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Volume 3: The Cutter Chapter 182: The First Product [Third Shift

"So, what was the reason for him to attack me?" Dudian asked.

Fulin pondered for a moment and suddenly said, "I remember that two years ago, the Milan family seemed to be preparing to join hands with the Blume family, I wonder if it was because of this matter?"

"Marriage?" Dudian slightly stunned for a moment, silent down, a moment later, asked: "What is the result?"

"It didn't work out." Fulin shook his head, "the Blume family's Miss Jenny did not agree, in addition to the Meier family may also be secretly intervene to prevent this marriage, after all, once the Milan family and the Blume family marriage success, will form a larger force in the entire consortium, the most adverse impact is the Meier family, although Meier and the Blume family is a family friend, but the noble family's grudges and grievances. Three words are difficult to say."

Dudian glanced at him and said, "No wonder the Mel family and the Milan family are the ones who came over today to break up the mess. The young lady of the Mel family, at a young age, does not look as innocent and ignorant as she looks."

Fulin smiled faintly and said, "Even the most cunning little foxes will eventually lose out on experience."

Dudian nodded and acknowledged that this was the truth.

"It's just that, today you humiliated the Milan family to their faces, they won't be able to stop." Fulin sighed lightly and said, "Although we have become independent from the Mellon Consortium, we can occasionally endure as much as we can."

Dudian said: "Some can endure, some do not deserve me to endure, there is a word called self-disgrace, today's matter, the Milan family will not spread out, and there is no way to charge me with subordination and offending the nobility, will only secretly make trouble behind the scenes, but even if we are polite, since others harbor hostile intentions, do not pray for when others will attack. "

Fulin looked at him, talking with Dudian he always had the illusion that it seemed he was not facing a teenager of fifteen or sixteen, but a mature-minded adult in his thirties, and cunning as a fox, which made him think of some outstanding figures in history, most of whom showed amazing talent in certain areas when they were children.

Perhaps, the talent of the teenager in front of him will become an outstanding figure in the future, but never in a positive way.

"The Milan family loves to save face and indeed will not spread the word." Fulin looked at Dudian and said, "But there is no impervious wall under the sky, the news that you can easily defeat the intermediate knight, I think it will soon spread to the whole circle through the mouths of these people who came here today, although you dare not report it out in the newspaper, but you will also be famous in the circle, just that, being famous may not be a good thing."

Dudian said: "Mellon consortium should immediately take measures, no matter what, we must make money as soon as possible, lease to a wall outside the channel of their own, cultivate their own hunters."

Fulin smiled bitterly and said, "This will only depend on you."

Dudian nodded, thought of his own small workshop that had everything ready, got up and said farewell, "I'll go back first."



Leaving the old castle of Lane, it was already late, and it was curfew time outside.

Dudian's carriage had the flag of the Lane family on it, and the soldiers who met the curfew on the way were not stopped.

Back in the small workshop, Dudian counted all the materials ready, to confirm that there is no error, then in the workshop on the goods box lying down to sleep.

The next day.

Dudian went to the western part of the commercial area in the slave market, spending twenty silver coins to select twenty slaves, most of these slaves are dark-skinned Blank race, able-bodied, ten men and ten women, aged between eighteen and twenty-five years old or so.

Most of the slaves for sale were down and out nobles, bankrupt rich merchants, depressed knights and other people who could not provide too many slave servants and had to sell them on consignment.

In the slave market transfer procedures, Dudian did not directly transfer to his name, but transferred to the Ryan family, and then brought these slaves to their own rented small workshop, teaching them the simple craft, each just learn to make their own environment, assembly line production.

These slaves are not lack of intelligent mind, Dudian selected a middle-aged man named Harrison, was a knight family butler, instead of him to manage the workshop.

Throughout the day, Dudian taught the slaves to make and supervised their work.

At the end of the day, Dudian counted the finished goods made, only less than a thousand boxes.

"The materials consumed about two silver coins, these matches want to sell quickly, must be very low price into the market, two copper coins per box, a thousand boxes is twenty silver coins, the revenue ratio is ten to one." Dudian's heart secretly calculate.

That's right, the first thing he made, is matches.

Although in alchemy, matches, unlike explosives, is classified as a forbidden art, the alchemical structure of matches is relatively simple, the use of basic materials such as yellow phosphorus and red phosphorus and with the combination can be made, but in this period without electricity, matches can completely and quickly replace the fire sickle!

After all, the fire sickle ignition efficiency is slow and heavy, both of which will be defeated by the advantages of matches.

Although matches are only a small item, but it is a consumable item, which means there will always be a demand, when covering the status of the fire sickle, the money earned, will never be inferior to other valuable items.

"Twenty silver coins a day is still too slow, only two gold coins in ten days." Dudian pondered the previous production process, the efficiency of the twenty slaves was very fast, the reason why only a thousand boxes were made, in addition to the first production is not too skilled, the process of cutting matchsticks took the most time, the whole ten slaves cutting matchsticks, can not catch up with the speed of other people making firewood and paper boxes.

"Wait to build a match-cutting machine to do so." Dudian thought, "Only, the appearance of machinery, will inevitably be perceived mechanical energy, and then a great deal of research and development, other consortia can completely rely on the majestic financial strength and channels, so that their own inventor can not find any market, only to starve to death."

"Since this is the case, why not personally come to pioneer the steam era." Dudian gaze secretly firm down, if others copy his products, he let others copy the speed, can not catch up with the speed of his invention!

To these slaves to rent a few dilapidated houses to live, Dudian returned overnight to depart for Fort Lane.

The carriage had just entered the town of Yad, suddenly, the horses pulling in front of the panic hissed, bringing the carriage to sway from side to side. The driver, worried about disturbing Dudian, angrily and hurriedly swung his whip angrily and shouted a rebuke.

Dudian came back to his senses, lifted the carriage curtain and looked out into the darkness of the night, the street was nothing.

Dudian sniffed his nose, and did not smell anything strange, a trace of doubt flashed in his heart, in vain, a chill without warning crept up from his backbone, and hurriedly lunged to the side. (To be continued.)