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Chapter 23 - Smashing the venue

Walking out of the box, Qin Tian bumped into Meng Yifan head-on and was a little surprised to see him appear here.

"We meet again!" Meng Yifan was just about to shake hands with Qin Tian when he suddenly shrank his hand back, the lesson he learned last time was still clearly remembered to this day.

"Young Meng, right!"

Qin Tian intentionally or unintentionally looked at Meng Yifan's action, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Kid, dare to speak to Meng Shao like that, is your skin itchy, believe it or not I will throw you out right now." Seeing Qin Tian's nonchalant expression, one of the junior brothers beside Meng Yifan was instantly fired up.

"Get lost, when did it become your turn to interfere in Laozi's affairs."

Meng Yifan's heart thumped and he slapped the back of that little brother's head.

Although Meng Yifan and Qin Tian only had a one-sided encounter, but he came from a special forces background, he could feel the aura of Qin Tian's body, if any, such aura even if he had been sharpened at the edge of life and death for more than a decade, so in his opinion, Qin Tian is definitely a master, even he did not want to provoke such a person, these few brats under him are not enough for others to drink a pot.

"Boss, what are you hitting me for?"

The little brother shrunken his head with an innocent face, he still fucking wanted to show a good performance in front of Meng Yifan, who knew that pretending to be a pussy instead of getting a beating.

"I beat you up, you still have a problem?" Meng Yifan glared, the little brother immediately honestly shut his mouth.

"Brother Qin, the boys under me don't know how to behave, don't mind, are you free today, I want to treat Brother Qin to a meal, just now when you were on the field I put a few million on you, in less than half an hour it turned into tens of millions, I want to thank you."

"I may not be available today, some other time." The corners of Qin Tian's mouth twitched, no wonder that Huang Yuanming's face was as ugly as eating shit, it turned out that his odds would be so high, and there was also Meng Yifan, the goods out of the hand was several million.

"Good, then another day, this is my business card, if there is anything brother Qin can call me."

Meng Yifan handed over a business card, the smile on his face is very modest, he likes Mu Zixin is not false, but he is also clear that Mu Zixin does not feel much for him, and he himself is a person who dares to love and hate, knowing that Qin Tian is not a bad strength, there was a feeling of sympathy.

"If something comes up, I will definitely trouble Meng Shao." Obediently taking the business card and putting it away, Qin Tian turned around and walked out.

"What are you taking me to do?"

Walking out of the Dynasty Club, Han Zifeng's vigilance was obviously a few points less and became very excited, looking at the green light moving in this kid's eyes, Qin Tian couldn't help but smile.

It seems he guessed right, this kid is definitely not a peaceful master.

"Smash the field!"

Qin Tian threw out a sentence, and Han Yingying and Han Zifeng both stood frozen on the spot at the same time.

"Where's your bloodlust? Gone so quickly? The Sky Wolf Gang's people not only tortured you, but also threatened your sister, don't you want to take revenge?" Qin Tian paused for a moment and stared at Han Zifeng.

"Of course I want to take revenge, that group of grandsons from the Skywolf Gang have done a lot of evil, they will not stop at anything to get me to help them fight black boxing, if it wasn't for brother-in-law this time, I would have been scrapped by them for sure."

A cold air emerged from Han Zifeng's body, if the Skywolf Gang's people only tortured him, then he might not be so angry, on the contrary, the Skywolf Gang's people also used his sister to threaten him, which had touched his bottom line.

"Zifeng, big brother Qin and I are not what you think, don't scream nonsense." Hearing this brother-in-law from Han Zifeng, Han Yingying's pretty face instantly turned red with shame.

"Sooner or later anyway, I've never seen my sister blush before." Han Zifeng smiled and looked very naive, but it was such a seemingly naive kid who was the undeserved dominator of the underground boxing ring.

"Hey, brother-in-law, you said you were going to smash the field, where should we go to smash it?" Han Zifeng does not care Han Yingying face is already about to drip water, impulsively asked.

Qin Tian smiled bitterly, this kid's brother-in-law called him some egg pain, but uphold the principle of cheap not to take advantage of the son of a bitch, he still accepted it with peace of mind.

"Of course it is to find the biggest place to smash, small place to smash up no fun."

"But, the Wolf Gang has connections in both black and white, in case the time comes ......" Han Zifeng, although excited, but not so much as to be overwhelmed, he was worried about the momentary pain, afterwards dragged down his family.

"Don't worry, what you call the white way, is nothing but the police department, rest assured, this afternoon the entire Dongyang City Police Department will be very quiet."

What Han Zifeng can think of, Qin Tian can naturally think of, as long as he makes a phone call to Feng Feng, all the problems will be solved.

The reason why Qin Tian encouraged Han Zifeng to smash the field, naturally have his intention, on the one hand, he could see that Han Zifeng is very suitable for the life of licking blood, he did so to help this kid, on the other hand, he can always remember what the old man Huangfu explained to him, want to stabilize the situation in Dongyang City, naturally need this Dongyang City chaos.

The entire city of Dongyang looks like a pool of water, the surface is calm, but in fact is the undercurrents, both the northern and southern forces want to take control of this important territory on the border between the north and south in their own hands, so now need someone to muddy the pool of water, then there will be pressed people want to jump out, then he will know what to do next.

Ten minutes later, Han Zifeng called a group of punks, and a group of them went in a great hurry towards one of the biggest entertainment places under the Skywolf Gang.

Most of these punks who followed Han Zifeng were oppressed by the Skywolf Gang, so when they heard that they were going to smash the Skywolf Gang's venue, they all acted like they had taken a stimulant.

At first, Qin Tian did not want Han Yingying to take this trip, who knows he simply could not argue with this woman, can only let her follow him.

A beautiful woman, plus a group of gangsters, walking on the road are a bit eye-catching.

"Who are you people? What are you doing here?" A group of people just walked to the Wind and Moon Club, the security guards outside the door became alert, only to be greeted by two heavy punches from Han Zifeng.

"Laozi came to smash the venue, the grandson of the Sky Wolf Gang wash your ass and wait for the little master." After a heavy punch, Han Zifeng stamped two feet on the bodies of two security guards respectively outside the door and strode in.

"Someone is smashing the venue, brothers fuck guys." The people in the club were not slow to respond, a large group of people quickly gathered, and each of them had iron bars shaking in their hands.

The people in the club saw that the situation was not good and ran out, they did not want to be affected by the fish in the pond.

"Han Zifeng, you dare to come here to cause trouble, today you come here and don't leave again."

The leader of the Wind and Moon Club saw Han Zifeng and gnashed his teeth with hatred, a scar on his face was thanks to Han Zifeng, today Han Zifeng dared to come to the Wolf Gang to cause trouble, simply did not know how to live or die.

"This kind of place I can come and go whenever I want, but today I am here to smash the field, not to play with you."

Han Zifeng didn't have half a good feeling towards the Skywolf Gang, if he wasn't worried that the Skywolf Gang's connections would endanger his family, he could uproot the Skywolf Gang by himself.

After saying that, the iron bar in Han Zifeng's hand had already smashed heavily on the glass of the Wind Moon Club, and instantly, the glass was smashed to pieces.

After Han Zifeng did it, these punks behind him also started to move, they usually do not dare to provoke the Wolf Gang, if Han Zifeng did not take the lead, give them the courage not to come to smash the Wolf Gang's field, but this stick smashing down really fucking comfortable.

"Han Zifeng, I think you are tired of living, give me cut, cut him a knife 100,000!" The scar man did not expect Han Zifeng really dare to smash, the whole face is gloomy down, and heard his order, the Wind Moon Club people all rushed over, even if they are afraid of Han Zifeng, but the temptation of 100,000 yuan is too tempting.

The people are enough for me to fight alone?

I don't know when, Han Zifeng's hand has more than a green dagger, and this dagger on the moving green light, so many people rushed up a shiver.

A flash of his body, Han Zifeng has rushed into the crowd, and his dagger every swing, there will be a line of blood across.

Qin Tian retreated to the side, and did not mean to go forward to help, with Han Zifeng's strength, these punks simply can not get close to him.

"Brother Qin, Zifeng will be okay, right?" Han Yingying leaned close to Qin Tian, a pair of beautiful eyes did not even dare to look at the crowd, she had never been exposed to such a life, the scene in front of her naturally made it a little difficult to accept.

"Don't worry, I don't want anything to happen to this cheap brother-in-law of mine." Although Qin Tian did not make a move, he kept an eye on Han Zifeng, if anything happened to this kid, he would be the first to make a move.

"Big brother Qin, why are you talking nonsense too." Han Yingying's face once again reddened, making Qin Tian have the urge to go up and bite a bite.

"Yingying, do you still think that big brother Qin is a good person now?" Qin Tian shook his head with a bitter smile, didn't this nee-san know that it was easy for people to commit crimes with such a delicate appearance of hers?

"I believe that big brother Qin must be a good person." Although Han Yingying did not know why Qin Tian brought his brother here, but since the Luan Yue Club Qin Tian helped her, in her heart has left a figure that can not be erased.

"Good people?" Qin Tian paused, his expression had a few subtle changes, he never considered himself a good person, at least in many people's opinion Qin Tian and good people at all, but Han Yingying so believe him, but still let his heart a few more warm feelings.

In a few minutes' time, Han Zifeng had already taken down all the people from the Wind and Moon Club, and his body had a few more obvious blood marks, and his steps became a little weak, but even so, the corner of Han Zifeng's mouth raised an arc.

"I'll see who dares to spread wildness in my Thunder Tiger's territory, my Skywolf Gang's field is not just smashed by anyone who wants to smash it."

At this time, a messy footsteps sounded, and hundreds of people in black barged into the Wind Moon Club, surrounding the entrance.

A man with a big belly walked in, this man is the boss of the Wolf Gang, Lei Tiger!