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Chapter 35 - Master's wife

"Master, in the future, if I mix with you, will I also be able to smash the front of the car out of such a big pit."

Zhuang Liancheng's frenzied eyes almost flooded with a few small stars, in his opinion, recognizing Qin Tian as master is certainly a sure-fire deal.

"Do you think cars are made of paper?" Qin Tian rolled his eyes.

"But I can teach you a set of body-strengthening boxing techniques, after practicing it well it's still no problem to put down these few followers of yours."

"Really?" Zhuang Liancheng just a little disappointed, heard Qin Tian's next words, immediately came to the spirit, although can not be as bullish as the master, but a person can put down several, still sounded very cool look.

"Would your master still lie to you? Little red red, call another master mother to hear." Ye Qian Qian picked up the conversation, and a few black lines sprang up on Qin Tian's forehead.

"Good Master Mother, this is the key to the garage below, you can drive whichever one you like, take it as a meeting gift from me to Master Mother." Zhuang Liancheng said respectfully.

Master and Niang stood together this is the golden girl, just now he blind dog eyes to dare to hit Niang's idea, fortunately the master's fist did not smash in his face, Zhuang Liancheng in the heart secretly thought.

"Seeing that you are so obedient, Shifu will be merciful and will definitely not empty your garage."

Ye Qian Qian's face with the witch's trademark smile, Zhuang Lian Cheng almost sat on his butt, if Ye Qian Qian really emptied the garage, he would definitely cry in the toilet.

But the words have already been said, he can't take them back, Zhuang Liancheng is already praying in his heart, hoping that Ye Qian Qian can leave him a little family.

"Lian Cheng, how is the relationship between your father and Deputy Secretary Chen?" Qin Tian looked at Zhuang Liancheng's pig liver-like face and couldn't help but laugh, but then he thought of that idiot Chen Xiu Yuan, knowing that Chen Xiu Yuan is the princely party with the right roots in Dongyang City, things won't pass so easily.

"My father and Chen Song's relationship has always been bad, and my father is not accustomed to moral hypocrites, Chen Song has a good reputation in Dongyang City, but secretly is not a good person!" Zhuang Liancheng said carefully, he was not sure what the relationship between Qin Tian and the Chen family was, if he said too much, wouldn't he have pitted himself miserably.

"So that's the case, then I'm relieved." The corner of Qin Tian's mouth raised an arc, as long as that Chen Song didn't come looking for trouble with him, he didn't want to get into trouble, but if Chen Song wanted to get back for his son, he didn't mind making Chen Song fall down from his current position, he didn't believe that after so long, Chen Song's bottom wasn't any unclean.

"Master, do you and Chen Song have a grudge?" Zhuang Liancheng saw Qin Tian's reaction, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

"I don't have any enmity with Deputy Secretary Chen, except that I beat up his son, and when the time comes, there is a possibility that he, as an old man, will look for trouble with me." Qin Tian indifferently shrugged his shoulders.

"Master you beat up that Chen Xiu Yuan bastard?" Zhuang Liancheng's eyes rolled round with a very surprised expression.

"Not only did I beat him up, I also sent him inside the bureau." Qin Tian could see that Zhuang Liancheng and Chen Xiuyuan had some problems with each other, otherwise this guy wouldn't be so excited.

"Too fucking relieved, if his father knew that he was caught in the bureau, it must be worse than eating shit, what bullshit prince party, but still fall under the master's lustful authority."

Zhuang Lian Cheng clapped his hands and laughed, he and Chen Xiu Yuan have always been at odds, but that guy's men can fight better than his followers, so every time they fight he is at a disadvantage, suddenly heard that bastard was beaten up, he did not gloat is strange.

By the time Qin Tian and Ye Qian Qian left, the sky had completely darkened, and seeing that Ye Qian Qian had only chosen two sports cars, Zhuang Lian Cheng's hanging heart was relieved.

Of course, Zhuang Liancheng also wanted to give Qin Tian a sports car as a gift, but Qin Tian refused, for the simple reason that he is now a security guard of the Purple Xin Group, have you ever seen a security guard who drives a sports car to work?

"Xiao Tianzi, are you really Sister Zixin's full-time bodyguard? You're close to Sister Zi Xin, you won't have any untoward intentions, right?" Along the way, Ye Qianqin's eyes stared closely at Qin Tian, as if to see Qin Tian through, with Qin Tian's hands and that godly car skills, how could he be willing to be a small bodyguard.

"Do I look to you like I have any untoward intentions?" Qin Tian looked at Ye Qian Qian speechlessly.

"Like!" Ye Qianqian seriously nodded her head.

"Since you can see it, then I simply admit it, in fact, I have admired Zi Xin for a long time, so I am close to Zi Xin, as the saying goes, near the water tower gets the moon first."

Qin Tian did not refute, since this magical girl thought he was scheming, he always had to show it, and he did not lie, the saying "near the water tower gets the moon first" is not false at all.

"Little Heavenly Son, you don't really like Sister Zi Xin, do you?" Ye Qian Qian froze for a moment, she did not expect Qin Tian to answer so readily.

"What do you say? I'm a normal man!" Qin Tian raised his eyebrows, a few more playful smiles on his face.

Although he has now completed the initial plan, but there is still a long way to go to hold the beauty, and the news of Xiao Qi's accident he can not yet reveal, not to mention whether Mu Zi Xin will believe, even if they do believe, I'm afraid Mu Zi Xin can not accept for a while.

"Sister Zixin is the pride of the sky, a short time to create the Zixin Group, and let the Zixin Group among the top three enterprises in Dongyang City ......"

Ye Qian Qian could not help but skim, listening to Qin Tian's words, she vaguely had a feeling of discomfort, as if what she wanted was taken away.

"Zi Xin is the proud daughter of the sky, and I'm just a security guard, not worthy of her, is that right?" Before Ye Qianqian could finish her words, Qin Tian's voice went cold.

Ye Qian Qian instinctively paused for a moment, surprisingly a bit at a loss for a moment, since she met Qin Tian, she had never seen Qin Tian's eyes so unfamiliar.

"I don't mean that, I'm not looking down on you." Looking at Qin Tian's unfamiliar eyes, Ye Qian Qian's heart trembled lightly, every person has self-esteem, maybe her words really touched Qin Tian.

Qin Tian did not speak, he suddenly became so cold, not because Ye Qian Qian's words hurt his pride, but touched a sensitive nerve in his heart, because three years ago, another person had also said such words, and then a woman he loved dearly left him.

Qin Tian is not willing, but he knows that his current strength is not enough to make that behemoth family give way, but one day he will get back what belongs to him.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

In the villa, Mu Zi Xin focused on the materials in her hand, her eyebrows twisted together from time to time, until she heard the sound of slowly approaching footsteps, she only slightly raised her head.

"Qian Qian, what's wrong with you?" Seeing Ye Qianqian slightly lost in thought, Mu Zi Xin put down the things in her hand.

"Nothing." Ye Qian Qian panicked and covered up her embarrassed look, but with Mu Zi Xin's intelligence how could she not guess that this niece had something to hide from her.

"Is it really nothing?" Since Ye Qian Qian does not want to say, Mu Zi Xin naturally will not ask more, but she is curious about what can make this niece's mood so low.

"Sister Zi Xin, how much do you know about Little Heavenly Son? Did he go through something before?"

After a moment of silence, Ye Qian Qian opened her mouth and asked, even she herself was not sure why she was so concerned about Qin Tian.

"Him? Did Qin Tian upset you?" Mu Zi Xin frowned, without guessing she could think that Qian Qian was upset mostly because of Qin Tian.

"No, no! Little Tianzi even saved me today, if it wasn't for him, I definitely wouldn't have been able to come back properly today." Ye Qian Qian shook her head repeatedly, then told all the things that happened on the mountain ring road.

"I've said so many times not to do such a dangerous thing, but you just don't listen, if you have a shortage of life, how can I explain to my aunt." Although Mu Zi Xin was not there, but still listened to the heart trembling, if Ye Qian Qian really in Dongyang in what accident, then how can she face her aunt.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine, there's still Little Heavenly Son to protect me! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Ye Qian Qian is very innocent pout, Mu Zi Xin immediately softened his heart.

"This is his personal matter, I'm not too sure."

"Then how did Sister Zi Xin let him be your full-time bodyguard? You must know." Ye Qian Qian did not relent, in her opinion, Sister Zi Xin has always done things without a drop of water, how could she bring a person who did not know the details into the place where she lived.

"I really don't know, the reason why I let him stay here is because she saved me once." Mu Zi Xin said indifferently, but she then seemed to think of something, and a faint scarlet color crept onto the side of her tilted face.

"Heroic rescue?" Ye Qian Qian could not have imagined that Qin Tian had saved his cousin, no wonder he could live in the villa.

"What heroic rescue, can you think of something else inside your head." Mu Zi Xin ranted, fortunately Qin Tian did not see this scene, otherwise Goddess Mu's pouting expression would definitely be able to charm him to his soul.

Just when Ye Qianqian wanted to pursue the question, suddenly smelled a fragrance wafting out from the kitchen, and then Qin Tian had already made the meal and walked out with a smile.

"So Little Heavenly Son is not angry with me." Ye Qian Qian gloomy expression swept away, from Qin Tian's smile which she could not see, Qin Tian is no longer angry, otherwise how would have the leisure to cook.