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Chapter 16: Meeting Lei Lei again

After Zhang Ye left a message to Kuang Siyu, followed by Wang He, soon disappeared at the end of the alley, Xiao Yu turned his head and looked at me who was kicked full of footprints, "Are you okay?"

"Yes!" Just now I kicked that student's foot, is my first hands-on fight in my life, so adrenaline was instantly ignited, I stepped forward and helped Kuang Siyu up from the ground: "Okay!"

"Fine, go, let the political education department catch it will be trouble!" Kuang Siyu did not care about the pain in his body, put on the broken lens of glasses, help his friend to go outside.

"Go inside, see if there is anyone inside!" We had just reached the door when we heard the voice of Grand Old Gao of the Political Education Office, the head of the Political Education Office and one of the toughest teachers in the second high school, who was notorious for corporal punishment and beating students.

"Fuck, how the hell!" Hearing Big Old Gao's voice, the people at Kuang Siyu's side were instantly confused.

"Jump the wall!" I did not even think, directly spoke, I often miss class to go to the Internet cafe, so here jumping the wall is also a breeze, I note ran two steps, stomping on the wall and scampered up, then reached out to pull Tsao Yu, dragged him up, and soon, the five of us all rode on the wall, just at this time, the big old high and a few teachers from the political education department, has also walked into the alley of the toilet, I a side, the first to jump out.

After leaving the school, the five of us gathered outside the school, a small store specializing in the sale of Guan Dong Bo.

A few people went through a simple cleaning, at which point I realized that Kuang Siyu's face was cut with a gash, fortunately not so much as to break his face, and a man beside him was more seriously injured, and had been covering his left rib since he entered the door.

"Fuck, careless!" Kuang Siyu said indignantly as he bit off a kielbasa.

"I found you really good, Zhang Ye in the second high, a total of two friends, you do not know to ask people to keep an eye on them?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"I underestimated him!" Kuang Siyu nodded indifferently and poured a glass of beer for Xiaoyu: "I was thinking of tricking Zhang Ye into going to the toilet and solving the matter at once, but this Zhang Ye is much smarter than I thought!"

"So are we still going this afternoon?" Zhang Ye's performance greatly exceeded my expectations, and now after calming down, I'm instead a bit scared, because I kicked a person after all, although I have Tsao Yu behind me to back me up, but I'm still afraid that I will be subject to private retaliation, has nothing to do with strength, it's completely psychological suppression.

"Go! Must go!" Xiaoyu drained his glass of beer: "It's become such a mess, if we don't go this afternoon, how can we still have the face to stay in the second high school in the future!"

"Yes, I can't do it anymore!" Kuang Siyu also followed and drained his wine, slamming his cup down on the table, "This afternoon, when we have the right people, we will directly start to dislike them!"


A few of us were talking, the door was pulled open, I turned my head to see, the person who came in was Yan Bo, he was considered the cleanest in our group, there was not even a shoe print on his body.

Yan Bo did not say a word after entering the door, directly picked up the table above half a bottle of beer, a head dry, then sat down and wiped his mouth, scanned us a glance: "All right?"

Kuang Siyu shook his head: "Nothing big, the two sides are 50-50, neither took advantage of anything! This is not over, we still have to do it this afternoon!"

"Tsk!" Yan Bo sipped his teeth: "This afternoon, it's not a good idea!"

"Why?" Xiao Yu asked curiously.

Yan Bo frowned and sighed: "I just heard someone say that Zhang Ye called Fudan's group, and it is said that in the afternoon Da Zuo, Harrier and the others will come!"

"Fuck, a little play big it ......" heard Yan Bo's words, I immediately lost the will to fight, he said Fudan, is the second high last recognized big brother, and Dazuo, Harrier and other people are also in that class, each class of the big resistance, they are all mixed with Fudan The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

"No, I don't understand, Fudan is stupid ah? He a second high school out, now come back to stand up for Zhang Ye of the first high school?" Kuang Siyu cursed in anger, but I could hear that his tone was clearly lacking in breath.

"Don't you forget that now Zhang Ye is also a member of the Second High!" Xiaoyu reminded in a timely manner.

Hearing Fudan's name, one of the people beside Kuang Siyu was the first to wimp out: "Then what should we do? We can deal with Cui Miao and Wang He, but we can't face Fudan. Brother Yu, why don't you give the position of the eleventh class resistance to Zhang Ye, it's just a false name anyway, the brothers still listen to you in private!"

"Bullshit! If I really give the position to Zhang Ye, then I will not only lose my reputation, but also my face!" Kuang Siyu's face was red with anger: "Damn, Fudan more than JB, really came, I subordinate him the same!"

"Come on, don't say angry words, think of a solution, we really can't fight Fu Dan!" Yan Bo scratched his head, a word that made the atmosphere more awkward.

"So, call now, call Zhang Yanjun, Kuang Siheng after school at noon, come here to gather with us, and also, call Jiang Tao of class three and Yu Li of class one!" Kuang Siyu thought for half a day and reported the names of these people.

"Useless!" Yan Bo spoke with annoyance: "Class 3's Jiang Tao, and our relationship is not good enough to that point, if you hear that the opponent is Fudan, he will not dare to care, and Class 1's Yu Li, the earliest is to follow the big left to mix, he does not help the partner is good! May help us?"

"Alas ...... then forget it, let's call Zhang Yanjun and Kuang Siheng first!" Kuang Siyu helplessly explained to the people around him.

After hearing these people called by Kuang Siyu, I completely despaired, although these people in the current second high, still called the reigning clouds, but also limited to the second high this small circle inside, but Fudan is different, he has long been integrated into a group of An Yang City jerk flood, that is, the gap between us and Zhang Ye, definitely not just a school wall so simple.

Silence, a terrible silence.

Everyone did not speak, after a good half a day, Kuang Siyu made a move, he first poured a glass of wine for Tsao Yu, and then clinked glasses with Tsao Yu: "Brother Yu, do you have any ideas?"

Brother Yu?

Kuang Siyu's sudden opening, and a sharp change in attitude, I felt caught off guard, he usually speaks to Xiaoyu, is a mouthful of "Xiaoyu" called, and even jokingly, will call a "small Yu Zi", but this sentence solemnly The "Brother Yu", but everyone, including Xiaoyu himself were confused, no one said, but everyone knew that Kuang Siyu was afraid.

"I ......" Xiaoyu cup, first silent for a moment, then a mouthful of drained the glass of wine, nodded: "I try, but I can not guarantee that it will not be effective!"

"It doesn't matter, as long as you are willing to help me, then things will definitely have a turnaround!" Kuang Siyu finally showed a smile and drained his glass of wine in one gulp.

I don't know how much energy he has behind him, but what I do know is that he has always been reluctant to put his efforts into things that don't have much to do with him, so it's clear that Wang Xin was sincere in helping me that time, and the reason he agreed to help Kuang Siyu today is because we've both been involved in it, and since we can't get out of it, we can only grit our teeth and The reason why he promised Kuang Siyu today is because we both have been involved in it, since we can't get out of it, we can only grit our teeth.

After promising Kuang Siyu, Xiaoyu turned around and went out, made a phone call for a while, then pushed the door back and sat down on the seat.

"Well?" I was afraid that it would happen again, the same as the day I was stabbed, a person could not call the consequences, so I asked in a small voice.

"Lei Lei will come later!" Xiaoyu replied, "I didn't call anyone else!"

"No more?" I was stunned, it turned out that Xiaoyu just went out and called Leilei.

"Nothing!" Xiaoyu nodded: "Kuang Siyu's family is quite rich, if I introduce that group of punks to him, it's like hurting him!"

"Hmm!" I nodded understandingly, Xiaoyu told me that those people he knew could not be called socially mixed, because those people, excluding a few rich second generation who are very well-off and have nothing to do, the rest are some blackmail-based hooligans, let them get to know Kuang Siyu, is like a group of maggots see rotten meat, the group will be like locusts sucking Kuang Siyu's blood, and afterwards will force him to take money to support This group of people.

With apprehension, we waited until noon after school, after school, Kuang Siheng and Zhang Yanjun also came, this time Kuang Siheng again to see Xiao Yu, the attitude is obviously much better.

"Yanjun, how many people did you code?" Yan Bo asked Zhang Yanjun while sending a text message.

"Can be relied on, the fight will not run, six or seven it!" Zhang Yanjun thought about it and gave a clear number: "Counting me, eight people!"

"My side is all sophomore, not a few main, but can make up the number of many, there are 20 to 30 people, but really fight, may not be useful!" Kuang Siheng also inserted a sentence, but was automatically ignored by Yan Bo.

"Good, I have twelve on my side counting me, plus Zhang Yanjun's people, and everyone here, a total of twenty-seven people, enough to touch with Zhang Ye!" Yan Bo made up his mind and looked at Kuang Siyu: "Having come this far, it's a beating even if you goad yourself, so just grit your teeth and do it!"

"Fuck it! Shit!" The people in the room said with one voice.

"Brother Yu, what about your side?" Kuang Siyu asked after him again.

Xiaoyu turned his head to look outside and smiled: "Here it comes!"

I turned my head, just in time to see a cab stopped outside, Lei Lei alone, wearing a white dress, holding a cigarette, a smile on his face pushed the door and came in.

"Leilei! Coming!" After seeing Lei Lei, I stood up happily and said hello, one because I hadn't seen him for a long time, and the second was to raise my own status in front of Kuang Siyu and others.

"Well!" Leilei patted me on the shoulder and laughed, and then sat down on the side of me.

"Just? Just one person, huh?" Kuang Siyu's expression was slightly disappointed after seeing the lean Lei Lei, indeed, at that time in Anyang, almost no one knew Lei Lei.

"Well, just one person!" Xiaoyu also smiled.

"What is it? I've come is not enough?" Lei Lei asked Tsao Yu in a very domineering manner.

"Nothing, just a few students, when the time comes you have a bit of proportion, do not play too big!" Tsao Yu very seriously instructed a sentence.

"Oh, got it!" Lei Lei nodded expressionlessly, then walked towards the bar: "Hungry, I'll get some food!"

"Feel free to take whatever you want to eat, it's on me!"

Kuang Siyu looked at Lei Lei's back and opened his mouth politely, but I could see from his expression that he had completely given up hope for the afternoon battle.