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Chapter 437: Give an account [Second Shift

Hearing the words of Skarn and the others, the blond youth snorted coldly and said, "The matter of the New Legendary Divine Art is already known in the Inner Wall District, it is a forbidden art and the power of the devil, a genius who has degenerated to the point of using the power of the devil to earn fame, pathetic! How dare you proclaim the devil's power here and blaspheme the Lord's grace, simply arrogant!"

Skarn and the others could not help but be stunned. YaYa eBook www.shuyaya.com更新最快

Dudian said in a cold voice: "The power of the devil? Based on your words alone, you can say that my new divine art is the power of the devil? What a joke! What evidence do you have? In my opinion, what you said is the greatest blasphemy against the God of Light!"

"Shut up!" The blond youth barked a rebuke and fiercely moved his figure, like a falcon spreading its wings and swooping towards Dudian.

Genesee's face changed slightly, quickly pulled out the dagger on her waist, and stabbed it head-on.

"Roll!" The blond young man showed no mercy, his right hand held a stick point out between the body lunge, bang, the stick shadow like the wind, the front end hit Ginise's wrist, in her shocked gaze, swung the dagger out of its grip, fell into the crowd, at the same time, he took a step forward, close to Ginise, raised his palm and pressed on her shoulder, bang, Ginise's body flew backwards, fell a dozen meters away, tumbled to the ground.

"Come here for me!" After the blond youth knocked away Genesee, his body did not pause at all and raised his hand to tackle Dudian's shoulder.

Dudian's eyes flashed with anger, and at the moment he tackled, he fiercely clenched his fist and ruthlessly blasted out.


The fist hit his palm, and the raging huge force gushed out.

The blond young man's face, full of harshness, suddenly changed, felt the incredible surge of force in his palm, hurriedly wrist flick, trying to remove the force, but it was too late, the palm joints clicked lightly, his body lunged forward steeply backwards, his feet on the high platform stomped back several steps, full of shock at the black-haired boy in front of him.

Dudian withdrew his fist and looked at him with a cold gaze, saying: "Are you a saint or a bandit? If you want to arrest me, please give me a statement, our divine ambassador painstakingly studied the divine arts, in the end, you lightly a word to take away at will? Ridiculous!"

His voice was cold and stern, but there was already a trace of killing intent and anger in his heart, this matter is beyond his expectation, the inner wall area suddenly parachuted in strong people to arrest him, disrupting all his subsequent plans, but the most important thing is that he has inexplicably provoked the inner wall area, and can mobilize this "saint", the latter's power is obviously higher than the senior The hunter, and dared to directly capture the temple master in front of so many people, it can be seen that the power behind is extremely powerful, so that it does not care about the Illuminati and the elemental pantheon.

The blond youth felt the burst of tearing pain coming from his arm, the corners of his mouth slightly lightly sucked in a cold breath, facing the gazes of the people under the stage, he secretly forced himself to endure the pain and looked gloomily at Dudian, said: "really defected to the devil, the hall divine arts master, but even have such strong power, hum, you better honestly go back with me for interrogation and confess the power behind you, otherwise ......"

"I obey the will of the God of Light to study divine arts, innocent, you have no evidence, you want to arrest and interrogate me? Could it be that because you are from the inner wall area, you are able to do whatever you want in our outer wall area?" Dudian immediately pulled up the tiger's skin and hitched everyone else up.

If he was secretly arresting Dudian, they would have nothing to say, but at this moment, arresting Dudian in front of half of the temple's divine ambassadors was too disgraceful and put them, the masters, in an awkward situation, losing their majesty.

"Lord Saints, is there any misunderstanding in this? If you want to arrest Master Du, you have to give an explanation, right?" Skarn said stiffly.

The square-faced old man next to him said, "Yes, Master Du is a legendary master of our temple, how exactly did he collude with the devil, you have to say something, otherwise, it is really difficult to convince the public!"

"Yes, yes!"

"You have to give an explanation, right?"

They were all masters and didn't want to get involved in this mess, but the blond young man's action was undoubtedly an embarrassment to all masters.

The blonde young man's face sank when he heard the words of Scarn and others, although he did not put these masters in his eyes, but also knew that his public apprehension of Dudian would cause some trouble, if Dudian did not talk about "flying" and other topics, as well as more involved in the forbidden things, he would not have done it in the middle, but wait for Dudian to finish before he The first thing you need to do is to wait for Dudian to finish before you take him away.

The first time he did this, he wanted to capture Dudian and leave, so that he could save himself the trouble of talking, and leave the rest to the temple itself, he was only responsible for bringing up the man, but he did not expect this weak god-emperor to be so powerful, even stronger than him, so he lost his first attack and was injured due to carelessness.

"Is it not evidence that he, a God Envoy, has such strong power?" The blond youth said gloomily.

At these words, the people who had waited for him to speak earlier were somewhat speechless.

"Saints Lord, in addition to being a master of divine arts, Master Du is also an ordained knight of the Knights Templar, it is not unusual to have this skill, and it has even less to do with demonic power, which the Knights Templar can testify." Skarn even explained.

"Knight?" The blond youth's face changed.

Dudian has been paying attention to the blond youth, saw the slight change in his face, could not help but eyes slightly narrowed, said there is a play, his own knight status seems to be able to make the other party have some scruples, from this can also be inferred that the Knight Temple also has power in the inner wall area?

"Yes, Master Du is an honorary gold knight ordained by the Knight's Hall, helped us repel the wildlings, saved countless civilians, can be said to be a great hero." The square-faced old man next to him said.

The blond young man was stunned, his face a little ugly, the instructions conveyed to him did not say that ah, but also involved in the Knight's Hall, and look at the reaction of others, the teenager's reputation in the outer wall area is much higher than he thought.

The crowd below the stage all stared blankly at the stage of Skarn and other people talking, did not dare to interrupt, nor dare to make a noise, not to mention what people shouted in support of Dudian and other words, even a fool can see that the sudden appearance of the blond youth identity noble, higher than the master head, not someone they can provoke, especially when it comes to the devil thing.

The blond youth is silent, his heart quickly thinking, from the current situation, forcefully take Dudian back, it is clear that will cause the temple backlash, although he does not particularly care about this, but the heart more or less have a trace of concern, but the main thing is, from the exchange of words just now, if Dudian is stubborn, he wants to forcibly seize may not be able to work.

Moreover, this also involves a knight hall of fame.

Forced seizure of the knight, this is to give the Knight Temple a statement.