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Chapter 138: Hunting Dudian [First Shift

Under the leadership of the tall youth, the crowd flew forward in the rocky ruins, along the way saw some newly trodden huge footprints not long ago, about the size of a bath tub, it is not difficult to imagine what kind of giant things passed through here.

Dudian smelled the residual odor on this footprint, traced through this odor, and smelled the source of this odor in the distance of about twenty-five to thirty miles, extremely strong and moving slowly.

The tall young man followed the opposite of the footprints and led Dudian and the others to speed ahead, stopping in the middle of a broken street and saying, "Take a break first, Dudian, come over and look at the map, we'll have to rely on you to track the corpse-eaters later."

Dudian smiled and went up to inspect it.

In vain -

The tall young man suddenly turned around, pulled out his dagger in his hand, and stabbed Dudian in the heart of his chest!

This sudden change, so Dudian was shocked.

There was a sharp clang!

Dudian flew backwards and fell to the ground.

The tall youth, however, was somewhat stunned, looking at Dudian's chest, where the black hunting battle armor had been pierced, but ...... inside was extremely hard, like a layer of steel plates!

This sudden change, so that the next female hunter and swordsman and thief three completely stunned.

"Team, captain ......" the female hunter was a little confused.

Dudian heart shocked, hard to believe looking at the tall youth, the next moment, he vainly thought of a thought, suddenly the whole body cold down, from the ground to fly up, turn around and run!

This hunting mission, is simply a cover!

Or the target of the hunt is not a corpse-eater, but him!

The tall young man saw Dudian running away and hurriedly said to the three swordsmen, "Catch him, this is the mission of the consortium, he must be killed!"

The three swordsmen looked at each other, but did not move.

The tall youth didn't care to talk to them much, and flew after Dudian, he originally thought that after winning a sneak attack, he would slowly explain to them, but at this moment the sneak attack failed, if he let Dudian, a newcomer, run away from him, it would be a big joke, and it would also anger the people above!


The tall young man ran at full speed, although a knight occupation, but the flexibility of the figure is not inferior to thieves and hunters.

Dudian felt the figure behind the closer and closer, panic in his heart, head-on battle with a mid-level hunter, he is completely no chance of winning, hurriedly threw out the life traveling bag on his back, although there are still explosive tubes inside, but simply too late to ignite, just a liability.


Dudian desperately run wildly.


In vain, a sound of breaking wind swept rapidly.

Dudian heard the sound of wind, instinctively want to turn around to see, but in the mind but an alarm bell sounded in vain, not to look back, the body took the lead in the side to dodge.

Although the dodge quickly, but a heartburn, still from the back of the fierce transmission, as if a truck hit from behind, his body involuntarily leaned forward and fell, rolling on the ground several times in a row.

At this point, Dudian saw the tall youth quickly approaching and also saw the tip of the gun that ran from his back to his front abdomen.

"Uhhhhhhh ......" Dudian's eyes were red and he endured the pain, holding the lance in his back hand and struggling to pull it out of his back, along with the blood gushing out and splashing on the ground.

"Humph!" The tall youth snorted coldly, quickly rushed to Dudian and kicked out.

Dudian fiercely rolled sideways, grabbed a handful of rotten mud with his backhand, and flung it at the tall youth's face.

The tall youth hurriedly raised his hand to resist, but his foot stepped out of the way, and when he looked again, Dudian had already climbed up and continued to run forward.

"Damn kid!" The tall youth gritted his teeth, grabbed the lance that Dudian had thrown on the ground, aimed at the running Dudian, and threw it violently.

Dudian covered his abdominal wound, forcing himself to endure the pain, although running, but the mind has been watching the back, see the other party picked up the lance, immediately knew that he was going to throw the gun again, immediately bear the fear, along the straight line to continue to run, and then in a sudden moment, rolled towards the side to dodge.

Whoosh, in the moment he dodged, the lance whistled past him and shot into the distance.

Dudian's wildly beating heart sighed with relief, then gritted his teeth and ran toward the side street.

The tall youth froze for a moment, seemingly not expecting Dudian to suddenly dodge, originally saw him foolishly running wildly in a straight line, and thought that the shot was bound to hit, who expected the other party's action, but deliberately led him to misjudge!

"Damn!!!" The tall young man reacted and was immediately annoyed, no longer to pick up the lance, followed the place where Dudian turned the corner and quickly chased after him.

Dudian only felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, and in the process of running, something seemed to be constantly leaking out of his body, which made his heart feel panic, and he could only cover his abdomen more tightly.

"What to do, what to do!" Dudian some panic, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was caught up, just now using the other side of the lingering of the throwing gun to only slightly pull away, but the other side is after all, the intermediate hunter, himself and his distance to begin with is too close, trying to get rid of him is impossible!


The tall young man hurried to catch up, he looked in front of a hand covering the side of the abdomen with one hand paddling the air to run Dudian, the heart of the annoyed also some alarm, such a speed is never a newcomer has, than many junior hunter veterans are faster, than he is not much inferior.

Two people in the moss, stagnant water, rotten streets flying, the distance closer and closer, soon, Dudian smelled the other party's scent, three or four meters behind his own position, is already within reach!

Is this the end ......

Dudian heart flashed a trace of despair, in vain, he saw a puddle next to the road in front of him, which is collapsed down the street, the rain filled inside, floating above the fallen leaves and dark rotten things, the water is murky.

Dudian gritted his teeth and jumped.

Flopped into the puddle.

The tall young man reached out and grabbed the empty, slightly stunned, the body quickly stopped, looking at this area of only seven or eight square meters of puddles, the gaze down, "I wanted to leave you a whole body, but even seek their own death, cheap this sewer monster."

He looked at the surface of the water, waiting, a dozen seconds later, the turbid water floating up a large amount of blood.


Dudian head into the puddle, the first feeling is cold, the puddle is deeper, he quickly swam, towards the puddle inside, afraid that the tall youth also jumped down.

Soon after swimming, Dudian suddenly saw a black shadow, swimming silently and quickly towards himself here, swimming between almost not drive too much water fluctuations.

Underwater demons! Dudian pupils shrink, immediately remembered that this is a sewer, now filled with water, which must be inhabited by many long-term living in the sewers of the demons.

Thinking of this, his heart chills.

At this time, the black shadow is about four or five meters away from him, swimming rapidly, like a hungry tiger pouncing.

Dudian efforts to open his eyes, in the murky water, only to feel the pain in the eyes, but still do not dare to close, and then see the black shadow of the appearance, but is a crocodile-like monster, the whole body fish scales, the front mouth extremely long, six claws under the belly, sharp and incomparable, grasp on the human body is estimated to be able to instantly tear people apart.

Dudian two feet stomp water, panic to escape, but the other side of the underwater acceleration is too fast, a forward dash will be close to come, all over the sharp teeth of the mouth biting hard on Dudian's left leg.

Sharp pain from the left leg, Dudian painfully flung, but the other side of the bite does not let go, he suddenly thought of the leg side of the dagger, hastily pulled out, bent like mad to stab it in the head.

The dagger stabbed down, the monster's tail swung violently in pain, and the water around it stirred.

Dudian crazy stabbing, a lot of blood from the monster's head floating out, not long, the other side of the tight bite force will gradually loose, Dudian hurriedly broke its upper and lower jaw, the leg out, while feeling a sense of suffocation in the chest cavity, know that their breath-holding time is almost up, hurried to the left and right to look.

Soon, Dudian found a hole in the wall and hurriedly swam over.

This hole is a drainage opening to the sewer, Dudian pulled open the mouth of the hole across a few rotten steel bars, the steel bars gently pulled to be broken, Dudian immediately towards the inside.

The hole is facing up, Dudian looked inside for a moment, finally surfaced, could not help but gasp, while looking at the surrounding environment, is actually a mossy toilet.



The tall young man looked at the puddle of water leaping rapidly, with the surge kept a large amount of blood floating out, the murky water dyed light red.

At this time, the huntress and others caught up, looking at the puddle of faded blood, looking at the tall youth in disbelief, saying, "Team, captain, why is this?"

The tall youth inclined his head to look at them and said indifferently, "This is a mission from above, and it was issued by the Blume family, you will each get a thousand gold coins for hush money, and what happened today better not leak out, or I can't protect you."

The three female hunters looked at each other.



Dudian did not dare to break the toilet, here from the tall youth only twenty meters or less, easy to alarm each other. He vaguely remembered that this neighborhood is a few crumbling and collapsed buildings, he should be following the sewers to one of the buildings.

He gasped gently, not daring to make his breath too loud, his body still submerged in the water, his palms tightly covering his side abdomen. After soaking in the water, he felt that the wound on his back was getting more and more painful, and it seemed that blood kept flowing from it.

A few moments later, Dudian smelled the huntress and other people's scent also close to come, immediately hold your breath, will once again sink his head underwater, do not dare to make the slightest movement, afraid that they have the ability to sense the class of magic traces, will find their location.

When again unable to hold their breath, Dudian will carefully float his head out of the water, control the chest cavity slowly pumped into a trace of air, will slowly alternate the gas in the lung lobes, while sniffing their scent, feeling that they are still in front of the puddle, can not help but some apprehension, vaguely feel that here is still too dangerous, immediately took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and sank into the water, along the hole previously climbed up to continue to swim, the heart secretly prayed I prayed that I wouldn't run into any more underwater demons.

Swimming against the wall in the sewer, although the light inside dim, but fortunately his vision was not affected by the darkness, after swimming out of a dozen meters, far away to see a huge waterweed-like demons stationary in the water, the whole body floating with waterweed-like tentacles.

The other side also seems to smell the smell of blood emanating from his body, immediately swim slowly over.

Dudian frightened hastily stop, look around, once again see a similar to the previous hole, immediately towards the inside.

Into this channel, Dudian quickly swim towards the top, the location of the exposed water is still a toilet, but this toilet has long been smashed, the surrounding is flat, Dudian saw not far from a rotten dark skeleton fell, the ground is full of rotten dust and some unknown magic feces.

At this point, Dudian smelled the puddle in front of the tall youth and others, turned around and returned along the original path, seems to be concerned about the underwater magical creatures, gave up jumping in to search, after all, Dudian seriously injured and blood on his body, want to survive underwater hope is close to zero.

Moreover, although these hunters often go outside the wall to hunt monsters, but the structure of this ruined city below is not understood.

Dudian quietly felt them go away, the heart of the tense heart also loosened, at this time, suddenly felt a pain in the feet, followed by countless cold and soft things winding up, and climbing along the legs all the way, towards the upper body.

Dudian immediately thought of the water grass like underwater magic, scared and hurriedly crawled out from this toilet.

Although the area under the toilet is very small, but the surrounding ground in the water soaked, concrete has long rotted, by Dudian pushed a little, broke out a hole.

He crawled out with a bone, looking backward, only to see this watercress-like monster body tentacles, actually like a green snake, the top open sharp mouth, gnawing at their own bodies, fortunately there are hunters battle armor block, only not too badly torn.

Dudian only felt the scalp tingling, holding the dagger frantically stabbed.

The monster ate pain, the body of the small green snake-like tentacles towards Dudian's face bite.

Dudian hurriedly waved his dagger and cut it off.

The demon squealed in pain, wrapped around Dudian's body tentacles suddenly retracted, the body slid and crawled into the puddle at the toilet, the blood from the fracture floating on the surface of the water.

Dudian see will it scared away, heart also relieved, do not dare to stay here more, carefully climb out of this collapsed building.

"Must go to treat the wound as soon as possible." Dudian felt the sharp pain on his thigh and back, his face was ugly, but he did not dare to stay long in this vicinity, lest the other side suddenly turn back again.

He took off his hunter armor and threw it in the water on the side of the road, then pulled out the wet gauze from the first aid kit and rolled it around the wound, then found some vines and green leaves and crumbled them and stuck them on top, so that the plant juice mixed with the smell of blood to inhibit the spread.

Then the blood on the hunter's battle armor was washed, coated with sludge and put on, the smell of rotting mud wafting from the whole body.

"Must leave here as soon as possible, once the large magical creatures to what is dead." Dudian heart nervous incomparable, cover the smell of such a means of infiltration is only a relative increase in point security, but in front of some super hunter demons, this disguise is pale.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed.

The border of the second district, Dudian appeared here, from the surrounding buildings, can vaguely see the Mellon Consortium planted flag, as well as fuel sprayed on the ground insignia pattern, symbolizing that this is the domain of the Mellon Consortium.

"Up ahead is the sixth district, and from the sixth district you can go to the ninth district."

Dudian crossed from one flag side, covered his abdomen, limped into the sixth district, these two days he hardly dared to clean the wounds on his body, and all the first aid products on his body were soaked by the disaster water, lost their effect, only some bottles and jars containing hemostatic medicine somewhat effective, but the wounds were too badly infected by the disaster water, already rotten, must be cut off and bandaged to do.

And cutting off the festering tissue also means there will be the smell of blood.

In such a dangerous area as District No. 2, Dudian could only endure the wound rotting a little, only hoping to return to the cleared District No. 9 as soon as possible, where is the nearest safe area to him.

"Unexpectedly, his purpose is to kill me, not to test me ......"

Dudian while rushing, but the heart is full of pain and sadness, originally thought that this unseen father-in-law really merciful, like Jenny said not to dislike their civilian status, did not expect, or they thought too naive, but also too overestimated their own value.

In the eyes of the other party, he may be a humble