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Chapter 356: The Tower of Gold [Guaranteed First Shift

"Please speak. Yaya eBook www.shuyaya.com更新最快," Melkenson glanced at Srundy next to him and smiled at the man.

The man nodded and said, "Now that the border war is about to break out, our consortium has already invested all of its materials and financial resources into this war, and by the way, we also took this opportunity to drag down that temple apostle who has a bad relationship with our consortium, everything is being carefully planned, just, how come I heard that when this big war is over, our consortium will have to ally with the Scott consortium The alliance?"


"With the Scott Consortium?"

The people on both sides of the conference table were surprised and looked at each other, and some of them snickered on the spot.

Melkenson raised his eyebrows slightly and said blandly, "Could it be that I am getting old and my ears are hallucinating? Such an absurd thing, you can actually say it, I really doubt, you are from the inner wall."

The man laughed: "Chief Kenson is laughing at me, I only heard it from others, I thought it was a strategic deployment of your new plan, Chief Kenson, but now it seems to be a falsehood."

Mel Kenson said: "Heard of it? I would like to see which consortium would spread such a stupid rumor."

The man said respectfully, "Yes, you don't need to say this, I will do it."



On Mount Erdos, in the old castle.

After the meeting of the consortium was adjourned, Srundy went straight back to the old castle in his carriage, without exchanging pleasantries with other nobles along the way, and after entering the door, took off his coat and handed it to the maid who greeted him, took off his hat and threw it into the maid's arms, who caught it with his hands and feet, and was so frightened that he nearly let the delicate hat fall to the ground.

"Master." The butler greeted, "Miss wants to see you ......"

"No time." Srundy flew into the hall and up the steps to the stairs.

"You're not free, I'm free." On the corner of the second floor, a figure stepped out and stopped in front of Srundy, a green floral dress, it was Jenny.

Srundy gazed at her, turned and passed by her and entered his office. Jenny immediately followed in, and when he sat down, dumped a newspaper in his hand on the desk and said: "Father, if my investigation is correct, this newspaper is a news agency under our Mellon Consortium, right, why? You promised me that you would not hurt him again as long as I don't see him again, why?"

Srundy's gaze slowly moved up from the lonely teenage sketched face on the cover of the newspaper on the table, landed on his daughter's face, gave her a deep look, and said indifferently: "There is no reason, the newspaper said very clearly."

"Father!" Jenny bit her lip slightly and said, "Do you think you can convince people of something so false? He is now the most promising person in the Elemental Temple, as long as he is willing, the six major consortia, including our Mellon Consortium, and other wealthy businessmen, are willing to spend large sums of money to befriend him, is he still short of money? No! How could he possibly do such a thing!"

Srundy face expressionless, "Rich, does not mean powerful, perhaps want revenge?"

"No, it's not possible!" Jenny stared at him, "I know him, he would not do such a burnt thing!"

Srundy indifferently said: "Nothing is impossible, he spent more than three years in Thornbush Prison, in that environment, who knows what kind of changes in his heart nature has appeared? If you say he does not hate me, do you believe it? Do I believe it?"

Hearing this sharp rhetorical question, Jenny was a little lost in thought, but soon, her eyes gathered and she looked seriously at her father, "Hate! He will hate! He should also hate that you wronged him in the first place! But even if he wanted to take revenge on us, he wouldn't use such means, how many casualties would this cause? He can't be that cold-blooded! I believe him!"

Srundy raised his eyelids, staring into her eyes, and after a moment, his gaze slowly fell back to the newspaper and said, "If three years ago, he could have been where he is today, I would never have objected to you being together! Three years ago, it was me who looked away, but this time never, you can't imagine, three years in Thornbush Prison, what kind of change it can cause to a person! Maybe ......"

When he said the word "perhaps", he suddenly silent down, half a sound, slowly said: "this matter, you told me also useless, because this time, not my involvement, I believe he did not collude with the wild, but he will never be three years ago that ignorant young man, oh no. Three years ago he is already not ignorant, can be a junior hunter power, will be an intermediate hunter led hunting squad to the group destroyed, such a mind and cunning, beyond your imagination and mine, you still away from him in the future for good."

Jenny was stunned, suddenly a message, eyes wide open: "This matter is not your involvement? That is ......"

"It was planned by that playmate of yours who grew up playing with you." Srundy looked up at her, frowned slightly, a trace of intolerance under his eyes, said: "You also know that our family in the Mellon Consortium is deteriorating, and offended this windy God Ambassador, was attacked by the Meier family too many places, now in the consortium's shares, has dropped to less than thirty percent, the entire Mellon Consortium, has been the Meier family a dominant situation Today's meeting, Kenson the butcher also let his daughter on the conference room, although before I could see that this little girl has a lot on her mind, and her grandfather as not on the surface, but I did not expect than I thought more sinister, about dealing with this kid, almost her full control, such means, even if a famous for many years of great wealth, will be made by her to lose all their money, imprisoned in jail, huh! "

Jenny's face is full of incredulity, "You, you are talking about Saya? How is it possible, Saya how she will enter the conference hall? Isn't she traveling around all day, either to parties, concerts, or piano lessons, how could she possibly do these things?"

Srundy sighed, "It seems that this little girl's mind, higher than I thought, has learned to disguise herself since she was a child."

Jenny looked at him in a daze, her mind buzzing in the ring, some confusion, some images flew past, suddenly, she some wake up, bitterly said: "so it is, I thought, she grew up different from other girls, know everything, she once said, playing the piano and poetry are the pursuit of the mediocre, her ideal is to fill the entire Sylvia giant wall with wealth, and then stand on the Tower of Gold looking out over the wall."

Srundy was slightly stunned and said, "How old was she when she said that?"

Jenny said: "It seems to be eight years old, that year we said together each other's dreams, at that time I heard her words, I thought it was a deliberately exaggerated joke, now it seems that what she really loves, not poetry or something, but what she has now."

Srundy silent for a moment, sighed, said: "She has such a pursuit, but is quite similar to her grandfather, George that old man if now only twenty years old, full of energy, estimated another thirty years, the entire Sylvia giant wall, really will be filled by their Meier family wealth! But ......" he looked at Jenny, there was a trace of mildness in his eyes, "compared to them, your life now is more meaningful, in terms of raising a daughter, I am better than them!"

Jenny saw the relief in his eyes, slightly biting her lower lip, and whispered, "Father, is it true what you said this time?"




Outside the fortress, on the wilderness plain.

Dudian took Genesee and Kaki duo fast forward, over the mountains, along the way will be blocking the way of some mutant demons by hand to kill, which surprisingly there are also body decay walkers, from the dress, seems to be from the wall out of the explorers, to the radiation area to search for supplies back to the black market inside the wall to sell money.

"Young master, do you know where you are going?" Kach followed behind Dudian, somewhat curious, along the way he saw Dudian lead the way when he seemed to know the route in general, with a strong sense of purpose. (Unfinished business.)