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Chapter 88: Extraction

Colin mine, is the Meier family under the Foster Coal Chamber of Commerce in charge of a vein, the main production of iron ore, located in the western outskirts of the slums, Dudian called a carriage, with three people straight to.

The number of carriages in the slums is very small, usually stationed in the slums of the various chambers of commerce or factory stewardship class, will take a carriage to facilitate travel.

Joseph three people for the first time in a carriage, some nervous, trembling, afraid to move, afraid to get dirty in the carriage of the horizontal chairs.

Dudian knew they were used to hard times, a moment difficult to get used to, and did not say anything more. Half an hour later, the crowd came to the western suburbs of the Colin mine in front of the town in front of the mine, the most conspicuous and most imposing building is responsible for this vein of the Foster Coal Chamber of Commerce branch.

Dudian let the carriage stop in front of the Chamber of Commerce.

The first to get off the carriage, Dudian delivered an eight coin fare, turned around and looked up at the Chamber of Commerce, greeted Joseph three, first to the Chamber of Commerce door.

The two young guards at the door, who were chatting indifferently, saw the visitor and stood up a little straighter, and when they saw that it was only a few children, they returned to their lazy appearance, one of them looked Dudian up and down and said: "This is the Foster Chamber of Commerce, what do you want?"

Dudian said, "Let the top person in charge here come over to see me."

Two people froze, one of them rolled his eyes and said, "Little brother, you are from the residential area, right? If you are here to buy minerals or place orders for your master, someone inside will be responsible for receiving you, as for wanting to see our branch president, he has no time to deal with you."

Dudian pulled out the guard soldier medal and said, "You just need to go and deliver the message, I'm here in place of Lord Mel's family."

The two guards saw the sword crossed medallion, immediately froze, carefully looked at it, to make sure it did not look like a forgery, then half-heartedly sized up Dudian, the previous one hesitated for a moment, said: "Wait a moment, I will go ask, have not asked your name?"

"Said he is not qualified to know." Dudian indifferently said.

This guard heard Dudian so loud, the heart straight muttering, but the other party is after all the guard soldier, although no right to intervene in their Chamber of Commerce, but Dudian said is on behalf of the main family of Meier over, then the meaning is different.

Soon, this guard ran in.

Dudian also followed in, the other guard did not dare to stop.

Dudian came to the Chamber of Commerce Hall, a cursory sweep, seen all kinds of buildings in the commercial area of luxury atmosphere, this in the slums called high-end gorgeous Chamber of Commerce Hall, in his eyes some poor, casually find a hospitality sofa to sit down, let Joseph and others also come over to sit and rest rest.

Joseph three people first came to such a luxurious and clean place, nervous and restrained in mind, followed closely behind Dudian.

Not long after, the guard came back, while a tall woman followed him.

The guard saw Dudian sitting and resting in the hall and immediately spoke respectfully to the woman behind him.

The woman looked at Dudian, and when her eyes swept to the three Josephs sitting next to him, her brow furrowed, a cold look spread across her face, and she walked over, saying, "Excuse me, are you the one sent by Lord Mel's family?"

Dudian noticed the question and a hint of contempt in the woman's eyes and raised an eyebrow, "You are the branch president here?"

"I am the supervisor." The woman frowned when she saw that Dudian did not answer the question instead.

Dudian's face went cold, but he didn't bother to pursue the matter and said, "I came here to mention a person, the miner assigned to you not long ago, this matter, can you make the decision?"

The tall woman immediately knew Dudian's intention, the expression is a little unhappy: "All the miners have been into slavery, if you have a nobleman's bull, I can propose you, otherwise, you must deliver a high amount of compensation, in order to buy them, but even if purchased, still slavery, killed by others will not be compensated."

Dudian pulled out his hunter medal and said indifferently, "Do you know this one?"

The tall woman looked stunned and shook her head, "Never seen it."

"Then let your branch chairman come over!" Dudian said.

The tall woman could not help but choke with anger and said, "You are a guard soldier, right? If you do not have a bull from Lord Meier's house, I have no right to inform you, the branch president is very busy with his work, not everyone can see him, even if you are a guard soldier, you have no right to interfere with our chamber."

Dudian gaze straight at her, said: "I can only tell you, just one word from me, you can make this job end from now on, you are not qualified to know my identity, be smart and go call your branch president to come over, otherwise, the consequences are your own!"

The tall woman was so angry that she wanted to laugh, but seeing Dudian's cold gaze, but some can not laugh, she suddenly thought, the other party can become a guard, should not be some crazy generation, and heard Dudian so loud tone, she was also a little scared at heart, perhaps the other party really have some background that they do not know, she slightly gritted her teeth, said: "then okay, you wait here, I will go to help I'll go and inform the president for you."

After saying that, turned and flew away.

Joseph three people looked a little frozen, did not expect Dudian's attitude so tough and domineering, completely different from their impression of the silent, thin boy.

A few moments later, a middle-aged man in a black suit followed behind this tall woman and came over, saw Dudian and the others from afar, frowned, but kept his courtesy and held his temper and went forward and said, "Hello, I am the branch president here, may I ask you?" He examined Dudian, as if he intended to tell them to get lost immediately as long as Dudian's answer did not satisfy him.

Dudian naturally felt the question and impatience in the other party's eyes, and did not bother to say more, raised the hunter medal, said: "Know?"

The middle-aged man, sharp-eyed, immediately saw the pattern on the medallion, could not help but pupils shrink, shocked at Dudian, quickly reacted, hastily bent over, respectfully said: "See the Lord."

Dudian saw that he knew, the coldness in his eyes also collected, and ordered: "I want to mention a man named Barton, a miner assigned to you not long ago, you immediately send him over."

The middle-aged man busily said, "Yes, this will be done." Turning back to the tall woman, he waved his hand, signaling her to go take care of it immediately.

The tall woman could not help but be dismayed to see such a reverent attitude from him, such an attitude she had only seen from the president when the Chamber came to inspect people, and in her heart she could not help but think of Dudian's earlier words, the cold hairs on her backbone slightly erected, and had a few moments of gratitude, fortunately she had resisted the impulse, otherwise she would probably have really lost her job.

Half an hour later, the tall woman returned, bringing back a dark, skinny monkey-like boy, her eyebrows furrowed gently, enduring the boy's unpleasant odor, bringing it to Dudian, respectfully saying, "My Lord, this is the man you want."

Dudian's eyes have long seen Barton, let him a little stunned is, three years not seen, legs and feet some lame Barton, but like a little old man, all black, and body thin incomparable, from the side can see a row of ribs, hair dirty, face little flesh, making deep sunken eye sockets.

Barton's eyes, however, fell on the three Joseph, some frozen.

Joseph three people recognized Barton at once, immediately jumped up from their seats, and came forward and said, "Old Ba, it's me, we've come to see you."

"You, how come you've lost weight like this?"

"Does being a miner not even give you food?"

The three looked at the skinny Barton, and were surprised and heartbroken.

Barton's throat was hoarse and confused, "You, how did you guys get here?"

"It was Dean who brought us here." Cloon pointed to Dudian on the couch and said, "Dean ransomed us all."

"Dee, Dean?" Barton froze and looked at Dudian.

Dudian didn't expect just one year of miner life to have tortured him like this, and sighed, "It's me, I'm late, are you okay?"

Only then was Barton sure he was not mistaken, his eyes flooded with hot tears and said, "You still, you still remember me, I thought, thought ......"

Dudian sighed and said, "These three years I went somewhere else and could not leave, otherwise I could redeem you guys back in advance."

The middle-aged man heard this, his heart more convinced of his identity, respectfully said: "Lord, Barton is the youngest miner here, has been very well taken care of, only, the living conditions of the miners is originally poor, this you know, so become so, we can not help it, it is all the rules from above."

"You shut up first." Dudian swept him a glance.

The middle-aged man was stunned, immediately shut his mouth, half a temper, he knew what kind of monster he was facing, even if he killed him with his hands, at most, he would be chastised, for this kind of existence, only respect and far away.

The tall woman froze and instantly felt that she had still underestimated Dudian's identity.

"Let's go." Dudian got up and said, he did not pursue anything, although Barton here is certainly not as "very well taken care of" as the middle-aged man said, but at least one thing the other side is not wrong, this is all the rules above.

And the weak, can only comply.