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Chapter 47 - Children's Words

"Brother-in-law, what's going on?" Han Zifeng walked straight to Qin Tian's side and frowned slightly.

"Who is Master Fire?" Qin Tian signaled that it was fine and swept his gaze over the crowd of the Skywolf Gang members.

"I ...... I am!" The man who had been bowing his head trembled and stood out, although punks like Xu Tongan called him Master Fire, but Master Fire knew very well that in front of Qin Tian, he didn't count for shit.

"These are all your little brothers?" Qin Tian's face was gloomy, and his words revealed a chilling aura.

"Yes!" Master Fire gritted his teeth, how dare he say half a word of falsehood.

"Your little brother is really capable, bullying men and women, what's the difference between him and a landlord and a hooligan?" Qin Tian was really angry, if the Skywolf Gang was filled with people like Xu Tongan inside, there would be no need for it to continue to exist.

"If anyone could enter the Skywolf Gang, the Skywolf Gang would not have to exist!"

As soon as Qin Tian's words fell, a cold aura flashed in Han Zifeng's eyes, obviously, Xu Tongan and the others had touched his bottom line.

Seeing Han Zifeng's eyes, Master Fire unconsciously shivered.

"According to the gang rules, know what to do?" Han Zifeng swept a glance at Master Fire and said coldly.

Master Fire's face turned white, without saying a word took out a dagger and stabbed down towards his left shoulder, Qin Tian was slightly surprised, he didn't expect this Master Fire to be so bloodthirsty.

"Remember, the Skywolf Gang never raises invalids, if there is another time, it will not be as simple as an arm, since these are your people, then take care of it yourself."

Han Zifeng did not change his face, as if he did not see the crimson blood on Master Fire's shoulder.

"This is the first and last time!" Master Fire nodded respectfully, then walked towards Xu Tongan with a bloodless face.

"Fire Master, Fire Master, spare me, I won't dare to do it again." Seeing Master Fire coming, Xu Tongan panicked, fear never seen before caged up.

"Fuck you, I'll follow your name if I don't kill you today!" The reason he was in such a mess was because of Xu Tongan, and this fire naturally had to be unleashed.

"Leave a breath, I still have use." Qin Tian said indifferently on the side.

A few minutes later, the fire master stood up, but Xu Tongan has been beaten into a dead dog.

"This is the divorce agreement, sign it and get out now!" Qin Tian took out the divorce agreement he asked for from Su Ling and threw it at Xu Tongan's face.

Xu Tongan only wanted to leave quickly, how could he care about anything else, panicked and signed, and then hurriedly climbed up.

"My task is done, you can handle the rest." Qin Tian shrugged his shoulders and turned to walk into the room.

"Follow the rules, one hand each!" Only when Qin Tian walked into the room did Han Zifeng bring his eyes back, and as soon as he spoke, the few punks were all paralyzed with fear.

"Qin Tian, are you all right." Just walking into the room, Qin Tian felt a fragrance wafting over, only to see Su Ling looking at him with a worried face.

"Just a few punks, I can still handle it." Because it is in the room, so Su Ling only wore a loose dress, the scenery is hidden, see Qin Tian's mouth watering.

And Su Ling seems to have noticed Qin Tian's eyes wandering, his face a flush, delicate and lustful.

"This is the divorce agreement, that stupid bastard has signed." After a moment of silence, Qin Tian took out the divorce agreement and handed it to Su Ling.

"Qin Tian, thank you." Su Ling's eyes were red, once again jumped into Qin Tian's arms, seeing the divorce agreement on Xu Tongan's signature, her psychological defenses completely collapsed, how much pain she had endured in the past few years, only she was clear.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Mom, what are you doing?" At this time, a voice came from behind the two, a beautiful little girl that a pair of big eyes curiously looking at the two.

"Little Wei, aren't you sleeping, why are you out again." Su Ling embarrassed, she did not expect Xiao Wei would come out at this time, and also happened to see that scene just now.

"Xiaowei was scared and couldn't sleep." Xiao Wei's expression made Su Ling feel guilty for a while.

"Not afraid, not afraid, there is uncle in it, no one can bully you and mom anymore." Qin Tian's heart was fiercely touched.

"Uncle, you are a good man, I saw those bad people were beaten away by you." Little Wei smiled sweetly, just that face and body bruises make people heartbroken.

"Uncle came for the first time, and did not bring you any gifts, what does Vivian want, next time uncle must bring you over."

"I want a father, uncle to be Xiaowei's father, Xiaowei will be very good." Once Xiaowei opened her mouth, the redness on Su Ling's face that had not yet dissipated, spread even further to the ears.

"Vivian, don't talk nonsense, hurry up and go to sleep." Su Ling angrily said, but the remaining light was inadvertently glanced at Qin Tian.

Pouting a little mouth, Vivian walked into the bedroom, before leaving also did not forget to make a ghost face.

"Xiaowei said nonsense, don't take it to heart." Only when Xiaowei walked into the bedroom, Su Ling said with a slight apology.

"I know, children's words are not taboo." Qin Tian raised his eyebrows and smiled cheaply.

"Why are you smiling so lewdly, at a glance you're not thinking of anything good." Pouting at Qin Tian, Su Ling said in a good-natured way.

"I think of all the good things ......"

"Little brother, you are not trying to cheat!" Su Ling giggled, on the contrary, Qin Tian was stared at by this woman, sweat hairs are almost erected.

"Sister Su Ling, the company has other things, I'll go back first." Facing a woman who exudes enchanting charm from her bones, Qin Tian is naturally apathetic, but now this situation is still the best policy to go.

"Coward." The corner of Su Ling's mouth slightly raised an arc, but then her face took on a slightly more disappointed look.

Although Qin Tian was responsible for the cooperation between Qingcheng Group and Zi Xin Group, the busiest part of the entire Zi Xin Group was the Resource Department.

Looking at the document in her hand, Chu Yunyan frowned, Qingcheng Group threw an olive branch, but a huge pie, but the more cautious, in case something goes wrong, for the Qingcheng Group, is definitely not a good thing.

"Little Yan Yan, did you miss me ......" Chu Yunyan was carefully checking each contract, suddenly felt a hot stream fluttering at her ear temples.

"Bastard, you will not knock before entering the door?" Chu Yunyan was startled, and a trace of thin anger sprang up on her fair face.

"I knocked on the door ah!" Qin Tian had an innocent face.

"Are you sure?" Chu Yunyan fiercely glared at Qin Tian, hell she didn't believe what this bastard said.

"Just now I asked outside, can I come in?"

"Then what!" Chu Yunyan put down the contract in her hand and just stared at Qin Tian.

"Then I agreed for you." Qin Tian said indifferently, but as soon as the words left his mouth, Chu Yunyan became angry and gritted her teeth.

"You're really an asshole." Chu Yunyan huffed and puffed, although the red face was thin and angry, but Qin Tian had looked dumbfounded, Chu big beautiful woman angry is also cute unlike words.

"Were you with Su Ling just now?" For a moment, Chu Yunyan asked in surprise.

"Eh? How did you know!" Qin Tian had just finished speaking when he realized that he seemed to have said the wrong thing and hurriedly shut up.

"The perfume she uses is Pink Temptation, and your body happens to smell like her perfume, bastard, are you having an affair with Su Ling too!"

Chu Yunyan's fingertips had been quietly placed on the soft flesh of Qin Tian's waist, Qin Tian knew that once he said something that made Chu Yunyan unhappy, then he was definitely 'in for a ride'.

"How is it possible, in my heart little Yan Yan is the most important, I just drove Minister Su home, maybe the smell of perfume on me is from her car."

"Roll, dare not be more disgusting!" Chu Yunyan angrily glared at Qin Tian and made a big red face.

"The woman from the party that day, and how do you want to explain it."

Here we go!

Qin Tian secretly smiled bitterly, these days Chu Yunyan on the matter of Yingying did not mention a word, he was relieved to see the mouth, did not expect so soon the problem came.

"I and Yingying ......" Qin Tian stiffened his head and tried to explain, after all, Chu big beauty is not so easy to fool.

"I don't want to hear about the relationship between you guys, it has nothing to do with me anyway." Qin Tian just wanted to speak, Chu Yunyan immediately interrupted him, and then Qin Tian's whole face turned green.

Shit! Qin Tian couldn't help but want to curse, how dare this woman fool him!

"At least between us, you know my length, I know your depth of relationship, how can you say this matter has nothing to do with you." Qin Tian leaned up with a bad smile.

"Get lost!" Chu Yunyan hated to kick Qin Tian out, this bastard dared to venture out with any kind of dirty talk, she felt her heart beating hard just thinking about the relationship between the two of them.

"Then I'll roll." Seeing good, Qin Tian made a gesture to go out.

"Come back!" Once she saw that Qin Tian was really going to leave, Chu Yunyan immediately called out to him, "This is the cooperation project between Qingcheng Group and Zi Xin Group, I specifically read the contract, and there is nothing wrong with it."

"Wife, you are so kind, how am I going to repay you? Should I give my body to you right now." Qin Tian took the document smashed by Chu Yunyan, grinned and said with gratitude.

"The best way to repay me is to get as far away as possible." Chu Yunyan was furious, but could not do anything to Qin Tian, on the contrary, hearing Qin Tian's intimate address, it was as if she felt the softest place in her heart had been hit hard.

Qin Tian helplessly shook his head, this woman's mind is really impenetrable, a while ago Chu Yunyan was quite gentle, these days again cold down.

"Qin Tian, get the hell out of here!" The front foot just out of the office, Qin Tian keenly heard a voice from downstairs up.

And hearing that cold and murderous voice, Qin Tian's whole person is not good up, Leng Yue that woman seems to kill over!