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Chapter 19 Reconciliation

The fat one must be Fudan, standing next to him is a young man with a big scar on the top of his head, the location of the scar no longer grows hair, he must be Harrier, Harrier was at the entrance of the school that year, using his head to carry a knife for Fudan, this is widely spread, the whole school knows, as for the other person, I do not know who it is.

The harrier looks very sinister, is the kind of people who look at it makes people feel uncomfortable, he narrowed his eyes and looked around, coincidentally saw the side of the Peng supported by Kuang Siheng, immediately became anxious, a few steps to the side of Kuang Siheng, raised his hand and gave Kuang Siheng a slap, followed by a foot kicked him down, Kuang Siheng stifled a grunt, but also did not dare to move.

The harrier looked at us coldly, his gaze made me a little scared: "Fuck you! Who hit that!"

A group of us were avoiding Harrier's gaze, and even Xiaoyu didn't dare to answer.

"I hit it!"

At this time, a voice came from the rear, it was Lei Lei's, he pushed aside Yan Bo and Zhang Yan Jun in front of him and walked to the side of Harrier: "I hit it, what's wrong!"

"Little B brat! Fuck him!" Not far away, Dazuo and another person heard this, and immediately pulled out the spring knife from his waist, and came over to Lei Lei.

"Wait a minute!" After Fudan saw Leilei, he raised his hand to stop Dazuo and suddenly laughed: "What are you doing here!"

"Oh, nothing, came over to find my friend to play!" Lei Lei bared his teeth and smiled back to Fudan.

"You're an adult, and you still come to school pretending to be a big tail! Yoo-hoo, still wearing a school uniform, what, reminiscing about youth?" Fudan's smile intensified.

"Aren't you here too, Brother Dan!" Leilei knocked Harrier away with his shoulder, walked over to Fudan, took out a cigarette and handed it to Fudan.

"Forget it, smoke mine!" Fu Dan pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and handed it to Leilei, who was smoking three dollars and a half a pack of yellow red plum, while Fu Dan was already smoking Chinese, Leilei used a lighter to light the cigarette for Fu Dan, who nodded slightly: "Why are you still wearing a school uniform? Intend to come back to study?"

"Don't mention it, it's hard to say!" Leilei obviously do not want to bring up the big silly autumn thing, and quickly digress, Fu Dan also do not look deep, looked at the side: "Where is your brother?"

Mention Leng Xin, Lei Lei glanced down the mouth: "a few days ago and people fighting, in the South Mountain squatting detention it!"

"Fuck, you two brothers day in and day out, a dry business no, I say you do not so idle, what is the point of ah, not earning money, I say, you quickly mixed with me! I have told you several times, why do not you believe me!" Fu Dan asked very seriously.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

"Mix what mix ah, I originally did not want to mix society, usually fighting and brawling is purely a hobby, besides, even if it is mixed society, I have to be my own big brother ah! Leilei directly to Fu Dan's words blocked.

"Okay, when you figure it out, contact me!" Fu Dan also did not force, and then pointed to the bruised and swollen side of Peng: "My brother, was beaten by you ah?"

"Yes!" Lei Lei nodded his head and admitted.

"Don't you know he was playing with me?" Fu Dan stared at Lei Lei's eyes and asked.

Leilei looked at Fudan's eyes for a while before he said word for word: "I know, but he scolded me!"

"Scolded you, so you beat him up?" Fudan was amused by Leilei.

Leilei grinned: "He hit me first, just not!"

"Oh, that's okay!" Fu Dan did not pay attention to Leilei, but looked at the side Peng: "Peng, he is also my brother, you two since the hands, there must be some misunderstanding in the middle, this give me face, forget it, okay?"

"Listen to you, Brother Dan!" The side Peng did not hesitate at all, gave Fu Dan a step down.

"Thank you, Dan!" Lei Lei also bared his teeth and smiled.

"Don't thank me first, Zhang Ye this matter, you manage ah?" Fudan put away his smile.

"My friend asked me to come, I can't just watch them get beaten up ......," Lei Lei said ambiguously.

"Which friend?" Fu Dan once again scrutinized us, then his eyes rested on Xiao Yu: "Oh, come to think of it, Yu Yang is your sister, right?"

"Mmm!" Xiao Yu nodded, later I learned that Yu Yang is not a relative of Xiao Yu, but when we were in school, it was popular to recognize a godbrother godsister or something, Yu Yang is Xiao Yu's godsister, back then Yu Yang was dating a real sense of social brother, I have seen Yu Yang, long indeed beautiful.

"What's your name?"

"Zhang Xiaoyu!"

"Oh ...... you are Zhang Xiaoyu ah!" Fu Dan smiled: "I heard Erhei talk about you, you guys have a pretty good relationship, right?"

"Oh, he always takes me to play!" Xiaoyu did not deny it.

Fu Dan glanced at Zhang Ye beside him, and then looked at Xiaoyu us, a little worried sighed: "Okay, in that case, I will not say much else, today I mainly give face to Lei Lei, and secondly, I and Yu Yang, Erhei's personal relationship is also good, so I will not embarrass you people, but Zhang Ye side, Lu Jie personally called me, let me take care of him! I'm not going to give you guys a hard time.

Kuang Siyu listened to Fu Dan finish, the first to stand out, handed over a cigarette, and then to Dazuo, Harrier and others also handed out cigarettes: "Brother Dan, my name is Kuang Siyu, is a senior, class 11 is now my resistance!"

"Quite a coincidence, I am also out of class eleven, class teacher or old Mrs. Liu?" Fu Dan took the cigarette and lit it himself.

"Yes!" Kuang Siyu smiled and continued, "Dan, eleven classes from the beginning of senior year, has been my flag, the results of Zhang Ye came only a month, suddenly told me that after eleven classes he resisted, then I certainly do not agree ah, no way, then fight, win count him, lose count me coward!"

"Fuck you, meaning we can't fix you!" Da Zuo listened to Kuang Siyu's words, directly anxious eyes.

"Hiss~" Fudan inhaled discontentedly and glared at Dazuo: "You let him finish!"

"Hmm!" Kuang Siyu, who received Fu Dan's gesture, nodded and continued, "Originally, when I saw you coming, Brother Dan, I also knew that I couldn't fight, so I should reasonably give up this position, but not now!"

"What's the matter, I'm not in a hurry with you guys, think I'm good to talk, huh?" Fu Dan was still smiling and talking.

"Brother Dan you are what you are, I've heard that since I started school, absolutely nothing like that!" Kuang Siyu cupped Fu Dan a sentence, then reached out and pointed at Zhang Ye: "Dan brother you are also the second high out, a high ghost face, and our second high back and forth a dozen fights, light I was involved three times, these feuds have been for years, but just now Zhang Ye said himself, he came to carry the flag, because Lu Jie wanted to insert a person in the second high! Dan I would like to ask, our second high matters, when it is the turn of the ghost face of the people to take charge?"

"Zhang Ye, really?" Fu Dan frowned at Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye stammered for a moment, then said, "Big brother Lu Jie did not want to interfere with the second high school, just said when I transferred that he would take proper care of me!"

"Oh, you are in the second high school, how can he take care of you!" Fu Dan laughed disdainfully, and then said: "Okay, I know what's going on, Zhang Ye, I'll tell you, I and Lu Jie's feelings, but also when I was in the second high, and ghost face fight out, although I graduated a long time ago, but if you want to count on me, to help you in the second high stick, it is impossible, but since Lu Jie asked, I can not let you Bullied, so then, today's matter I'll do a master ...... later you two groups of people's grudges, let's forget it, Lei Lei they will not find your trouble again, but you also do not think about carrying what flag, you a high people, in our second high stand up!"

Fu Dan said, the first look at Lei Lei and Xiao Yu, but they are both indifferent shrugged, because Lei Lei did not even go to high school, so the first high, second high or whatever, for him there is no sense of belonging, and Xiao Yu except for picking up girls, simply do not put these things on the heart, Fu Dan also looked at Kuang Siyu, Kuang Siyu was very afraid of Fu Dan, and now Fu Dan spoke to himself, immediately Nodded: "I listen to you, Brother Dan!"

"What about you? What do you think?" Fu Dan moved his neck a bit and looked at Zhang Ye again.

"Brother Dan has said so, what's the use of me saying no!" Zhang Ye was obviously not satisfied with the result, and unsaltyly returned a sentence.

"Don't worry, it's okay if you don't agree, big deal, I don't care, you guys just keep doing it!" Fu Dan replied with the same indifference.

"Then, as Dan said, pull it down!" Zhang Ye also knew that if Fu Dan really left now, he would suffer even more, so he replied helplessly.

"Okay, then so be it, Dazuo, hold a little bit of edge Peng, let's go!" Fu Dan said the words, turned around and left.

"Do not stay a while, ah? Dan brother?" Lei Lei also symbolically retained a little.

"Fuck! At the door of the toilet, what's there to stay!" Fu Dan was Leilei a sentence amused: "But in this fight those days, really make people quite nostalgic, all right, I'm leaving, when nothing to call me, I buy you a drink!"

"Done!" Lei Lei also bared his teeth and smiled, and watched Fudan leave, while Zhang Ye, a few people, also followed Fudan and left together.


After seeing Zhang Ye leave, Kuang Siheng and Zhang Yanjun excitedly high-fived, I also followed quite happy, because today we are indeed considered a big victory, the most important thing is that, after Fudan's adjustment, this matter is also considered to be settled, Kuang Siyu retained the seat of the eleventh class resistance, Tsunami Yu also counted on the return of favors, the most important thing is that I do not have to worry about the retaliation of Zhang Ye's group The most important thing is that I don't have to worry about retaliation from Zhang Ye's group.

"Come on, don't go to class this afternoon, go out and play, I'll treat you to dinner and a bath, and let's go to the concert hall at night!" Kuang Siyu got rid of the super shadow of Fudan and was in a much better mood.

"Sure! Let's go!" Lei Lei was the most playful and agreed with Kuang Siyu's proposal at first.

"Yeah! I'll go back to class and tell Dramatic Feng, the sub teacher asks, just say we both took a leave of absence!" I looked sideways at Tsunami Yu, while he nodded, "Then we'll jump the wall and go out first, and wait for you at the gate!"


I answered and went straight back to class, I entered the class from the back door, just returned to my seat, drama Feng threw me over a note, inside was a letter, looking at the shape of the fold I knew that it was from Qi Wen, the approximate content was to say that after school in the evening, to meet me.

I thought about it for a while and wrote a cursive letter back, saying that she should call Tsao Yu after school, after which I explained a few words to Dr. Feng, and then slipped out of the classroom again, intending to meet Tsao Yu.