew about it and said that if Qi Wen was to hang out with me again, she would have to find her parents ......" A few words made it even harder for me to reach out and grab the bottle of wine from Tsao Yu's hand.

"Fuck! It's Wang Xin again! This grandson if dare to come back to school! I will beat him to death!" Xiao Yu's chest heaving with anger, then patted my shoulder: "You wait here for me for a while!"

I was sitting helplessly on the sofa, staring at Gao Qianwen singing. Gao Qianwen was indeed a perfect girl, with a good face and a good figure, and compared to Qi Wen, she was a hundred times better, but I didn't care, because Qi Wen was the girl who really cared for me, only I knew that between me and Qi Wen, there was no future.

A few minutes later, Xiaoyu pushed open the door again, walked in and sat next to me, poured two glasses of wine and handed me one: "Come on, have a drink together!"

"What did you just do?" I asked casually.

"Made a phone call, I broke up with Liu Meiqi, huh!" Xiaoyu clinked glasses with me: "Come on! Cheers! Long live singleness!"

"Why, Liu Meiqi is so good to you, how will break up ......" I was tsunami Yu to, the wine woke up most of the time.

"You may also see that the two of us are not suitable ...... drink it!"

"You broke up with Liu Meiqi for me?" Although I lamented Tsao Yu and Liu Meiqi's feelings, but was moved by Tsao Yu a mess.

"You think too much, I'm really not doing it for you!" Tsao Yu bared his teeth and smiled as lewdly as he could.

We drank until late that day, when the venue broke up, Lei Lei was picked up by a girl, and after Kuang Siyu and others separated, Tsao Yu we two walked side by side under the dim street lights, the road was quiet, and occasionally a warm breeze blew over, making people feel very comfortable.

"Xiaofei, I want to tell you something!" As we walked, Xiaoyu suddenly spoke up.

"Well! You say!" I replied while walking.

"I have a crush on Gao Qianwen!"

"What?" I was taken aback because Tsao Yu and I both knew very well that Gao Qianwen was Kuang Siyu's girlfriend.

"I'm going after her!" Xiaoyu smiled sideways, brilliant as a flower.