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Chapter 303: Night Talk [guaranteed second shift


At this moment near dusk, the sunset shines on the towering rock walls of the fortress, Dudian like a gecko climbing against the wall, when it came to the sharp wooden stakes on the fortress, only to see the soldiers patrolling on both sides happen to be separated from each other, patrolling to the other side, immediately rolled over, quickly swept into the fortress, stick to the wall with two hands rubbing on the wall, slowing the force of the fall, landing on the ground and a roll to minimize the sound.

Dudian quickly swept around, see a few patrol soldiers in the distance with their own perception of the same, the distance is far away, immediately towards another place to dash quickly.

With the experience of the last stowaway, this time is more familiar, soon, Dudian bypassed the patrol of guards, came to the desolate wilderness within the fortress, did not walk for a long time, met a desolate town.

"I didn't expect that every time I smuggled in, I was unclothed." Dudian smiled slightly bitterly, sneaked into this town, touched the backyard of a family, stole a set of clothes it was drying to change, and then quickly left the town, taking advantage of the night, running in the direction of Yad town.

A few hours later, Dudian came to the town of Yad, at the moment it was dark, and then shortly after is the curfew time.

Dudian took a look at the hillside behind the town, the old fortress of Lane stood there quietly, like a giant beast in the night.



In the old castle of Lane, the second floor study.

Already eaten dinner, Sandru assisted his father back to his room, and when old Fulin sat down, he retrieved a set of thick fleece blanket from the nearby closet and handed it to his father, "Now the weather is cool, cover a blanket to sit at night."

Old Fulin took it, covered himself on both knees, sighed and said, "It's been so long and he hasn't come back, and I don't know what happened."

Sandru reassured: "Although he is young, but mature and cautious, there should not be any big deal, you do not worry, maybe in a few days will come back."

"Outside the wall does not care whether the office is mature or young, the magic creature will not talk to you about these etiquette false." Fulin shook his head and sighed.

Sandru saw his worried face under the lamp, pondered a little, said: "Why don't we push those people again, let them go to see, how to say they are also Mr. Du bail out people, this point of human kindness are not returned, too inhumane."

"If you have humanity, you won't go into such a dirty place, after you go there, even if you have humanity, it's already worn out." Fulin shook his head slightly and said, "If there is no news tomorrow, you find two people who are more resourceful, compile them temporarily into the hunters, and let them go over to take a look."

"Hmm." Sandru nodded slightly.

Fulin sighed, slowly said: "Although our Lane family is now on the rise momentum, many fallen nobles, as well as small nobles, including well-known wealthy merchants, want to join our consortium, seemingly flourishing, but these are all thanks to him alone, such as the identity of his divine ambassador, our Lane family will not take long to be beaten back to the original, and it is difficult to turn over! "

Sandru was silent for a moment, said: "Father, we can't rely on him for everything, if he has an accident in the future, our whole family will not be on the decline?"

Fulin was slightly stunned, looked up at him, said: "No rise, how to talk about decline? I don't want to hear you mention such words again!"

When Sandru saw his anger, his face changed slightly and he even said, "Father, I know I am wrong."

Fulin saw him bow his head in apology, slowly withdrew his gaze, looked at the burning oil lamp, fell into thoughts, weathered eyes reflecting the two flames of the lamp, swaying unquenched.


A few moments later, a slight sound suddenly sounded outside the window.

Fulin and Sandru were startled, looked up and saw a figure dressed as a farmer tumble in.

Just want to shout "assassin" Sandru, see the person's appearance, can not help but freeze.

"What, change clothes and you do not know me?" Dudian looked at him with a smile, came to sit down on a chair in front of the table, and said to Fulin: "Let you worry, I went to the wall outside the past few days, nothing happened, right?"

Fulin looked at him in a daze, slowed down, lightly exhaled, bitterly smiled: "It's good that you came back, I thought ...... the Mellon family is still not moving, do not know what is plotting, we do not have spies, hey, intelligence is too weak!"

Dudian frowned slightly, nodded thoughtfully and said, "I brought back the little ones?"

"Little guys?" Fulin heard Dudian's whistle, a slight bitter smile, said: "They are not small, one of them is almost catching up with my age, I sent someone to keep an eye on, in addition to the one who stayed behind, Nicotine butler, the rest of the few people just returned from the net guards not long ago, stay in the castle every day, did not go out."

Dudian raised his eyebrows slightly, "Where is that butler? Where did he go?"

"He has not gone out either, and stays in your castle every day." Fulin said.

Dudian slightly surprised, and then released, the corners of the mouth hooked up a curve, said: "I know, tonight to come over to nag you, you can see, I just came back from the wall, and is smuggled back, when the Illuminati trace up, you help me to do the proof."

"Smuggled back?" Fulin was shocked, said: "You did not go to the net guards?" Just after asking, then a slap on the head, suddenly said: "also right, if you go, I have long gotten the news ...... why you smuggled, there is something can not let the Illuminati know?"

Dudian nodded, said: "channel there is a bit of chaos, I came back, found a demon from our channel there broke in, killed the duty of the knight of light, I am worried about being misunderstood by them this demon is I deliberately put in, so directly smuggled into the city, so as not to be misunderstood by them, when there is no evidence, the explanation can not explain. "

Fulin and Sandru stunned, look at each other, Fulin said: "You are not hurt, right? This magic creature is chasing you in by mistake?"

Dudian shook his head and laughed bitterly: "I found it when I returned, coincidentally here, precisely because it is a coincidence, so it can not be explained."

Fulin looked at him and nodded: "That's true, explaining coincidence is most like a defense, but now you are the divine ambassador of the Elemental Temple, your credit is very high, if you say it's not, no one will suspect you, so you don't have to take such a risk in the future."

Dudian said: "This is one of the reasons, the second is also I do not want to be involved with the hunters, hunters will now become my side business, even if I go outside the wall, but also must enter secretly, can not leak news, you should know, the nobility is discriminated against hunters, and the divine messenger is looked up to, want to maximize the spread of their influence, you must discard one side, of course Can't say discard, just put the bright, into the dark to carry out."

Fulin a smile, said: "I knew it, you must have other reasons, this is your main purpose, right, you do not need me to worry, every time I think of my concerns in advance, and did, indeed, and my personal advice is that you better stop hunting, rely on the money earned by the work of divine magic to hire others to hunt on, such work to There is no need to risk yourself."

Dudian smiled faintly and said, "Usually you can leave it to others to take risks, but when you are assassinated, there is no one to take your place to die, I am not hunting for the money of the material, but to sharpen my combat power, the sword hidden in the scabbard, after a long time, will only rust."

Fulin looked at the teenager smiling look, sighed, no longer persuade each other, said: "Speaking of which, you just came back, you bailed back those few people, it is time to manage management, I asked them to find you, they all excused themselves, such an attitude is too bad, in addition there is, you went outside the wall news somehow leaked, the Mellon consortium has used the power of newspaper opinion to the elements The temple has used the public opinion power of the newspaper to pressure the elemental temple, saying that you just have a little achievement, and then neglect the divine arts, the elemental temple side has not responded, but you still take the initiative to report, make a statement, and strive to come up with another divine arts work in the near future to plug their mouths, no matter what star level is available." (Unfinished business.)