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Chapter 34 - Cheap Disciple

"Young Zhuang, that kid is too wild, what should we do!"

Qin Tian jumped into the car, Red Hair's followers only completely came back to their senses, looking at the palm marks on Red Hair's face, they each took a pose of looking for Qin Tian to fight for his life.

"What to do? I do you paralyzed, did not see his fist almost smashed the car to ruin it, you want your head like a tire burst, I do not want it yet."

Red hair a slap in the past, the heart a nest of fire, but the feeling of smoking people really fucking good.

If Qin Tian hadn't just smacked him, Red Hair would definitely not have given up, but Qin Tian beat him up, in turn, made him excited, a punch can smash that big crater, Qin Tian in his eyes is already high, if not Qin Tian jumped on the car, he even had the impulse to rush up to worship the master.

"So that's it?" A man whispered muttered, the thought of just talking to the guy was slapped, he instinctively shrunk.

"All get in the car, run first, this time all give me with twelve points of strength to run, or I get you all killed."

Red hair quickly jumped on the car, he admitted that Qin Tian can fight, but play car he is still very confident, just lost face, must find back.

Qin Tian jumped on Ye Qian Qian's fiery red sports car, skillfully checked the performance of the car, although the performance of this sports car can only be described as poor two words, but with Qin Tian's strength can definitely run a world-class sports car level, if a group of foreign guys playing Death Race know that he is here, I'm afraid will not hesitate to run to China.

"Little Tianzi, you also know how to play with cars?" Seeing Qin Tian's skilled movements, Ye Qian Qian's pair of beautiful eyes flooded with a hint of strange color.

This little devil girl was already dressed very sexy, and immediately after getting into the car, she took off her top, making Qin Tian instantly become unsettled.

"Auntie, can you put your top on first? You are so easy to make people commit crimes." Qin Tian said helplessly.

"Just now those few idiots wanted to make the old mother take off, the old mother did not take off, even if they were taken advantage of, only you can take advantage of the old mother, I still want to take off, do you want to see?" Ye Qian Qian said unconcerned, but that beautiful face still flushed a faint halo of red.

"You win, fasten your seat belt, later the car run up never shout!" Qin Tian dry swallowed his saliva, his heart secretly said a little goblin.

"Cut, I dare to run here alone to race, you think I will be afraid?" Ye Qianqian said, but still honestly fasten the seat belt.

Just when Ye Qianqian just fastened the seat belt, the fiery red sports car scurried out at a very fast speed, Ye Qianqian's head hit the seat back heavily, almond eyes stared angrily at Qin Tian.

However, hearing the sound of several engines in her ears, she opened her mouth, and did not say anything.

Watching several sports car shadows swept out at once, Qin Tian smiled faintly, this magical girl's sports car, after all, has not been modified, naturally can not compare with these professional sports cars, his current speed has reached the limit.

"Little Tianzi, hurry up and catch up with them, when they pull away, they will definitely line up in turn to form a barrier to prevent you from overtaking the past."

Ye Qian Qian is also good at playing with cars, from Qin Tian's acceleration she could tell that Qin Tian must be a master, at the thought of this, she suddenly became excited.

"Don't worry, this tactic of theirs will be of little use to me." Qin Tian stared closely at the increasingly narrow mountain road in front of him, the corners of his mouth slightly raised a curve.

"Young Zhuang, we have used all our strength this time, even if the president comes, he will not be able to overtake the car, so you can relax a hundred times." Fire red sports car in front of a silver sports car, sitting in the driver's seat of the silver sports car is the red hair slapped the followers, and at this time he is staring at Qin Tian through the reflector and like the red hair reported the situation.

"Give me a good look, if such a narrow mountain road are overtaken, get the hell out of the racing party." Red hair through the positioning has also been paying attention to Qin Tian, Ye Qian Qian can see that Qin Tian is a master, how could he not see it!

"Okay ......" the followers casually responded, but before the words were finished, his mouth opened up, as if he saw something unimaginable, "the turn he did not slow down, this guy is crazy? "

"Sit tight, I'm going to accelerate." Inside the fiery red sports car, Qin Tian's eyes stopped at the turn not far away, and his eyes became hot for a few minutes.

"Accelerate?" Ye Qian Qian froze for a moment, looking at the corner that was getting closer and closer, suddenly had a feeling of alarm.

But as Qin Tian ruthlessly stepped on the gas pedal, Ye Qianqian had no time to think more, her mind was blank, only two words remained, finished!

Accelerate, turn sharply! Qin Tian's movements were all in one go, instantly overtaking the silver sports car.

"Open your eyes, it's already okay!" Qin Tian swept a glance at Ye Qian Qian's tightly closed eyes, and couldn't help but shake his head, with this magical girl's guts to dare to run alone to this kind of place to ride a car.

Hearing Qin Tian's voice, Ye Qian Qian only slowly opened her eyes, just now at that moment, she really thought she was going to hang up.

"Didn't someone just say that he wasn't scared at all? Why do you still keep your eyes closed." Qin Tian saw that Ye Qian Qian was in shock and smiled playfully.

"Bastard, I haven't even given it away for the first time, I don't want to die so early, you just scared me to death." Ye Qianqian stroked his heaving chest and made a move to hit Qin Tian's body, but thinking that the car had not yet stopped, she hurriedly put her hand back.

"Are we not fine now?" Qin Tian rolled his eyes, this magical girl just now can not have been thinking about his first time has not been sent out.

"Scared me, you're responsible!" Ye Qian Qian did not relent.

"How do you want me to be responsible?" Qin Tian looked horrified, why did he feel that this witch's smile was a bit unkind.

"Teach me your biking skills, especially the one that accelerated just now, or I'll cut you." Ye Qian Qian gestured scissor hands, Qin Tian only felt his body tighten.

"Teach you can, but you may not learn to know."

"Learn to know or not is my business, you teach or not!" Ye Qian Qian stared at Qin Tian tightly, if Qin Tian dared to say a word no, her life-threatening scissor hands were probably going to be executed.

"Teach!" Qin Tian did not want to theorize with this magical girl, not to mention that if he let this little demon make trouble, he could drive without worrying.

Hearing Qin Tian's promise, Ye Qian Qian only quiet down, but this time she did not close her eyes again, but stared straight ahead, afraid to miss any of the details.

Five minutes, three corners, Qin Tian with the advantage of speed directly to the front, and on the way Ye Qian Qian screaming voice has not been broken, which there is a little image to speak of.

When the car came to a steady stop, the red hair of that sports car only slowed down and ran over.

"Now, your car should be mine!" Looking at the astonished mouth of the red hair after getting out of the car, Qin Tian said indifferently.

"Master, do you accept disciples, I'll be your disciple from now on." The red hair stagnated for a moment, suddenly pounced on, he has completely classified Qin Tian into the ranks of the high people, not only the hands bully, even the car skills are so out of this world.

"Roll, I do not play broken back!" Qin Tian kicked out, this redhead's attitude came to a hundred and eighty degree flip, but let him have a few amazement.

"Master, I sincerely and sincerely want to worship, please accept this slightly trembling chrysanthemum." Being kicked by Qin Tian, instead of being upset, Red Hair had an obscene smile on his face.

"Little Tianzi won't accept an apprentice, Little Redhead, you wouldn't be unable to part with this luxury sports car, would you." Ye Qianqian skimmed her mouth and gave Red Hair a discontented white glance.

"How could you not spare it, if the senior mother likes it, I have several luxury sports cars here, I can totally give it to you." Red hair turned to stop his eyes on Ye Qian Qian's body, where there is still the previous arrogant and domineering aura, as for being addressed by Ye Qian Qian as Little Hong Hong, he is not at all temperamental.

"Master Niang?" Ye Qian Qian gave a delicate laugh, then nodded fervently and said, "Little Hong Hong, so you are quite good at talking, ah, just because you this sentence master mother, I for your master promised to accept you as a disciple!"

"Really?" Red hair wildly happy, a pair of eyes full of hope to look at Qin Tian.

"I don't even seem to know your name yet." Qin Tian was speechless, this magical girl really does not stop for a while, but seeing Red Hair's sincere eyes, he did not directly refuse.

"My name is Zhuang Liancheng, I'm the honorary vice president of the Drag Race Party, which is just a name." Hearing Qin Tian's question, Red Hair leaned up fartily.

"Zhuang Liancheng? What is your relationship with Secretary Zhuang Ping?" The surname Zhuang was not much in Dongyang City, Qin Tian heard Zhuang Liancheng's name and thought of Zhuang Ping, the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Dongyang City.

"That's my father." Zhuang Liancheng grinned, but if his father knew that he was in a drag racing party, his legs would be broken, I'm afraid.

"Secretary Zhuang is your father?" Qin Tian guffawed for a while, how could he have imagined that this guy who looked like a gangster would be a princely party with roots in Dongyang City.

Zhuang Ping had a very high status and position in Dongyang City, precisely because of the very special geographical location of Dongyang City, so there was a lot of power in certain positions, just like Zhuang Ping, even comparable to Chen Xiu Yuan's father.

"Although my father is the first hand of the Discipline Inspection Commission, but I have never used my father's name to do anything harmful to heaven and earth, master, you just accept me as a disciple."

Zhuang Liancheng said carefully, although he is not a normal dude, but definitely not a rogue, and not considered scum.

"I can be your master, but it's not my problem if I teach you something to learn or not." To this suddenly appeared cheap disciple, Qin Tian did not refuse, and this goods although like to pretend to pick up girls, but the essence is not bad.

"Can't learn definitely not blame the master, that must be because I'm stupid, then the master need me to do any preparation, when to come to a worship ceremony."

Zhuang Liancheng excited, the eyes have been flooded with green light, like a wolf hungry for a few days saw a group of sheep.

"No need!" Qin Tian's face was black, is this guy here to be funny? And engage in a worship ceremony.

"But I don't really like red hair." A moment of silence Qin Tian continued, this goods dyed a red hair to do their own disciple, others still think he is also a gangster.

"I'll go dye back tomorrow." Zhuang Liancheng hurried to take a stand, joking, it is not easy to recognize a master, how could he not perform well.