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Chapter 13: The Angry Class Teacher

After reluctantly separating from Qi Wen, finally only Tsao Yu and I were left.

"Xiaoyu, did Leilei and the others call you?" I don't know why, but I really want to know the result of Leilei and his team's visit to the hospital that night.

"Well, called!" Xiaoyu nodded his head: "I was about to talk to you too."


"That day they chased to the hospital, the two groups fought again, Sun Bing took a knife in the leg, Leng Xin cut a man's arm across a knife, and then the hospital called the police, the police came, the two groups were detained, but the two gangs are quite tacit understanding, went in without mentioning the previous fight in the KTV, so only Leng Xin and the one who stabbed Sun Bing with a knife was detained, Leng Xin Fifteen days detention, the person opposite, Lei Lei said it may be six months detention."

"Why is the difference so much?" I was tsunami Yu said a stunned, because from the overall battle situation seems, apparently Niu Pan that group is the more seriously injured.

"Leng Xin, Leng Lei, the two of them have a cousin, is open wedding company, their cousin's husband is the National Tax Bureau, in Anyang quite good, Lei Lei said, Leng Xin just into the police station, he called his cousin's husband!" Xiao Yu carefully recalled and told me.

"Oh! It's good that it's okay!" I finally breathed a sigh of relief, although for me, just detention is also quite terrible, but the thought of only fifteen days, half a month only, in the blink of an eye, so I thought, I also then relieved, and heard that Niu Pan side of the people again by Leng Xin cut, I also quite relieved, I really hope that he cut, is the one who stabbed me, but remembered that Sun Bing also received a knife, I feel that this game because I think this fight because of Leilei's broken shoes, but also quite worthless.

After separating from Xiaoyu, I walked home alone, my home is not far from school, is a very small community, just a short time into the community, I saw my grandmother, she is sitting on the flower bed not far in front of the building entrance waiting for me, this is a kind old man, she always tidy their head of white hair, but always look a little messy, slightly sunken eye sockets, a pair of brown eyes, quietly telling the years of The vicissitudes.

The light of the sunset, through the gap in the leaves, splashed on the dying old man waiting for his grandson after school, this is the picture I would see every day at that time, I never cherished this kind of day when someone waiting for you to return home, finally woke up after growing up, only this warmth, now I can no longer feel.

"Grandma! It's almost dark, why are you still sitting here!" I walked over and picked up my grandmother's arm, and the two of us walked together toward the hallway.

"My grandson is finally back. ...... What have you been doing for the past two days? How come you don't go home on vacation?" Grandma looked at me, full of kindness and anxiously asked.

"Oh! The school organized extra lessons, so Saturday did not have a holiday, I lived in school!" I told a lie, and my grandmother always chose to believe me unconditionally.

"You haven't eaten yet! I'll go cook for you!" After entering the door, grandma was about to go to the kitchen with slow steps.

"No, Grandma, I've already eaten!" I reached out to stop Grandma, but forgot about the wound on my shoulder, and bared my teeth in pain.

"What's wrong with your arm?" Grandma has been afraid of me getting sick since I was a kid, and every time there's a little cold or something, she's heartbroken.

"Nothing! I stretched it playing basketball! Have you eaten, Grandma?" I quickly changed the subject.

"I've eaten!" Grandma smiled benevolently, I took the opportunity to sweep the kitchen, only a plate of pickles and half a bowl of cold rice left in the bowl, watching my heart ache, when I was not at home, grandma almost never cooked, always eat what they will eat a bite, but never treat me.

"I'm going to go do my homework!" I talked to my grandmother a few more times and went back to my room, took a few anti-inflammatory pills prescribed by the doctor, and because I had talked with Qi Wen until late the night before, I was so exhausted that I lay down on my bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I got up early and bought two breakfasts at the breakfast store, one for Qi Wen and one for Liu Meiqi, I would have liked to eat a little, but the money left in my pocket, even a bun can not afford to buy, so I had to give up.

I went back to my class after delivering breakfast to Qi Wen, and when I entered the door, there was no self-study yet, but Xiao Yu had arrived even earlier than me and was already lying on his desk. Brother Dayu!"

"Well ......" Xiao Yu waved his hand to me listlessly and continued to lie on the table.

"What's wrong with you, why are you so wilted?" I looked at Tsao Yu's dark eyes and mental state and asked strangely.

"Ugh ... last night is no fun, two black asked me to accompany him to go to the Internet cafe all night, the result stayed up all night, right! You still have money in your pocket, buy me some food, hungry and sleepy, it's hard for me!"

"No, all the money I have on me to buy breakfast for Qiwen ......" I helplessly spread my hands, also returned to the seat.

"Holy fuck! You do not say I forgot, Liu Meiqi also asked me to buy breakfast for her!" Xiao Yu slapped his head, suddenly panic: "finished, this is bad!"

"I knew you couldn't remember, I sent it for you, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be hungry!" I complained to Tsunami Yu in a good-natured way.

"Geez, too preachy big bro! Boo!" Tsunami Yu, without saying a word, wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me a kiss, which disgusted me enough.

I was playing with Xiaoyu when suddenly a fragrance came, I looked in the direction of the smell drifted, it was Yin Xiaopeng, he is now pinching a bun in his left hand, the right hand flipping through the "Immortal Punishment", the smell of meat buns caused me to swallow my saliva.

"Want to eat buns no?" Xiao Yu spoke while his stomach cooperated with a 'gurgle'.

"Want to, do you still have money?" I really don't want to look at Yin Xiaopeng's buns, but I can't move my eyes, I didn't eat at all last night, and because I didn't want to make my grandmother work too hard, so I lied and said I had eaten, and I've endured until now, I've long been hungry and dizzy.

"Wait!" Xiao Yu just said, has got up and walked out, stood behind Yin Xiaopeng, and Yin Xiaopeng looking fascinated, also did not even notice a person standing behind him.


Xiaoyu reached out and slapped Yin Xiaopeng's left shoulder, Yin Xiaopeng subconsciously turned back to the left, while Xiaoyu moved extremely fast and flashed to Yin Xiaopeng's right.

"Ah~ sneeze!" Tsunami Yu sneezed very naturally, and the flying spittle sprayed on the bag of buns on Yin Xiaopeng's desk.

"Oops, sorry about that! I just wanted to joke with you, but I couldn't hold back my sneeze!" Xiao Yu face is not embarrassed expression, extremely false and Yin Xiaopeng apologized: "You do not worry, I am not sick, just last month had the foot and mouth disease, now has been cured, nothing, you do not worry to eat!"

While Xiao Yu was talking, it just so happened that Dr. Feng also entered the class, and he said without thinking at all: "Brother Yu, isn't foot-and-mouth disease only in animals?"

"I kissed a camel! What do you care!"

Xiao Yu's eyes stood up, and the drama Feng was immediately dumbfounded: "Fine! I don't care, I don't care if you lick the camel's basket, hey! Let me tell you something!"

"Go away first!" Xiao Yu casually dismissed the drama Feng, pointing at the bun and continued to Yin Xiaopeng: "Eat! It's okay, I'm really not sick!"

"Oh ...... that...I'm full!" Although Yin Xiaopeng couldn't let go of the bun, he quickly lost his appetite after seeing a tiny drool bubble on the topmost bun.

"Full? Then what a pity to throw away the rest of these! I'll take them for you!" Xiao Yu's mouth was polite, but his hands didn't stop at all, and he returned to our seats with the buns: "Come on! Eat!"

"I won't eat! You have foot-in-mouth disease!" I also feel quite disgusted by Tsuneo Yu's spit sprayed again buns, suddenly also do not want to eat.

"Think about it, if you don't eat it again, it's really gone!" Xiao Yu picked up a bun, a bite into the mouth, muttered: "We two this relationship, you still dislike me ah?"

"Not ......" I thought for a moment, pulled out a bun from the bottom of the bag and took a bite, I was really hungry.

"Hey! Let me tell you two something!" At this time, the drama Feng again came up to me and Xiao Yu.

"Go go go, something to wait until I finish eating!" I did not even raise my head, waved my hand to interrupt the words of the drama Feng, and did not care whether there was saliva on the buns or not, seven or eight small dumplings were quickly wiped out by Xiao Yu and me.


After a long burp, Xiaoyu pulled back the curtain and lay down on the table: "Ah! Eat full and sleep in the sun. The day is so comfortable! Life is so beautiful!"

"Mmm!" After I had eaten enough, I also had a little spirit, and looked up at the drama Feng in front of me: "You just said, what's the matter?"

"Oh, nothing much, just want to say, I bought you two breakfast!" The drama Feng said from the school bag pulled out a large bag of buns on the desk, and then spread his hands: "But I guess you two can not eat!"

"Fuck! Why didn't you say so earlier!" Thinking about the Xiao Yu brand mouth-watering buns I just ate, I was furious.

"Just now the two of you, who has given me the opportunity to speak?" A rhetorical question from Dr. Feng actually left me speechless.

''Ring bell!''

With a bell ringing, the class was quiet, and the students began to prepare for their morning study, I was bored and intended to lie on my desk and take a nap with Tsao Yu.

I was just about to fall asleep when the door of the class was pushed open with a bang, and then the bucket at the door was knocked over, causing a lot of commotion, I suddenly woke up and looked up at the door, the class teacher had a cold face, and his eyes were fixed on my direction. The class teacher's face was cold, and his eyes were staring at the door.

"Han Fei! Zhang Xiaoyu! You two come out with me!" After the class teacher finished speaking, he took the lead and turned around and went out.

"What's wrong?" After hearing this, Xiaoyu looked at me with a bewildered expression.

"I don't know either!" The same Joe couldn't figure it out, I thought about it for a while, I never got into trouble in school, the only time was ......

I suddenly remembered, "You say, is it about Wang Xin?"

"Can't be, didn't Qi Wen say that Wang Xin's grandson was going to transfer to another school?" Although Xiao Yu was confused, he also stood up with me and walked towards the door.

I was the first one to go out, and just as I did, I saw the classroom teacher's usual classroom ruler, a solid wood ruler nearly one centimeter thick, directly dislike Tsao Yu's chest.


The second one came after the second one, before he could slow down.