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Chapter 12 Separate

"No! Things are not what you think, listen to my explanation!" As soon as I saw that Qi Wen misunderstood, I immediately began to explain to her, but she simply did not listen, messy look at me: "I told you Han Fei, you must go brush your teeth after washing your feet, do you hear me!"

"What? Brush ...... brush your teeth? Before I have brushed ah ...... Oh! You misunderstood, I really did not lick this foot ah!" I feel that I am more wrong than the sinus.

"Whatever! Must brush your teeth, and also, your hands holding the feet must also be washed! Wash it three times!" Qi Wen put the water basin on the floor and reached out to point at me.

"Hands? ...... Holy shit!" It was then that I realized that in my haste, I had been holding my feet and talking to Qi Wen.

"No lie at all, this foot of yours, it's comparable to the chemical weapons that the biology teacher talked about!" Qiwen squatted on the edge of the bed, carefully pinched my socks with her fingers and began to tug them down little by little.

"I'll do it myself!" I have a red face to shrink the feet, after all, I know the power of my own feet, I still understand, there is no hard qigong body people, it is estimated that not many people can resist.

"Don't move!" Qi Wen looked up, pretending to look at me fiercely: "You have injuries on the shoulder, do not move!" After saying that, Qi Wen has taken off my two socks, grabbed my feet and put them in the water basin, and gave me a slanting glance: "Is the water hot?"

"No, it's not hot! Just fine!" Feeling Qi Wen's luxuriant hands, sliding continuously on my plucked sweaty feet, my heart suddenly sank.

"Mmm! It's good if it's not hot!" Qi Wen lowered her head and began to rub my feet with single-mindedness: "You're the first boy besides my dad to let me wash his feet!"


Qi Wen's words made me silent for a while, and it was only after ten seconds or so that I surreptitiously woke up and looked at Qi Wen's Qi head curtain bobbing up and down, I murmured, "Qi Qi, you're so nice!"

"Hey!" Qiwen looked up and smiled at me wryly, "Count on your conscience!"

"There's something I want to ask you!"

"What is it?"

"What kind of boy can't you find with conditions like yours, why do you want me?"

"You really want to know, huh?" Qi Wen gave me a fake mysterious look.

"Well!" I nodded seriously.

"Because ......" Qiwen deliberately pulled a long tone: "Because your feet stink!"

"......" I was speechless again: "I'm serious!"

"Because ...... because of what?" Qi Wen's hands slowed down and changed to a serious thinking look: "Because we went from two strangers to good friends who talk about everything? Or is it because we have confided too many secrets to each other? Even I am not sure ...... in fact, there are many moments, when I am in a bad mood, I will be the first to think of you, there are many words that should be suppressed in the bottom of my heart, I can say it to you with impunity, although we have only met a short time, but you than all my friends, including Liu Meiqi, know too many of my secrets, I like This kind of together with you, unrestrained feeling!"

"In fact, the love letter that confessed to you, I didn't write it, it was Tsao Yu who took advantage of my inattention and impersonated me to write back to you!" I thought for a moment, but still told the truth.

"Oh, I know!" Qi Wen gave another rotten smile.

"How did you know? Tsunami Yu you colluded?" I was shocked and had a feeling of being duped.

"Not at all! Your writing is so ugly, I can still recognize it ...... and that letter is not only well-written, but also particularly...um...meaty, at first glance it did not come from your hands!" Qiwen wrinkled her little nose and answered my question like a detective: "But since we're already together, what does all that, really matter!"

"Yes! It's so good to be with you!" After a few words, I found that excluding the item of appearance, I still liked Qiwen quite a lot.

"Well, me too!" Qiwen had already finished washing my feet and stood up with the water basin with a smile on her face, "Go! Brush your teeth! Wash your hands!"

"It's not what you think, just now I really didn't ......"

"Brush your teeth! Wash your hands!"

"Ugh ......" After sighing, I could only get up helplessly.


The only thing that is out of the ordinary is that I secretly put my hand on Qi Wen's hair after a half hour long tossing and turning.

The next morning, I was awakened by the sound of Tsunami Yu's voice in the living room: "Ho! What's that smell in this living room? Qiqi! Get up and see if your kimchi jar is leaking or the toilet is clogged!"

"Hmm? ......" Qi Wen opened her eyes in a daze: "...... We don't have kimchi at home ...... Oh! It's your shoes! I left them at the door!"

"Oh? Is that so ......" Looking at Qi Wen who just got up with a hazy face, I was full of capital embarrassment.

After getting up and cleaning up, the four of us decided to go out and play, yesterday it was Tsao Yu and I who made the decision, so today Qi Wen and Liu Meiqi two people a discussion, decided to let Tsao Yu and I accompany the two of them to go shopping in the mall, in Tsao Yu's complaint and my heart full of joy, we came to the downtown pedestrian street.

The largest shopping mall in the pedestrian street, Qi Wen and Liu Meiqi like a bird to return to the forest, not stopping for a moment to run between the various stores, while Tsao Yu and I are tired, like two dogs in the back far behind, Tsao Yu while drinking the juice in his hand, while panting to me: "Xiao Fei, believe it or not, Liu Meiqi and I will not last long! "

"Why do you say so?" I was tsunami Yu said a stunned.

"Look, she's only 19 years old, she's so willing to go to the mall, if she gets married in the future, how can it be?" Xiao Yu looked at Liu Meiqi's back: "I don't want to carry bags for the rest of my life!"

"If you don't want to be with her properly, don't harm her, Liu Meiqi is quite nice!" I know Xiao Yu's temperament, so I quickly advised.

"I know!" Tsao-Yu once in a while, he looked right.

"Little Fei! You come over here!" At this moment, Qi Wen, who was standing in front of a clothing store, kept waving to me.

"What's wrong?" I thought Qi Wen had a conflict with someone else, and walked over with Xiao Yu at a faster pace.

When Qi Wen saw me coming, she handed me the three or four pieces of sportswear she was carrying, and kept handing them to me: "Quick! You try these clothes on you fit!"

I took a look at the brand name of the store - KAPPA.

That year was the popular season of KAPPA, the whole An Yang City, almost personal a set of this brand of clothes, according to my classmate said, the bastard like to wear this brand, because KAPPA took the terrible harmonic, I think he said is a fallacy, although I do not know the reason, but there is no denying that, that year KAPPA clothes strange expensive, in our school, wearing a KAPPA clothes, absolutely have very high turn around rate.

"Don't try it on, the one I'm wearing is fine!" No girl had ever bought me anything before, so I had no idea that these clothes were what Qi Wen intended to buy for me, so with only a few tens of dollars on my body, I was instantly abashed.

"Why don't you try it on? I've paid for it, try it on, if the size doesn't fit, so that the clerk can adjust it for you! Look at what kind of clothes you have!" Qi Wen, without saying a word, shoved all the clothes into my arms, and my previous clothes because of the knife stabbed a hole, and some last night did not wash clean blood, looks truly quite wretched.

"No way, buy four or five sets of clothes at once, tycoon! These must be seven or eight hundred!" The KAPPA in my arms, eyes are straight.

"Seven hundred or eight hundred is not enough? More than two thousand six hundred!" Liu Meiqi directly laughed out loud.

"Two thousand sixteen?" Hearing this number, I froze, at that time my entire cost of a semester, but only a little more than two thousand, after hearing the price, I raised my hand and put the clothes on the side of the sofa: "I can not take!"

"Why?" Qi Wen looked at me with a question mark on her face.

"It's expensive!" I was afraid that the clerk in the clothing store would hear and laugh at me, so I said in a small voice.

"It's not very expensive! Try it on!" Qi Wen took my hand and began to pamper me very cutely, while I firmly disagreed and looked at Tsao Yu for help.

"Well ...... seventy seven, Xiaofei is right, the clothes are indeed very expensive! And give gifts, there is no such a lot of ah, so, anyway, Xiaofei's clothes are broken, you each step back, just buy a set, meaning it, anyway, there are many opportunities later! Right?" The man who is the owner of the house is the one who is the owner of the house.

I looked at Xiaoyu: "But, I don't want any of them ......"

"Deal!" Qi Wen didn't even give me a chance to finish my sentence and quickly added: "Plus a pair of shoes!"

"Okay ......" I had no choice but to agree to Qi Wen, to be honest, if she had sent a kerosene lighter and other small gifts, I would have accepted with peace of mind, but Qi Wen easily hundreds of dollars a set of clothes, so poor family I was hard to reach out to accept The first thing I did was to get a new outfit.

After Qi Wen picked out an outfit for me, she bought another set of clothes that resembled mine, and we both wore them, just like a couple's outfit, feeling Qi Wen's arms around me, I felt sweet from the bottom of my heart.

"Little Fei, you don't have a cell phone yet, right? Or I'll give you one, so we can contact each other easily!" The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

"No, I absolutely can't have this one!" I was completely shocked by Qi Wen's largesse, I couldn't figure out where she, a teenage girl, got so much money, the first thing I thought of, was stealing it from my parents, I was afraid Qi Wen would be punished, so I asked frankly, "Qi Qi, you're a high school student, how did you get so much money?"

"I have an aunt, she is doing business in Canada, and later immigrated there, before leaving, she gave me and my second uncle's brother, each a bank card as a gift, inside are 20,000 yuan, my brother's card was taken away by the second uncle, but my mother told me that I grew up, my own money at my own disposal, plus the money saved up from childhood, I tell you, I It is also considered a little rich woman it ...... usually I do not buy much, but today it finally came in handy!" The low-key personality of Qi Wen is a rare joke with me, I believe that she is telling the truth, not because of Qi Wen's family, but because Qi Wen is really a girl who can not lie.

"Even so, I won't take the phone! Really, I'll get angry if you do that again!" I threatened Qiwen once in a small way.

"Fine, your call! If you don't buy it, you don't buy it!" Qi Wen leaned her head on my shoulder, "By the way, do you know what Liu Meiqi said about you?"

"Oh? Tell me!" I was quite interested in this topic.

"Pu Yu!"

"What do you mean?"

"Liu Meiqi said, you are the most handsome boy in your class, just can't dress up, Liu Meiqi said, you step into society in the future, must be a big handsome man!"

"Haha! Really fake!" It was the first time I heard someone praise me like that, so I turned around and looked at Liu Meiqi who was having a good time with Xiao Yu not far away.

"What are you looking at! Stupid bastard!" Liu Meiqi, who happened to be wiped by Xiao Yu, thought I was laughing at her and scolded me viciously.


After everyone turned around happily for an afternoon, they finally stopped at the entrance of the mall.

I took a look at the time, it was already six o'clock in the evening, I and Qi Wen also want to separate, although sad, but my heart has also been loaded with another thing, I especially want to ask Xiao Yu alone, Lei Lei their matter, in the end solved or not.