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Chapter 191: Kill [guaranteed second shift

Dudian did not say anything, silently sniffed the three Barton left, and when they walked out of the Red Mill, immediately pointed out to the girl at his wet jacket, and then turned around and left without a word.

The white cat mask girl froze slightly, stomping her feet, can only continue to wait in the same place.

Dudian squeezed into the crowd, bypassing the girl's line of sight, left the ballroom, came outside the Moulin Rouge, and soon saw a carriage with the Milan family flag parked at the side of the road, in front of which sat a coachman and two knights, waiting for their young master.

Previously in the ballroom dim light, so the girl did not notice the difference, but outside the bright light, Dudian knew that he alone with a coat is difficult to hide from the eyes of the two knights, immediately took off the mask, take off the top coat, while they look at the street when lost in thought, flew down the steps to the other side of the street in front of the carriage, pull open the door and get on the carriage.

"Coming." Inside the carriage, Barton saw the carriage Dudian, asked, looking a little nervous, said, "What next?"

Dudian did not speak, glanced at Vikander who had fainted next to him, and said to Klune, who was sitting outside in the carriage driver's seat, "First get out of here and go to the streets of Theer."

"Thel Street?" Kluane jumped in shock, there is the territory of the Inquisition, see Dudian did not explain, he did not ask further questions, raised the whip to drive away.

The streets of Theer are far from the streets of Lido, two hours before arriving, on the way Vikander woke up, only just regained some consciousness, by Dudian again knocked out.

Dudian found an out-of-the-way alley, while left and right when fewer people, Vikander assisted to get out of the car, patting his back, even if someone noticed, will only think that a few drunken nobles in a car shook on the strength of alcohol, want to vomit on the roadside.

After entering the alley, Dudian will help Vikander to the deepest alley, here away from the road, the chances of being found by passers-by low, and the sound of the roadside pedestrians will not be too harsh.

Help Vikander to a comfortable side lying position, Dudian will alley lighter smell of garbage covered him, the first is to avoid being seen, the second is to maintain his body temperature, to prevent prematurely woke up by freezing.

After doing this, Dudian turned around and left the alley, the party passed by the passers-by have long gone away, no one will stop to watch others vomit, so no one noticed two people went in, but only one person came out.

Back in the carriage, Dudian changed into Vikander's jacket, to Barton and Joseph said: "You wait here, if he woke up, fake bumper stickers, to attract the attention of passers-by."

"What's a bumper sticker?" Barton said curiously.

Dudian well, explained, and taught a few methods.

Barton and Joseph dawned on them and memorized them firmly.

"What about getting attention?" Joseph asked.

Dudian said, "He will feel ashamed of himself and shake you off to leave, and you should not pester too much, he will leave if he wants to, the purpose is to make others notice his presence here."

Barton and Joseph looked at each other and nodded, "Got it."

When the two of them got off the carriage, Dudian said to Klune, "Go to the sixth street of Thele."

Without asking many questions, Klune fully assumed the role of a carriage driver and drove the carriage away.

"Twelfth front." Dudian pointed out the direction.

The carriage soon stopped in front of house number twelve on Thele Sixth Street, a small manor house with a lawn behind the fence and a chic and elegant cottage wrapped in the middle of the lawn, with a huge fruit tree on the side of the house, hanging with red fruits.

Dudian smelled two odors in the house, as well as another familiar smell, which is the smell of Horette, this house, which is also the home of Horette.

Putting on the mask, Dudian went up and knocked on the door, and a moment later, the door was pushed open, and a showy woman of about thirty pushed open the door, and seeing Dudian wearing a mask at the door, she jumped in shock and said in amazement, "You are?"

"The man from the inquisition to investigate." Dudian lowered his voice and said, "Need to borrow your husband's relics."

The showy woman gave him a puzzled look, but said, "Please come in."

Dudian nodded, changed into slippers and entered the house, glanced around and figured out the structure of the house, another smell was in the room upstairs, it was Horette's youngest son.

"What relics do you want?" The showy woman who closed the door and followed me over sized up Dudian, she always felt a little strange, and looked at Dudian suspiciously and asked.

Dudian looked back at her and said softly, "Mrs. is your husband's most valuable relic, right?"

The showy woman was stunned and looked at Dudian suspiciously, saying, "You, you're not from the inquisition?"

Dudian said: "Your husband committed a crime, he used his life to make up for it, but he made up for it at the same time, and brought me a little trouble because of his death, so, I can only trouble you to help him fill this hole."

The woman's eyes widened as she stared at the masked figure in horror, not expecting the murderer of her husband, whom she had been searching for, to be standing in front of her. ......"

Dudian did not wait for her to continue to say more, flew out his hand, covered her mouth, whispered: "I will give you a pain, will not be like your husband, died so painful, bitterly begging me to kill him." After saying that, the arm twisted, and with a click, the neck of the showy woman broke with a sound.

Dudian expression gloomy, will slowly put her body down on the ground, ready to quietly go upstairs, suddenly heard a very light humming sound from upstairs, footsteps a slight beat, face a few ugly, he stopped, turned around and grabbed the table rag, his fingers touched the beautiful woman's chin and lips wiped, and then feel the pocket necklace, thrown on the ground in an inconspicuous place.

After doing this, was about to leave, suddenly, the humming sound turned around to the stairs, from there, sticking his head out, shouted: "Hey!" Seemingly in a prank, jumped out in vain to scare people.

Dudian's body stiffened and met him with all eyes.

This is a **year-old child, a short flaxen hair, his face full of mischievous smile, but frozen, see the mother who fell on the living room floor, has been a strange figure in the living room wearing a mask, he only felt his head boom, some blank, frozen in place.

Dudian's heart but countless thoughts flashed, the first reaction is to kill, but soon, he vainly remembered that he was still wearing a mask, the heart secretly relieved, looked at the boy, a trace of struggle flashed in his eyes, and finally turned and flew away, pulling open the door, change shoes, and grabbed the slippers he had worn, and ran outside to the carriage, so that Kluane drove away. (To be continued.)