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Chapter 15: A sharp turn of events

Faced with an impending brawl, in inverse proportion to my apprehensive line, was a frank-faced Xiao Yu, who, after finishing a packet of melon seeds, took out his phone and looked at it, patting my shoulder: "Go!"

"Do you need to go back to the class to get two squares?" The squares I'm talking about are the planks removed from the tables and chairs, or table legs or whatever.

"No, the two of us go over, is to return Kuang Siyu a favor, really fight, once a big deal, at least 20 to 30 people have to come, we are two people, with a zap gun are useless!" Xiaoyu smiling, put his arm around my shoulder and went downstairs.

The two of us soon arrived at the basketball court, the basketball court is located in the southwest corner of the entire school playground, surrounded by a forest of willow trees, the north side of the basketball court against the wall is a long row of bungalows, that is, Kuang Siyu about Zhang Ye's toilet, the toilet on the side of the playground is the women's toilet, the other side of the men's toilet and the school wall just formed a small alley, the location here is very secret, almost the entire school smoking boys, in After class is over, they all gather here.

The two of us arrived at the men's room, which was still empty, Tsao Yu took out a cigarette, dialed one and handed it to me, I shook my head: "Will not!"

"Can't smoke, you can learn!" Tsunami Yu reached out and handed the cigarette to my mouth, and lit it for me: "Suck!"


I tried to take a puff, the spicy tobacco taste, I felt a mouth bitter, then I directly spit out the cigarette, causing Tsunami Yu a burst of laughter: "Fuck, can not even smoke ah! Can you breathe? Sip into it!"

"...... I learned several times, but did not learn ..." I white Tsao Yu a glance, and then again tried to smoke, then a mouthful of smoke swallowed, immediately choked tears: "cough ...... cough. "Cough cough ...... cough cough cough!"

"Oops my fuck! You are really stupid, let you suck, who let you swallow!" Xiao Yu was also amused by my comical appearance, and then took a puff of smoke to demonstrate to me: "Learned yet?"

'Jingle bells!'

The two of us were talking when a sharp bell rang, and I also casually threw the cigarette away, "No more learning, no more smoking! It's choking!"

After hearing the bell, Xiaoyu also followed the right color, he casually flicked the cigarette to the wall, the two of us together, dodged to hide under the shadows inside the toilet.

Two minutes later, the sound of footsteps finally came from the silent alley, sounding like there were about three or four people.

Not long after, Kuang Siyu's voice came out: "Okay, what do you want to say, say it!"

"You told me to come here, what should I say? Stupid bastard!" It was an unfamiliar voice, but I guess it was the Zhang Ye that Kuang Siyu was talking about.

"Okay, then I'll have something to say, I don't care how steady you stand in the first high school, but this is the second high school, don't be too reckless, it's not much use!" Kuang Siyu's voice was icy as he gave a warning.

"Fuck! It's a wolf that eats meat everywhere, in my eyes, both First and Second High are the same, I'm a wolf, can I still be bullied by a pack of dogs?" Zhang Ye paused for a moment: "I tell you Kuang Siyu, this flag of the eleventh class, I'm determined to resist! Today there are no outsiders here, I will also tell you the truth, if you do not want to be hit in the face, then fucking pretend not to see, otherwise, really when I clean you up, you must not regret!"

"Huh!" Kuang Siyu coldly laughed, then after a few seconds of silence, the corridor suddenly burst out with a bottom: "I grass your mother !!!!"


"Grass your mother, fight!"


"Fuck! FUCK!"

'Ding dong! Clang!'

After Kuang Siyu's angry curses, the sound of fighting and cursing outside suddenly rose, no need to think, the two groups must be fighting together, to this point, I was a little afraid again, after all, since I grew up, I have never fought, I turned my head to look at Xiao Yu: "What should I do, Brother Yu?"

"Wait!" Xiao Yu thought for a moment, did not move in place.

"Wait? If Kuang Siyu didn't beat Zhang Ye, the point of our visit would be lost!" I thought about it and advised Tsao Yu.


The two of us were talking when suddenly a silhouette flashed by and was kicked into the toilet from the doorway, right at Tsao Yu's feet on his back, I took a look and I didn't recognize this person.

"Do it!" Tsao Yu shouted, instantly stormed up, and kicked the man in the temple.


The man on the ground, his head tilted, directly hit the wall, and then covered his head, rolling on the ground, covered with urine, after Tsao Yu kicked over the man, raised his legs and scurried out, I also followed, rushed out of the toilet.

I realized that what I was worried about did not happen, in addition to the one kicked over by Xiaoyu, there were five people in the corridor at the moment, three of whom were standing and were kicking around the two people squatting on the ground, the one who kicked the hardest was Kuang Siyu, and I don't have to think about it to know that the group squatting on the ground must be Zhang Ye and the others.

"Siyu, almost there!" Xiao Yu saw Kuang Siyu's own people can handle, but also happy not to participate, but also advised a fight.

"Oh, okay!" Kuang Siyu heard Tsao Yu's voice after collecting his feet, then a wave of his hand, the two people around him also stopped moving, standing in place and breathing heavily.

Crouching on the ground, Zhang Ye tall and thin, handsome, but after a sea kick by Kuang Siyu, his eyes are now blue, the left eye is almost sealed, nostrils and mouth corners are also bleeding, he heard the voice looked up, his eyes a little surprised: "Zhang Xiaoyu?"

"Oh, you know me!" Xiaoyu smiled a little, then waved his hand: "You guys continue, I'm just passing by!"

"Fuck, it's not righteous to say that ah, before the good talk, we are in and out together, what? Now you still want to shrink back?" Kuang Siyu's words blocked Tsao Yu's retreat again.

"Haha!" After Zhang Ye heard this, he inexplicably laughed, and with the blood on his face, it looked hideous.

"Stupid bastard, what are you laughing at!" When Kuang Siyu saw Zhang Ye get up, he raised his leg and kicked Zhang Ye in the stomach again, and Zhang Ye's back hit the wall and did not fall down.

"Heh, I knew that with your own strength, you wouldn't dare to touch me at all, so that means that the person behind you, besides Yan Bo, the other one is Zhang Xiaoyu, right?" After Zhang Ye finished speaking, he spat out a mouthful of bloodied saliva.

"Yeah, by now I'm not afraid of you knowing that, Zhang Ye, today is a small lesson, remember, if you let me hear any more bullshit about you wanting to hold the flag in class 11, I will definitely not let you go!" After pointing at Zhang Ye's nose, Kuang Siyu finished these words, then waved his hand back, "Get lost!"

To be honest, Kuang Siyu's set of movements was flowing, and in my eyes was definitely very dashing, and even a little more domineering than Tsao Yu.

"Lesson? Oh, today's matter, did I say it's over?" Zhang Ye suddenly changed his face and asked a question back.

"What do you mean? Did not get beaten enough ah, I ......" said a man beside Kuang Siyu, about to continue on the hand.

"Cui Miao, do it!!!" Zhang Ye did not wait for this person to finish speaking, a voice roared out, the sound went out a long way, and then a side, a foot just said the person lying down, at this time, the person next to Zhang Ye also stood up at once, pulled out a handful of table legs from his body, directly and Kuang Siyu wrestled together.

"Zhang Ye! You're really a bit shameless!" At this time, I heard a dense sound of footsteps coming from outside the alley, and I looked around and saw that it was Cui Miao from Class 7, followed by at least twelve or thirteen people, who came out of the water room not far away, all carrying wooden squares and rushing towards us, and I turned around and shouted to Xiaoyu: " Cui Miao is coming!"

After hearing my voice, Kuang Siyu stalled in his movements and opened his voice in the direction of the basketball court, "Yan Bo! Block him!"

"Don't worry!!! Brothers, copy!" Yan Bo, who had been waiting for half a day on the basketball court, heard the shout and led 14 or 15 people to rush over, and instantly collided with Cui Miao's people.

The people outside did not rush in, the toilet side plus me and Xiaoyu, a total of five people, Zhang Ye side there are three, excluding me and the opposite lying on the ground that does not have much combat power, Xiaoyu they are four to two, there is no pressure, Zhang Ye will soon be knocked down again, just then, he opened his voice and shouted: "Wang He!"

"Kuang Siyu, fuck you!" An angry curse rang out from my head like a thunderclap, I looked up and saw that the roof of the toilet and the school wall, I don't know when, there were already seven or eight people standing with things in their hands, the leader was none other than Wang He, after he finished cursing, he jumped down directly from the three-meter-high fence, just landing on my side.


Before I could react, the stick in Wang He's hand had already smashed on my head, I fell down in response to the sound, and before I could get up, there was a 'dong! Thud! The sound of falling, several people quickly surrounded me, sticks and feet rained down on my body, under the surprise attack I could not fight back, I could only cover the injured shoulder, the body curled into a ball, in addition to hit me, the rest of the people all rushed over to Tsao Yu side, I saw in the gap between the legs, Kuang Siyu knocked down a man, directly after Wang He kicked down, and never stood up after that.

"Little Fei!" After seeing me knocked down, Xiaoyu slapped a brick on a man's head, then grabbed his collar and pushed him backward, knocking away two or three more people behind this man. Xiaoyu scurried to my side with an arrow step and swung the brick around, quickly forcing the man who hit me back, and pulled me up with one hand.

"Fuck!" Wang He saw that the people around him were scattered by Tsao Yu, directly back to our side, rushed over to us, a man's quick hands and eyes, from the side to hold Tsao Yu's waist, Wang He a stick smashed in Tsao Yu's arm, Tsao Yu a painful grin, behind a man lifted the stick, Tsao Yu's head to smash, I was in a hurry to scurry up, a foot on the man to kick down.

The students of the second high school know that this kind of whistle is special for the teachers of the political education department, with the whistle sounding, the sound of fighting outside abruptly stopped, followed by a scattering of footsteps.

"Retreat!" Wang He did not stop at all, led people to run outside, the crowd dispersed I realized that Kuang Siyu is lying on the ground not far away, similar to the tragic situation of Zhang Ye just now, glasses were also kicked broken.

Zhang Ye paused, a foot stomped on Kuang Siyu's chest, reaching out and pointing at his nose: "Little B brat I tell you, the flag of the eleventh class, I Zhang Ye resistance determined, if you are not convinced, the first class in the afternoon, right here, I also returned to you!"

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