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Chapter 30: One move to solve

Bang ......

The poison dart had just taken a few steps back when Qin Tian's fist smashed solidly, and the poison dart's body flew backwards, with crimson blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth.

"Who is the employer, say it and I can give you a pain." With the strength of the poison dart, even the Blood Fiend was able to easily solve it, it would be a joke if he could escape from Qin Tian's hands.

"I have nothing to say if my skills are not as good as others, if you want to kill me, I'll do whatever you want." Poison Dart knew that he couldn't escape, so he simply closed his eyes and looked like he was waiting for death.

"You are one of Poison Phoenix's people?" Qin Tian noticed a tattoo of a phoenix on Poison Dart's arm and frowned.

"How do you know?" Poison Dart's eyes snapped open and his face became extremely gloomy.

"Go back and tell Poison Phoenix that her master's death has nothing to do with me, if she challenges my bottom line again and again, I don't mind reneging on my initial agreement with her master and eradicate the Phoenix organization completely."

Qin Tian did not answer Poison Dart, coldly throwing a sentence to walk away, the reason why he let Poison Dart go was not because of mercy, but because he had an agreement with Poison Phoenix's master, if the Phoenix organization's people were looking for his trouble, he would spare someone's life for her sake.

However, if that woman is not smart and still wants to continue to assassinate him, then he does not mind making the Phoenix organization disappear completely, he is not a good man or woman.

The poison dart froze in place, until Qin Tian left has not completely come back to his senses, anyone who has assassinated the Saint King, have reported to Hades, but he actually survived, this alone, he can brag for a long time.

Just before the poison dart could celebrate, he suddenly felt a chill come out from his back, and then his smile completely froze on his face as a hideous line of blood slowly expanded on his neck.

"When did the young master become so merciful, if the young master didn't like me meddling in his personal affairs, the Phoenix organization would have been gone long ago!"

A figure appeared behind the poison dart, a faint blush moved on her perfect and delicate pretty face, her vermilion lips gently opened, and her silver bell-like voice softly rang out.

Skywolf Gang headquarters.

After the submission of the Skywolf Gang, Han Zifeng took over the Skywolf Gang, although there were still many voices of opposition within the Skywolf Gang, but Lei Huo didn't say anything, so even if they opposed it, it wouldn't help.

For Lei Tiger, he had been on this road for too long, he had long been tired, and in recent years, the industries under the Skywolf Gang had started to bleach, and he had already had the intention of washing his hands in a golden pot, and Han Zifeng's appearance had given him an opportunity.

Of course, Lei Huo still had a reluctant heart, but when he thought of Qin Tian's terrifying strength, he had a chill.

"Brother-in-law, you're here!" As soon as Qin Tian appeared in the Skywolf Gang, Han Zifeng greeted him, he knew very well that with his strength he was not strong enough to make the huge Skywolf Gang submit, it was all thanks to Qin Tian.

"Your sister and I are just friends, if you call her that, aren't you selling her out." Qin Tian grinned and shook his head helplessly.

"Hey hey, my sister wouldn't want me to sell her out." Han Zifeng dryly laughed and rubbed his head, looking very naive and palatable.

But the corners of the mouths of the Skywolf Gang who knew Han Zifeng's methods twitched, in their eyes, Han Zifeng was definitely considered a god of killing.

Qin Tian opened his mouth and did not say anything else.

"Young master!" Lei Huo walked out and bowed his head respectfully, last time at the Wind and Moon Club, Qin Tian had left a psychological shadow on him that he could never forget in his life.

"Don't call Young Master Young Master, other things aside, Chief Lei and I should be considered friends now." Qin Tian smiled, he also didn't expect that the last incident would make Lei Tiger become so honest, was this still the boss Lei who was so formidable in the Dong Yang City Road?

"Count, of course count." Lei Huo could not figure out Qin Tian's background, but from that day's incident, it was not difficult to see that Qin Tian's identity was not simple, because he learned from the mouth of the people he knew in the police department that the reason why the Wind Moon Club made such a big commotion that day but the police department was calm and quiet was that there was an instruction from above long ago.

"Mr. Lei, I think we can talk alone." Qin Tian looked at Lei tiger, and then looked at Han Zifeng, Han Zifeng this understanding to go out.

"Young master just say what you have to say, is there something I have done wrong." Lei Huo was left alone, deep inside he was a bit frightened.

"Relax, I don't mean to raise an accusation, I'm really a bit surprised that Chief Lei is so quick to let the Sky Wolf Gang submit to Zi Feng's men, if I'm not wrong, Boss Lei actually had the intention to bleach long ago, right?" Qin Tian found a random place to sit down and stared closely at Lei Huo.

"Indeed, this path is more suitable for young people, I just want to take care of the white industry under the Skywolf Gang now." Lei Huo said honestly.

"Changle Group is the largest industry under the Skywolf Gang, and it is also one of the top ten enterprises in Dongyang City, there is no denying that Boss Lei's business acumen is indeed high."

Lei Huo listened quietly, he didn't know what Qin Tian was going to say, nor did he know what exactly Qin Tian was leaving him for.

"If I could give Boss Lei 500 million, how far would Boss Lei be able to develop the Changle Group?" Seeing that Lei Huo was silent, Qin Tian continued.

"Five hundred million?" Lei Tiger's eyes flooded with a hint of color, what Changle Group lacked today was exactly the capital, if there was 500 million dollars invested, he was confident to develop Changle Group into a top five enterprise in Dongyang City.

"If there is five hundred million, Changle Group can be among the first-class enterprises." Lei Huo burst out with excitement, and the look in Qin Tian's eyes had changed.

"There is 500 million in here, it is considered my share in Changle Group, I believe in Boss Lei's ability." Qin Tian then threw a gold card to Lei tiger, five hundred million was nothing to him, a gold mine of the Holy Gate alone was more than that.

"I will definitely not disappoint the young master." Lei tiger pressed down the ecstasy in his heart, if previously Lei tiger's submission was deterred by Qin Tian's terrifying strength, then now he was already submissive in his heart.

He was able to take out 500 million casually, and his strength was terrifying. In the eyes of Lei Huo, Qin Tian was already an unobtrusive and unassuming high ranking person.

Of course, Qin Tian's trust also bribed Lei Huo completely, Lei Huo was able to run such a large enterprise through the Changle Group from nothing, naturally he has his merits, suspicious of people, using people without doubt, this is Qin Tian's principle.

"Young master, now there are many different voices within the Skywolf Gang, I am worried that some people may have dissent, before I have been focusing on the Changle Group and neglected to control the Skywolf Gang." After a moment of silence, Lei Huo said.

"Such a matter, you'd better talk to Zi Feng, if he can't even solve such a trivial matter, then it proves that I made a wrong choice in helping him." Qin Tian said carelessly.

For the Wolf Gang, Qin Tian did not want to interfere, with Han Zifeng's restless nature, he must be able to muddy the water in Dongyang City, his purpose was to muddy the water and fish, if he interfered in the affairs of the Wolf Gang, in turn, he would be noticed, then it would not be so easy for him to move.

The company's main goal is to get the most out of the situation.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

By the time the two Qin Tian walked out of the room, Han Zifeng was already waiting outside, although only two days, his body already has a superior aura, some people are born for this path, just like Han Zifeng.

"Brother-in-law, what are you guys mysteriously up to? Not doing anything wrong to my sister, right?" Han Zifeng came up with a lewd smile.

"Get lost, my orientation is normal." Qin Tian rolled his eyes, how come he didn't find that this kid was still so prodigal.

"Brother-in-law, I heard that you showed great prowess in the underground boxing ring, one punch blasted down the King of Killers, it just so happens that you are free today, or you can accompany me to have a couple of moves." Han Zifeng looked at Qin Tian with hope, he was an uncompromising martial arts nerd, having heard of Qin Tian's exploits in the underground boxing ring, he was eager to see just how strong Qin Tian was.

"Itchy hands?" Qin Tian raised an eyebrow and said playfully.

"Hey, the key is that these people from the Skywolf Gang are just too unbeatable, even four or five of them together are not enough to stuff their teeth." Han Zifeng muttered discontentedly.

The face of tiger Lei changed and became pig liver colored, although the Wolf Gang is not good, but not so unbeatable, the key is that Han Zifeng is really too capable of fighting.

"Since you have itchy hands, I'll accompany you for a couple of moves." Qin Tian did not refuse, it just so happened that he had not beaten anyone for a long time, if Bloodshed and the others were present and saw Qin Tian's current expression, they would have prayed for Han Zifeng.

"Then let's go outside to fight, we can't perform here." Han Zifeng was happy, all without smelling a bit of danger.

"Let's do it right here, you don't have a chance to cast anyway." Qin Tian laughed lightly.

"That's not necessarily true, look at the fist!" Han Zifeng took a step forward with his right foot and turned his palm into a fist and probed out, he was quite confident in his strength, even if he knew he wasn't Qin Tian's opponent, he wouldn't fall easily.

"The force is fine, the speed is too slow." Qin Tian couldn't help but smile, this kid was really impatient to make a move, but his speed was still a little too slow.

Han Zifeng only felt a flash of a figure in front of him, his fist had fallen short, and just as he reacted, he suddenly felt a chill at the back of his neck, and a force passed down his upper body.

"If I were your enemy, you would be dead by now." Qin Tian clapped his hands, Han Zifeng's strength is certainly not weak, but although he strikes fiercely but not at all decisive to kill, that's why he fell into the wind.

Han Zifeng was stagnant for a moment, he did not expect the fight to end just as soon as it started, indeed, he had not even played half of his strength.

The side of Lei tiger also froze, a single move can make Han Zifeng fall, Qin Tian's strength is really how terrifying, he is glad that he made the wisest choice.