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Chapter 10: Qi Wen's Family History

My surgery, tossed and turned, went on until after 9:00 pm.

The wound on my shoulder had been stitched up and wrapped in a thick bandage. The doctor gave me a briefing on precautions to take, and immediately afterwards, I started another infusion with an anti-inflammatory injection.

After I hung the bottle, the expression on Qi Wen's face finally eased up a bit, and I smiled apologetically at her, "I'm sorry, the first day I asked you to come out to play, and so much happened!"

"It's good that you're okay!" Qi Wen showed a very warm smile: "Are you hungry, I'll go buy you something to eat!"

"No, I'm not hungry!" I shook my head, at this moment the effect of the anesthetic injection has not yet worn off, half of my body is unconscious.

"I am a little hungry ......" Xiao Yu bared his teeth and looked at Qi Wen: "How about this! You stay here with Xiao Fei for the injection, me and Meiqi go to buy some food!"

"Who's going with you! What if you get into a fight with someone else and leave me on the road?" Liu Meiqi lost her temper and gave Xiaoyu a sentence.

"That was just an accident!" Tsao Yu's face turned red.

"Forget it, I'll go with Meiqi, what do you want to eat?" Qi Wen interjected understandingly, ending Tsao Yu and Liu Meiqi's war.

"Feel free! Buy anything you want, just pad it a bite!" Tsao Yu opened his mouth with a smile.

"Well, I saw a barbecue store across the road, why don't we go buy some barbecue!" Qi Wen finished speaking and took Liu Meiqi's hand and went out.

After seeing Qi Wen and Liu Meiqi leave, I looked at Xiaoyu, eyes full of worry: "Brother Yu, you said Lei Lei and the others went to the hospital to seek revenge on Niu Pan, there will be no danger, right?"

"Don't worry about him! He's been like this since he was a kid, like an animal! Sooner or later, people will chop him to death!" Xiaoyu replied, "It was a nice occasion today, but he made such a mess!"

"Why don't you help him, the owner of the KTV said that we are no match for that group of people!" I lowered my voice, a little embarrassed to speak.

"Help him? How can I help?" Xiao Yu asked me rhetorically.

"We and Wang Xin's matter, you did not call a lot of friends in society, can not let them ......"

"Impossible!" Xiaoyu did not wait for me to finish, interrupted me: "Find people do not need to pay a favor, ah? I called them once, they are still willing to come to help me, but always go begging, I will seem worthless, you understand?"

"But we can't just stand by and watch Lei Lei get beaten up like that! Ahem...!" I excitedly returned a sentence, because the action violently stretched the knife, leading to a cough.

"Alas ......" Xiao Yu sighed and looked at me helplessly: "It's not that you don't scream, it's that you can't scream! You just stitches inside, I called them, no one wants to care, after all, beating a student is not much consequence, but who does not want to make a connection with the community, the school of Kuang Siyu they can go, but a group of our students, even if we find the Niu Pan, is not also in vain to send heads! Besides, if you get them to come over once, you can't let them come for nothing, right? Drinking, eating, singing, buying cigarettes and water, these are all money, we do not even have the money for your stitches, but also want to do the scattered money boy ah!"

"Is there really no way at all?" I asked another question with a thief's heart.

"Two black will manage! Can also manage!" Xiaoyu nodded his head, just when my hope was just ignited, he added: "But Erhei phone off ......"

"Oh ......" I simply responded, and did not make a sound, to be honest, I told Tsao Yu to find someone, in addition to Lei Lei, but also hidden selfishness, in the Niu Pan's men beat me, I did not dare to fight back, but there is certainly a mouthful of anger in the heart, although I usually I was desperately hoping that Xiaoyu could gather his men and go back and beat Niu Pan's gang to the ground, but Xiaoyu's words completely extinguished my hopes.

The last time those social people in front of the school, the relationship between us is not equal, in their eyes, I am a little brat, usually I always have something to ask them, but they simply can not use me, even a person who has no use, why should they Why should they help me?"

"Aren't you friends?" Xiao Yu's words made me a little confused.

"Oh, only those who can use each other make friends, how to be friends with people who don't even have any use value!" Xiaoyu laughed bitterly and did not make a sound.

"Use value ......" I repeated these four words, this is the first time in my life to hear others to my interpretation of the meaning of the word friend, Xiao Yu's sentence, completely overturned my nineteen years of life, before this, I always thought that friends should be like I had always thought that friends should be like the ones in Hong Kong movies, like the ones who have the guts and the righteousness, no calculations, just a passionate blood, and a great sense of pride.

It was as if I had a momentary epiphany from the haze, and then I was completely confused. I thought about it, for Zhang Xiaoyu, I am really a person who does not have the slightest use value, perhaps, he is really taking me as a friend.

"You should not think too much, Leng Xin has been outside for so many years, always have a few friends, they will not suffer any losses!" Xiao Yu thought about it and comforted me again.

Not long after, Qi Wen and Liu Meiqi carry takeout, bought from the barbecue restaurant back, Xiaoyu tossed all night, must also be hungry, soon began to feast, while I lay in bed but have no appetite.

After setting up the food on the small table by the hospital bed, Qi Wen took out a disposable paper bowl and a small spoon in the bag: "I remembered when I got to the barbecue store that you just had surgery and can't eat oily and spicy food, so I asked them to make you a skin and egg congee, drink some while it's hot!"

I opened my mouth slightly, and the moment I entered the porridge with the residual temperature, my heart immediately rose with an inexplicable daring, and my body felt a warm current, this feeling is very warm, for a moment, how I wished that time could be fixed in that moment.

How I wish that time would not grow old and we would not be separated.

How I hope that youth remains, not to tell the death.

"The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The two youngsters started to show their love before they got well!" The two of us could not help but feel a shyness as we felt the lewd light coming from behind Tsao Yu's glasses.

After I finished the infusion, the time was almost 11:00 p.m., but in fact, my injury was not a big deal, except for some mobility problems. My mom must have scolded me for coming home so late!"

"Or don't go back, let's find a hotel and go to a landlord fight!" When facing a girl, Xiaoyu could always bring up the topic of getting a room.

"Fuck off! You think so! I can't put a flower on a piece of cow dung like you!" Liu Meiqi despised Xiaoyu for a moment, and then said to me, "You came home so late and your shoulder was injured, will you be okay?"

"...... I don't want to go home!" I hesitated for a moment and slowly spoke.

"Do not go home where you go ah? All received a knife, still thinking of taking Qiqi to open a room ah?" The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and they've been in the business for a long time. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

"Get lost you!" I was amused by Tsunami Yu's words, and then looked at my blood-stained clothes: "So late to go home, my grandmother saw me like this, must be anxious to sleep, I plan to go back tomorrow!"

"Then where are you going tonight?"

"I don't know, just find an Internet cafe, go all night!" I replied casually.

"Then I'll go too! Anyway, so late home is also scolded!" Liu Meiqi raised her hand and echoed a sentence.

"I'll go wherever you go!" Tsao Yu once again bitchily sat on Liu Meiqi's arm.

"Qiqi, what about you?" Liu Meiqi saw that everyone was in agreement, and then looked at Qi Wen.

"Xiao Fei has injuries, it is better not to stay up all night, otherwise, let's go to my house!" Qi Wen lowered her head and kicked the small stones on the roadside with a very low voice.

"Go to your house? Is it suitable?"

"It's nothing, there's no one at my house anyway!" Qi Wen laughed: "My parents have gone to a meeting in the province and will not return until next Wednesday, and my nanny aunt has also taken a few days off, so I have only myself at home!"

"That's not good, right ......" although compared to the Internet, I prefer to sleep on the ground, but the thought of going to a girl's home, I am still inexplicably a little nervous.

"The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few hours to get a lot more than just a few hours. By the way Qiqi, where is your home?" Tsunami Yu did not give me the opportunity to speak at all, but its shameless reach out to stop a cab.

"Fuhua District Phase II!" Qi Wen smiled and came over and wrapped her arm around me, then we got into the cab and rushed together towards Qi Wen's house.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at Qi Wen's house, after Qi Wen opened the door, I covered my shoulders and walked in without even changing my slippers.

When I arrived at Qi Wen's house I realized how big the gap between her and me really is, Qi Wen's house is a duplex villa, a six-story building, there are only three families, and the entrances and exits are separate, the whole three or four floors are Qi Wen's home, as soon as I entered her home, I felt the opulence, just the living room of her home, to be far greater than our house of only 40 square meters, a line of people into the hall After that, I saw the study that was not closed, which stood a transparent refrigerator, the refrigerator is a wide range of white cigarettes and all kinds of tea, the wall embedded in the solid wood bookshelves, is a variety of books and group photos, I cursory scan of the group photos inside the people, one of them, I also saw in the news broadcast above.

"Have a seat, I'll go wash some fruit for you! If you want to drink anything, go to the fridge and get it yourself!" Qi Wen warmly entertained us after sitting down, and began to busy.

"I'll help you!" Liu Meiqi answered and also went to work with Qi Wen.


Tsao Yu was in the refrigerator, took out a can of Sprite and opened it, then sat down on the sofa in a particularly comfortable position, "Little Fei, let me tell you, although Liu Meiqi told me that Qi Qi's family was quite well off, I definitely didn't expect that his family was rich to this extent."

"I also did not expect ......" I vaguely replied, at this moment my mood, can only be described with the word shock.

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