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Chapter 21: Underground Black Boxing

Not long after hanging up the phone, Qin Tian appeared at the Dynasty Club in Chu Yunyan's red Cayenne, and he noticed Han Yingying standing at the door at a glance.

"Brother Qin, you're here." Han Yingying saw Qin Tian as if she had seen a savior, although she and Qin Tian had only met once, but there was a kind of trust in this man from the bottom of her heart.

So when she encountered difficulties, the first person she thought of was Qin Tian.

"Why did you come to this kind of place, did you encounter any difficulties." Qin Tian had heard of the Dynasty Club, which was ostensibly an entertainment and leisure club, but in reality was an underground black boxing casino, he did not know how a weak woman like Han Yingying could come to such a place.

"Brother Qin, you must help me, my brother was detained by the people here, saying that I should get money to ransom him, or they will take his life."

Han Yingying looked like she had grabbed the straw that saved her life, her jade hand clasped Qin Tian's arm tightly, her vermilion lips biting lightly, looking churlish and pitiful.

She could only hope that Qin Tian could help her now, otherwise she simply had no other way to save her brother.

"Speak slowly, what is going on?" Qin Tian frowned for a moment and asked.

"Mom's health has been bad, so my brother came out to boxing to supplement the family, but he suddenly did not come home yesterday, I woke up this morning when I received a call."

Han Yingying said, tears flowed down her pretty face.

"I'll go in with you, don't worry, it will be fine." Qin Tian vaguely understood why Han Yingying's brother was detained, in this gray nature of the underground boxing ring to fight for money, is not too simple to think.

Enter the club, Qin Tian two people were led to the underground boxing ring, heard the underground boxing ring crazy commotion, Qin Tian can not help but shake his head, come here are mostly more depressed in life or people who like excitement and blood, of course, do not exclude some want to make money by blocking boxing, only the biggest beneficiaries of this underground boxing ring or the manipulator behind the scenes.

Han Yingying, after all, is the first time to this kind of place, the whole body unconsciously hanging on Qin Tian, feel the strange touch on the arm, Qin Tian immediately have a kind of blood spurting feeling.

Han Yingying originally belonged to the rare beauty, plus at this time because of the atmosphere of the underground boxing ring and red face, but also very attractive.

As if feeling Qin Tian's hot eyes, Han Yingying immediately let go of her hand, but because of the magnitude of the action is relatively large, a snow-white skin all exposed in Qin Tian's sight.

"Brother Qin, you still look ......"

Han Yingying face a blush, the pair of good-looking eyes do not dare and Qin Tian have a moment to look at.

"Cough cough, accident accident, or first do the business!" Qin Tian pressed down the evil fire running in his body, he did not want to be mistaken by Han Yingying as a pervert.

"But we don't even know where our brother is now, how can we find him?"

"What did that person say when he called you earlier?" Qin Tian asked.

"He said that he told me to bring money to the Dynasty Club and that he would naturally contact me when the time came." Han Yingying told the two of them what they had talked about.

"We are here to save people, not to ransom them, there is no need to wait for their call."

"But ......" Han Yingying was still a little worried, she didn't want her brother to have any accidents.

"Believe me, since I promised to help you, I will definitely bring your brother out safely and securely."

Qin Tian always had a smile on his face, and Han Yingying's heart only slightly settled down.

Soon the two arrived at the back of the underground boxing ring, but without waiting for Qin Tian to speak, three security guards stopped them.

"We're here to register for the underground boxing ring." Qin Tian said without moving his voice, and the three security guards looked at each other and let the two walk past.

"Brother Qin, you're crazy, how can you participate in a tournament in an underground boxing ring, this place is full of outlaws, if I had known that my brother was coming to this kind of place to fight, I would not have agreed."

Following Qin Tian into the back field, Han Yingying reacted with hindsight and then had a few more worried looks on her face.

"If I wasn't sure, how could I do this, are you worried about me getting hurt?"

Qin Tian smiled playfully, with an indescribable frivolity in his expression.

"Hmm!" Qin Tian originally thought that this girl would be shy and stop paying attention to him, but who knew that Han Yingying nodded her head gently.

"Don't worry, I'm very capable." Qin Tian said comfortingly, but how did this sound so awkward.

There was a middle-aged man sitting in the back field where the registration was held, and he didn't even look up when he saw Qin Tian appear.

"Sign the agreement, win one five thousand, lose nothing, dead or alive has nothing to do with the underground boxing ring!"

"Good, I wonder when I can be scheduled to play." Qin Tian did not even look at it, directly signed the agreement, he is not here to make money, the reason why he signed up for the ring is just to lure the boss of the underground boxing ring out.

"Young man, you are quite painful, get ready, the next fight will be your turn."

Seeing Qin Tian not dragging his feet in the slightest, the middle-aged man only lifted his head.

"Then, thank you boss." Qin Tian didn't stay much longer and walked out with Han Yingying.

"Another one who is not afraid of death, really think the money is so easy to earn, that murder king on the field has already taken out a dozen people, no one dares to sign up at this time, this guy really knows how to run into the gun."

The middle-aged man recited a sentence and arranged the next game by the way, of course, he did not forget to put tens of thousands of dollars on the King of Killers, even if the odds of the King of Killers are relatively small, but tens of thousands of dollars can always earn about 10,000.

"Next, we welcome the new fighter Qin Tian, against our fifteen-win King of Killers, our King of Killers has decimated fifteen people in a row, none of the fighters in his hands survived, I don't know if this time the King of Killers will keep his winning streak or be ended, we'll see!"

It must be said that the words of the host of the underground boxing ring were indeed very inciting, and the whole ring resounded with hot cheers, the King of Killers had already won fifteen matches in a row, and his hands were very bloody, and each match kept stimulating their nerves, until now their throats were about to smoke.

"Brother Qin, you must be more careful, if anything happens to you, I will definitely feel guilty for the rest of my life."

Han Yingying in the back field saw Qin Tian walk onto the stage, a heart already pounding in her throat, in case Qin Tian had a little accident, she would definitely not forgive herself.

With a burst of cheers, Qin Tian and the King of Killers stepped into the ring at the same time, but looking at Qin Tian's handsome but slightly thin side face, everyone was disappointed that this match was not even the slightest bit suspenseful.

"Little brother, my sister will take care of you, and I guarantee that you will be comfortable and won't have to fight in a place like this."

I don't know which woman shouted from below, a few black lines instantly appeared on Qin Tian's forehead, damn, do I look like a kaiju?

"Look at you about to get fat into a pig, just like you men will vomit when they look at it, little brother or follow me, as long as you make me comfortable, you have what you want."

Another woman came forward, the two have not yet begun to fight, the scene has become chaotic.

Of course, once the two women made a scene, the men on the floor were not happy and began to howl, "Kill the King to finish him, Kill the King to finish him!"

Many people have begun to bet madly, this situation the odds of killing the king although less, but the mosquito is small is still meat ah, as for Qin Tian's side of the odds rose directly to a very appalling figure.

At this time, a box on the second floor of the underground boxing arena, Meng Yifan and a few playboys staring straight at the ring, originally they wanted to come to have fun, who knew they would run into Qin Tian in this place.

"Xiao Wu, bet me one million!" Meng Yifan's eyes glowed as if there was a beautiful woman standing in front of him.

"Pressing the King of Killers?"

"Press your paralysis, press me Qin Tian, don't blame me for not reminding you, press as much money as you have on you, you will never lose."

Meng Yifan kicked over, if he wanted to press the King of Killers, he would have placed a bet just now.

"No way, press that guy? Meng young ......"

"Don't be a grinder, if you delay my good deed, I'll make you eat your words." Meng Yifan glared at Xiao Wu, these little brats don't know the power of Qin Tian, but he is very clear.

In the ring, Qin Tian was not panicking, he believed that as long as he won this boxing match, the people from the underground boxing ring would definitely look for him, and then it would be much easier to help Han Yingying find her brother.

"You're lucky to be the sixteenth person to die by my hand!" While Qin Tian was not panicking, the King of Killers was already sitting up, no fighter had ever dared to ignore him so much after coming up.

Grinning, the King of Killers revealed his mouth full of yellow teeth, and he had already made his move without waiting for the host to announce the start.

"Idiot!" The corner of Qin Tian's mouth raised, and almost at the same time as the King of Killers struck, he drew his leg and whipped out.


The two forces collided, and just when everyone thought that Qin Tian would be blown down by the Murder King's punch, the scene in front of them immediately made their mouths open wide.

In everyone's sight, the body of the King of Killers traced a curve in mid-air and hit the floor heavily when it landed again, even the ground trembled viciously.

It's over just like that?

Everyone's brain has short-circuited, this is only a few seconds of work, the 15-game winning streak of the King of Killers surprisingly like a dead dog lying on the ground, this before and after the gap really let them some acceptance.

"Fuck, but also the fucking King of Killers, I think it is the King of the Dead, you return my 10,000 yuan."

"Ten thousand dollars you also have the nerve to say, the old man this time loss to the basilisk!" The scene suddenly stirred up, after all, the previous performance of the King of Killers was too bright, so many people put their money on the King of Killers.

"This one, our newcomer boxing king Qin Tian wins!" The host also froze for close to half a minute, and only slowly reacted when he heard the cluttered voices under the arena.

Qin Tian did not bother to care about the wailing crowd under the ring, and was quickly taken down by the people of the underground boxing ring, without thinking, the people of this underground boxing ring must have noticed him, fifteen consecutive victories of the King of Killers in the hands of Qin Tian could not last one move, even if the people of the underground boxing ring did not pay attention to him.