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Chapter 42: District 8

"My name is Scott, and this is my partner, Mia." After Peite left, the black soft-armored youth pointed to another slender and tall black-armored woman next to him, and said to Dudian and others, "In these ten days of scavenging, we will be the captains of this operation, and all of you had better follow my command, if something goes wrong, it will not be good for everyone, and there will be no small punishment when we return to the consortium. "

Hearing the punishment, Meiken, Zach and several other children with good character, suddenly obedient down, honestly promised.

Scott said to Dudian: "Little guy, what's your name?"


"Good potential." Scott nodded slightly and said, "But don't be proud, in front of death, potential can have no meaning, later you will follow me, there are some things that need attention I will tell you."

This is to hand to teach the meaning of? Dudian could not help but feel better about this person, nodding slightly, indicating understanding.

The people at the back heard this, which will not know that this is to focus on cultivating Dudian's meaning, a time, many people's hearts secretly jealous, but only heart annoyed, did not say anything.

After all, Dudian's seed identity is there, and also received two blessings, both force, or identity, are not they can shake. Moreover, behind Dudian there are three brothers in the same dormitory, the most powerful and united small group of their group, even the grumpy children who do not care about the consequences, do not dare to risk provoking Dudian and Mei, Zha and Sha.

"Here, this is your dry food and water for these ten days, each of you take one for yourself, this time I have received it for you, next time you go to the headquarters to receive it yourselves." Scott pointed to a dozen black backpacks on the ground next to him and said.

Dudian looked at this black traveler backpack, went up to lift a, untie the rope, only to see the backpack bag contains some mud ball like things, he had seen in Jura's house, is the mashed potato ball, taste very difficult to eat, but easy to satiate ...... or, often eat one, no appetite to eat a second.

May, Zha, Sha three people followed behind Dudian, picked quickly and chose three slightly larger-looking backpacks.

Seeing that the people behind them were going to pick the same as the three of them, Scott laughed: "Don't pick, they are all the same portion, this is given by the headquarters, there is never a mistake, use your little smarts back there."

Mei, Zha and Sha smiled sarcastically.

"What's this for you?" At this time, Scott noticed the black powder tube tube inserted on Dudian's waist.

"A small gadget, not worth mentioning." Dudian said, "It won't get in my way."

Seeing him say that, Scott nodded, said nothing more, turned to the twenty consortium scavengers in the distance and said, "Come gather and prepare to leave."

These twenty consortium scavengers are all adults, dark complexion, some older than Scott, at this moment under Scott's summoning, all gathered over, their standard soft armor is the same as Dudian and others, including short sword weapon is also the same, apparently, in these hardware equipment, with the majestic financial power of the consortium, still able to ensure the supply.

"Boss Sko, which district are we going to today?" A slim youth asked.

"District number eight." Scott turned to the black-armored woman 'Mia' who spoke little next to him and said, "It's not early, shall we set off?"

Mia nodded slightly.

With a wave of his hand, Scott took the lead to open the way in front and said to Dudian and other newcomers behind him, "This outer edge zone has been completely cleared, you don't need to worry about anything, save your strength first."

Hearing these words, Dudian and others thought to themselves, their tense muscles gradually loosened, and looked around to survey the surroundings.

In this vicinity is a wilderness, the ground is quite wet, Dudian previously noticed that the back of the wall are crawling on a lot of moss, and the sandy terrain behind the wall is completely different.

"Is this outside the giant wall, and I imagined completely different it, I thought everywhere is a desert." Behind Dudian, Meiken looked around and said in amazement.

Zach laughed: "This is not to worry about the water problem, just find a place to dig a hole can squeeze out water."

Scott heard his words, glanced back at him and said, "There are puddles everywhere on the ground, you don't have to dig a pit, you just don't dare to drink."

"Eh?" Zach was stunned.

Dudian saw Scott did not mean to explain, then said to him: "The radiation outside this giant wall is too high, even if the water filtered by the soil, but also can not drink, want to drink water, at least tens of meters below the deep water source, to be suitable for the human body, with our strength today to plan a few dozen meters, with the previous in the desert to plan a few meters difficulty is the same, for nothing but the physical effort. So the water source should be very economical."

Hearing Dudian's words, Zach and a few other children with puzzled expressions, dawned on them.

Scott looked back at Dudian, did not say anything, and continued to lead the way in front. The crowd can not about ten miles, suddenly came to a ground with less vegetation, to be precise, is to a ruin before.

Seeing this ruin, Dudian was immediately stunned.

This ...... is actually a crumbling city?

In front of his eyes, there was an asphalt street, but the street is covered with moss and lush vegetation, both sides of the street is a concrete high-rise, but also two or three storey store houses, and at the moment all collapsed, dilapidated, some only a rickety wall left isolated, covered with vegetation vines and moss, as if some more years, will be completely buried by these dense growth of plants.

In the desolate street, scattered with some tattered clothes, these messy clothes apparently have a very long age, by the disaster rain, and covered with dust, has long become hard and black stone like objects, only the general shape of the outline.

Dudian completely stunned.

This ...... is exactly what a ruined city looks like ah!

Could it be that this is the outbreak of disaster, three hundred years after the face of the Earth?

Once the prosperity, once the lights of civilization, once spread all over the Earth's human footprint ...... is, like this ruined place in front of you, leaving only the empty shell of the post-disaster skeleton?

He suddenly felt like his chest was blocked by something, unable to breathe, his eyes were a little moist.

"Dean, Dean?" Meiken saw Dudian suddenly stop and couldn't help but pat him on the shoulder.

Dudian came back to his senses and saw that Scott and Mia were already walking in the street in front of him, and hurriedly followed. Only, when his paws stepped into this asphalt street covered by vegetation, his heart was a hundred different feelings, thoughts of his parents and sister, like flames crawled all over his mind, but he sadly understood that what was gone, could never come back, this was the reality, as real as the ruins he saw in front of him!

"This is Sector Nine, which has been scavenged." Scott saw that the people behind him did not follow in time, turned back and beckoned, "Speed up and keep up, do not waste your life."

Dudian pursed his lips slightly and followed him with his head down.

Passing along the way, Dudian saw that the streets had been scavenged extremely clean, basically, in addition to the collapsed houses, there are no items left, such as such spacious streets, there should be many scrapped cars, but here there is none to see, obviously, as Scott said, has been scavenged back by them.

Just, after these old era technology products were picked up, why the technology within the giant wall, or so backward?

Could it be that three hundred years of corrosion in this heavily nuclear-radiated place has long since run out of value for research?

He followed Scott and Mia, as if a ghost, looking at this once familiar everything, but can only silently speechless.