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Chapter 46 - How exciting

"Are you okay." After Qin Tian threw Xu Tongan out, he came to Su Ling's side, and at this moment Su Ling lost her color and immediately jumped into Qin Tian's arms.

The soft and warm fragrance in the arms, Qin Tian suddenly some ape, but his body just up the evil fire quickly subsided, this situation he did not want to take advantage of the danger.

"Grass, you fucking dare to hit me, do you know who I am?" Xu Tongan fell all over the place, the whole person was confused, but when he saw Qin Tian holding Su Ling, his face became even more gloomy.

"Three seconds to disappear immediately, or I will make you regret it!" Qin Tian frowned and said coldly.

"Kid, you're crazy! Su Ling, you bitch, it turns out that you have adopted a white boy outside, I said why are you so anxious to divorce me!"

Snap! Xu Tongan's words just fell, a crisp slap directly down, Qin Tian eyes a cold flash, this fool really think he is air?

"Grass, you ......" Xu Tongan was slapped, his face became hideous, hate to kill Qin Tian.

Slap! A backhand slap came down again, Xu Tongan's face quickly swelled up.

"Three seconds have passed, since you don't roll, I'll find a shortcut to send you down." Qin Tian easily grabbed Xu Tongan, then opened the window and let him out in the air.

"Don't." Su Ling was terrified, this was the sixth floor, if Qin Tian really threw Xu Tongan down, Xu Tongan would become a cripple even if he couldn't die, and then Qin Tian would be in trouble.

"What are you doing? You quickly put me down!" Xu Tongan also froze, especially looking down, he could feel a hot stream flowing out from his legs and feet.

"Do you think if I throw you down, will your head hit the ground first, or somewhere else?" Qin Tian smiled wickedly and looked at Xu Tongan and said indifferently.

"Please, put me down, I promise not to harass Su Ling again, I promise!" Xu Tongan's back broke out in a cold sweat, he didn't even dare to think down now, once Qin Tian let go, he would at least fall a cripple.

"Are you sure?" Qin Tian deliberately loosened his hand, Xu Tongan slid downward and immediately screamed.

"I'm sure, I'm sure." Xu Tongan had been scared to the point of incontinence, which still dared to be arrogant.

"Get lost!" Qin Tian flung his hand, directly throwing Xu Tongan in, Xu Tongan did not care about the pain to climb up, fled as if rolling out.

"Sister Su Ling, it's okay." When Xu Tongan left, Qin Tian looked at the stunned Su Ling and said comfortingly.

"Thank you, if you hadn't come, I don't know what that bastard could have done." Su Ling calmed down a bit, her face was still a bit pale.

"What's going on?" Qin Tian didn't expect that a woman like Su Ling would have crossed paths with a gangster.

"A few years ago I met Xu Tongan, at that time there was not much heart, then this bastard's rhetoric tricked, and then I married him despite the opposition of my family, thinking that after the marriage he could change for the better, but who knows after the marriage, he did not change for the better, but became more aggressive, not only eating, drinking, whoring and gambling, and never earned a penny, but also constantly asked me for money, I I couldn't stand it so I filed for divorce, but this bastard always refused to sign, and also constantly pestering, as soon as there is no money will run to the company."

When Su Ling finished, the corner of Qin Tian's mouth twitched fiercely, the world would have such a strange man, using scum to describe him, are dirty these two words.

"Who has not encountered a few scum when they were young, Sister Su Ling should be happy to be out of the misery so soon." Qin Tian joked.

"Little brother, are you trying to persuade me? If you weren't Chu Yunyan's little man, I really wouldn't be able to resist moving." Su Ling giggled and once again regained her beauty minister's style as if nothing had happened just now.

"Let's go, sister treats you to dinner, as a reward for saving me." Seeing Qin Tian's strange look, Su Ling felt her face heat up.

"Forget it today, let's do it another day." Qin Tian thought about it and said.

"Little brother, you are not honest at all oh, if you really want to do it another day, it's not impossible." Su Ling heard Qin Tian's words and her face completely reddened.

Qin Tian was not sure, but seeing the redness on Su Ling's face, which did not understand what this woman was thinking.

My day oh! Qin Tian's forehead sprouted a few black lines, this woman's thoughts are too impure, a sentence can think off, but it sounds really exciting!

"Well, not to tease you, by then Yun Yan will have to run to me again to ask for someone." Su Ling pouted and laughed, and then with that face does have a soul-swelling feeling.

The atmosphere in the office was suddenly a bit ambiguous, and at this time, Su Ling's cell phone rang, and when she saw the number displayed on the phone, a trace of uneasiness once again sprang up on her face.

"Bitch, Xiao Wei is in my hands, if you don't want anything to happen to her then get your ass back here." Xu Tongan's voice came from the other end of the phone, and even if Qin Tian wasn't close, he could still hear it clearly.

"Xu Tongan, you are shameless, if you dare to hurt Xiao Wei, I will not spare you." Su Ling's fists clenched up, he didn't expect Xu Tongan to be such a bastard, using his daughter to threaten her.

"Don't worry, Xiaowei is my daughter, I won't hurt her easily, but if you don't come back after twenty minutes, it's impossible to say." Xu Tongan snapped and hung up the phone, Su Ling was like being drained, the whole person drifted off.

"I'll send you back." Qin Tian's eyebrows were knitted together, he had underestimated Xu Tongan.

"No, I'll go back by myself, you just hit him, he will definitely find someone to retaliate against you." Su Ling shook her head.

"The people he's looking for are at most a bunch of punks, I can still handle it." Qin Tian didn't say much, pulled Su Ling and walked out.

A few minutes later, the two arrived at the place where Su Ling lived, Su Ling was so anxious that she almost trotted all the way up.

"Back so soon, it seems you still care about Xiao Wei!" Xu Tongan stayed at the door, seeing Su Ling appear, his eyes flooded with lustful light, but when he saw Qin Tian behind Su Ling, he couldn't help but shiver.

"Where is Xiao Wei, where is Xiao Wei?" Su Ling stared coldly at Xu Tongan, the only thing she was worried about now was Xiao Wei.

"Mom, I'm here." A voice with a crying voice came out from the room, Su Ling was delighted and rushed in around Xu Tongan.

Through the door of the room, Qin Tian saw a little girl of about five years old clinging to Su Ling, in the body there is a clear bruise.

"Kid, you bring balls, how dare you really come, see if I don't get you killed." After Su Ling entered the room, Xu Tongan immediately pointed the spear at Qin Tian, the redness on his face had not yet dissipated, and the moment he opened his mouth, it touched the pain, making him suck in a cold breath.

At the same time, several punks surrounded him, it seems that this Xu Tongan had been prepared.

"Brothers, cripple him for me, I'll take the blame for anything." Xu Tongan's face was fierce, just now in the office, he was scared into a grandson, and was even scared to the point of pissing his pants, how could he let Qin Tian go now.

Several punks rushed over at the same time, not putting Qin Tian in their eyes at all, only that these few people just got close to see Qin Tian's slap coming.

A few slaps in a row, Xu Tongan called a few punks all lying on the ground, Xu Tongan look dumbfounded, usually they are used to bullying people, when have they ever encountered a person so capable of fighting like Qin Tian.

"It's your turn!" After putting down a few punks, Qin Tian clapped his hands, then slowly walked towards Xu Tongan.

"Don't come over, I am a member of the Skywolf Gang, if you dare to touch me, the Skywolf Gang will definitely not let you go." Xu Tongan took two steps back, as soon as he saw these people lying on the ground, he felt the cold air keep rising from his back.

"Skywolf Gang?" Qin Tian's face became a little ugly, it was surprising that a scum like Xu Tongan would be in the Sky Wolf Gang.

"Since you know about the Sky Wolf Gang, why don't you kneel down and apologize to Laozi!" When Xu Tongan saw Qin Tian's expression, he suddenly came to his senses, he thought that Qin Tian had stopped for a moment because he was afraid of the Skywolf Gang.

"Stupid bastard!" Qin Tian swept a glance at Xu Tongan and kicked him a few meters away from him.

"Say, who are you with?"

"How dare you do it, aren't you afraid that the Skywolf Gang will retaliate against you?" Xu Tongan was dumbfounded by the kick, he thought that by revealing the Skywolf Gang, Qin Tian wouldn't dare to do anything to him, but now it seemed like he was mistaken.

"You are so full of nonsense!" Qin Tian made a gesture and raised his hand.

"I said I said, I am one of Master Fire's men." Xu Tongan instinctively covered his face, he was already scared of being smoked by Qin Tian.

"Master Fire ......" Qin Tian recited, then dialed Han Zifeng's phone, "Zifeng, check if there is a person named Master Fire in the Sky Wolf Gang, bring him here."

Xu Tongan's eyes were staring at Qin Tian, when he saw the word Zifeng, his body obviously stiffened for a moment, although he was only a small gangster in the Wolf Gang, but the name of killing wolf Han Zifeng, he still knew it.

However, Xu Tongan still had some fluke in his heart, he didn't think Qin Tian really knew the now hot Han Zifeng of Dongyang underground.

However, Xu Tongan's fluke mentality was soon destroyed.

A few black cars stopped, several figures came out of the cars, when he saw a young man walking in front, and the fire master behind the head down, the whole face turned a gray.

Xu Tongan finally knew what fear is, Qin Tian a phone call to Han Zifeng, which means what, even an idiot is very clear!