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Chapter 11 stinky feet storm clouds

I sat in the living room with Xiaoyu watching TV for a while, Qi Wen and Liu Meiqi two people, carrying a fruit plate on the coffee table, I took a look, there is a large half of the fruit, I still see for the first time, let alone eat.

The four of us were laughing and talking after playing poker for a while, and we were all sleepy, so we discussed going back to our rooms to sleep, when Xiaoyu came up to Liu Meiqi and whispered a few words, I didn't hear what he said, but from the gesture of Liu Meiqi pinching his arm, I probably knew what Xiaoyu was talking about.

The four of us were not very sleepy, but became full of energy, not a little sleepy, although my shoulder wound hurts like hell, but this is the first time in my life, so late and girls stay together, so a bit of inexplicable exhilaration, and finally or Qi Wen could not stand it, said: "Well, everyone stop it. The doctor said that Xiao Fei's wound needs to recuperate, it's already very late, everyone go to bed early, if you want to play, there is still time tomorrow!"

After hearing Qi Wen's words, Xiao Yu also followed and nodded: "Well then, it just so happens that I am also a little sleepy, right Qi Qi, you and Fei a room at night, he has injuries, I a boy will not take care of people, you are careful, can take care of him!"

"This ......" I heard that Xiao Yu let me sleep with Qi Wen in a room, immediately a little embarrassed, because I have never been with a girl, in a room alone together, the most important thing is that I was more sloppy, so I have not washed my feet for three or four days. And is in the summer, feet and then covered by shoes, the smell just think, I'm drunk myself, which is why I entered the door, through the injury did not change slippers.

"This what this, it's settled!" Tsao Yu waved his hand, directly to my board, and then said with justice: "Since you two live in a room, I will have to begrudgingly squeeze with Maggie, we both live in your parents' room!" At this moment, seeing Tsao Yu's smug smile, I realized that he had played a big game of chess.

"Who cares? I'm not going to sleep with you! Let me tell you, although I'm a slut, but I'm a serious yellow girl!" Liu Meiqi slapped the coffee table, and suddenly became anxious.

"This talk, as if who is not a yellow-flowered young man!" Xiao Yu tit-for-tat retorted.

"That also can not, you say, the two of us just met a day, and then sleep together, this spread out what is considered ah?" Liu Meiqi insisted on not sleeping with Xiaoyu.

"Then what do you say, Xiaofei today, how to say, is also to protect you and Qiqi injury, now are stitches, you are so tolerant to let me and he live together? Anyway, the ugly words in front, the little master I grew up, but never take care of others, in case his wounds really infected, you are the culprit!" Xiao Yu reached out and pointed at Liu Meiqi, a communication mouth nonsense axiom, let me and the side of Qiqi sigh in amazement.

"But ...... that ...... oops! That's good ......" Liu Meiqi was confused by a few words from Xiao Yu, and finally intended to let go.

"You two actually don't need to squeeze, we have two guest rooms upstairs, the bedding is all new, no one has lived there yet!" Just as Tsao Yu's good deeds were approaching, Qi Wen very, very nerdy interjected, and I could tell from her expression that she definitely didn't hear Tsao Yu's off-color message just then.

"Fuck! I forgot her house is a duplex!" Tsunami Yu muttered through gritted teeth in a voice that only I could hear.

"Oye! This is good, we both have one room each, no one should compete!" Liu Meiqi waved a victory gesture with a relaxed face, then stood up, "I'm going to pick a room! Bye!"

Liu Meiqi said, got up and went upstairs, Xiao Yu was flabbergasted, stood up and chased: "Meiqi! Maggie! Let's talk about it ...... I'm a little scared to sleep by myself!"

"How about ...... I sleep in the guest room too!" I thought about it for a while, once again resentful, although I would like to live in a room with Qi Wen, I deeply know that even if the two of us live in a room, it will never happen, because I do not have the guts, and Qi Wen is too simple, but across the gulf between the two of us can not cross, is my stinky feet.

"There is no way ......" Qi Wen heard me finish, helplessly shrugged his shoulders: "We only have two guest rooms, and my father used to work in the bedroom, so my parents' room, usually even I am not allowed to enter, now can live in the There is only my room left."

"Why don't I sleep on the couch, or stay in the same room with Xiaoyu?" I thought for a moment, once again refused Qi Wen's proposal, and after some thought added: "You are a girl, although the two of us are in love, but the word out, the impact on you is too bad!"

"I didn't expect that you are still such an upright boy!" Qi Wen revealed a particularly happy smile: "To be honest, just now when Zhang Xiaoyu said this proposal, I was a little worried, but after hearing you say so, I found that I really found the right boyfriend!"

When Qi Wen said this, my face was slightly hot, before I never thought that the first time in my life I was praised by a girl as a decent person, it would be because, I hadn't washed my stinky feet for a few days.

"Mm-hmm! Good that you understand, go to sleep! I'll just make do with the night on the couch!" I let out a long breath and leaned back on the couch as if relieved.

"Well ...... no!" The first time I saw you, I had to go to the couch to sleep, and it would be a problem if the wound opened up. ..."

"But ......" I was sweating on my forehead, because for a moment, I could not think of any good excuse, I was afraid that the moment Qi Wen smelled my old pickle-flavored feet, that's when I buried my first love with my own hands.

...... Do you not like living with me?"

"No, no!" I hurriedly shook my head, because after a day of contact, I found that although Qi Wen is an ordinary-looking girl, but this big, unpretentious personality, really too inviting boys like.

"Since it's not, don't talk so much nonsense, let's go! The first thing you need to do is to go to the bathroom. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not in a position to get a lot of money.

Qi Wen's room is very girly, can be described as cute, the whole room is painted pink, the middle of the door is a with a gauze tent, pink round princess bed, the gap between the bed and the window, at least fifty to sixty small and large dolls, the right side of the window is a rare all-in-one computer, I accompanied my classmates to buy electronic dictionaries when I saw this computer, then the The selling price is about 16,000, and the year we downtown, a 120 square meter house, the annual rent is only more than 4,000 yuan.

"How about it, my little nest is not bad!" Qi Wen took my arm and began to enthusiastically introduce the origin of the dolls, so I was amazed that she could still remember the name of the classmate who gave her the doll in the second grade.

After we both chatted for a while, Qi Wen also yawned: "Well, I can't talk to you anymore, you have injuries, and it's really late! So let's both go to bed! I was going to take a shower, but I'm too tired, you don't mind me, right?"

"Huh? How could it be! Absolutely not!" I waved my hands, in fact, I hadn't taken a shower for most of the month.

"Well! That's good, wait a minute!" Qi Wen said after leaving the door, a few minutes later returned with a bag packed with clothes: "This is our family's pajamas for guests, they are all adults, you may not fit in them, barely wear them!"

"No, I'm not in the habit of wearing pajamas!" I said and pointed to the knife wound on the shoulder: "If you stain the blood, it will not be good to wash!"

"It's okay, these are disposable clothes!" Qi Wen said ripped open the package, but also while taking off my clothes: "Come on, try it! I purposely picked a warm color, see if you look good in it!"

"Forget it, I'm not really in the habit of wearing pajamas! Hiss~" I reached out and blocked it, tugging at the cut, and immediately bared my teeth in pain.

"Look! I told you not to move around! Don't move, sit still!" As Qi Wen spoke, one hand was already pressing my leg, and the other was on my shoe.

"Don't!" I instantly lost my blush, but it was too late.

My shoes were yanked off !!!!

"Ooh! What a smell!" Qi Wen carried my shoes with one hand, the other hand subconsciously pinched the nose, and I looked at my feet, which were still rising curls of heat, followed the mess, and hastily withdrew my feet.

"Han Fei, your feet, a little too much!" Qi Wen sat on his butt and kept fanning his nose with his hand: "I've been listening to my classmates say that the national football team plays with smelly feet, but I don't watch soccer and don't know much about it, but today, take a look, I guess the national football team is just like you!"

"Uh ...... I've been playing outside with Xiaoyu these days and didn't wash my feet!" I hastily lied to cover up my little embarrassment.

"That's not okay, you have to wash your feet, otherwise how are we both going to sleep at night! You wait for me!" Qi Wen held her breath and came over and yanked off my other shoe, then pinched my shoe with two fingers and frowned as she went out the door.

"It's over! My reputation is now ruined!" I reached out and slapped my head, a burst of remorse, at that time should have insisted on living on the sofa, why ghostly and Qi Wen come to the room ah, but see Qi Wen said so exaggerated, I reached out to hold the feet again, to the nose and asked, you do not say, not blame Qi Wen scared, I smell myself are choking eyes.

"Ah chirp!" I was choking on my own feet sneezed and spit out.

The moment I was holding my feet to smell, the bedroom door was pushed open, Qi Wen carrying a water basin, just standing in the doorway, saw me holding my feet, the corners of the mouth are full of saliva, she was in tears: "You ...... you are not a pervert ah! So smelly feet, you still go lick!"