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Chapter 29 - Testing

"Tell me honestly, what exactly do you three want to do by running to China?"

A few black lines appeared on Qin Tian's forehead, the arrival of the Bloodshed trio brought him not surprise, but shock, in case the people above targeted these few kids, then things would really turn out to be a big deal.

"Boss, we are idle, so run out for a walk, China's beautiful scenery, much better than that shitty place in the Middle East ......"

"Speak human language!" Not waiting for Blood Fury to finish his words, Qin Tian was already on fire.

"Lightning Thunder and Silver Wolf's intention is to move the Holy Sect's base camp to China, and Second Brother has also agreed."

Blood Fury's face changed, he could hear that Qin Tian was really moved with anger.

"Have your heads been kicked by a donkey, has Tian Tu's head been kicked as well?" Qin Tian was not angry with Bloodshed and the others for taking matters into their own hands, after all, when he was in the Holy Sect before, he was just a handful and rarely restrained them, but this time was different, he did not want to risk his brothers.

"Boss, we have tried these days, there will not be any trouble, even if we really encounter any trouble, we can still retreat in one piece." Blood Fury whispered, Qin Tian a head-bashing scolding made him not a bit of temper.

"Since you are back, stay honestly for now, do not give me any trouble, or all of you go back to me!" Qin Tian said in a good-natured manner.

"Where are you people now?" A few moments later, Qin Tian continued to ask.

"Dongyang City!" Blood Fury was much more honest this time and answered all questions.

"Where is that woman?" Qin Tian's heart skipped twice, suddenly having a bad feeling.

"Of course Sister Hong Yue is also in Dongyang City ......," Blood Fury said resentfully.

"I go!" Qin Tian powerlessly exhaled, really afraid of what will come.

"Tell me your current location, I have itchy hands!"

"Boss, I still have things to do, I'll tell you later." Blood Fury involuntarily shivered, if he told Qin Tian where they were now, I guess he wouldn't have to lie down and sleep tonight.

Hearing the blind voice coming from the other end of the phone, the corners of Qin Tian's mouth had a few more smiles, after thinking about it, he still decided to call that old man Huangfu Yuan first, just to probe his mouth.

"Kid, why do you suddenly have the leisure to call me, is there any progress in the matter?"

Huangfu Yuan's voice did not have that high aura, it sounded like a comfortable feeling.

"Progress my ass, don't you know the situation in Dongyang City best?" Qin Tian rolled his eyes, even this old man is very headache, how can it be so easy to solve the problem.

"Pay attention to the quality, say it, if there is no progress, what are you calling for?" Huangfu Yuan is not angry, said with a smile.

"Old man, don't pretend to be confused, if you don't know what I'm going to say, then it's time for your National Security Bureau to go home and bring up their children." Qin Tian was clear that the three Blood Fiends' appearance in China would definitely not escape Huangfu Yuan's fiery eyes.

"You mean those three boys, right? They were already noticed above a few days ago." Huangfu Yuan said.

"Then what exactly does the above mean?" Qin Tian's nerves tightened, although he had already guessed, but coming from Huangfu Yuan's mouth still made his eyebrows wrinkle.

"As long as you restrain those three boys and don't touch the bottom line of what the top can tolerate, generally nothing will happen." Huangfu Yuan said politely.

"I know what to do, but I also don't want any small moves from above, old man you should know that I'm kind of a calf protector."

Qin Tian's taut nerves eased, but the glib response was somewhat of a warning.

"Kid, you're threatening me?" Huangfu Yuan's voice suddenly became serious.

"You can think so too, I don't want anyone to hurt my brother." Qin Tian grinned, did this old man think that being serious would bluff him? He was not intimidated.

"Well, you kid won, I can guarantee that they are fine, it just so happens that the situation in Dongyang City is more tense now, some helpers are more conducive to your hands, but you kid must not play with fire, I know clearly what you have done in the past few days."

Silence for a while, Huangfu Yuan finally could not help it, he was wondering every time Qin Tian's body is not living inside a vicissitudes of the soul, why this kid is more like an old fox.

"You don't object?" Qin Tian froze for a moment, he knew that Huangfu Yuan was referring to the matter of the Skywolf Gang.

"Why should I oppose it? As long as there is light there is darkness, even under the sun there are still shadows, if it can solve the predicament of Dongyang City, this way is not undesirable."

"Old man, aren't you scared at all?" Huangfu Yuan's answer made Qin Tian a little stunned, but he did not deny what this old man said, where there is light there is darkness.

This is the same reason as the existence of mercenaries, some countries outwardly abhor mercenary organizations, but behind the scenes there is a lot of cooperation with mercenaries, as the world's number one mercenary organization, he has seen too many things that do not see the light.

"I believe you." Huangfu Yuan said casually.

"Old man, the emotional card is useless to me, you should think about giving me some benefits, it just so happens that I do not have too much pocket money, you just give me a few hundred million!"

"Roll, do you think I'm an ATM? You should know that you are working for the country, do you still want the country's money?" Huangfu Yuan's mouth corner twitched, want to curse, the moment you open your mouth is several hundred million, you think money is the wind blows?

"Do not press me with the axiom, instead of letting the state take money to support a group of people who only know how to oppress the people, it is better to do a little good deed for me! And you're asking me for a favor, there has to be some kind of payment."

Qin Tian shrugged indifferently, this has nothing to do with love for the country, he is helping the old man, he can't work for nothing.

"I'll remember all this and give it to you when the time comes. By the way, in a few days I'll ask Yu Qing to go over and give you your new identity and documents." Huangfu Yuan hurriedly changed the subject.

"That woman wants boobs and no boobs and no ass, change someone to deliver."

"Bastard, have the guts to say it again!" Qin Tian's words had just fallen, the caller's voice came from Nangong Yuqing, his scalp numbed, the whole person froze, day, this woman belongs to the dog, right, so can hear.

"Old man, I have other things here, bye." Although in the heart of the Huangfu Yuan condolences, but Qin Tian still dry laugh, do not wait for Huangfu Yuan to reply to hang up the phone, now he finally appreciate the blood fury that kid just now the mood.

After probing Huangfu Yuan's mouth, Qin Tian was much more at ease, no matter what the Bloodshed trio chose to return to China for, he did not want them to suffer any harm.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Swoosh! The sound of breaking air, Qin Tian's figure fiercely disappeared in place, a dart almost grazed his shadow and flew past.

The dart pierced through a leaf, and an ear-piercing corrosive sound rang out.


Qin Tian sucked in a breath of cold air, eyes have been flooded with a cold light.

It was too late to think, another dart with a cold aura flew out of the shadows again, and this time following the direction the dart came from, Qin Tian firmly locked on a figure.

"Get the hell out!" Qin Tian's speed increased to the extreme, his hands pushed forward and a stream of air gushed out.

"Hehe, worthy of being a Saint King, finding the location of my hideout so quickly, admire admire admire." A black shadow flashed out from the shadows, with a somewhat surprised expression, while the voice was also very feminine.

"You know me?" Qin Tian's brow frowned a little, it was obvious that this assassin was coming for him, and he still dared to make a move even though he knew his identity, he didn't know where he got the confidence.

"The most famous Saint King in the mercenary world, how could I not know."

The killer stared closely at Qin Tian, almost all the muscles of his body had tensed up, facing the aura on Qin Tian, he actually beat a retreat, he had only heard before that the Saint King was very strong, but only when he was really faced with it did he understand what kind of concept very strong really was, he even had some regrets about taking up this mission.

"Killer forty, poison dart!"

The killer was looking at Qin Tian at the same time, Qin Tian already judged the identity of this killer, although he was not familiar with these things, but do not forget that the Saint Gate has a lightning, almost every list of killers in his information.

"How did you recognize me!" The killer's face was cold, his heart thumped, if Qin Tian had not recognized him, he might have been able to retreat in one piece, but now that Qin Tian recognized him, he knew that even if he fled to the ends of the earth, he might not be able to escape, even if he was the fortieth expert on the killer list, he was not confident that he could survive the Holy Sect's pursuit.

"Your darts betrayed you, if memory serves, every killer's weapon has a unique mark, and your mark is poison." Qin Tian sneered, in his eyes, Poison Dart was already a dead man.

"Not bad, I am Poison Dart, I think, if I kill you, will my position in the assassin list rocket up." Poison Dart's voice was still feminine, since Qin Tian had already recognized him, then he naturally would not hide his head.

"There are many people who wanted to kill me, but unfortunately all of those people went underground to meet the King of Hell, so you will be just like them."

Qin Tian did not want to talk nonsense, as soon as the words fell, his fist had already blasted out, there was no denying that the poison dart was very strong in assassination, but in a head-to-head encounter, Qin Tian had 10,000 ways to make him die a miserable death.

Bang! The two forces collided heavily, Qin Tian only felt his arm tingling, but the poison dart's face became more ugly, because under the impact of that force, half of his arm looked like it was ruined.

The poison dart is not stupid, naturally he will not lose his life for a mission, with that force, he flew back a few steps, unexpectedly tried to escape!

Escape? Can you escape? The corners of Qin Tian's mouth raised an arc, this idiot chose to find his bad luck at this time, blame it on his bad luck!