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Chapter 478: Jura's death [First shift


Dudian palm copied, instantly grabbed the newspaper again, eyes firmly fixed on this corner of the newspaper, "Ives street 72, the homeowner couple took poison and killed themselves, suspected of disputes with neighbors led to depression ......"

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His palms trembled slightly, including every breath of air that he whistled out, containing burning gas!


He suddenly got up, his fingers grabbed, crushed all the newspapers on the table, including this consortium newspaper in his hand.

Next to him, Noyes saw Dudian so angry look, jumped in shock, surprised to look at him, follow Dudian for so long, he has never seen this teenager so angry, even when insulted in prison, there is no such anger and killing intent!

"You stay here." Dudian said icily, and left the office with a big stride.

Hawkeye, who had just returned from handling matters, happened to bump into Dudian in the corridor, and was just about to wave, when he noticed that the atmosphere of this master was not right, his heart burst, and cautiously said, "My lord, that man has finished handling, you are?"

"I'm going out." Dudian step, brushed past him, the wind swept over the face of the eagle eye, so that the man felt a burst of chills, especially the second half of Dudian's words, "Do not let anyone follow me, otherwise, there is no return!"

Voice fell, people have been like a phantom out of the corridor.

Hawkeye was stunned, turned his head to look, but only saw Dudian in the corridor turned around leaving a piece of clothing corner.



Out of the manor, Dudian mounted a fast horse. This is a red and brown horse, also a great family behind the ninth district 'Stantin' family special horse, see the horse like a flag, without showing any identification, you can go to all parts of the outer wall district, even the heart of the heavily guarded business district.


The healthy horse flew away as fast as a red horse.

In an hour or so, Dudian arrived at the heart of the commercial district, which was bustling and lively, the streets were full of stores, overcrowded, the roadsides were full of pedestrians and congested with vehicles.

He came to a stage, turned off his horse, threw the rope to the attendant who ran up to him, and explained: "Take care of it." After saying that, he turned around and entered the street, blending into the crowded crowd.

In the bustling crowd, he flew away from this street to the adjacent street, along the way, his face was quickly kneaded and changed into another face, casually grabbed a passerby beside him, knocked him out and dragged him into the alley, stripped him of his clothes and replaced him. After waiting for the disguise, this is over the alley, fly away from here, to the other side of the central area of the place.

A few moments later, Dudian came to the address of 72 Ives Street, immediately saw a manor spacious, beautiful environment of the exquisite villa stands in front, outside this manor, parked a trial carriage, steel-reinforced body, full of iron and blood stern, at the moment a trial knight leaning by his side, cupped bread in his hand, chewing gloomily.

Inside the manor, there is a heat figure, seems to be busy with something.

From the air, Dudian smelled the heavy pungent smell of blood, as well as the smell of decaying corpses, even after the dilution of the air, but also a long time, even if the ordinary people's sense of smell passing can easily smell, just not as strong as he was deep into the lungs, deep into the marrow.

Dudian's heart sank, such as falling into the cold frosty lake, the coldness penetrated into the blood.


His figure swayed and disappeared into the street.

The next moment, Dudian's figure appeared on the top floor of the third floor of the manor villa, he gently pushed open the skylight, slowly walked in, and immediately saw the third floor of the sunlight floating in the sheen of dust, obviously not cleaned for a long time.

He was silent for a moment and slowly walked step by step to the second floor, acting like a ghost, without making the slightest sound.

When he got down to the second floor, he saw that the living room on the second floor was in chaos, and the cushions on the sofa were randomly tossed on the floor, as if they had been looted by robbers. In the corner of the living room is a new type of textile machine, the beam of light shines away, the dust is floating.

The heat figure in the villa at the moment, is busy on the first floor, seems to be carrying something, making a dragging sound.

Dudian slightly bit his lips, quietly walked to the stairway, immediately saw a knight of judgment in battle armor wearing several layers of gloves and mask, bulging at the nostrils, it seems that the mask alone is not enough to block the whistle, he half crouched on the ground, kept backing up, both hands tugging at the haul, and he was a corpse, a badly decomposed corpse!

This corpse is somewhat swollen, there are corpse spots, cheeks are full of sharp-edged cuts, a puddle of blood at the ears, no ears, was cut off, the whole body was stripped naked, ** body, towering breasts and belly, full of whip marks, it is not difficult to imagine what kind of torture had suffered.

In the moment of seeing the corpse's face, Dudian's brain became blank with a bang, frozen in place in a daze.

This face, it is his adopted mother, Jura!

The last glimmer of hope in his heart, but also instantly empty, such as falling into the abyss of ten thousand feet, the whole body cold.

This villa, is the place where he ordered to bring the Jura couple to settle down, the house passed to the Jura couple, so the moment he read the news in the newspaper, his heart hung in the air, until now, but deeply sunk, fell.

His mind felt like confusion, and he stood frozen in place.

Jura's body was dragged by this trial knight youth, sliding outside on the smooth wooden floor, Jura's eyes were wide open, full of shock and anger, just like a statue like fixed, crooked neck, and stairway Dudian four eyes, dragged by the knight youth, little by little from the wall next to the building, hidden, until the whole body was dragged outside the villa.

Dudian stunned in place, abruptly, his mind like a flash of lightning, thinking of the newspaper definitive, "suicide ...... suicide by poison?"

He froze for a moment, suddenly grinning, want to laugh, but can not laugh out loud.

"Suicide ......"

"So many wounds on the body, the trial court actually ruled that it was suicide!"

He grinned, presenting a laughing posture, but two lines of sad tears slowly welled up in his eyes across his cheeks, and the tears rolled and slowly dripped onto his bosom before he slowly reacted, his grin instead getting bigger.

But no half-laugh came out.

Like a person who laughs to the point of insanity, instead of laughing out loud.

Once, he thought he would never shed a tear again if he would never be emotional again.

But reality ruthlessly dismissed this idea of his, the world has never given anyone the privilege.

......(Unfinished business.)