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Chapter 41 Apology

Even if Qin Tian reluctantly, it still does not help, Goddess Mu decided things, not he can say a few words, as the so-called people under the eaves, have to bow down.

"Giggle, little brother, congratulations, if you can make the Purple Xin Group and the Qingcheng Group to reach cooperation, you will be the Purple Xin Group's great merit."

The corners of Qin Tian's mouth twitched and he looked back to see Su Ling looking at him with a smile.

Although it is a professional dress, but wearing Su Ling's body is as if it is going to be propped up, coupled with that sultry face, which man will look at it will be evil fire.

"It's not good to be a meritocracy, I still like to eat with my face." Qin Tian shrugged his shoulders and said half-jokingly.

"Giggle, so little brother is so humorous." Su Ling was amused by Qin Tian.

"Little wandering hoof, don't be flirty here, you are not afraid of being seen." While the atmosphere between the two was very ambiguous, Chu Yunyan walked over.

"Yunyan, there are men to share? You're hiding it, but it's not even a little bit generous." Su Ling was not angry, her eyebrows were slightly raised.

"If you're empty, take care of it yourself, don't hit him." Chu Yunyan rolled her eyes, the words just finished, the pretty face reddened.

"Aigoo, the protection is still quite tight, it seems that the little brother is really capable ah." Su Ling looked at Qin Tian wistfully.

Two shrews!

Qin Tian was staring at a burst of hair, and hurriedly found an excuse to slip out, if he stayed any longer, it was estimated that he would be gnawed by the two women without even bones left.

Just after he returned to the security department, Qin Tian saw Xiao Wen walking in with an invitation letter.

"Brother Tian, this is an invitation from a person, saying that it's for you."

"For me?" Qin Tian froze for a moment and took the invitation from Xiao Wen's hand.

"This evening, I specially set up a banquet at Qing Shui Pavilion to apologize to young Qin for your brother's matter, I hope young Qin can appreciate your face."

What surprised Qin Tian was the signature below the invitation, which was the second brother of Song Hai, Song Tianming, with whom he had a lot of problems.

I'm afraid Song Hai already hates him to the bone, but this Song Tianming invited him to a banquet, so Qin Tian had to ponder Song Tianming's intentions.

But the invitation is sent over, even if it is a Hongmen Banquet, Qin Tian still have to go to see, so as not to let people think he is afraid to go.

After leaving Purple Xin Group, twenty minutes later, Qin Tian appeared in Qing Shui Pavilion, I have to say that this Song Tian Ming is still quite good at choosing places, the last time he was here to teach Song Hai a lesson.

"No idle people are allowed inside!" Walking to the entrance of Qing Shui Pavilion, Qin Tian was stopped by two security guards.

"Young Song invited me here, are you sure I'm an idle person?" A smile surfaced at the corner of Qin Tian's mouth and he looked at the two security guards playfully.

"Can anyone climb into a relationship with Young Song? If you say you are an idle person, you are an idle person!" A security guard said disdainfully.

Qin Tian's heart was clear, if his guess was correct, this should be Song Tianming's downfall, it seems that this Song family's business genius would only play some small tricks.

"Oh, I won't go in then, bye!" Qin Tian sneered in his heart, but his expression remained flat, turned around and left after he finished speaking.

The two security guards froze, Song Tianming explained for them to make things difficult for Qin Tian, but they did not expect Qin Tian to turn around and leave, not following the usual rules at all.

"Brother Qin, since you're here, why don't you come in!" While the two security guards were dazed, Song Tianming walked out from Qing Shui Pavilion.

"I don't seem to be very welcome here, so it's better if I don't go in." Hearing Song Tianming's voice, the corner of Qin Tian's mouth slightly raised an arc, he was sure that just now Song Tianming was inside watching what was happening outside, otherwise how else would he have come out so promptly.

"Brother Qin is the person I invited, why don't you guys let him in, hurry up and apologize to young Qin." Song Tianming looked at the two security guards and said coldly.

"Sorry, young Qin, we didn't know that you were the person invited by young Song, so we have offended much just now." The two security guards didn't have the arrogant expression they had just now, even their master had spoken, they could only meekly apologize.

"Is this how you apologize? Kneel down!" Qin Tian secretly laughed, did this Song Tianming think he was a good bully? First, he asked the two security guards to stop him, then apologize and it would be fine?

The two security guards turned pale at the same time, and even Song Tianming's face became a little unnatural.

"Young Qin, they are also inadvertent mistakes, I think it's better to forget it." Although Song Tianming's face was a little ugly, he was still full of smiles, but his address to Qin Tian had changed from Brother Qin to Shao Qin.

"You have to pay the price for doing something wrong, since Song Shao has little sincerity, I don't see the need to continue the conversation today."

"Why don't you quickly kneel down and apologize, you'd better pray that young Qin can forgive you!" Song Tianming knew that this matter would not end well, and gave a wink towards the two security guards.

The two security guards looked at each other, gritted their teeth fiercely and kneeled down with a poof, if they did not follow Song Tianming's words, they would not only lose their jobs, but might not even be able to get along in Dongyang City.

"Young Qin, this should satisfy you now." Song Tianming looked at Qin Tian, that attitude was very sincere.

"I hate people who look down on people with dog eyes, since you are someone's dog, you have to have the consciousness of being a dog, I am the person your master invited, so in my eyes, you are also just a dog."

Qin Tian didn't pay any more attention to these two security guards and took a step into Qing Shui Pavilion, his purpose was just to warn Song Tian Ming.

Heavenly box.

Song Hai sat alone in the box, his face was blue and white for a while, when he thought of the ball at the Clear Moon Club, he was thrown out and turned into a laughing stock, he was furious and trembled, but it happened that he was pulled out by his second brother today and had to make amends to Qin Tian, he was even more reluctant.

Just at this time, the door of the compartment opened, Qin Tian and Song Tianming both walked in, and Qin Tian saw at a glance the murderous eyes of Song Hai inside the compartment.

"Young Qin, this time you are invited here, actually I want to resolve the conflict between you and Song Hai, I hope you will be generous and forgive him for his previous faults." The atmosphere inside the box suddenly became tense, Song Tianming frowned and gave Song Hai a fierce glare.

"Looking at Third Young Song, it seems like he wants to be at odds with me, right, are you sure the conflict can still be resolved?" Qin Tian smiled playfully, he could tell from Song Hai's expression that he was forcibly pulled over by Song Tianming.

"Song Hai, apologize immediately! Or I will freeze all your funds, and you better believe I can do what I say!"

Song Tianming's voice went cold, he knew better than anyone what kind of goods Song Hai was, he wouldn't bow down without putting a little pressure on him.

When Song Hai heard his second brother's threat, his whole face was held red, asking him to apologize to Qin Tian was even harder than slapping him twice, but once he thought of what Song Tianming had explained before, he still gritted his teeth and lowered his head.

"I'm sorry, I apologize for what happened before!" Every word Song Hai said seemed to be squeezed out from his teeth.

"Third young Song apologizes is really sincere, however, I do not accept it!" Seeing Song Hai's dead father-like face, Qin Tian grinned.

"Qin Tian, don't bully people too much!" Song Hai first froze for a moment, and then his face twisted for a few moments, the first time he lowered his voice so much, but Qin Tian didn't seem to buy it.

"Stupid bastard! You apologize and I have to accept it?" Qin Tian's voice was so cold that Song Hai shivered, since he had been beaten twice, his heart had left a shadow.

"Apologize properly, or get the hell back to me right now!" Song Tianming was angry, on the one hand, he was very upset by Qin Tian's scolding, on the other hand, he was naturally angry at Song Hai for causing him trouble again.

Song Tianming was not like Song Hai, Song Hai was just a playboy who only knew how to eat, drink and play, while he was the business genius of Song Group, the reason why he invited Qin Tian to come, naturally he had his reasons.

Last time at the ball at the Clear Moon Club, the people at the Clear Moon Club actually respected Qin Tian with a sentence of young Qin, indicating that Qin Tian's identity is not as simple as it seems.

If this is not enough, the change of the Lin family in Dongyang City a while ago confirmed his suspicions. He inquired that Lin Ao and Qin Tian had a little friction at the Clear Moon Club, but within two days, the Clear Moon Club broke off all cooperation with the Lin family, and the Lin family was also heavily suppressed and fell into ruin.

All these show that Qin Tian's identity is very unusual, if Song Hai does not know what to do to find trouble with Qin Tian again, then the entire Song family may be implicated.

Song Hai could hear that the second brother was really angry, he couldn't help but shrink his head, the only thing he was afraid of in the entire Song family was this second brother.

"Young Qin, I shouldn't have looked for trouble with you again and again, I hope you can forgive me this time, I definitely won't dare in the future."

Liang long, Song Hai will be the bottom of the heart of the thick unwillingness to hide down, he is really afraid, afraid of offending the second brother, in the future, his abundant life can really no longer.

"This time, we are apologizing to young Qin with sincerity, I hope young Qin can look at my little face to turn this page over!" Song Tianming's face looked better this time, and it was good that Song Hai didn't add to his mess.

"Since the second youngest Song is so sincere, if I don't give face again it would be too much to say, I've always been a person who doesn't offend me, but if someone finds trouble with me again, that's a different story."

Qin Tian's fingertips tapped on the table, his bland expression caused the corners of Song Tianming's mouth to twitch fiercely, and he found that he seemed to have been brought in by Qin Tian right from the start.

"Young Qin don't worry, in the future Song Hai will definitely not look for trouble with you again, I also hope that this matter will not involve the Song family, in the future when Young Qin encounters any trouble, my Song family will definitely stand on your side."

Song Tianming smiled bitterly, thinking that he, the business genius of the Song Group, was being led by Qin Tian's nose, but as long as he achieved his goal, then he would be relieved.