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Chapter 39 - I don't know either

"Zhuang Liancheng, don't go too far." Hua Med covered half of his face, his body trembling with anger, having been slapped twice in succession, his face was even worse than eating shit.

"I am so excessive, you bite me!" Zhuang Liancheng grinned, with an expression of indebtedness.

Who is Zhuang Liancheng? He is the son of the family of the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Dongyang City, and he is more than a dude, and he is a rogue, Hua Medi is not a star and a half point worse.

"This matter I take note of Hua Hei, Zhuang Liancheng, do not think that with your father protecting you, you can be arrogant, without your father, you are nothing." Hua Med naturally did not dare to make a move against Zhuang Liancheng, at such a time he could only put a harsh word.

"Motherfucker, without your father, you are still a spawn now, bah, even that spawn is probably not yet, what kind of bastard are you pretending to be."

Zhuang Liancheng frowned, he has always stayed away from the circle of gentry in Dongyang City, not to mention joining the Prince's Party, so now what a cat and a dog dare to call him.

"You ......" Hua Med's face suddenly turned purple-black, a pair of eyes about to spit out fire, Zhuang Liancheng's sentence of effeminate seemed to have poked his sore spot.

"Let's go!" Hua Hei knew that if he stayed any longer, he would not be able to do any good, so he immediately turned around and had to go out.

"Go? Did my master let you go?" Zhuang Liancheng could not easily find a chance to perform in front of Qin Tian, how could he easily let Hua Medi go.

"Zhuang Liancheng, what do you want?" Seeing a few of Zhuang Liancheng's followers behind him surrounded him, Hua Med was burning with anger, but it happened that there was no one to help him at this time, and when his junior brothers saw Zhuang Liancheng, each one of them had already shriveled up long ago.

"Master, what do you think should be done?" Zhuang Liancheng directly ignored Hua Medei and turned to look at Qin Tian with a smile on his face.

"Tell him to get lost, he won't even stop eating a meal." Qin Tian looked at Zhuang Liancheng's expression and couldn't help but roll his eyes, how come he didn't realize that this guy still had the potential to be pissed off.

"Hear that, my master told you to get lost, hurry up and get lost!" Getting Qin Tian's instruction, Zhuang Liancheng once again rushed at Hua Hei and said in a cold voice.

The veins on Hua Hei's forehead had already burst out, now even if his teeth were broken, he could only swallow them down in his stomach, he just wanted to leave this place of right and wrong quickly.

"Who said let you go? Roll, won't you?" Hua Med just took a step, and was immediately stopped by Zhuang Liancheng's drink.

"Don't bully people too much!" Hua Hei had already lost a lot of face today, if he really rolled out from here, tomorrow he would definitely become the biggest laughing stock among the gentry in the whole Dongyang city.

"Help me teach young Hua what posture it is to roll." Zhuang Liancheng made it clear that he was going to take Hua Med, otherwise those goods of the Prince Party really thought he was a good bully.

"I roll, I roll!" Even if Hua Medi millions of reluctant, at this time can only crouch on the ground and roll out, in case Zhuang Liancheng's several followers make a move, he will only be more wretched.

After Hua Hei rolled out, his minions also followed out with great fear, they were glad that Zhuang did not look for their trouble, otherwise they would have been involved in more than just themselves.

"This is much clearer, master, are you still satisfied?" After Hua Medei left, Zhuang Liancheng immediately farted around and walked to Qin Tian's side, the speed of changing his face was staggering.

Especially that hotel manager, seeing Zhuang Liancheng's complimentary look, the whole person was like being struck by lightning, thinking about the commanding order Qin Tian before, he felt a cold air bubbling up from his back.

"Not bad!" Qin Tian helplessly looked at Zhuang Liancheng, if he complimented this bastard twice, he might have floated up.

"Who is this Hua Meditation, it looks like his relationship with you is not too good!"

"He is a member of the Hua family, but he is an illegitimate son." Zhuang Liancheng said one by one, only when mentioning the illegitimate son, the corners of his mouth obviously had a few more playful smiles.

"Flower family? One of the three major consortia in Dongyang City, the Hua Consortium?" Qin Tian hesitated for a moment and asked with some uncertainty.

"Master also knows the flower consortium? Flower Meditation is exactly the person from the Flower Family of the Flower Consortium."

"Just an illegitimate son of the Hua family dares to call your bluff, it seems that you, the rooted magistrate of Dongyang City, are not mixing very well." Qin Tian said with a smile.

"This guy thinks he can be arrogant and domineering just because he is backed by this big tree of the Crown Prince Party, in my eyes he is only a third-rate goods at most!" Zhuang Liancheng muttered not too kindly, but the corners of his eyes suddenly flashed a cold aura.

"Well, there's nothing else, you should do what you need to do." After a moment of silence, Qin Tian said again.

"You old man first busy, I will not bother master." Zhuang Liancheng glanced at Han Yingying and Chu Yunyan who were beside Qin Tian, his admiration for this master rose a few more points in his heart, that day the master was beside Ye Qianqian, today it was surprisingly changed, and it was still two beautiful uncommon women.

"So you are the friends of young Zhuang, I'll let people prepare another table of food, as an apology to you, and all of your guests' consumption, all free." The hotel manager came up at this time, but his face where there is still a half of the overbearing posture.

"Didn't the manager intend to let us change the box before? Now, is it still necessary to change?" Qin Tian did not have a good feeling about this manager, this kind of people also do not know where to get the superiority can dog eyes.

"No more, no more." The manager shook his head repeatedly, he is now scared to death, in case Qin Tian is not satisfied with him, and incidentally make Zhuang Liancheng also upset, his place will wait to close down.

"Does my master still need you to waive the bill? Count all the spending of the master and the master's wife here on my body." Zhuang Liancheng could hear that Qin Tian was not satisfied with this manager, and immediately was very unhappy to throw the manager a cold look.

"No need, Zhuang young man in here consumption which still need to spend money." See Zhuang Liancheng handed over a gold card, the manager scared legs are soft, which still dare to accept it, he closed the door here at all without Zhuang Liancheng to do anything, just a word is enough.

"Damn, I am the kind of dilly-dallying people? Take it!" Zhuang Liancheng a glare, the manager was immediately dumbfounded, take nor, not take nor.

Of course, what happened next had nothing to do with Qin Tian, and the appearance of the flower meditation was just a small interlude that did not affect Xiao Wen and He Bin and other people's interest.

But when the time came to leave with a full stomach, Qin Tian once again egg on his face, two women, who should he send back first? If you send one back first, the other one will definitely be unhappy.

The good thing is that Chu Yunyan and Han Yingying two women are drunk sleepy-eyed, Qin Tian thought about it for a while, but dialed Han Zifeng's phone, now can only let Zifeng to pick up Yingying.

Ten minutes later, Han Zifeng appeared at Linjiang Restaurant, when he saw Han Yingying's drunken appearance, his face was a stunned expression, in his impression, he had never seen his sister drink so much.

"Don't ask me, I don't know why Ying Ying drank so much wine." Qin Tian looked at Han Zifeng's inquiring eyes and could only smile bitterly, the reason why Han Yingying was drinking was mostly because of Chu Yunyan.

Until Han Yingying carried in the car, Qin Tian just breathed a sigh of relief, grandmother, just now to deal with these two grandmothers, than a fight with a group of perverted experts to give him a headache.

Seeing Han Zifeng drive away, Qin Tian then jumped on the fiery red Silver Spirit, ignition, start, a red shadow quickly disappeared outside the door of Linjiang Restaurant.

"Sent your little girlfriend away?" I do not know after a few minutes, Chu Yunyan slowly woke up, the original very attractive beautiful eyes are more drunken eyes, Qin Tian a head, only to feel a hot nostril, a hot stream almost directly rushed out.

Because leaning on the passenger seat of Chu Yunyan do not know when has taken off the jacket, clothing is also slightly messy, mixed with a fairly strong alcohol, the flirtatious and enchanting as if from the bones of the same emanation.

"My relationship with Ying Ying ......" heard Chu Yunyan's rather resentful voice, Qin Tian would like to explain, but the words came to his mouth, he unexpectedly did not know how to explain.

"Say it, why don't you continue on?" Chu Yunyan smiled and stared at Qin Tian, but her voice was a few degrees colder.

Qin Tian's heart thumped a little, although this woman was also cold to him before, but this time was obviously different.

"Bastard, since you dare to do it, do not dare to admit it? Say, how many women do you have outside!" Seeing that Qin Tian did not say anything, the corner of Chu Yunyan's mouth slightly raised a curve.

"This, I do not know ......" Qin Tian laughed dryly, Chu Yunyan's question, he indeed did not know how to answer, in addition to Han Yingying and the woman already in China, counted as his women there should be several, such as the killers on the list of that cold The girl, such as in the snowy mountains in the northwest that is like the master of the nine heavenly mysteries.

"Bastard, you're really a flirt, but no matter what, today you're all mine!" Chu Yunyan cursed angrily, hated to cut this bastard, even a few women can not count, this bastard in the end owed how much of the windfall debt.

And Chu Yunyan's words fell, the whole body climbed onto Qin Tian's body in a smooth manner.

"What are you doing? Still driving the car!" Qin Tian was shocked by Chu Yunyan's action, this woman is still in a state of drunkenness, there is no guarantee that she will not do anything out of the ordinary, this if the car is destroyed, he can not even find a place to reason.

"What do you think I'm going to do? I'm hungry!" A blush flew up on Chu Yunyan's pretty face, and the corners of her seductive lips outlined a tantalizing arc.

"Goblin." Qin Tian secretly laughed bitterly, how come he did not find before that Chu big beauty still has such a seductive side, he is not a willow who sits on his arms, at this time which can still hold back ......