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Chapter 32 How to solve it

"You know Meng Shao?" Seeing Qin Tian put down his phone, the manager snorted, from which way he looked at it, Qin Tian didn't look like he knew Meng Yifan.

"What kind of kitten and puppy can get involved with Meng Shao? What kind of bastard is he acting?" The middle-aged man with a big belly mocked, what is Meng Shao's status, is not this poor guy to get involved.

"Stupid bastard!" Qin Tian swept the manager and the middle-aged man, looking at them with increasing displeasure.

"Security guards, what are you still standing there for? Hurry up and blow the people out!" The manager's face was as ugly as eating shit.

"I'll see who dares to blow my brother out!" Just at this time, a voice came through, and Meng Yifan had arrived.

Meng Yifan was just at a club in front of him, and after receiving Qin Tian's call, he ran over almost as fast as he could.

"Young Meng!"

The manager saw Meng Yifan, his blue face immediately turned into a flattering smile, Jingcheng jewelry is only a small industry under the name of Meng's enterprise, normally Meng Yifan would not patronize this kind of place, to use a bad word, in the eyes of Meng Yifan, he is not even a fart.

"Brother Qin, what the hell is going on." Without even looking at the manager, Meng Yifan walked straight up to Qin Tian.

A few days ago, Meng Yifan asked people to investigate the identity of Qin Tian, this investigation does not matter, he found that the identity of Qin Tian could not be investigated, with the Meng family in the military forces can not investigate the person, certainly not ordinary people.

"I came to buy something from Meng Shao's territory and was treated a little unfairly, I wonder how Meng Shao is going to solve it?"

Qin Tian said with a smile, the meaning of the words could not be clearer, just watch what you do, I have no opinion.

"Say, what's going on?" Meng Yifan's brow furrowed a little and stared coldly at the manager.

The manager shivered, he could feel that Meng Yifan was really angry, and when he thought that he had just had Qin Tian blown out, a cold sweat broke out on his back.

The person who could make Meng Shao run over politely, he could afford to mess with?

"What's going on, are you the owner of Jingcheng Jewelry? Tell your dog to blow these two people out, and I can pretend that nothing happened." Zheng Lan's expression changed slightly when he saw that the visitor was actually turning towards Qin Tian.


Zheng Lan's words had just fallen when the middle-aged man standing beside him slapped over, the force of his slap was so heavy that five fingerprints quickly appeared on Zheng Lan's face.

"Apologize to Meng at once, what the fuck are you, you dare to yell at Meng too." The middle-aged man had the heart to slap this stupid woman to death, this woman didn't want life, he still wanted life.

Zheng Lan was slapped in the face, but quickly reacted that the man in front of her was not something she could afford to mess with.

"Meng Shao, I'm sorry, it was my eyes that rushed you." Zheng Lan forced to endure the hot and spicy feeling on her face and hastily apologized, even this old man she was next to was all terrified, if she didn't apologize, I'm afraid this good day would come to an end.

"Yang Qiang, right, the woman you raised doesn't seem to have a clean mouth!" Meng Yifan looked at Han Yingying, then looked at Zheng Lan, vaguely understanding what had happened.

"Didn't you hear what Meng Shao said? Immediately slap your mouth, when does Meng Shao shout to stop, you can only stop." Yang Qiang knew that Meng Yifan was angry, and immediately gave a wink towards Zheng Lan, if this woman was not sensible, he would definitely take action himself.

Zheng Lan trembled and looked at the man beside her incredulously, but when she saw the latter's eyes, she immediately understood that she simply had no other choice.

Slap, slap, slap!

A series of heavy slaps came down, Zheng Lan's originally still pretty face immediately turned purple, Meng Yifan did not say anything, she simply did not dare to stop.

"Brother Qin, don't let her hit again, if she keeps hitting, something will happen!" Han Yingying was a bit soft-hearted and whispered when she saw Zheng Lan's painful expression.

"Meng young, Ying Ying said not to fight, or forget it." For a woman like Zheng Lan, Qin Tian did not even have the heart to calculate, since Han Yingying spoke, then forget it.

"Take your woman and get lost." Meng Yifan waved his hand, and Yang Qiang and Zheng Lan ran outside as if they were amnestied and slunk away.

"From now on, these two people will pay ten times the price for any consumption in my Meng's enterprise's properties, and all cooperation with Yang's will be cancelled."

Yang Qiang just took two steps out and heard Meng Yifan's voice, then stumbled and almost fell on the ground, although he has some status in Dongyang City, but all are dependent on Meng's tree, if Meng Yifan canceled Meng's cooperation with him, then he really has nothing.

Qin Tian grinned, Meng Yifan this hand is really too vicious, from Yang Qiang's expression can be seen, his intestines are probably to regret.

The manager stood there, not daring to move, once Yang Qiang and Zheng Lan left, it was his turn next.

"Brother Qin, what should we do with this person?" Meng Yifan's eyes rested on Qin Tian, then pointed at the manager.

"He is the manager of Meng's enterprise, not someone's dog, I hate dog-eyed villains." Qin Tian did not give this manager any face, wasn't this guy very arrogant just now?

"Manager Chen, you can go get your salary for this month now." Meng Yifan also did not delay, directly gave an ultimatum, this person is just a manager of Meng's industry, firing him is a matter of minutes.

"Meng young, Meng young, I know I'm wrong, I'm dog-eyed, I'm an asshole, I shouldn't have rushed Qin young, you give me another chance."

When the manager heard Meng Yifan's words, it was like a thunderstorm struck down hard, Meng's treatment was always good, and there was great oil to be made in Jingcheng Jewelry, if he was fired, where would he find such a good job.

"Manager Chen, I advise you better go honestly, for so many years you have made a lot of money in Jingcheng Jewelry, right, if I give this evidence to the police, how many years do you think you can squat inside?"

Meng Yifan has a cold face, his words do not carry any emotion, Meng's so many industries, many of them have a lot of oil and water, if he wants to investigate, he will be able to find out.

"I'll go, I'll go!" The manager had cold sweat on his forehead, Meng Yifan was right, he had made a lot of money in Jingcheng Jewelry for so many years, if he really found out, he would be able to sit through the bottom of the jail.

"Better think clearly before you go, how much money you have swallowed over the years, how much you have eaten and spit it all out for me."

If the manager had just rolled away painfully, Meng Yifan wouldn't have bothered him, but he suddenly changed his mind.

The manager's legs trembled and he felt a darkness in front of his eyes, how much money he had swallowed over the years, he couldn't even count it, Meng Yifan asked him to spit it all out at once, this is to kill him.

But when he thought that if he pissed off Meng Yifan, he would have to sit through the bottom of the jail, the manager still walked in honestly.

"Meng young man really do things in a thunderous manner, less such a black sheep, I believe Jingcheng jewelry will be able to stand firm in the jewelry industry in Dongyang City." Qin Tian did not pity this manager at all, do the wrong thing will have to pay the price.

"By the good fortune of brother Qin, but the jewelry industry is only a small industry under the Meng family, if brother Qin is interested, why not take over Jingcheng Jewelry for a bit of fun?" Meng Yifan said with a smile.

Play? The people around heard Meng Yifan's words, eyes glazed over, Meng's is worthy of being one of the four big family industries in Dongyang City, a big enterprise, casually can send a jewelry store to play a game.

However, these people are also clear that Qin Tian is certainly not an ordinary person, otherwise Meng Yifan would not have done so.

"I'm not interested in this stuff, and besides, this Jingcheng jewelry is worth several hundred million, you're really willing to give it up." Qin Tian rolled his eyes, this young man Meng is really rich, a few hundred million of things.

"What is there to give up, last time in the underground boxing ring, you earned close to 100 million for me." Meng Yifan is not that kind of defeated young master, the reason why he said this also has a few meaning to pull Qin Tian in.

"Although I'm not interested in Meng's Jingcheng Jewelry, but I can recommend a candidate for manager for you." After a moment of silence, Qin Tian glanced at the sluggish salesman and spoke.

"The person recommended by Brother Qin is certainly worthy of the manager's position, tell me, who is so lucky."

"Her!" Qin Tian pointed at the sales clerk and said.

"Good, from now on, you are the manager of Jingcheng Jewelry?" Meng Yifan also looked at that sales clerk, he didn't care who was the manager of Jingcheng Jewelry, he just did it to sell a favor to Qin Tian.

"Me?" The salesman froze for a long time before he responded, but that face was filled with an incredulous expression of surprise.

"But I don't know how to run a business ah ......" After a long time, this salesman said in a small voice.

"It's okay, you can learn slowly, not anyone can be a good manager when they come up." Meng Yifan comforted, even he himself did not think, his own word of encouragement for the future of Meng's enterprise recruited an incomparable talent, Jingcheng jewelry completely sat down the first jewelry position in Dongyang City, of course, these are afterthoughts.

"Thank you Mr. Meng, thank you Mr. Qin ......" the sales clerk did not expect this good thing to hit her head, she knew that Meng Yifan gave her the opportunity all because of Qin Tian.

"In the future, when Brother Qin comes to Jingcheng Jewelry, all of them are 10% off, and this blue bracelet, all of them are my gifts to my sister-in-law."

Meng Yifan handed the blue bracelet to Han Yingying, he is a veteran of the flower world, naturally see the beautiful woman next to Qin Tian's affectionate eyes, feelings Qin Tian is also a flirt ah.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Han Yingying was stunned, her pretty face was soon covered with a moving blush, especially when she noticed Meng Yifan looking at the ambiguous eyes of the two, she buried her head even lower, but a faint sweetness was surging up in her heart.