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Chapter 68: Infection

Waiting for the black beast's corpse temperature cooled a little, Dudian held a dagger up, looking at the long-burned bloody head, cutting along the edge of its eye socket, the technique is a little rusty, but the dagger is extremely sharp, after a lot of effort, finally in the tired before the head of the beast cut open.

The skull is warm brain tissue, emitting a strange fishy smell, making people sick.

Dudian endured the strange smell, lifting the force of these brain tissue turned up, suddenly the dagger touched a hard object, he was stunned for a moment, and hurried to open the piece of brain tissue, but saw just a piece of intracranial bone, could not help but disappointed, and then continue to fiddle.

Soon, the entire large skull of brain tissue was turned out, still did not see anything suspicious.

"It seems to be different from the walker really ......" Dudian laughed bitterly, thought he could find the same orb as in the walker's head, maybe there is a big role, seems to be their own overthinking.

He shook off the blood stains on the dagger, took a few steps back and sat on his butt in the elevator shaft next to him, feeling sore and weak in both hands, exhausted, and could only share a room with this monster scorched corpse, resting for the time being.

The good thing is that the smell of charred corpses, although fishy, but smell for a long time, but did not feel too uncomfortable.

Dudian leaned back to rest, suddenly felt some tingling palm, raised the palm of his hand to look, tingling feeling from the back of his hand at the wound, which was rolling down when the stone scraped the wound, in other parts of his body are everywhere such wounds.

"actually wound infection, but unfortunately there is no clean water, that hunter's first aid kit also did not bring, estimated early pressed under the pile of rocks." Dudian laughed bitterly, spit a few mouthfuls of saliva in the wound, saliva can disinfect, I hope it can have a slight effect.

He leaned on the elevator shaft, closed his eyes and rested, trying to regain strength as soon as possible, so as to search for food.

However, he soon felt that not only the wound on the palm of his hand was infected, other parts of his body also came from a burst of tingling sensation, and this tingling more and more intense, gradually turned into a sharp stabbing pain!

Dudian could not help but open his eyes, some nervousness in his heart, in the middle of nowhere, being infected too badly is equal to death! He hurriedly lit the previously extinguished spare torch, when the firelight shone on him, he suddenly saw his right hand, and could not help but jump in shock.

The right hand was actually swollen as thick as a thigh, completely unconscious, and yellow-white pus continued to seep from the wound on the back of the hand. In addition, he felt other slight tingling parts that were also slightly swollen, his thighs and chest, his left hand, his shoulders, and even his face had bouts of tingling, and although he didn't have a mirror, he didn't need to look to know that his face was probably swollen extremely strangely as well.

"Germ infection!" Dudian's scalp tingled, some panic, such symptoms are too terrible, just a few moments, the body has become like this, he could not help but look at the black beast's corpse, could this germ be infected from it?

But, he was very careful when he dissected it, and no limbs touched its brain tissue ah!

Suddenly, Dudian suddenly thought of a matter, looking at his buttocks below, only to see the elevator shaft flowing in a layer of sticky blood, is the black beast's blood!

"Could it be the germs contained in this blood? But my soft armor isolated, my body did not come into contact with this blood ah!" Dudian how dare to continue to sit here, hurriedly stand up, but both legs are all numb, do not obey, while the tingling sensation is getting heavier and heavier, from all parts of the body.

He clenched his teeth and dragged his body towards the outside, stopping only when he arrived at the hole smashed by the stone.

The blood of the beast did not flow here, he leaned on the stone block to pant slightly, looking down at his body, he saw that the soft armor behind his buttocks, there was a scratch at some point, the blood flowing to his body, most likely from this scratch penetrated and infected his body, and unknowingly, like a leech sucking blood, so he did not notice, did not even feel his The skin touched the blood!

Dudian face pale, there is a trace of regret in his heart, if not come back to kill this monster, perhaps will not be infected!

"I did not expect to escape the hunter chase, also escaped the giant beast attack, but in the end did not escape the heavenly retribution ......" Dudian heart bitter, think of people often say "forgive people and forgive people "Perhaps he did not return, the beast will also starve to death here, now instead of ending up with this monster buried with the ground.

Dudian leaned on the stone, the sharp stabbing pain all over his body has made his body shiver, unable to climb up again, the heart only put the last trace of hope, but hopefully the germ will not want their lives.

But things did not go as expected, in addition to the tingling sensation, he felt his consciousness was also getting fuzzy, raised his left hand, which was still slightly conscious, to touch his forehead, and immediately felt hot, and could not help but feel cold.

In the burst of sleepiness and drowsiness ** attack, he suddenly thought of his body's deep blue orb can absorb heat, and quickly raised his left hand, with difficulty, feel the deep blue orb in the belt pouch, and put it on his forehead.

A cold feeling immediately came, so that his cloudy thinking clear a few points, raised his eyes to look, but felt extremely heavy eyelids, vision in front of the already dark elevator shaft, more blurred.

Suddenly, he felt some slight movement at the soft armor of his chest, as if something was struggling there.

He looked down, straining to lift his left hand, the soft armor slightly peeled away, blurred vision, immediately saw a tiny earthworm-like blood-red worm, in the chest gauze-wrapped wound arching, the first half of the body seems to have burrowed into the gauze, the second half is still struggling to wriggle.

"Bugs, bugs ......" Dudian mind bewildered, is an illusion? Raising his hand to try to grab it, but the burning sensation in the brain, so he completely can not raise half strength, barely open eyes slowly closed, the last glance to see, is the chest that the bug outside the gauze, seems to have finally broken through the block, drilled into it.

With a thud, Dudian fell head-on to the ground and passed out.

After he fell unconscious, his palm still held the dark blue orb.

However, the cold orb gradually melted in his palm, turning into a light blue transparent liquid that penetrated along a wound in his palm, as if it were a myriad of living things with life.

In the darkness, rush to know the time.

Dudian once again regained consciousness, was awakened by hunger.

He opened his eyes blankly, but saw the familiar image of the elevator shaft, and could not help but freeze, he did not die?

He immediately thought of the high fever he had before passing out, and hurriedly touched his head, but his body temperature was normal, at which time he noticed that his swollen palms had actually returned to their original state, and not only had the swelling gone down, but he had also regained consciousness.

He hurriedly sat up and looked at his whole body.

The body did not change much, dusty black soft armor with a number of tiny scratches, he subconsciously looked back at the black beast, only to see its charred black body still stuck there, the head was cut open.

Dudian froze, could it be that the previous being body was infected and high fever, was all a dream?

Just a dream that he sat here exhausted and fell asleep after dissecting this monster?

Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide and looked around with some dismay.