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Chapter 67: Killing [Third Shift

The building fell sideways, and the elevator shaft was also across the building, like a closed steel tunnel.

Dudian gasped slightly, staring intently into the deep darkness, only to hear the low roar of the black beast constantly coming, making him some chills, despite seeing the other side stuck, but there is no guarantee that it will not break free.

Dudian heart bitter smile, if this moment can eat a full meal, he will soon be able to regain some strength and leave here. Unfortunately, not to mention a full meal, even if it is difficult to find a little something that will not kill you after eating.

Gradually, the black beast's roar faded, and seemed to feel tired, but you can still hear its heavy snorting.

Time passed little by little.

Dudian felt colder and colder, a burst of sleepiness came, his mind became drowsy, only vaguely thinking, if you sleep over, it is likely that you will never wake up.

Thinking of this, he strained to open his eyes, looking at the darkness where he could not see his fingers.

The first thing you need to do is to find something to stimulate your spirits, such as talking.

"You say you, have to chase me, my meat is so little, you can not eat enough, but also take yourself into it, how uneconomical." Dudian slightly pulled the corners of his mouth, looking in the direction of the black beast said weakly.

As he spoke, the sleepiness in his head faded a little.

"Still screaming, regret it, should have known better, why bother at the beginning ......"

"What feed do you eat, grow so big, rely on radiation and viruses? ......"

"What species are you, what sign?"

Dudian said a sentence without a sentence, although all nonsense, but think about how they have fallen into this situation, trapped in this dark place, can only speak with this monster who does not know human speech, can not help but lose a smile for themselves.

This laugh was a lot better spirit, when he found that the blood at the wound on his body had long dried up, and the dried blood sealed the wound, stopping the blood loss. His heart immediately surged a few survival *, raised his hand and patted his face, raised his spirit, slowly moved his body and crawled toward the next five or six meters away from a pile of rocks.

Above this pile of rocks was a hole, it was the rocks that broke the elevator shaft and allowed him to roll in.

"Must find food first, otherwise we must starve to death." Dudian felt that he was already starving, if it was normal to starve for a day or two, he would not be affected at all, but came to the wall outside the continuous rush and battle, as well as escape, will be his physical strength completely overdrawn, and now lost too much blood, the whole body is wounded, heat emission is extremely fast, and then do not eat something to replenish, simply can not last to leave here.

"There are more than a dozen layers to the front, and only a few to the bottom." Dudian looked in the direction of the black beast, apparently it is located in the lower level of the building, in order to save physical strength, can only leave from the direction it is.

However, with it blocking in the elevator shaft, Dudian could only tumble out of the hole above.

Although not far from him, there is an open elevator door, but that elevator door is facing down, a direct fall out.

Make up your mind, Dudian gritted his teeth and braced his body, crawling toward the broken stone pile, the whole body wounds in the process of crawling was tugging vaguely painful, many wounds crumbled open.

He gently inhaled cool air, did not stop, still insisting on climbing, he knew that if he continued to stay here, he relied on the spirit raised by talking, will eventually shrivel up, and then only live to die.

Soon, he climbed out of the elevator shaft by stepping on the stones.

The murky light spilled outside the elevator shaft, the dust floating in the air, a wall and windows are all broken and riddled with holes.

Dudian looked in the direction of the black beast, and immediately saw a large pile of concrete stones there, in the stone side also revealed the twisted steel, he was relieved to have these stones pressed, the black beast can not climb out for a while.

He dragged himself towards the pile of stones, in this elevator shaft on both sides of the place is overhanging, once stepped on the air will fall down, he had to be glad that he rolled down too good position, if it is directly rolled down, will die alive!

Half an hour later, Dudian finally climbed out of the rubble rocks at the bottom of the building and came to the ground, looking back at the collapsed building, still feeling palpitations.

He hid behind the stone, first surveyed the surrounding, and did not see the walkers, the bottom of the heart is relieved, secretly think these walkers should be attracted to the sound of the collapse, but did not sense themselves, so gradually scattered it.

The previous inside of his chest soft armor, there is a deep blue orb wrapped in layers to help him stop the pain of the dagger wound in front of his chest, resulting in his body temperature extremely low during this time of sleep, to avoid the induction of those walkers.

But at the moment, that deep blue orb has long been taken out by him and thrown in the fanny pack.

Swept the street movement, Dudian quietly touched a nearby store. This store outside crawling vegetation and moss, Dudian's eyes fell on these vegetation, with the dagger at his waist chopped, vegetation was immediately cut off, he looked at the juice flowing out of it, is transparent water, which is relieved, suddenly felt hungry in the belly, and quickly grabbed a few leaves of vegetation, chewed gently with the mouth.

Dry leaves in the mouth but filled with sweetness, Dudian could not resist chewing, quickly ate a few rough leaves, and could not care less about the leaves may be contaminated with germs or radiation content is too high.

When the leaves were finished, Dudian felt the burning sensation in his stomach suddenly dropped, and his body seemed to have a little strength, he did not continue to eat the leaves, but cut the stem tube of the vegetation, squeezed out the water inside, sucked and drank.

In the vegetation in such a place can thrive, indicating that has long had the characteristics of anti-radiation and anti-virus.

After drinking some, Dudian felt a little more comfortable, immediately thought of the building stuck in the black beast, a trace of coldness flashed in his eyes, the culprit who forced himself to this field, he did not intend to just let the other side, as long as it did not die, there is the possibility of breaking free, once free, for him is an unstable and dangerous thing.

Thinking for a moment, Dudian came to the street in front of the moss-covered scrap car. The car hit the front cover buckled, the engine has long been rusted, eroded by the rotting moss, he did not spend much effort to disassemble the car's fuel tank, only to see the gasoline in the tank has oxidation depleted, dry sticky in the tank.

He was expecting it and used a dagger to gently scrape and soon scraped out a layer of dark substance.

He pulled out the fire sickle on the fire, with this dark substance burned to, actually ignited at once.

Dudian some surprise, immediately find other scrap cars, remove the oil cylinder inside one by one scrap, and so half of the street cars are scraped, has accumulated into a basketball large black mass.

Dudian and from other stores and mini-markets, find some fabric, these cloth fibers have been fluffy, a little force to break, the weight is extremely light, he picked up a large pile, crawling back into the building along the same way, not long before returning to the previous elevator shaft.

This journey, he was exhausted, sitting in the elevator shaft to rest for a while, before gasping and lighting the torch, this time to see more clearly, the black beast from the upper limbs will be stuck in the stone pile, only the part above the neck can move, and half of the front claws exposed.

Dudian sneered, the dark oil substance stirred, rolled in combustible fabric and wood, thrown towards it.

These things hit the black beast's face, immediately woke it up, it opened its eyes and roared at Dudian, showing his teeth.

Dudian smiled slightly and threw the torch out of his hand.


The torch landed on it, immediately igniting the fabric on it, and soon, the fire blazed up!


Black beast full body on fire, can not help but roar in pain, head shaking violently from side to side, the body of the stone shaking slightly loose, rolled down a lot of debris, however, its body failed to struggle up, and even let the stone pile shake did not do.

See this, Dudian heart completely relieved down, was worried that it suffered severe pain will go crazy, now it seems that it is far weaker than they expected, after all, when the building collapsed, it happens to be on the ground floor, and do not know how to dodge, suffered great damage, and so much blood, has long been weak.

The fire illuminated the dark elevator shaft, the black beast struggled and roared in the flames, but gradually hissed faintly and fell in the firelight.

Dudian watched quietly, suddenly felt that life is so fragile, even if it is as strong as the black beast such a life, ultimately can not escape death, perhaps ...... only blame it is not strong enough, right?

Dudian slightly clenched his fist, the flame in the eyes dancing, as his heart ambition and flame, in the rapid growth of ......

The burning lasted for ten minutes or so before it gradually died out, and a hot air and a faint smell of cooked meat wafted in from the face. Dudian used the fire sickle to ignite another was used torch, only to see the black beast outside of the thick hair all turned into fuel burned up, the body into a scorched corpse emitting hot air.

Although the monster does not know how to play dead, but for insurance purposes, Dudian still picked up a stone to throw.

Stone hit, the beast did not respond.

Dudian then breathed a sigh of relief and carefully approached the past, looking at the charred corpse at close range, the body surface was burned with blood and flesh cracked and bloody.

"It seems that there is really a difference between this monster and the walking corpse, it can be killed without decapitating the head." Dudian said in his heart, after all, this monster showed a beast-like consciousness, while the walking corpse was unconscious instinct.

"I just don't know if there will be a difference in their heads with the walking corpses as well." A cold light flooded Dudian's eyes as he gripped his dagger.