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Chapter 2 He is my brother

The girl that Wang Xin said, Qi Wen, was a girl in our year group, class six, and the way I met her was quite chic.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

In a few months, we both wrote hundreds of such letters.

In 2015, Qi Wen got married, her husband is a plain, simple-looking boy, now she may have become a mother, congratulations on avoiding me as a scum, but also sincerely wish you happiness!

The letters between me and her are still treasured in my bedside table, the letters never mention love, but after years of flipping through them again, but still make people feel warm in the heart, the love of the student years, there is always a kind of hazy beauty, but the communication months, I have never seen Qi Wen, although only three classrooms between the two classes, but I still do not know what she looks like, I dare not see her, because of inferiority complex.

"I asked you a question! Did you write a love letter to my sister?!" When Wang Xin saw that I didn't answer, he reached out and pushed me in the chest, pulling me back from my thoughts.

"She's not even your sister! What do you care?" For some reason, I suddenly gritted my teeth and said back, although I didn't know why, I knew in my heart that Wang Xin must be one of Qi Wen's suitors, and although I hadn't expressed my intention to pursue Qi Wen, I felt that she was mine, because we corresponded every day and we knew all each other's secrets.

After Wang Xin saw the mention of Qi Wen, my reaction really changed and my heart became more certain, so he reached out and grabbed my collar and punched me in the face, the punch was so strong that it directly knocked me down, and when I fell down I also brought down the bucket behind the door, and the water spilled all over the floor with a 'clatter'.

"Fuck you!" A few boys who came with Wang Xin saw Wang Xin do it and followed closely.

I have seen many other classes fight, but whenever one person is bullied, there will be a swarm, this law is applicable to almost all adrenaline and rebellious students, but except for our class of three years five, this class is like a scattered sand, I fell to the ground, the classmates watching around me immediately scattered birds and beasts, but the expression on their faces is very excited, as if seeing me beaten The class was also a very enjoyable thing.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Finally someone came forward, a fat guy who was about six meters tall, not quite fat, because he was almost fat into a yoga ball, his name was Dramatic Feng, I gave him a nickname, called White Cyclone, with this body type is a perfect match, but the only thing that puzzled me was that his family was selling steamed buns, I wondered why a person eating steamed buns, but also can be fat into this B look.

"Fuck you! Get out!" Wang Xin gave Dramatic Feng a squinty-eyed look and pointed at his nose.

"If you guys do that again, I'll sue the teacher!" The first time I saw a class of students, I was a bad student, but I was a bad student, not a bad student, but a bad class with no family, no intelligence, no drive, and the class was known for being a bad class.

"You sue your mother B teacher! Fuck!"

A face full of pimple marks of the boy raised his leg to kick the play Feng, when another boy appeared behind the play Feng, reached out and pulled the play Feng, dragged back hard, only to let the play Feng obese body to avoid the kick, dragging him is a very thin, a little rotund boy, fair complexion, is a little girly, his name is Yin Xiaopeng, he and the play Feng, is my middle school days can barely be called friends of the two people, Yin Xiaopeng in At that time was an oddball, he never went to the Internet cafe, save the money to go to the bookstore to rent, ten dollars a week, in our eyes is definitely a tycoon, I went to school to read, basically borrowed from him and the play Feng.

"Quite a bully ah! Want to fight is it?" Wang Xin's face became more angry, and took another step forward, I also got up from the ground and stood next to Dramatic Feng and Yin Xiaopeng, my face was hot and painful because of that punch, and because of my self-esteem that was probably long gone, but we didn't dare to fight back, I was really heartfelt and afraid of school punks like Wang Xin.

"Fuck you! Stay away from Qi Wen from now on, you hear me?" Wang Xin reached out and gave me a mouthful, not too heavy, then turned around and walked away, at this moment I was suddenly a bit relieved, because Wang Xin at least did not say wait after school or something like that, I believe, Wang Xin beat me, it really did not take much effort.

And Wang Xin did not wait to walk out the door, the corridor suddenly sprang out of a figure, to his chest is a kick.


The figure outside the door moved very quickly and rushed over to kick Wang Xin in the head, and after a few kicks, Wang Xin's nose was bleeding, and several boys around him were about to make a move, and after seeing the person who rushed in, they froze collectively.

''Tap, tap, tap!''

A noisy footsteps quickly gathered, with these few kicks after, the students in the corridor all gathered towards the door of our class, came to see the hilarity.

''Boom! Boom! Boom!'

I was standing in the same place not knowing what to do, when I saw Zhang Xiaoyu, who rushed in, hit Wang Xin's head, one kick, one kick, and another kick, about a minute later, Zhang Xiaoyu stopped his action: ''Puppy basket! Who told you to come to our class and make trouble?"

"Fuck you! Who the hell are you!" Wang Xin was dumbfounded by the kicks, wiping his nosebleed and getting up from the ground, not daring to make a move.

"Zhang Xiaoyu!"

After hearing this voice, the corridor was once again flooded with a noisy sound, Wang Xin swept Zhang Xiaoyu twice and nodded his head, "I'm with Han Fei, you stay out of it!"

"He is my brother!" Zhang Xiaoyu did not pause, throwing down five words, and after I heard these words, the whole body stiffened, and suddenly flooded with a warm current, this is the first time in my nineteen years of youth, I heard the word brother, these two words, let me feel boiling.

Wang Xin laughed: "OK! Willing to manage it, right? Noon after school, waiting for you in front of the school!"

"Humph! Where can what!" Zhang Xiaoyu smiled faintly, slightly arrogant back to Wang Xin a sentence.

"Yes, just don't run away when the time comes!" After Wang Xin threw down this sentence, he turned around and walked away with his people.

"Don't worry, I'll definitely wait for you!" After Wang Xin left, Zhang Xiaoyu looked at me, whose cheeks were red and swollen, and couldn't help but smile: "Is everything okay?"

"Yes!" I shook my head, "You be careful, they say Wang Xin has a brother, a vocational high school! Quite famous!"

"He's famous!" "I don't care where he is! I'll beat him up if anyone comes!" Zhang Xiaoyu shrugged his shoulders indifferently and walked back to his seat, followed by the eyes of the whole class, this is the first time in three years that this scattered class has raised its eyebrows in front of outsiders.

After a farce, the class soon started again, Zhang Xiaoyu did not look at the blackboard, but took his record of the list of girls kept asking me questions: "Hey, of these girls, who is more loosely controlled at home?"

"Zhao Runan, I often see her in the Internet cafe at 11:00 or 12:00 at night! And there are always people from outside the school looking for her!" I began to patiently answer Zhang Xiaoyu's questions, after all, he had just saved my life.

"It's done!" Zhang Xiaoyu gave me an OK gesture, then picked up a piece of paper and began to write.

"Zhang Xiaoyu, what school were you at?" I began to talk to Zhang Xiaoyu without words.

"A high school, three high schools, Fenglin Middle School, Fuhua Middle School, Mongolian Middle School, and the surrounding counties that several high schools, I have been to ...... you can call me Xiaoyu, my friends call me so!" Zhang Xiaoyu said without raising his head.

"Tsao...Tsao Yu!" This is the first time I called Tsao Yu so, and occasionally called him Brother Yu, because he repeated two years in the first high school, this year has been 21 years old.

"Anyang Second High School First Bomb, Fire!" The first time I spoke to him, the paper full of words in his hand had folded into a heart shape, and with the movement of his hand, it made a beautiful arc and smashed directly on Zhao Runan's shoulder, Zhao Runan looked sideways and saw the lewd eyes of Tsao Yu, who bared his teeth and gave Zhao Runan a flying kiss before reaching out and pointing to the note on the ground, Zhao Runan blushed and bent down to pick it up.

Looking at the two people who have not even spoken, instantly became eyebrow to eyebrow, I was confused: "No way, this can be?"

"I tell you, according to my five years of high school experience, want to pick up girls in school, you must grasp the three, bold! Careful! Shameless!" Tsunami Yu smiled proudly and turned his head to look at me: "Young man, take your time to learn!"

I didn't know what kind of heart-shaped notes Wang Xin, who was already in a rage, would be waiting for me at the school gate. I vaguely saw a few, written "to be developed", "high success rate" and "basically scrapped" Wait, wait, wait ......

I have forgotten how I survived the last class, but I remember the moment the bell rang, I almost stood up along with the bell, I thought well, can not go to the front door, to jump out from the wall behind the school toilet, so it will be safer.

"Hey! What are you doing there?" Tsao Yu saw me get up in a hurry, suddenly a face of confusion, and then smiled: "Go, go home together!"

"Wang Xin is in front of the school ......" I reminded Tsao Yu with an embarrassed face, because Tsao Yu, drama Feng they are all urban students, so they are not living in school, and I did not live in school, in addition to the identity of urban students, as long as or because the cost is too high.

"He counts a JB hair ah!" Xiao Yu laughed very disdainfully, then picked up the wide school uniform and put it on, without asking my opinion, dragged me away.

I could guess that Yin Xiaopeng believed that Wang Xin would not hit an innocent passerby like him, while Dr. Feng was definitely the same as I thought, planning to jump the wall, but he was too big to jump out.

The four of us with different minds, after going downstairs side by side towards the school gate, after walking on the canal, I have vaguely seen, outside the school gate to Wang Xin led by ten or so figures, at that moment, my legs are a little soft, while the side full of indifferent Xiao Yu, but always let me feel inexplicably solid in the heart.