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Chapter 288: Mutation Evolution [Guaranteed First Shift

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the mutant scythe walker ate three of its kind, the other three odors came after each other, the surrounding grass rustled, and out of it suddenly leapt a giant black rat the size of a small suckling pig, with sharp hair all over its body, like a hedgehog, the sharp black rat's head was covered with dense eyes, dark red in color, shining with a bloodthirsty luster, and pounced towards the mutant scythe walker that had just evolved.

"Roar -" the mutant scythe walker noticed the giant black rat, roared and raised his hand to grab it, immediately grabbed it, lip muscle tearing blood basin mouth bite, the giant black rat's head bitten fiercely, the latter in pain, let out a sharp cry, struggling violently, but Can not resist being bitten down inch by inch sharp teeth, blood from its head sprayed out, and soon stopped moving.

"It's a multi-minded demon rat!" Dudian looked secretly alarmed, "hunting rank eight existence, according to the magic creature atlas, in the adult blood devouring rat has a relatively small chance to be able to mutate into eye-catching magic rat." Under the erosion of virus and radiation, the cells of the magic creature will mutate at any time while adapting, and once mutated, and then reproduce the young, it is a brand new magic creature, inheriting some of the habits before the mutation, but also with new strength and preferences.

For example, the ordinary blood-devouring mouse, the blood odor is extremely sensitive, but does not have the ability to see at night, while the 'multi-minded magic mouse' not only has the ability to see at night, but also has dynamic vision, can be described as the hunter's nemesis, in the magic atlas has described, even senior hunters, want to shoot a prepared multi-minded magic mouse, the chances are Less than 10%, so it can be seen, this multi-eyed magic mouse vision is strong!

"The mutant scythe walkers here occupy most of the numbers, this multi-minded magic rat did not see it as a natural enemy and avoid it, could there be more for the existence of the multi-minded magic rat here?" Dudian eyes show a thoughtful look, in the three years of prison life, he learned to look for information from the ordinary subtleties, the average person may be immersed in the bloody picture in front of him, but he could not help but think of many things.

Magic and beasts actually differ little, one is a species bred on Earth, the other is a new type of beast created on top of Earth species, through the processing of viruses and radiation, more frightening and tougher than the original, but still has the territoriality, hunting habits, natural enemies and so on.

"In the magical atlas, the natural enemy of the multi-minded magic rat is the molten stone snake, scales like rock, colorless and odorless, like the crocodile is good at waiting for the rabbits, stationary hunting, the scales at the tail can open and close, emitting the smell of blood, luring prey, is one of the most terrifying stalking magical creatures, the adult molten stone snake hunting level in about twenty-four to twenty-five ......"

Dudian's gaze flickered, the multi-minded magic mouse will not appear in the field of the molten stone snake, which means the chances of a molten stone snake lurking around here are not high.

At this time, the mutant scythe walker has already bitten the body of this multi-megaphone magic rat, sharp claws tore through its epidermis, tightly containing its head, at its throat, actually gurgling and rolling, like drinking blood.

Dudian was stunned, is that this mutant scythe walker really has the ability to digest? This is the ordinary walking corpse can never have, to know, ordinary walking corpse even if the stomach is torn, internal organs fall, still able to move, although the body of the mutant scythe walking corpse is relatively well preserved, there is no damage, but all the mutant scythe walking corpse, also from the ordinary walking corpse mutation evolution, if the walking corpse is like a puppet without life and soul, then can absorb and digest the walking corpse ...... is instead like a living creature!

At this time, the sound of vibration from the distance, is a nearly three meters tall hound-like demon rushed, large size, the lower neck of the two forelimbs in the middle, slightly cracked a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Dudian looked slightly stunned, this magical creature he had not seen in the magical atlas, but he had seen the magical atlas, is already in jail three years ago version, the magical atlas will be issued every month from the inner wall of the new version, if there is a new magical creature, will also be issued in advance.

Behind this magical creature, is another full-body black and gold patterns all over the python, about seven or eight meters long, swam over quickly.

The faintest smell that Dudian smelled was emanating from this python.

"Roar!" The mutant scythe walker pounced towards this three-meter tall hound-like demon, and the python demon that swam behind it also pounced together, one pounced in front, the scythe on its arm slashed out wildly, and the other wound up along the back at the tail.

The largest hound-like demon roared in anger, biting at the mutant scythe walker in front.

The mutant scythe walker did not let it bite down, but dodged sideways, and continued to pounce.

See here, Dudian heart set off a shocking wave, dodge? It actually knows how to dodge? Could it be that it has a consciousness?

Dudian suddenly thought of the first mutant scythe walker shot earlier, when the arrow hit the bone of his face, but was plucked off by its hand! If it were an ordinary walker, it would not even notice the pain, nor would it have the consciousness to pull it off!

"Walking corpse actually evolved consciousness ......" Dudian body shivered slightly, great fear surged in his heart, no one understood, what kind of horrible disaster!

A few moments later, this hound-like demon finally fell, the mutant scythe walker with its frontal attack, more serious injuries, an arm was bitten off, while the python demon was not injured, but it played the vast majority of the role in the battle.

Kill the hound-like demon, the python demon roared and pounced on the mutant scythe walking corpse, bloody mouth immediately bit on one of its arms, fangs pierced, poison injected into it.

The mutant scythe walking corpse roared and raised its broken arm, using the broken bones to poke at the python's body.

However, the python's body quickly wrapped around it, strangling its body and quickly gaining the upper hand.

Dudian put away the shock in his heart, a glint in his eyes, this is the perfect opportunity, he immediately quietly touched the past, when close to the range distance of two hundred meters, he bent down to stand in a grass, draw out the mercury arrow on the aim, a few seconds later, grabbed a pre-determined moment, the arrow release.

Whoosh shot, hit in the python's neck a few inches below, the purpose is not to kill it on the spot, but to make it seriously wounded, otherwise without its hold, this mutant scythe walker will soon pounce on himself.

The second arrow is already on, this time aiming at the head of the mutant scythe walker. Poof, the arrow quickly hit, shot in the corner of its mouth torn lip muscle, through to the mouth.

The body of the mutant scythe walker was unbalanced under the force of the arrow and fell down, while the python was wound tighter and tighter after the pain of the arrow.

Dudian put on the third arrow, ready to harvest the python, and then solve the combat power has been weakened by half of the mutant scythe walker. However, a roar sounded in vain, interrupting his fantasy plan, only to see the fallen mutant scythe walking corpse let out a loud roar, fiercely lowered a bite on the head of the boa constrictor, sharp teeth actually pierced the boa constrictor head snake scales!

The python twisted its body in pain and wound tighter, but the snake's mouth spat out the arm of the mutant scythe walker and struggled to shake its head to break free from its mouth.

But while it released its mouth, the mutant scythe walker's arm flew to hold its head, biting harder and harder.

The body of the boa constrictor twisted wildly, driving the body of the mutant scythe walker rolled on the ground, but I do not know whether it was the effect of the mercury, or the effect caused by the bite of the mutant scythe walker, the struggle of the boa constrictor soon weakened, and after a few moments, it gradually stopped twisting, wrapped around the body of the mutant scythe walker a coil of snake body also softly loose.

The mutant scythe walker still lowered its head to bite wildly.

Dudian saw his face change, hastily set up an arrow to shoot.

Poof, the mercury arrow hit the face of the mutant scythe walker, but not the eye socket, two hundred meters range can hit, but to shoot a small eyeball, the odds are still a little low.

The arrow in the face, so that the mutant scythe walker snapped his head up, scarlet eyes quickly locked on the distant Dudian body, it suddenly let out an angry roar, in its forehead, slowly a small sharp bump, piercing the skin, protruding to the forehead outside, the length of about half a finger or so, is actually a very small bone horns.

Dudian looked at the face changed, did not expect this mutant scythe walking corpse to appear again mutation, and the body shape has also changed, into a walking corpse he had never seen.

He hurriedly set up an arrow to aim and shot the third arrow quickly!

The horns on the forehead of this horned scythe walker just grew out, the arrow broke through the air and pierced into its throat, not half, and cut off its voice.

Dudian did not care to save the arrow, continued to hitch a fourth mercury arrow shot. (Unfinished business.)