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Chapter 18: Who are you to control me

Entering the dance floor, Chu Yunyan was obviously much more restrained, especially because someone kept moving his hands and feet, which made her have a feeling that her heart was racing.

"Bastard, be decent!"

Chu Yunyan glared at Qin Tian, wanting to bite on this bastard's strange hand, and this bastard took advantage of it, but also stared at her with a bad smile.

"Am I immodest?" Qin Tian had a moralistic smile expression, if Chu Yunyan did not know this bastard well, almost be deceived by his appearance.

As the lights flickered, Qin Tian's hands were not only confined to Chu Yunyan's slender waist, but also began to move downward.


Only, before Qin Tian could touch it, he suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air, because Chu Yunyan's right foot that was on high heels had stepped on the back of his foot fiercely.

"Holy shit, are you going to murder your own husband?" Unguarded by Chu Yunyan yin, Qin Tian bared his teeth and shouted, fortunately the surrounding noises were noisy, and no one noticed them.

"Serves you right, who made you dishonest!"

Chu Yunyan was still haunted by what had just happened, but seeing Qin Tian's pained expression, she softened her heart.

"Can you blame me for that? I'm afraid that any other man wouldn't be able to resist Yunyan's temptation!" Qin Tian cried, fiercely pitiful skimmed his mouth.

"A bad stomach, if you dare to move your hands and feet again, believe it or not, I will scrap all four of your legs."

Chu Yunyan's pretty face rarely became shy and red, if people saw the big beauty Chu's pouting appearance, I wonder how many men would be painfully upset.

"Anyway, I still have a fifth leg to use." Qin Tian said playfully.

"Get lost!" Chu Yunyan finally did not feel calm anymore and coldly flung a word to Qin Tian.

After the song, Qin Tian and Chu Yunyan walked out from the center of the dance floor, Chu beauty was fine, but the back of Qin Tian's foot was already swollen.

Qin Tian looked at the big beautiful woman, but Chu Yunyan did not pay attention to him, which made Qin Tian very unhappy, not just a little advantage, this woman is too harsh.

"Little Tianzi, come over here, sister Zi Xin wants you to accompany her for a dance!" Just when Qin Tian was quite depressed, behind him came the voice of that little devil girl Ye Qian Qian.

Qin Tian was stunned, and only then did he put his attention on Goddess Mu, and at this time, Goddess Mu's side was already standing full of people.

Although Mu Zixin is known as the iceberg beauty, but there will always be some flies who feel good about themselves want to pounce, after all, hold the beauty, these people will wake up laughing in their dreams, to know that as one of the four beautiful women of Dongyang City Mu Zixin is not just a vase.

This time Qin Tian also can not care about foot pain, whoosh ran over, as the goddess Mu's full-time bodyguard, how can not at this time stand up for it?

The first thing you need to do is to get to the front of Mu Zi Xin, Qin Tian obviously felt the hostility of those people, but these people are not happy with him, even if Goddess Mu wants to dance only with him, he still wants to have a close and hot dance with Goddess Mu.

Seeing Qin Tian appear in front of him, Mu Zi Xin's expression changed slightly, and Qin Tian was also at this time very elegantly extended his right hand, "General Mu, can I have the honor to ask you to dance?"

Qin Tian's side of the movement naturally attracted the attention of many people, but many people are showing a very disdainful expression, because Mu Zixin has attended such occasions more than once, but no one has ever seen Mu Zixin and who danced.

The thought of the embarrassing scenes that Qin Tian might encounter later on raised an inexplicable sense of pleasure in some people's hearts.

"Doesn't this bastard know that General Mu never dances with anyone?" Chu Yunyan quietly looked at Qin Tian, not knowing why, once Qin Tian left, her heart had a strong sense of loss.

Mu Zi Xin's psychology was a bit complicated, but seeing Qin Tian's sincere smile, she could not find any reason to refuse for a while.

Qin Tian could not let go of such a good opportunity, taking advantage of Mu Zi Xin slightly lost in thought, he has taken the pair of jade hands that countless men are fascinated by.

The two people naturally slipped into the dance floor, even some people have not yet completely back to the goddess Mu was taken away?

A piece of heartbreak sounded one after another, those men who previously surrounded Mu Zi Xin became dumbfounded, the original goddess Mu like to dominate a little more direct.

The first thing you need to do is to take your hand into the dance floor, Mu Zi Xin has a kind of light feeling, until Qin Tian hand covering her soft waist, her look only a little bit to recover.

"Take it easy, don't be nervous!"

Qin Tian obviously felt Mu Zixin's delicate body stiffen for a moment, unlike the close and hot dance with Chu Yunyan, his palms unconsciously broke out in a fine sweat.

"Hands are not allowed to move." Mu Zi Xin is indeed a little nervous, this is her first time to have such intimate contact with a man, but at this time she can not afford any resistance to Qin Tian.

Looking at Qin Tian's face elegant smile and impeccable dance steps, Mu Zi Xin was a little surprised, the man in front of him is still the frivolous bastard? And is this bastard really as simple as he appears?

Only, this thought just appeared not long after, Mu Zi Xin's inexplicable good feeling towards Qin Tian plummeted as she felt her body suddenly stiffen.

"Bastard, what are you doing?" Mu Zi Xin blushed as red as a ripe peach, and her entire body twisted very unnaturally.

Can I be blamed for this? Qin Tian laughed bitterly, and several black lines sprang up on his forehead with it.

It was hard to stay up until the evil fire was forcibly suppressed, and Qin Tian found that Mu Zi Xin was about to spew fire from those beautiful eyes of his.

"It's really none of my business, this is a normal reaction." Qin Tian explained.

"Pervert!" Mu Zi Xin would not listen to Qin Tian's explanation, this bastard was simply rogue to the core.

I'm fucked!

Qin Tian's heart wailed, said the good close to the hot dance? The promised to hold the beauty back? The whole fucking thing went down the drain!

From the angle of the dance floor outside, naturally can not see Qin Tian that embarrassing scene, Chu Yunyan looked at the two swaying body, can not help but lightly bite the tempting red lips.

Although Chu Yunyan is not clear what relationship between Qin Tian and Mu Zi Xin in the end, but from Mu Zi Xin agreed to Qin Tian's invitation it is not difficult to see that there must be a secret between the two that she does not know.

"Yunyan, isn't that guy your dance partner? Why is he hugging another woman now?" While Chu Yunyan was still pondering, Zhao Lin appeared from nowhere, and his face was covered with a gloomy smile.

"Excellent men will always have many women around them, is there any doubt about that?" Chu Yunyan smiled, her quiet appearance causing the corners of Zhao Lin's eyes to shrink fiercely.

"Oh, is that so?" Zhao Lin said with a leathery smile, "But don't you forget that you are now my Zhao Lin's fiancee!"

"Zhao Lin, just give up your heart, I won't have the slightest possibility with you." Chu Yunyan's jade hand clenched up tightly, but when she thought of the marriage contract that was bound to her, she had a feeling of powerlessness.

"Don't worry, sooner or later you will obediently become my woman, it was my mistake to let you go last time, but it won't be so easy next time."

Zhao Lin looked at Chu Yunyan's delicate body trembled lightly, the corner of his mouth raised a curve, no matter how this woman struggled still could not escape his palm.

"You shameless." Although Chu Yunyan had long guessed that the last drugging was done by Zhao Lin, but hearing Zhao Lin's own admission, a surge of anger still came up.

"How can this be considered shameless? After all, you will become my woman sooner or later." Zhao Lin let out a lewd laugh, and his gaze towards Chu Yunyan became unscrupulous.

"Put your paralyzing fart, if you don't want to be like Song Hai, that fatalist, get out of my sight!"

Just when Chu Yunyan's eyebrows were locked, Qin Tian's voice came out abruptly, after leaving the dance floor with Goddess Mu Qin Tian hurriedly escaped, just at this time he saw a fly that was pestering Chu Yunyan.

"Qin Tian, your mouth better be clean, and don't compare me with Song Hai." Zhao Lin frowned, his face became very ugly, although the Zhao family's industry was not in Dongyang, but his Zhao Lin's identity was not comparable to a Song Hai.

"You bite me?" Qin Tian raised his eyebrows, and his smile was very playful.

"Humph, don't think that you can run wild just because someone is sheltering you, leaving this Clear Moon Club, you are nothing!"

Zhao Lin forced to resist the impulse, coldly grunted and threw his hands away, as for the strong threatening meaning in those words, Qin Tian took him as a fart.

At this time, the ball is gradually approaching the end, but Chu Yunyan's mood seems to be very low, unknowingly several glasses of red wine has been poured down.

"Stop drinking!" Even if Qin Tian didn't hear what Zhao Lin, that bogeyman, said, he had vaguely guessed the reason why Chu Yunyan was in a bad mood, but at this time he didn't know what to do.

"Who are you to control me?" Chu Yunyan's voice was still icy cold, perhaps because she had drunk too much, her fair face actually had a few more flirtatious smiles.

"Does this still need a reason?" Qin Tian was amused for a while, he did not expect that Chu Yunyan's drinking capacity would be so small.

Chu Yunyan froze for a moment and surprisingly did not retort.

The curtain came down on the ball, the hall slowly walked out, when Feng Feng passed by Qin Tian deliberately winked at him, the meaning was naturally very obvious.

Even Meng Yifan also cast a kindly glance at this man Qin Tian is not at all disgusted, at least in Meng Yifan's body there is no kind of dude's pomp and arrogance.

But looking at the drunk Chu Yunyan, Qin Tian is a bit of a headache, he can not guarantee that sending such an attractive beauty home will not happen something!