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Chapter 384: The incoming [to make up the eleventh 'a cup of water to make coffee']

When Dudian and Redcar and others came to the Scarty Canyon, the sky has been darkened, the rain also stopped long ago on the way, hovering overhead dark clouds faded a lot, not as deadly gloomy as the previous days.

Dudian stood at the mouth of the canyon, looking up at the steep canyon, from the outside, it seems to be a towering huge mountain, what sharp instrument from which to cut open the general, cracked a narrow gap, they rode into, at most, only four people in parallel, some places are six or seven meters wide, some places are narrow only about two or three meters, both sides of the canyon walls are uneven, but extremely steep, difficult to climb.

"At this time of the year, the wildlings should not have come over yet, but let's be careful and guard against the head." Redcar warned.

"Yes." Twenty people answered.

Dudian and Redcar walked side by side, with four men in front of them to open the road, and slowly drove into the other side of the canyon.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the other side of the canyon in peace, where a small forest, the faint sound of a stream gurgling in the woods, according to the map, behind the woods is the Blackwater Swamp, inhabited by ferocious monsters, the edge of the swamp only a narrow road to walk.

"Master, it's getting late, let's set up camp and rest." Redcar said.

Dudian nodded, turned off his horse, came to the edge of the canyon to look inside, although it was late, but did not hinder his vision, he reached out and touched the uneven rock wall, rough to the touch, is more fluffy sandstone, more absorbent, if you climb, it is easy to fall in the air, and therefore want to get to the top of this canyon, is an extremely difficult thing.

However, the black water swamp behind Scarty Canyon, as well as the other side of the magic hunting forest, are known to everyone's danger, the general commercial area of the knight class or the outbreak of war between the rich, will rarely continue to this area, resulting in the Ministry of the military on this natural barren area did not pay too much attention.

However, the wildlings may not know this, in the moment of scouting, is likely to come here.

Moreover, even if these wildlings collude with the forces within the wall and hold the map, they will most likely send people here to poke around. After all, there is no military guard here, and this alone can be the reason for the wildlings to come over.

"Master, would you like some water?" Redcar came forward and handed Dudian a water bladder.

Dudian shook his head slightly and took out a metal wide tube from his backpack, the very same waterproof insulated cup he smelted in his leisure time, "I have wear water."

"The master is really well thought out." Redcar sighed with emotion, retrieved his water bladder, said, "Master rushed all afternoon, hungry, right, come over to eat some dry food?"

Dudian looked down the camping place, only to see twenty people sitting around a few campfires, which is close to the rock wall next to the canyon, the fire light is blocked, from the other side of the canyon is not easy to see, at the moment the campfire is barbecued on the limbs of some unknown animals.

Dudian nodded and followed Redcar to sit by a campfire.

"Master, please." Next to a blonde-haired-looking youth handed Dudian a piece of barbecued smoked meat, full of smiles, very polite, said: "My name is Port Ellen, from the Mali family, our family produces cherry fruit, especially delicious, master if you love to eat this, in the future, directly to me, how much to eat, and at any time, no matter what season. "

Dudian smiled faintly and said, "Thanks, but I brought my own dry food, if there is an opportunity in the future, send me a few packs to eat." Said, from his own backpack to take out dry food, is a very small piece of compressed cookies, this is his personal special dry food, than the general hunter to carry dry food products to manage the fullness of much, and occupy little space, provide a large number of calories, making it is also very simple.

"Master seems to have long prepared to fight a protracted war!" Redcar was full of admiration.

Port Ellen, however, looked at the compressed cookies in Dudian's hand and said curiously, "Master, what kind of bread is this, it looks very hard, where did you buy it?"

"Made it myself." Dudian did not say much, stuff a mouth slowly chew up, the taste is more difficult, but after eating a piece, the hunger feeling in the stomach to ease a lot.

He ate three pieces in a row, then tied the bag and sat around the fire to roast the fire.

This bonfire was like a blazing red light in his eyes, incomparably dazzling.

"The heat emanating from this is almost covering the entity, if only I could control my eyes freely." Dudian secretly thought, he rubbed his eyes and looked again, or the heat ruddy look, can not help but sigh.

Port Ellen saw that Dudian did not want the food he handed out, can only resentfully retracted, and eat it themselves.

Redcar, while eating the roast meat, took the map from Jesse's hand and read it by the light of the fire, after a while, said to Dudian: "Master, these savages from the Golden Wall to here, if we go in a straight line, it will take four hours, if there is a delay on the road, five or six hours are possible, they just broke the Golden Wall, the main troops should hold They have just broken through the Wall of Gold, and the large force should hold on to the Wall of Gold to refurbish and rest, and send only the vanguard to continue the attack and survey the situation."

"In that case, the number of these vanguard teams must be small, but I heard that there are red-skinned wildlings among these wildlings who are able to 'berserk' and explode with amazing combat power, so we still have to be careful."

Dudian nodded slightly and looked at the campfire, silent.

Redcar said to Port Ellen and Jesse and others: "If you engage in a battle with the wildlings, make sure to protect the master, you few will be specifically responsible for taking care of the master's safety, the rest of the people to kill the enemy is enough."

"Understood." Jesse said briefly.

Port Ellen laughed: "Captain, perhaps these wildlings went directly to the second line of defense in the Red Tail River, and may not come here."

"It's always right to take precautions." Redcar said.

The night was getting darker.

About half an hour after the people set up camp, the canyon suddenly ran a figure, but is responsible for surveying the intelligence at the other end of the canyon, his appearance, so Redcar and the rest of the people and so slightly startled, quickly touching the weapon to stand up.

"Captain, the wildlings are coming!" The visitor spoke quickly.

Redcar was astonished, immediately bellowed: "Wipe out the campfire, prepare for the battle, three squads, you are responsible for protecting the master!"

Twenty people did not say anything and acted quickly, in just a few seconds, they wiped out the burning campfire, using the sand and soil that had been prepared, not a spark was revealed.

All of them drew their weapons, six of them were grouped into three squads, close to Dudian's side, forming a circle, the other fourteen people holding their weapons, close to the sides of the canyon, holding their breath, quietly looking at the canyon inside. (Unfinished business.)