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Chapter 256: Purchase [Third Shift

"Mr. Du, I've come to pick you up."

As Dudian arrived at the entrance of the divine hall, Sandru appeared from the side, full of eagerness and still with a bit of excitement in his eyes, not expecting that such a big crisis would be easily defused by Dudian, but instead, he also made a name for himself again.

Dudian glanced at him and said, "Where is the old patriarch?"

"Father, he is not well and is resting at home." Sandru even said, "His old man has prepared a celebration feast for you, waiting for you to return for a gathering." Although his age is more than enough to be Dudian's father, but at this moment in front of Dudian is very polite, and even a little respectful, this scene makes the people next to look surprised, but considering Dudian's status today and the situation of the Lane family, the heart will be relieved.

Dudian felt the attention of the people around him, frowned slightly and said to Sandru: "Let's go back first."

"Good." Sandru sighed with relief, led the way in front and pulled open the carriage door for Dudian.

Dudian got into the carriage and said in a low voice, "You come up too."

Sandru's eyes flashed with a trace of joy, hastily agreed, also got on the carriage, saw Dudian had sat down, immediately instructed the carriage driver in front of him to return to the old castle of Lane.

The carriage went down the hillside, the ground was a little uneven and bumpy.

Dudian sat steadily in his chair, and after leaving the shrine for some distance, he looked at Sandru, who was sitting across from him, and said, "You came here at the behest of the old patriarch?"

Sandru did not expect him to ask this matter, slightly stunned, his face changed slightly, only hesitated for a moment, but honestly said: "I came here myself, to give you a boost."

Dudian indifferently said: "You should learn more from your father, although he is old, but the vision is never wrong."

Sandru blushed awkwardly, understood the meaning of Dudian's words, and said, "I, will ......"

"Also, in the future, outside, pay attention to the attitude towards me." Dudian calmly said: "My identity to you, just from a hunter to rise to a potential God's ambassador, you are the future successor of the Lane family, the posture to show, do not reveal our deep relationship, the more known by the enemy, the less power you have to fight back."

Sandru's face was burning, his face was a little embarrassed, but he could not refute Dudian's words at the end and said sarcastically, "I know, I will in the future."

Dudian glanced at him, did not continue to say more, lifted the curtain to look out at the scenery, quietly thinking.

When he returned to Fort Lane, Dudian saw from afar that old Fulin was already standing at the door waiting, draped with warm thick fleece on his shoulders, standing with his walking stick at the gate looking forward, he took a deep look, sighing slightly in his heart, waiting for the carriage to stop, immediately pushed the door and got off, went forward to support Fulin, said: "It's windy outside, you don't have to wait for me at the door. "

"It's okay, I just came out." Fulin smiled.

Dudian heart speechless, Aunt Lan in the hall heard Fulin's words, said to Dudian: "Mr. Du you finally came back, the master has been waiting at the door for a long time, who persuaded but did not listen, his body ...... hey!"

Fulin slightly waved his hand, interrupting her words and smiling to Dudian, "I knew it, you don't do things that you are not sure of."

Dudian helped him to sit in the chair and said, "It's good that you know."

Fulin then noticed Sandru who came in after Dudian, sighed and said to Dudian: "Let's eat first, it's not early, the guys are starving, Lao San, you tell the guys about what happened in the Hall of God."

Sandru bowed his head and said, "Yes."

Under Fulin's word, the servants all acted and brought the dishes to the table.

Dudian helped Flynn move over, Sandru and Geek and others, as well as Hughton, Lena and other juniors in turn to take their seats, during which Sandru told the crowd about the Hall of God, and when they heard that Dudian won the case, led by the more flexible Hughton, the crowd applauded enthusiastically.

Halfway through the meal, the butler suddenly came in and bent down next to Fring and whispered, "My lord, someone from the Sterling Consortium."

Fulin slightly froze, inclined his head to look at Dudian, and said to the butler, "Bring it in."

A few moments later, a brightly dressed and bejeweled young woman, led by the butler, came into the hall. She immediately saw Fulin and Dudian in the upper seat and walked over with a smile, saluting, "Greetings, old patriarch, you are still so healthy."

Fulin glanced at her and smiled, "You are the child of the old Chai family, right?"

The young woman's eyes flashed a trace of surprise, immediately smiled: "Old patriarch you have a good memory, my father is Chai Sto, I am his fourth daughter, you can call me Willy, came in a hurry, disturbing your meal, this is a small gift, as my apologies." Said, handed out a delicate small box open, inside is a string of exquisite platinum necklace.

A few women sitting in the middle of the table stretched their necks to see the necklace in the box, eyes glowing with excitement.

Fulin smiled lightly and said, "You are a junior, I won't see anything strange with you."

Seeing that he was not moved, Willy gazed at him, put the gift box on the dining table and said, "Old patriarch, the late generation is still looking for Mr. Du for something this time, but Mr. Du is your man, it's best to say it together in front of you and Mr. Du, but I heard that Mr. Du has newly manufactured a kind of 'military crossbow' called I heard that Mr. Du has made a new weapon called 'Military Crossbow', and our Scott Consortium wants to buy the production and sales rights of this crossbow."

Dudian heart slightly surprised, did not expect the Scott consortium so quickly get the news, and rushed over, to know, although the Chai family is one of the three major shareholders of the Scott consortium, but the full purchase of the elemental temple of divine magic items need a lot of money, not a family can decide, so it can be seen that the Scott consortium's efficiency is fast, and the depth of information channels!

Fulin and Dudian looked at each other and said to Willy: "This matter is Mr. Du's private matter, he has the right to decide on his own, you can talk to him directly."

Willy heard this, relieved, she was worried that Dudian was bound by the Ryan consortium contract, then to snatch the meat from the hands of this old fox of Fulin to eat, the price to pay will undoubtedly be much more.

Dudian deliberated for a moment and said, "Since you have decided to buy it, you should know the value of this crossbow, as well as the assessment given by the temple, right?" In the past, he made matches and new textile machines, other consortia just need to parse them out on their own and they can copy them for free, now that he has joined the system of the Elemental Temple, the items made have the property rights protected by the Elemental Temple, this is what he learned after joining the Elemental Temple, this world is not without patent rights, it's just that ordinary civilians don't have them. (To be continued.)