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Chapter 392: Tease? [First Shift].

"A living person is always worth more than a dead person." Dudian slowly said: "As the first deposit for cooperation, you first tell me, this attack of yours, is there a wall behind the forces planning?"

Yvette asked instead of answering, "Since it is a cooperation, why should I pay the deposit first, you should exchange with me, so that it is fair."

"I'm sorry, in my case, there is no fairness."

Yvette choked slightly, her eyes flicked a little and said, "If I told you, could you tell me why you understand our language?"

"Depends on my mood." Dudian said indifferently.

Yvette gave him a deep look and whispered, "OK, I can tell you, but I hope you can release me, I don't want to know why you know our language either."

Dudian frowned gently and said, "You don't seem to get it, I'm not talking to you about terms, do I have to imprison you so you can feel the atmosphere of interrogation?"

Yvette's face changed, a surge of anger came out of her eyes, but quickly suppressed it, took a deep breath and said in a cold voice: "As far as I know, this time the wall people who deal with us, not just one, even if it is useless to tell you, there is also someone in your wall military department who deals with us, as long as we take the outer wall area down, he will be promised to become the military commander of the outer wall area! "

"In addition to your military department, there is also a self-proclaimed what 'Illuminati' forces, also have cooperation with us, secretly selling our armor, in addition to this, there are two other consortia, also willing to work with us material support, as well as the transmission of news within the wall, how about it? You now know, what can you do? Hehehehahahaha ......" said here, could not help but sneer, laughter immediately led away from the distant Redcar and other people's attention.

A snap, Dudian a slap thrown in her face.

Yvette's laughter stopped and her eyes widened, looking at Dudian incredulously.

Seeing Dudian swung the slap, Redcar and others slightly shook his head, and turned his head again, and continued to busy themselves with things.

Dudian's eyes were slightly narrowed as he looked down at the female savage and said, "If you like to laugh, I will make you cry."

Looking at Dudian's black pool-like eyes, Yvette's heart just surging anger suddenly like an invisible hand choked, smothered in the chest, she indignantly lowered her head, staring dead at the sand on the ground, snow-white and sharp teeth clenched, trying their best to hold back.

"Whether what you say is true or not, can you name these people?" Dudian's voice was calm, as if nothing had happened.

Yvette said in a low voice: "How should I know, I'm just a minion, how can I access these secrets."

"You are not a minion, but a royal family among the wildlings." Dudian said blandly: "You can't be special, why do you have to make all the secrets and confess only after severe torture, would that be too boring?"

"You!" Yvette fiercely raised her head, angrily stared at Dudian roared: "What you want, as you wish, I know all that has been said, what more do you want me to do?" While saying that, while staring at Dudian angrily, who expected the teenager in front of her to turn his head and speak a long string of gibberish wall language to the people in the distance.

"Guys, does anyone know what she's talking about?" Dudian called out with a twist of his head.

At that, the crowd in the canyon looked back, Redcar gasped and laughed bitterly, "Master, this is the language of their wildling kings, it is said to be mysterious and difficult to learn, how would we know, our military department has been trying to master this language, but we have not been able to learn it."


"This language Pipi called, and only these primitive wild people understand."

Several others echoed.

"Listen to her tone, seems very angry ah, she can understand our language?" Dudian asked.

Redcar shook his head and said, "I don't think so, master you be careful, don't let her bite you."

"Okay." Dudian was helpless, turned back to Yvette who was staring angrily at him in front of him after waiting for Redcar and the others to continue to be busy, and said, "They just told me to be careful not to let you bite me, can you bite someone?"

Yvette heard this, so angry that her lungs exploded, rather kill than humiliate ah, although from being captured until now, the teenager did not abuse her much, but said the words several times to make her angry want to go crazy.

"One day, I will bite you to death!!!" Yvette gritted her teeth and said angrily.

Dudian nodded, "Then, as a precaution, should I pull out your teeth first?"

Yvette's cold hair stood up and she pursed her lips, with a hint of tension and more anger, staring at Dudian.

Dudian said blandly, "Go ahead, name these people."

Yvette saw that Dudian did not put it into action, which was slightly relieved, for them wild people, tooth extraction is not only painful, but also a kind of shame, her eyes flickered slightly, bowed her head and said: "I only know there is a what is called 'Kanoch', the rest do not know, I am telling the truth, even if you It's useless to interrogate me."

Dudian nodded slightly, stroked her head and said, "That's good, although what you said, it's of little use to me, because I wouldn't believe it at all, but from this I can see that you still have something to fear, very good."

Yvette froze and looked up at Dudian, "What do you mean?"


"Why are you asking me if you don't believe me?!" Yvette felt her anger being stirred up again, suppressing the urge to growl and say in a low voice.

"You are the enemy, it would be foolish to listen to your enemy to deal with your own people, in case you report false information and hide the real traitor instead, wouldn't I become your helper instead?" Dudian blandly said, "As for why I asked you, it's simple, just want to tease you a little."

"Tease ...... me?" Yvette has a kind of five thunderstorm feeling.

The corners of Dudian's mouth showed an imperceptible arc, stood up, no longer cared about her, turned to look at the canyon, preparing for the next battle.

It didn't take long for the bodies of the giant wolf cavalry in the canyon to be cleared together and piled up as sandbags, while the bodies of the soldiers who died in battle were dragged back by Redcar and others and buried at the side of the canyon.

Less than an hour later, the sound of vibrations came from outside the canyon.

Dudian, Redcar and the others immediately stood by, and soon, a group of wildlings on porcupines rushed from the canyon, these wildlings noticed Dudian and the others at the mouth of the canyon from a distance, and from the rich smell of blood in the air, mixed with their familiar smell, it was the body odor of the extremely elite royal guards, the fighting wolves, and when they got closer, the wildlings immediately saw the bodies of the fighting wolves piled up everywhere, and there was no doubt that There is no doubt that a royal family is in distress here!

After their brains reacted to this signal, all the wildlings instantly went crazy and came roaring to kill without regard to anything.

Dudian stood in the middle of the canyon, when the group of wildlings into range, the arrow like black light swept away, poof, the head of a wildling throat.

The three archers on either side of the rock wall dent for cover saw the situation ahead and were somewhat shocked, not expecting Dudian's range to be so far and so accurate! In this moment, the back of the wild man team rushed closer, the three archers quickly aimed to shoot, poof several sounds, some shots miss, some hit the target.


In this arrow, another very light and very sharp whistle sounded, a black light swept out, poof, through a wild man's throat, the arrow swept out from the back of his neck, shot in the back of a wild man's chest, piercing the armor protective gear, so that he was injured.

Dudian expression cold as frost, quickly draw arrows, aim, shoot, the whole process is extremely consistent, intermittent less than a second to shoot a second arrow, although not as good as a series of arrows, but each piece will take away a wild man life, extremely solid.

When the wild man team rushed from the mouth of the canyon to the front of the ledge, a short distance of two hundred meters, they fell a dozen people, only seven or eight people left behind, as well as the loss of the owner of the monster mounts.


Four more today~~(Unfinished.)