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Chapter 17, the hair off the living beast

After Lei Lei came, a few of us sat around a small table, while eating and chatting, Lei Lei quite able to drink, this noon time, he drank at least seven or eight bottles of beer, a group of people, in addition to my drink is a drink, the rest of the people also did not drink less, under the effect of alcohol, we all slightly relaxed, reducing the fear of Fudan.

As time passes, the more students gather in front of the school, we have a small store, has gathered a dozen people, mostly around Zhang Yanjun.

During this time at noon, a group of people playing and joking around, using crude jokes to ease the tension in the mind.

Soon it was time to open the school gates in the afternoon, Lei Lei watched a large number of students are pouring into the school gates, drained the last glass of wine, stood up and stroked the corner of his coat: "Okay, let's go!"

When I went out, I already heard a lot of people talking about the battle between Zhang Ye and Kuang Siyu, and these students, after seeing Xiaoyu and our group, immediately gave way to a vacuum, I and Xiaoyu, Kuang Siyu three people walking in the forefront, looking at the eyes of the crowd, I inexplicably a burst of pride, Lei Lei is not a student of this school, so by Zhang Yanjun with people to surround him, together with the crowd mixed into the The school.

When we arrived at the school, the few of us who took the lead did not go back to the school building, but went directly to the alley of the toilet with Zhang Ye, when we arrived, Kuang Siheng was already waiting there with two people, the two people each holding a school uniform, which seems to be wrapped in something.

"Is everything ready?" Kuang Siyu opened his mouth and asked.

"Ready!" Kuang Siheng nodded his head and waved his hand to the people around him.


Two people shook open the school uniform, twenty to thirty dismantled wooden sticks scattered on the ground, Xiao Yu gently kicked with his foot, nodded: "Okay, find a place to hide on the side, when the time comes, we all come empty-handed, fight directly copied!"

"Good!" Around Zhang Yanjun and others picked up wooden sticks and began to hide in some places in the cracks of the wall and the roof.

"The first period of our class is self-study, go to our class to stay, after class we come directly!" Xiao Yu asked Lei Lei again.

"Okay." Leilei lazily agreed.

"Hey! What are you guys doing!" Just as we were about to finish hiding the sticks, a thick voice rang out behind me, startling me, I turned around and looked, a boy close to one meter eight, strong as a calf, I knew him, he was in the eighth class, called Dong Hengqiu, people in the school called him Big Dumb Qiu.

The big silly Qiu is our school's popular figure, not for other reasons, because he is really a fool, the big silly Qiu's life is quite legendary, his parents are businessmen, the family is quite rich, the city government of a senior official or his close relatives, it is said that the big silly Qiu because of a childhood illness, fever to burn the brain silly, he became famous for one thing, because he stole nearly 20,000 yuan in cash at home, but take the Twenty thousand dollars in cash, he did not know how to spend, so they bought empty all the supermarkets around the school lollipop, that afternoon, the big fool Qiu carrying three or four large sacks appeared on campus, immediately caused a huge sensation, this incident is what I saw with my own eyes, speaking of which, I also had the privilege of eating one of his lollipop it.

I also saw him rip off the chain lock of a bicycle, although it was the thinnest one, but it was not something ordinary people could do, and then he sold the stolen bicycle to a gangster outside the school, a brand new stepless-speed mountain bike, in his hands for 50 cents, I have been sure that he could not distinguish the face value of the yuan.

"Dazi Qiu, you don't care, just pretend you didn't see it, finish peeing and go!" The people of Second High know that Dazi Qiu is not good in the head, so no one is bothered with him.

"Are you guys hiding something here, are you going to fight?" The nasal snot flowed to the front of the lapel, a good Adi sportswear was so spoiled, watching me a heartache.

I was disgusted by the snot on his lips, so I said, "Oh, what do you care! Go in and pee, pee and go!"

"That can not, I have to go tell the big old high!" Big dumb Qiu stalks his neck and sweeps a circle, as if he intends to remember everyone's face, and after looking at it, he turns around and leaves.

"You tell your mother B's teacher ah! Fuck!" Kuang Siheng, who was closest to Dazhong Qiu, was the first to get upset and grabbed Dazhong Qiu's clothes and pushed him.

When Dazhong Qiu was pushed by Kuang Siheng, he first froze and then threw a punch back, hitting Kuang Siheng squarely on the side of his face.


The skinny Kuang Siheng was knocked down by a blow from Big Stupid Qiu, and lay on the ground for three or four seconds rolling his eyes, then struggled on the ground twice, surprisingly not getting up, so he angrily reached out and pointed at Big Stupid Qiu: "Fuck him!"


Hearing Kuang Siheng speak, the two sophomores who came with him directly scurried up, one raised his leg and kicked Big Stupid Qiu in the chest, after which Big Stupid Qiu grabbed his ankle and smashed him down with a punch, the other one saw his companion being knocked down and directly picked up a finger-thick wooden board and rushed up, slamming it on Big Stupid Qiu's arm.


The plank smashed on Dazhong Qiu's arm, but also bounced back a little, it can be seen that the physical quality of Dazhong Qiu, indeed, is different from ordinary people, Dazhong Qiu is also beaten pain, step forward to grab the student's hair, directly pin his head to the armpit, and then a big fist to the student's head, a few punches later, the student also fell to the ground, Dazhong Qiu picked up the student dropped the plank on the ground, hands grabbed Both ends, use the legs to make a parting.


The wooden board removed from the backrest of the chair broke with a sound.

"Whew! Whew~" Big Stupid Autumn gasped and stood in place for a moment, then reached out and pointed at us, "You guys must be fighting, I'm about to tell Big Old High!"

"Fuck!" Xiaoyu looked at Big Stupid Autumn, a little annoyed to speak: "You love to tell whoever you want to tell! Get out!"

"Ugh ...... really no whole!" Kuang Siyu sighed and did not say anything, the crowd present knew that Big Stupid Autumn was a fool, so just now the senior one did not do anything, at the moment we did take this bastard can not help.

"You guys wait! I'm going to tell the big old high!" Big Dumb Qiu stretched out his finger and nodded at us one by one, muttering in a low voice: "One, two, three, four ......"

Just when Dazhongqiu's finger reached Leilei, Leilei was not happy: "Who the hell are you pointing your finger at!"

"I'm pointing at you! You fight! I'll report you to the teacher!" Big stupid Qiu was not afraid at all, frowning and leilei stared at each other.

"I found out that you silly bastard not only has a bad mouth, but your speech also stinks!" Leilei's stubborn temper was also aroused by Big Stupid Autumn, rolled up his sleeves and went over.

"Hey! Leilei ......"

I reached out to stop Lei Lei, want to tell him that this is a fool, but the tough Lei Lei root not give me the opportunity to speak, pushed my hand away and went to the big stupid Qiu, and reached out to push the big stupid Qiu: "Your mouth owes this problem, can not change?"

"I want to sue the teacher!" Big Stupid Autumn obstinately returned the mouth.


Leilei's hand swung round and gave Dazhongqiu a mouthful: "Fuck you, I'm asking if you can change!"

"Whoa!!! ~"

Big stupid Qiu was slapped directly by Leilei a mouth crying, then completely collapsed: "My mother said, hit people not to hit the face! You hit my face for what!"

"I'll hit you in the face! What can you do!" After Lei Lei finished speaking, he raised his hand again.


A crisp sound resounding through the alley came out, standing behind us all froze, because we all knew that once Big Stupid Autumn cried, it was a psychotic offender.

"I'll beat you to death!!!"

Big stupid Qiu finished a sentence shouting, wheeled up the king's fist on Lei Lei, and Lei Lei rolled and moved a few times after, also seized the opportunity to rush up, to the big stupid Qiu's temple is two punches, and then a movement on the legs, directly tripped the big stupid Qiu, and then rode on the big stupid Qiu, left and right open is a mouth.


"Mouth still owes?"


"Mouth still owes?"


"Do you still have a mouth?"


Leilei before and after, a dozen mouths hit the big stupid Qiu, I have seen a few times big stupid Qiu and others fighting, said the stupid strength, and big stupid Qiu really rarely lose, although not a hundred battles, but can rely on the strength of crushing big stupid Qiu, Leilei is the first.

"Ah !!!!"

Big stupid autumn finally was beaten anxious eyes, from the ground to touch up a stick, to Lei Lei's head came.


Leilei took a blow to the head and fell straight down.

"Fuck him!!!" Xiao Yu saw Lei Lei suffered a loss, so he greeted us together, after all, Lei Lei did not know the situation, can not let him and a fool play with life.

"Nobody move!" Leilei's forehead was smashed a large bag, he shook off his head, slowly climbed up, eyes glowing red looking at big stupid Qiu: "Fuck, I still can't cure you!"

After seeing Lei Lei's eyes, the big fool Qiu subconsciously took a step back, then carried the stick and ran to the toilet, Lei Lei is spreading his legs to chase, we are on the side, has been completely confused.

Before Lei Lei chase in, the big fool Qiu rushed out again, but see the big fool Qiu look, I completely speechless, because he is carrying the stick, the first half of the stick is now all shit, but also emit a bad smell, feelings he just rushed into the toilet, is to enchant the stick magic properties to go.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The two sides of the wall, by the big stupid Qiu hands of the shit-stirring stick, flung all the shit points.

Five minutes later, Leilei gradually prevailed, a fist smashed big stupid Qiu lying on the ground, at the moment his body was smeared with shit by big stupid Qiu, the taste than my feet also punch, looks graphic.

"Fuck you! Play not human is it! Come on, I'll let you play!" After cursing, Leilei picked up the shit-stained stick and pressed it into Dazhongqiu's mouth, and after a few strokes, Dazhongqiu's mouth, face, and nostrils were all rubbed with shit.


The side of Zhang Yanjun saw this scene, could not help but a dry vomit, smelling the smell, we also covered the nose.

"Brother Yu, this friend of yours, is also stupid, right ......" Kuang Siyu saw Lei Lei's performance, weakly asked a question.

"Your friend is the one who is fucking stupid!" Xiaoyu unhappily returned a sentence.

"You are my friend!" Kuang Siyu replied witty.

"Livestock! What an animal!" Yan Bo, who had just arrived shortly after, came in and saw Lei Lei not only covered in shit himself, but also feeding shit to Big Stupid Qiu.

"This is not a fucking idiot, is a crazy ......" Tsao Yu also a little speechless.

From this, I have a new impression of Leilei, shedding the hair of the living beast!