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Chapter 428: Acquisition [Second Shift

Dudian secretly reveal an eye slit to look, see the teenager has turned around dragging a hundred feet magic centipede continue to walk, this is relieved, heart but secretly afraid, did not expect the teenager senses so sensitive, if just dodge was not seen by him, really do not know what will cause things, also do not know this teenager so skilled, in the inner wall area is what kind of identity status?

And the last time he saw the dragon girl, in the inner wall area and belong to what stage of power?

What surprised him the most was that there were demons in the inner wall area, wasn't this similar to the environment outside the wall? How could the devils run to the inner wall area, with the dragon maiden's power in the battle, the devils in the inner wall area can not be easily annihilated?

He could not think of the reason, his heart is a little glad that he did not venture to do with the Illuminati and the Ministry of the military, or else forced the two forces, may cause what kind of trouble. YaYa eBook www.shuyaya.com更新最快

As the old saying goes, if you want to deal with the Illuminati and the military in the outer wall area, you have to find a way to restrain their power in the inner wall area.

The last wild man attack, the commercial area is in danger, the Ministry of War is anxious, should request reinforcements from the inner wall area, but the inner wall area did not respond, does it mean that the inner wall area does not care about the death of the outer wall area?

Or perhaps, the military department did not go to the inner wall district to ask for reinforcements, but another card?

But besides these two points, there is another possibility that the wildlings have done the means to keep the inner wall zone from sending reinforcements.

But if that's the case, it means that the wildlings can contact the inner wall area, and there is a big source behind it.

However, there is an outer wall area between the radiation area where the wildlings live and the inner wall area, so it would be as difficult to contact the inner wall people as it is to get to the top!

Perhaps, it is also possible that the inner wall area initiative to collude with the wild people, but then, the problem is more.

Dudian frowned, feeling that the middle of the problem is somewhat complex and tricky, he thought about it, and suddenly, he thought of a person he had missed imprisoned in the military Yvette!

Dudian looked up at the faraway teenager, thought about it, or put away the idea of continuing to follow the past, the sun has risen, it is not early, he should also go back, and in addition to his ability today, to climb the giant wall is not difficult, there are plenty of opportunities to come over to check in the future.



The first thing you need to do is to get back to your home.

Suddenly, a smell drifted in.

Ginise lifted her straw hat and looked, saw Dudian walking briskly from the street, raised her eyebrows, put her straw hat on, and said indifferently: "Go back now?"

"No hurry, eat something first." Dudian peeled the tarpaulin in his hand, wrapped in several large cakes, he took out one in his mouth, the rest handed to Ginice, said vaguely: "Eat."

Ginise was slightly stunned, the indifference on her face eased a little, she casually took one and said, "I can't eat this much."

"No need to lose weight, you're already beautiful." Dudian casually said a certain famous phrase, smiled, handed her the tarpaulin, and turned around to enter the carriage.

Ginice heard Dudian's words, stunned, put away a few large pieces of cake silently, shook the horse rope, the horse was frightened, immediately neighing and running.

Just arrived in front of the ancient castle, Dudian saw the gate blocked with reporters from various newspapers, the sound of noise, could not help but raise an eyebrow, suddenly thought of a matter, calculate, from the day of their own lecture, still three days, estimated that these days the entire business district of the noble circle, are concerned about every move here.

The carriage came, the flag fluttered, many people with high eyesight noticed, immediately like a collapsing ant swarm out of the gate, towards the carriage jammed.

Genesee expression indifferent, not the slightest intention to slow down, shaking the horse rope, the carriage to faster speed rushed, rampant. The people who came to the blockade saw such a situation, scared to rush to the side to avoid, although the interview is profitable, but life is the first ah, and by Dudian's hoof hit or killed, they do not think they can receive injury or death compensation, let alone what let the genius of the master to life for it.

Noyes, who was guarding the gate, saw the carriage and immediately beat the door to it, and the carriage rushed into the manor and stopped in front of the old castle.

Dudian got off, heard the shouting outside the manor, shook his head slightly and entered the castle.

"Young master, you are back." Kruun greeted him.

Inside the hall sat Dennis and Gloria, enjoying breakfast, and when they saw Dudian return, they immediately rose to greet him.

Dudian gestured for the two to continue to enjoy, first went upstairs to change clothes, after putting on a soft and warm fleece coat, returned downstairs, said to Gloria, who had finished breakfast: "Later you go to the military department, help me bring back a person named Yvette, the wildling king I arrested, the military department previously promised to hand over to me after the trial, this is my medal. " Said, handed her his knighthood.

Gloria was a little surprised, did not expect Dudian's power to be so great, to be able to ask for the wildling kings in interrogation from the military ministry, but thinking about Dudian's free donation of legendary divine arts, she was relieved and nodded, "I'll go now."

Dudian nodded, sat down at the table, and told Klune to serve the meal.

After ten minutes, a hearty breakfast was brought to his table. The more knowledgeable Dennis saw the ingredients for this breakfast and was secretly staggered, not expecting Dudian to live so modestly, but so extravagantly on top of the food.

After eating breakfast, Dudian felt a lot warmer, the kind of bone-chilling cold feeling is also dispersed, his mood is also slightly better, back to the study while learning the medical knowledge in the super chip, while exercising the flexibility of the left hand, to almost noon, he suddenly thought of the morning saw the inner wall area teenagers, a heartbeat, called Kruun.

"You go to summon the old man, let him buy parasitic soul worms in the temple or on the black market, the more cherished the better." Dudian ordered, now has the power and wealth, he simply do not need to personally go outside the wall to hunt, just spend money to buy it, not only can you freely choose their favorite type of parasitic soul worm, but also high efficiency, outside the wall to come across a name giving magic, all rely on luck, sometimes squatting for months, may not be able to meet a, as for the rare name giving magic, the chances are even lower.

"Yes, young master." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"Wait." Dudian called him again and said, "By the way, tell the old master that he can spread the news that I need parasitic soul worms, if other nobles are willing to provide a rare grade of parasitic soul worms, they will have a chance to get a student slot from me, if they provide a rare species of parasitic soul worms, they will directly get a student slot and will be cultivated by me wholeheartedly. "

Kruun was stunned for a moment, his gaze flickered slightly, and he promised, "I know."

In the afternoon.

Dennis returned, leading a tall woman with a wheat complexion to return with him.

Yvette's height is as tall as most regular knight males, about one meter seventy-five, and this height is almost a crane compared to the women in the wall, even most of the men in the wall do not have such a head.

In addition to the figure, the skin color is also very different, even the slums are often not bathed women, are not such a complexion, the body is dirty, but the face can at least still see, and she is clearly a problem of their own skin color.

See Yvette again, Dudian looked at the first glance to appreciate the way the military interrogation, this proud female savage cloaked, the whole body clothing is cloth, bare skin is not an inch is intact, all over the whip marks and knife wounds, even once the heroic and beautiful face, there are several scars and red marks, bright color, obviously just left soon.