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Chapter 172: Forbidden Techniques

Nightingale hmmm, said: "Almost like this, but even if there is no complete alchemical results, as long as you can put forward a more reasonable alchemical conjectural framework, if you can pass the audit, you can get the basic alchemical points, as well as the alchemical status pass. After all, what a trainee apprentice can learn is really limited, and trying to find new directions from all the alchemical theories that have been opened up is very difficult, so as long as one can come up with some more mind-expanding or creative alchemical conjectures, it is possible to pass the audit."

Dudian nodded slightly, thinking secretly in his heart, I'm afraid this is not considering the limited insight of apprentice apprentices, but the Dark Church is ultimately unseen, in the long confrontation, the grassroots consumption is far more than the Light Church, can only maintain the number and size of the Dark Church by relaxing the requirements of the bottom, in the end, the bottom is always for the top.

Rose next to him gave Dudian a look and said, "Even if you come up with alchemical conjectures, you need a complete alchemical process and a relatively complete alchemical formula, otherwise a little 'pie-in-the-sky' creativity alone can only be considered 'hocus-pocus '"

"Good." Golden Armor nodded with deep feeling.

Dudian thought for a moment and said to Nightingale, "I happen to have an alchemical conjecture, so I just happen to take this opportunity to apply to the Dark Church to take a look at it."

"Oh?" Nightingale had a few moments of surprise in her eyes, then revealed a smile and said, "It seems that in these years, you have not given up on your pursuit of alchemy, I'd quite like to see it, wish you success."

Rose and Golden Armor glanced at each other, wanting to say something, but finally held back from saying anything. After all, the other party is also a friend of Nightingale's, so it would be somewhat rude to continue questioning.

At that moment, the four of them walked towards the Dark Church behind the square in company.

In front of this magnificent hall, there are two stone sculptures, very similar to the sculptures outside the Church of Light, are two four-winged angel sculptures, a man and a woman, handsome face, hands around the chest, looking up to the heavens, seems to be praying for all beings. The only difference is that the two angel sculptures on the cheeks of a few less compassionate, more evil, and wings and body clothing are black, wrapped in chains, with a few heavy killing atmosphere.

Dudian knew from Rosyad's notes that this was the Angel of Purgatory who served the Monarch of Destruction in the Dark Canon.

Four people went up the steps, past two more than ten meters high sculpture of the Angel of Purgatory, into this dark hall.

The four of them went up to the dark hall, which was very spacious, and there was a huge notice board on the left side, with many white papers on it.

Nightingale stopped and turned back to Dudian, "You are a trainee apprentice, according to the rules, you cannot submit your alchemical conjecture to the Dark Church personally, you can only find your master, or other official Dark Church members to submit it for you."

Dudian slightly froze, then understood, other alchemists are different from him, most of them have their own masters, the reason why many people set foot on the path of alchemists, is to meet the master by chance, under the leadership of the master to know some superficial alchemical knowledge.

"Then I'll trouble you to submit it for me." Dudian said to Nightingale.

Nightingale said with a smile, "Can you trust me?"

"They are all old friends, how can we talk about trust." Dudian smiled faintly, if it was an ordinary person, he really couldn't trust, taking other people's alchemical experiments for himself, this kind of thing is not unprecedented, even many teachers and apprentices will have such problems, after all, a great and successful alchemical experiment came out, the points given are extremely terrifying.

Nightingale smiled and said, "That's fine, leave it to me." Saying that, stretched out her hand from the black robe, it was a small white and tender hand.

Dudian stayed to take a look, and knew that the owner of this small hand should be a pampered identity, rarely do things personally, the palm of the hand does not have the slightest sign of having done heavy work.

"This, do you have a paper and pen?" Dudian asked.

Nightingale and the three people beside him, Golden Armor and Rose, were all stunned, and Nightingale withdrew her hand and said in dismay, "You don't want to write now, do you?"

Dudian coughed lightly and said, "It's all written in my head, it's quick, it won't take too long."

"Is that so?" Although she heard Dudian say so, Nightingale still couldn't help but look at him suspiciously, how could anyone come to submit an alchemical conjecture and not prepare it in advance? Like they came to submit their alchemical results, they all wrote and re-wrote, repeatedly revised and checked several times to make sure there were no typos, or omissions, before they dared to come over and submit.

Next to Rose said suspiciously: "Are you really ready? Couldn't be that you want to come over and see the place, that's why you're saying that on purpose, right?"

Nightingale looked at Dudian for a moment and said, "Can you really write it down?"

Dudian nodded slightly to express his affirmation.

"Okay." Nightingale thought for a moment and said, "We'll go ahead and submit it later, you can write it down next to us, there's a place there."

Rose and Golden Armor glanced at each other, and did not say anything else, anyway, when the time comes, the one who is disgraced is not himself, there is no need to talk more to offend others.

Several people led Dudian to a counter next to the main hall to line up, behind this counter are many magic medicine materials and alchemy materials, at the side is a door, every once in a while, someone comes out of the door, and then the people in front of the line enter into the door, apparently inside is the place of inspection.

"Nightingale, look, there are 'zirconium stones' behind there, my god, so expensive!" While waiting in line, several people were looking around with nothing to do. Jinjia noticed a corner at the counter in front and exclaimed in a low voice.

Nightingale looked over, sighed slightly and said, "It is indeed expensive, but my alchemy table is too poor, even if I bought it, there is no way to melt it."

Dudian looked over, this zirconium is a rare metal ore, fist-sized, silver gray, at the moment a small piece on the counter, the price is even twelve gold coins, you know, a gold coin is equal to 10,000 copper coins, equal to the income of most residents of the family a year.

"Zirconium metal? ......" Dudian gaze flickered slightly, this material has a very high corrosion resistance, if added to the hunter's battle armor, to be able to increase the grade of the battle armor several times, encounter some will spew corrosive acid mist monsters, but also be able to deal with one or two.

"Look." Suddenly, Rose pointed to a tall and handsome figure in the queue in front, judging from the figure, a youth, different from the robe dress of others, he was wearing a costume, exquisitely cut silver and white clothing, gold silk trim pattern, standing in the crowd is extremely eye-catching.

Nightingale looked over and was startled for a moment, saying, "Is it someone from that forbidden alchemist family?" (Unfinished business.)