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Chapter 1: Three hundred years of freezing

Disaster rain season.

Rainstorm said to come, just scattered sunshine in the sky, in a moment was covered by dark and heavy dark clouds, pouring rain wildly, is trying to come out of the activities of the slum residents, immediately scared to hide back in the house, afraid to be splashed by this rain.

The rainwater accumulated on the street and quickly spread out in the slum area, some low-lying slum houses were already submerged to the threshold by the rainwater, the drainage system that had not been repaired had no effect at this moment, and in a few moments, the whole outer wall slum area had become a sea of water.

In the Meishan orphanage.

In front of the residents' house, a woman who looked to be in her thirties led a dozen children aged seven or eight to eleven or twelve, hurriedly carrying sandbags that had been made long ago and piled up on top of the threshold to block the raging and roiling rainwater.

"Dudian, do not quickly come to help!"

"It's useless to call him, he's a fool."

"How irritating!"

A few boys holding sandbags tired and sweaty, see a small boy standing quietly in front of the window not far away, some anger, but know that it is useless to say, can only grit their teeth, continue to send the sandbags in their hands to the door to set up.

The little boy in front of the window looks about seven or eight years old, thin, but the size is similar to other eleven or twelve-year-old older children, and the most conspicuous is his skin color, extremely fair, and even a few sickly pale, compared with others who were exposed to bright light and ultraviolet rays dark, dirty skin, out of place, which, let many children envy.

But Dudian heart is sighing, this is the after-effects caused by the freezing warehouse, although it has left the freezing warehouse for more than three months, but his body has not recovered, the whole body can not lift the energy, using the modern medical term, is muscle weakness.

Just standing, it is very hard.

Let alone to carry sandbags to block the rain.

However, such a situation is already considered a blessing among misfortunes. After all, when the disaster spread to China, the research institute has just made the first freezer, before the experimental stage, who does not know whether there will be such and such a failure, he can sleep intact in the freezer for three hundred years, is already a small miracle.

Only, he didn't feel happy.

He did survive, but his parents and sister, who made the freezer, were left behind to face the horrible disaster, even if they survived very, very lucky, and now three hundred years later, they have long been buried in the dust.

This vast world, he no longer have half of his family, from now on will be alone, alone, facing the world.

He did not despair, although the grief, sad, but his parents gave him two lives, he will never allow himself to decadence, he will not only live well, but also to live to make themselves proud, but also let the parents and sister who have passed away proud of themselves!

Fortunately, the heavens finally sheltered the human race, when he just crawled out of the freezer, originally thought, now the Earth is only one person left, a life, until he walked out of the junkyard buried in the freezer, only to find that the human race was not extinct, in that disaster seems to have survived a few people, and after three hundred years of reproduction and development, already has a good size.

Unfortunately, the civilization and technology that existed three hundred years ago had all been destroyed by the disaster, and what he had seen and heard during this time had not seen and heard any items that symbolized the technology of the old era, and mankind had not only lost the power to conquer this planet, but had lived an extremely difficult life even at the basic level.

While his thoughts were drifting, the storm outside the window gradually stopped at some point.

Looking at the water level in front of the threshold stopped rising, everyone in the house breathed a sigh of relief, as if they had experienced a prolonged fierce battle, everyone had a feeling of exhaustion. At this time, the middle-aged woman looked at the sky and saw that the dark clouds were gradually melting away to reveal a cloudy sky, knowing that it would not rain again for a while, she immediately said, "Get ready to go to the canteen for dinner, all put on waxed straw shoes."

When all the children heard the word "dinner", all their eyes lit up, and their previous fatigue was swept away, so they each went back to their rooms to put on their waxed grass shoes and formed a good line.

"Dean, go put on your shoes and get ready for dinner." At this time, the back of the line a voice called to Dudian, speaking of a seven or eight-year-old boy, he just finished, seems to remember what, a pat on the head, went up and patted Dudian's shoulder, with one hand gestures, pointing in the direction of the canteen, the other arm sleeves but empty.

Dudian remembered him, called Barton, is one of the few children in the hospital to him with goodwill, which probably has something to do with his own, three hundred years of change, the language has long been renovated, he first came to the orphanage, neither understand what others say, nor speak their language, only silent to, over time, we all feel that he is a little dumb and dumber, may have IQ problems.

So naturally, he was divided into a faction with a deformed child like Barton.

The orphanage children are divided into two factions, one is able-bodied abandoned by their parents, and one is physically deformed abandoned by their parents, in this world, even children, have long learned to hug to survive.

Dudian nodded his head to show that he understood, and then followed Barton to the back column of the team. Barton just wanted to call Dudian first to change the waxy grass shoes, unintentionally looked down, but found Dudian's trouser legs under, has long been wearing a pair of light green high shoes, can not help but be dumbfounded.

In this world has not yet invented plastic, wax grass made shoes and clothes become the most commonly used rain gear, this is a natural variegated grass, everywhere, large leaves, the surface of the fine raised waxy layer can effectively block radiation rain, has become a household necessary items.

The crowd carefully walked along a narrow stone-paved half-meter-high pathway in front of the threshold, with the accumulated rain only up to the ankles. If they accidentally fell into the water, even the strongest adults would not be spared from a serious illness.

Arrived at the cafeteria, everyone immediately began to grab seats, the limited seats were immediately swept away by those able-bodied children in front of them, Dudian and Barton and other physically deformed children have long been used to, came to the back corner, where there are several piles of stones, is their table.

"Have you heard, this time the adopters who came inside, there are doctors and wall builders."

"Auntie Di has said so, and told us to seize this opportunity and behave well."

"I would be so happy to be adopted by a doctor."

"I would like to be adopted by a wall builder, maybe I can hope to climb the Sylvia Wall and see the world outside of it."

Before the meal was delivered, Barton and several other children chatted in small voices, these children were either missing an ear or half of their faces were full of tiny fleshy bumps, none of them looked normal.

Dudian heard them, his eyes flickered, silent.

"Unfortunately, Dean's brain is not good, otherwise, with Dean's looks and body, he would definitely be chosen by those people." After chatting for a while, Barton suddenly sighed, glanced at Dudian and said with some regret.

The other children looked at the unresponsive Dudian and all shook their heads and sighed.

They have long agreed that no matter who is adopted, they should do their best to come back to help the rest of the people, on appearance alone, Dudian is undoubtedly the most promising to be adopted, but brain problems, but more serious than physical problems, such as that half of the face is all meat lumps of children, although it looks frightening and scary, but the hands and feet are able-bodied, IQ is normal, at least to do hard work and find a job.

"Hmph, a bunch of cripples, and they still want to steal the adoption from us." At this time, a skinny child in a nearby seat, heard the words of several people in Barton, coldly grunted and said contemptuously.

His words immediately attracted the attention of the others, and for a while, contemptuous and disgusted eyes fell on Dudian, Barton and the others.

Compared to the deformed children, they are able-bodied but abandoned people, the heart of the hostility is heavier.

Dudian faintly glanced at these people, did not say anything, although he is also a child, but see more things, the heart has a lot of adults do not have a deep.

And his look, in the eyes of these people, is "stupid dumb".

"Look at this fool, scolding him can not understand."

"No wonder he was abandoned, he's a crippled guy!"

"Still want to be adopted? Be a good boy and wait to be thrown into the mines for mining after you turn thirteen!"

These children did not hide their contempt and disgust, and took pleasure in it.

At this time, the food came, and the middle-aged woman who brought them here gently shouted, "Quiet, don't you want to eat?"

Hearing this, the children's anger was only restrained, full of innocent faces, as if nothing had just happened.


The next day.

The silvery gray clouds gradually spread out, and the sunlight spilled into the slum area.

In the rainy season, this is a rare good sunny day.

It just so happened that today was also a long-awaited big day for the children of the Meishan Orphanage - Adoption Day!

All the families who had made reservations in advance came to the orphanage on this day to select their satisfied children.

Although there is no alarm clock in this world, his biological clock has never been wrong. After getting up, he finished arranging the bedding, washed his mouth and face with simple filtered well water, and picked up another set of coarse cloth clothes that had been scrubbed white by the pillow, and was just about to change, when he suddenly pinched a small soft ball inside, and felt it and saw that it was a purple handkerchief that had been kneaded into a ball.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into, and you can't help but think of the little girl who led you to this orphanage in the cold dark night, but unfortunately it was dark and you couldn't see the other person's face.

The handkerchief still has a residue of the black luster left by wiping his face, and cannot be washed clean.

After a moment of silence, Dudian took the handkerchief into his arms, then changed his clothes and ran to the open space outside the orphanage.

Although he had only one parent in mind, he had to get himself adopted out as soon as possible. If a child is not adopted by the age of thirteen, he will be given up for adoption by the orphanage and sent to the mines controlled by the Meishan Coal Chamber of Commerce behind this Meishan orphanage to become a permanent free laborer until he dies of exhaustion and old age, never having the chance to see the light of day again.

Like Dudian, on this day, all the children of the orphanage are "dressed up", one will wash themselves clean, changed into a long time can not wear clothes, and these clothes, are just into the orphanage when issued down the rough clothes.

If your body gives off a bad smell, no one wants to come near you.

This is what Auntie Dai warned them.

Looking around, there was a large group of children standing in front of the rain-soaked sand in front of the orphanage, but they were vaguely divided into two camps, the able-bodied and the deformed.

When all the children were standing, the adults who had come to adopt, led by Auntie Dai and the other orphanage caretakers, came to the children and sized up the group of orphans who could potentially become their own children.

"Hello, auntie and uncle."

Under the tutelage of Auntie Di, in addition to Dudian and a few other deformed people who could not speak, the other children all shouted obediently, their slithery eyes full of innocence, their faces full of desire and hope to meet the adults, this blazing gaze, so that some adults feel saddened and intolerant.

Soon, the crowd of thin, but tall Dudian, became the target of the attention of all the adults, pale as snow skin color is too striking, and the temperament and the surrounding children very different, where exactly different, the adults can not say, only that the child is very calm, there is a noble, yes, is noble.

This makes many adults surprised, did not expect that in the slum orphanage, there will be such outstanding seedlings.

For a while, many adults were moved.