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Chapter 18 Fudan is coming

Leilei just finished solving the big silly autumn soon, the class bell rang, and we all withdrew, the three of us, Tsao Yu, Leilei and I did not go back to the class, but went to the water room first.


After entering the door, Leilei ran to the faucet, so that the playground side of the water room, the faucet is generally higher, the bottom or the kind of pool close to the ground, Leilei squatted at the bottom and rushed half a day, but there is still an unpleasant smell.

Xiao Yu saw Lei Lei constantly rubbing the shit on his clothes, his expression was a bit unnatural: "Okay, don't flush, no washing powder can't wash off, I'll go back to the class and find you a school uniform, you'll just wear it first!"

"You high school students nowadays, are you all so mean with your hands?" Lei Lei did not answer Tsao Yu's words, but asked a question in return.

"No, that person you fought with just now, is a fool, he has mental illness!" I laughed and explained to Leilei.

"Oh, I said it ......" Leilei replied in a low voice, and I do not know if he regretted doing it with him after knowing that the big stupid autumn has mental illness, Leilei finished washing, I went back to the class to find a set of school uniforms, and took it to him to change, the three of us also The three of us did not return to the classroom, sitting over the basketball court, the two of them smoking, I sat on a bench in the sun.

Soon, the first class passed, with the bell ringing, the school building over a group of people running over in the dark, I squinted: "Zhang Ye is here!"

The first class bell rang, with the first class over the darkness of the school building came running over a group of people, I squinted to see: "Zhang Ye came!

At this time, a group of people also came out of another stairway, it was Kuang Siyu, Yan Bo, Zhang Yanjun and the others, not long after, Kuang Siheng also came out with more than twenty people, the two groups gradually came together, more than twenty meters apart, both came towards the direction of the toilet, about fifty people on Kuang Siyu's side, Zhang Ye's side had more than twenty.

"Go! Let's go over there too!" Xiao Yu patted Lei Lei's shoulder, the three of us got up and started walking in the direction of Kuang Siyu, and soon rejoined him.

After we stood still in place, Zhang Ye, Cui Miao, Wang He's group also came over, because there were too many people, so everyone did not go to the toilet at all, but gathered in the small woods not far from the toilet, at this point I was a little panicked, because our sticks are hidden in the toilet, in the woods to fight, without weapons we must be at a disadvantage.

"Fuck you! Zhang Ye! Didn't get enough of a beating in the morning, did you!" Kuang Siyu was the first to speak up and cursed with Zhang Ye.

"If it wasn't for you, the grandson, stealing to sue the teacher in the morning, I would have killed you!" Zhang Ye's words drew laughter from the people around him.

"Oh, okay! Then let's see the two of us today, who will kneel down first!" Kuang Siyu said, raised his leg and took a step forward, Zhang Ye also took a step, along with Zhang Ye, there is a young man who looks to be in his twenties, I sized up, I can be sure that this person is definitely not the second high.

"Who's that guy next to Zhang Ye?" Xiao Yu asked me sideways.

"Have not seen, should not be our school!" I was also a little curious.

"It's Bian Peng! He hangs out with Fudan!" Yan Bo, who was standing on the side of us, spoke up: "I heard that he learned sparring in school, and he fights hard!"

"Fuck, bragging!" After hearing this, Leilei directly took a step forward and stood on the side of Kuang Siyu in front.

"Little B brat, know me!" Opposite the side of Peng swept a glance at Kuang Siyu, quite proudly asked a question.

"Brother Peng, I've seen you before!" Kuang Siyu tone obviously better, but this sentence "Brother Peng" called me quite disgusted, this is not to show that you are afraid of the side Peng it.

"Okay, you will be able to do things, if you know me, today I will not beat you, in the future you do not find the trouble of small Ye, he is Dan's brother, remember!" Side Peng gangly asked another sentence.

"I ......" Kuang Siyu looked up and wanted to speak, but when he saw Bian Peng, he seemed a bit unable to open his mouth again.

"Hey! Kid, do you know me!" Lei Lei stretched out his hand, gently pushed back Kuang Siyu a little, and took another half step forward.

"You? Who are you!" Bian Peng looked at Lei Lei and laughed.

Lei Lei smiled faintly and reached out to point at Bian Peng: "Oh, you don't care who I am, now you leave immediately and don't get involved in this matter, then I won't beat you today!"

"Fuck you! Drinking fake wine?" Side Peng voice is not loud, as if amused by Lei Lei.

"Dog basket ......" Leilei responded with the same low voice.


The side of the Peng instantly stormed up, an arrow step up, toe point, a roundhouse kick over, this kind of move I have only seen on the film, in reality, this is the first time to see, my first reaction is that this kid is a master, then the next will certainly be like the film, the two sides you and me dozens of moves.

However did not.

Lei Lei in the moment of the side Peng kick over, reached out and grabbed his leg directly, and then raised his leg and kicked the other leg of the side Peng in mid-air.


Side Peng was swung by Lei Lei grabbing the leg, directly smashed to the ground, Lei Lei in the moment when the side Peng fell to the ground, bent down and pressed him under his body, fists rained down, the legendary sparring expert side Peng, was put down by Lei Lei in one blow, and the whole brawl, he also came out with this kick ......

"Bianpeng is down! All rush upwards!" The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a new one.

As I stood relatively forward, the opposite side of the people rushed over, we were the first to meet.

"Fuck you!" A student yelled, then punched me in the eye socket, I froze and didn't dare to fight back, but he obviously didn't care that much and pulled out hard on my face, a few punches down, my face was up and raw and already almost numb.


I don't know if I suddenly came to courage, or was beaten red-eyed, grabbed his collar, a punch smashed back, but my shoulder injury is not healed after all, this one is not much force, this student also did not dodge, and two more punches at me, my second punch was just about to hit, a figure scurried up, directly jumped him, I looked, it was Kuang Siheng.

After Kuang Siheng pounced on the man, the two quickly wrestled together, I stood to the side and looked at the battle, because there was no Fudan's presence, so Kuang Siheng brought the sophomore students, no one escaped, we now have the numerical advantage, see no one to me, I also slightly retreated a few steps, standing on the edge to watch the action.

Soon, Zhang Ye's side of the people can not carry, began to retreat, Lei Lei since the side of the Peng pressed to the ground, Xiaoyu rushed over, and Lei Lei together with explosive pounding side Peng, side Peng's physical quality is also quite good, several times almost broke free, but it can be seen, although Kuang Siyu is not far away, but simply do not dare to side Peng, he hit are Cui Miao or Wang He's people, but then again, if I were on the side. I am sure I would not dare to lay hands on the side Peng, not to mention the side Peng, even Zhang Ye, Cui Miao and other people, I do not dare to move.

After gathering the side Peng, Lei Lei ran two steps, kicked Zhang Ye to the ground, then Xiaoyu also fought with Cui Miao, Kuang Siyu and Yan Bo and other people around Wang He kicked, as for their men, either beaten down, or have been scattered.

The dust finally settled, Zhang Ye's group was all beaten away, leaving only Zhang Ye and Wang He, Cui Miao, and the ground lying on the side of Peng.

"The whole up, carry the toilet!" Xiaoyu glanced at the crumpled Zhang Ye on the ground and took the lead in the direction of the toilet.

"All right, nothing all disperse, something to talk about later after class!" Zhang Yanjun dismissed the rest of the people, only Xiaoyu, Leilei, Kuang Siyu, Yanbo, Kuang Siheng, Zhang Yanjun we people stayed behind.

I glanced around, and Kuang Siheng, together with Cui Miao up, dragged him toward the alley of the toilet, I helped him into the alley, Tsao Yu, Leilei, Kuang Siyu three people are smoking, not far from the wall, there are still left on the big stupid Qiu flung to the top of the shit spot.

Seeing Zhang Ye, who was dragged by Yan Bo, Kuang Siyu threw down his cigarette and went up and gave him a slap: "Little B brat, convinced?"

"Fuck...your mother!" The bruised and battered Zhang Ye pulled a long tone and cursed with extreme anger.

"Oh, Zhang Ye, almost done, are almost graduated, you fight this a false name what is the use ah!" Xiao Yu started to be a good old boy again, patting Yan Bo's arm, signaling him to let go of Zhang Ye.

"I'm not doing it for myself, I'm doing it for 'Ghostface'! This flag, I must carry!" Zhang Ye lifted his head and said seriously.

"Ghostface more your mother B! I'm still from 'Wild Wolf'!" Kuang Siyu said defiantly.

The conversation between the two people sent chills down my spine, 'Ghostface' and 'Wild Wolf' were the two most famous gangs during my student days, and in today's society, it might be funny to mention the word gang, but back then, these two gangs were indeed influential in Anyang The two gangs were very influential in Anyang.

The oldest of the 'Ghost Face' is called Lu Jie, is a high school student, according to rumors, his mother is very powerful, in the sea of Beijing have relations, and Lu Jie's mother is not opposed to his social mix, Lu Jie's fame in Anyang, can be said to be unparalleled, he and a group of brothers around, is the entire city of Anyang, the only group of dare to take a machete in the street In 2014, I saw Lu Jie fighting with people in the largest KTV in Anyang, and then hit the police station police, but after a month or so, he stood there unharmed, but now 'Ghost Face' has long ceased to exist, Lu Jie also concentrated on business, low-key a lot.

The 'Wild Wolf' was also a very famous gang at that time, the leader of the Wild Wolf back then, was a gangster who had already made a big name in the society, called Ziliang, but the structure of the Wild Wolf was very strange and mostly some students, but because Brother Ziliang's money was sufficient and his reputation was loud enough, the Wild Wolf was also on fire for a while, but because the final intake of However, because the personnel absorbed in the end are more and more mixed, slowly occupied by students, with Ziliang quit the wild wolf, the gang gradually fell, coincidentally, later after entering society, I met a friend, he was the 'ghost face' people, or Lu Jie's kowtow brothers, the last 'wild wolf ', is my friend a person carrying a steel pipe, single-handedly to break up the gang, not because he was fierce, but the late wild wolves, the backbone of the force is still filled with sixth grade students.

These are all off-topic, but back then, it was the two small gangs at the height of their fame, some of the usual gangsters in Anyang, simply can not afford to mess with them.

After listening to Kuang Siyu finish the wild wolves, Zhang Ye smiled disdainfully: "Your big brother Ziliang of the wild wolves, when he saw big brother Lu Jie, he had to go around, you are a JB!"

"Fuck you!" Kuang Siyu heard Lu Jie finish and picked up a stick to get his hands on it.

"Fuck you! I see who dares to move!"

Outside the alley, suddenly someone shouted a voice, I turned around and saw a group of big left, those people under Fu Dan, I have seen big left, big left also stood side by side with a fat person, looks like the supporting actress Lu Fan in the movie of Stephen Chow, I think this fat person is Fu Dan.


After Kuang Siyu saw Fu Dan, his movements stiffened and he directly hid the stick behind his body.