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Chapter 14 century war

The class teacher was not straightened up, and soon leaned against the wall, I did not wait to slow down, I also felt a sharp pain in the chest, a low head, the class teacher's triangular ruler has begun to my hands, she did not show mercy, each one is full of force, the ruler down, half of the body will follow a numb, pain is still a small thing, I am really heartbroken Qi Wen to buy me this set KAPPA, this is my life so big, wear the most expensive set of clothes.

"Teacher, we two in the end how, you come up on the hands?" Tsao Yu gasped a few breaths after, strained his neck and asked.

"What's wrong? What's wrong you don't know?" The triangular ruler in the class teacher's hand once again stuck on Tsao Yu.


The triangular ruler, which is known for its sturdiness, was shattered, and the class teacher looked at the two of us in disgust: "Still playing dumb, are you?"

"Teacher, we both really don't know ......" I was quite afraid of the class teacher, so I whispered a defense.

"Wang Xin of class six, did he fight with you?" The class teacher asked in a loud voice.

"Ah ......?" Xiaoyu and I were stunned by the question, but also understood the cause of the matter, together lowered their heads and did not make a sound.

"Zhang Xiaoyu you are quite rampant, huh? Right? What? This is just a few days after the transfer, and you're already fighting with cats and dogs! Are you a triad? Now his parents have come to the school. What, are you two my ancestors? I'm supposed to wipe your asses for you two idiots?" The class teacher's aggressive tone made me uncomfortable and I didn't dare to breathe as I stood by.

"Teacher, I'm wrong!" Xiao Yu head down, and can not see the expression on his face, is to bow his head and admit his mistake.

"I was also wrong ......" Although I did not move the whole thing of Wang Xin, but also did not defend, after all, things because of me, I do not want to let Tsao Yu alone take the blame.


Class teacher lifted his leg and gave me a foot, high heels kicked my legs raw pain: "You do not speak, I see you are disgusting, your family is poor, the family did not look for me at New Year's Eve, but your family such conditions can be understood, but you can not stay in my class, like air! What? This bear like you, but also follow the trouble? If you get into trouble, Zhang Xiaoyu's family can afford to pay for it, but how can your family pay for it? It is said that a rat turd spoils the congee, I think you don't even deserve to be a rat turd!"

"Hahahaha!" The class teacher's voice was so loud that the class burst into laughter, my heart inexplicably tightened and tears quickly rolled in my eyes, but I tried my best to keep my head down, not wanting others to see, I was even stupid enough to hear that she was not lecturing me, but humiliating me in public.

The class teacher was about to say more about Tsunami Yu when suddenly a janitor came around the corner of the stairs with two stacks of books: "Teacher! The exercise books your class wants!"

"Oh! Okay, thanks!" The class teacher instantly put on a smiling face and thanked the janitor, then turned her head to me and Xiao Yu: "You two go and distribute these exercise books to the students, and stand at the door afterwards, for three days!"

"Yes, teacher!" Xiaoyu casually copied a sentence, then we both went over and took the exercise books from the janitor.

Three days in a row.

During these three days, Xiaoyu and I stood at the entrance of our classes, listening to the sounds of reading and playing coming from each class, and when class ended, the students who came out first from other classes would look at Xiaoyu and me a few more times. I think I've been a part of this 'bad boy' life since a certain point.

The first class of the third day just after class, Qi Wen and Liu Meiqi, two people, sneaking up to the door of our class, and Xiao Yu and I are also ready to go back to the class, drink some water to rest or something, until the class then go back to stand, but after seeing Qi Wen, I paused, and then walked towards her: "Why are you here? "

"Your reputation is notorious now, I do not come to see you, afraid that you are looking for death!" Qi Wen giggled after making a joke.

"I'm not that fragile!" I instantly sweat and retorted Qi Wen.

"Okay, no more fooling around, these are for you!" Qi Wen said, pulled out a lot of small snacks from her pocket and stuffed them into my pocket with a brain: "Eat them when you're bored at the penalty station!"

"Thanks!" Qi Wen's gesture made me feel warm, I side glance, Liu Meiqi is also stuffing food to Xiao Yu.

"I'll go, let others see us stay so long, I will be embarrassed!" The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

The day is really comfortable with a brother and a girlfriend.


The second class bell rang, the corridor was once again left with two lonely figures, after Xiao Yu and I saw that the corridor was empty, we both sat down directly on the floor, leaned our backs against the wall and began to eliminate the small snacks that Qi Wen and Liu Meiqi brought.

''Tap tap!''

I was eating, when suddenly a footstep came from the direction of the stairs, Tsao Yu and I thought it was which teacher was passing by and hurriedly started to pack the snacks around us.

"Yo! You two are living a good life!" After the visitor saw us, he teased.

"Fuck! You scared the shit out of me!" After seeing the visitor, Xiaoyu breathed a sigh of relief, and I also took a look, it was Kuang Siyu, dressed in Adidas, and another student wearing Li Ning clothes.

"Brother Yu!" After seeing Kuang Siyu, I nodded my head and said hello.

"Well!" Kuang Siyu also nodded to me and smiled broadly at Tsao Yu: "I heard that you both have been pouting here for three days, you're making a name for yourself!"

"Don't mention it, it's not because of that idiot Wang Xin!" Xiao Yu was indignant and spat out a melon rind.

"I know, Wang Xin's parents have come to school several times, but he refuses to come to school, probably afraid of shame! Oh!" Kuang Siyu laughed again.

"How come you didn't attend class and got thrown out too?" Xiao Yu reached out and handed Kuang Siyu a handful of melon seeds.

"No, we changed classes, the second period is physical education class, free time, I came to see you, by the way to tell you something!"

"What is it?" Xiao Yu bared his teeth and smiled: "Is there a girl?"

"There's no such thing as a girl! It's business!" Kuang Siyu narrowed his eyes: "There's a new student in our class, Zhang Ye! Do you know him?"

"Yes, he's from the first high school. The two of us met when we went to school there, but we were not familiar." Xiao Yu opened his mouth, I admire him, as if the city's delinquent boys, he knows the bottom line.

"Oh, this fool transferred to less than a month, has been quite honest, but just in the past few days, he threatened to erect a flag in our class, you say, I have been in the eleventh class to hold the flag for three years, near graduation, I may hand over to this basket?" Kuang Siyu gave a contemptuous laugh.

"In the second high school, you clean up his still not rich ah, tell me what for?" Xiaoyu scratched his head: "I'm pretty good at picking up girls on my own, those rotten things of yours, I don't want to get involved!"

"Don't play with people! I helped you with the last Wang Xin!" Kuang Siyu half-jokingly and half-seriously said.

"The problem is the infighting in your own class, how do you want me to help you?" Seeing that he really couldn't say no back, Tsao Yu could only acquiesce.

"I cleaned him up quite simply, but the class nine resistance Wang He, and class seven resistance Cui Miao, and Zhang Ye's relationship are good, really fight, Wang He and Cui Miao will certainly also be on, so I thought, a little later, the third period after class, find someone to trick Zhang Ye to go to the basketball court by the toilet, you ambush inside, when he arrived, I directly into the fuck him, just us The two of us, to beat him until he is convinced!" Kuang Siyu told Xiaoyu his idea.

"So what if Zhang Ye is not convinced, or if Wang He and Cui Miao hear the news and bring people to support him?" I followed up with my own question.

"I thought about it, ask Yan Bo of class one to bring his men and pretend to play on the basketball court, as soon as you see Cui Miao or Wang He's men coming, just fuck them directly on the playground! The first thing you need to do is to take care of the outside, so we can just beat up Zhang Ye!" Kuang Siyu finished and asked Tsao Yu's opinion, "What do you think?"

Xiao Yu skimmed his mouth and pointed his chin at me: "I'm free to do as I please, but there are only two of us in my group anyway! If you count all of them, there might be a fat guy in the class who can fight!"

The person wearing Li Ning beside him spoke first: "We have enough manpower ourselves, in fact, we don't expect you to do anything, just want to use your reputation as Zhang Xiaoyu, so that people other than Wang He and Cui Miao, don't follow to get involved!"

"Oh, is my name so valuable?" Xiaoyu skin smile not laughing at Li Ning boy, Li Ning boy words are obvious, you Zhang Xiaoyu although famous, but in the second high you can not.

"This is my cousin, Kuang Siheng, sophomore, people stupid, can not speak, ignore him!" Kuang Siyu interrupted Kuang Siheng with a word, giving Tsao Yu to find face.

"It's okay, in the second high school, I really can't!" Xiaoyu said back with an expressionless face.

"Haha, if you can't, others can't even more!" Kuang Siyu jokingly patted Xiaoyu's shoulder: "Then it's settled, Ang! I'll wait for you at the end of the third period!"

"Okay!" Xiao Yu nodded and watched Kuang Siyu leave with his cousin.

After seeing Kuang Siyu leave, I looked at Xiaoyu with some concern: "Brother Yu, we are still standing in the corridor, if something else goes wrong, I think we will be expelled directly!

"That can not not go ah, after all, last time owed Kuang Siyu a favor, he has come this time, if we do not go, with his mouth, outside may not know how to stink us!" Xiao Yu sighed helplessly: "Alas ...... people are red and right, there is no way!"

"Vomit ~ you are disgusting!" I pretended to dry heave a little, but the heart also made up his mind, this thing I really have to follow Tsao Yu: "I will go with you then!"

"Nonsense, I go by myself, that must not be beaten!" Xiaoyu helplessly gave me a blank stare.

Although I'm not familiar with Kuang Siyu, I owe Kuang Siyu this favor, after all, because of it, if I have to say that there is a selfishness, then the collection of Zhang Xiaoyu, Kuang Siyu, Yan Bo, Wang He, Cui Miao, the school's most popular figures of the big melee, in the history of the second high school is unprecedented, it is destined to spread in the shortest possible time I also wanted to go along with Xiaoyu, to rub the presence, to brush up the popularity, to satisfy the vanity or something.

Soon, the third class was about to end, and I was in a state of panic.

Because I don't know what awaits us, what exactly is.