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Chapter 17: Can you dance with me?

"Damn, how dare you touch the woman of the third young man Song, I think you are impatient to live!"

Several people pushed and shouted and quickly surrounded Qin Tian in the middle, while Song Hai also moved two steps forward with a gloomy face.

Song Hai originally wanted the woman to get Qin Tian into bed first, who knew that Qin Tian did not take the bait, since this is the case, then he could only do it now, anyway, his purpose is to make Qin Tian make a fool of himself in front of Mu Zi Xin.

When a group of people made such a scene, everyone's eyes shifted over, but when they saw that the main character was Qin Tian, their faces immediately became gloating.

Who let Qin Tian make such a big splash all by himself, making some people's psyche become unbalanced.

"This pervert actually made a move on me, I disagreed and he even splashed me with red wine, everyone has to comment."

The demon woman saw Song Hai not far away winked at her and immediately cried out, this was originally a bureau set up by Song Hai, in the demon woman's opinion, offended the Song family's third youngest, this little white boy will certainly not have any good end.

Qin Tian was shaking the goblet in his hand, not saying a word, this little trick is really a bit too clumsy, from the moment this woman appeared he already guessed that someone wanted to find him in trouble.

"Little white boy, don't think that if you don't talk, there's nothing for you, if you don't give an honest account today, believe it or not we can make you have something less on you."

Seeing that Qin Tian was unmoved, a dude frowned, and then slapped Qin Tian's shoulder as hard as he could.

"Take your hand away, or I won't guarantee that this hand will still be on you."

Qin Tian's face was slightly cold, if not for the many people here, this man's hand would have been broken.

"You're arrogant, I want to see if you can still be arrogant later, give me a fight!" The dude waved his hand, and several other people directly pounced towards Qin Tian.

Snap! After several people pounced on him, several crisp slaps sounded, and then, the two people at the front were smacked out.

Qin Tian leaped up, his right leg was like an iron whip, a man fell to the ground, his head hit the ground hard, crimson blood flowed down the side of his face.

These people are no punks, when have they ever seen such a violent scene, seeing Qin Tian strike without leaving any room for error, their legs were scared soft.

The corner of Song Hai's eyes twitched fiercely, he knew that Qin Tian's strength was not bad, but did not think that Qin Tian really dared to make a move at the Clear Moon Villa, was he not afraid at all?

The heart is still thinking, Song Hai suddenly felt a cold air emerge from his back, just raised his head and saw Qin Tian walking head-on.

"You, what do you want?" Song Hai's scalp tingled, even his seven or eight little brothers were easily solved by Qin Tian, what capital did he still have to be arrogant in front of Qin Tian.

"Next time you use such tricks, you'd better change to a beautiful woman, got it? Are you insulting Laozi's aesthetics?"

In the crowd's astonished gaze, Qin Tian threw a slap over, and half of Song Hai's face instantly swelled up, and even his eyes became unbelievable.

"How dare you fucking hit me ......" Being thrown a slap on such an occasion, Song Hai was completely furious.

"Slap!" Just before he finished cursing, another slap came over!

"Your mother ......"


"You ......"


As long as Song Hai opened his mouth, Qin Tian was a slap, in the end, Song Hai's whole face was beaten into a pig's head, the magnitude of the swelling high so that people can not help but shiver when they look at it.

"Little bastard, you dare to hit young Song, you just wait to eat jail time." The demure woman slowly snapped out of her shock and her first reaction was to break into a cussing fit.

Once she opened her mouth, many people looked at her with pity, a woman can be stupid, but never stupid.

"I've never been too fond of making a move on a woman!" The corners of Qin Tian's eyes narrowed into a thin line, and kicked out as the demure woman stood up from her seat.

"But do you look like a woman?" Mori's voice was flooded with cool air, Qin Tian's hands were already paying enough attention, this woman would just be in bed for ten days and a half months at most.

Not far away, Meng Yifan, the body trembled hard, just a moment ago he felt from Qin Tian's body a cold killing aura, even if he has honed in the special forces for so long, in front of this killing aura still felt a coldness in the hands and feet.

"Who is causing trouble in the Clear Moon Villa!" At this time, a dozen of black-clad bodyguards barged in, and from their solid steps Qin Tian could tell that the strength of these bodyguards was not weaker than that Meng Yifan, and he couldn't help but be a little more curious about the Clear Moon Villa.

"It's him, he hit young Song, you guys hurry up and arrest him!" One of the people who did it before saw the people of the Clear Moon Villa appear, and immediately came to the bottom, no matter what Qin Tian's identity is, he dared to hit someone in this Clear Moon Villa, he will definitely eat his words.

"Catch you paralyzed, throw these people out to me." A leader among the black-clothed bodyguards said, before a few playboys understood what was going on, they were carried out like chickens by the black-clothed bodyguards.

"Young Qin, you're not in shock, right!" After a few people were carried out, the leading bodyguard came over, but his expression looked very respectful.

"It's fine, except that looking at this Third Young Song is still a bit of an eyesore." Qin Tian froze for a moment, not quite understanding what kind of plane this Clear Moon Villa was up to.

"What are you still waiting for, young Qin has given the word, throw this one out too." The leading bodyguard thought nothing of it and ordered to the remaining two.

"You ......" Song Hai opened his mouth, blood flowed down the corners of his mouth, but even if he struggled again, he could not escape the fate of being carried out by two people.

"What else does young Qin have to say?" The lead bodyguard once again looked at Qin Tian, his face still covered with a smile.

"No more for now." After Qin Tian swept around, he found that many people looked at him with changed eyes, and then he got an egg on his face, he didn't want to be so high profile.

"Then young Qin have fun." The lead bodyguard retreated, but in his heart, he condoled the ancestors of those people in Songhai, who dared to mess with the people that Butler An specifically explained to take care of, and almost even they lost their jobs by this group of bogeymen.

Including the bewitching woman were pulled out, Qin Tian's ears were immediately quiet.

The entire hall quickly recovered, but many people have grown a heart, Qin Tian is certainly not as simple as it seems, even the people of the Clear Moon Villa to him, it can only mean that the latter's identity is several notches higher than that Song Hai.

Some of the women dressed up in fancy clothes have turned their targets to Qin Tian, to be able to get involved with the Clear Moon Villa and so young, naturally there are many young ladies want to lean on.

Only before they could make a move, they saw that Chu Yunyan had somehow appeared beside Qin Tian, and these people were immediately discouraged, although they were quite confident in their own looks and body, but they were still a few points behind compared to Chu Yunyan.

"Hey, hey, what? It's only been a short time since we've seen each other, and Yunyan misses me!"

At this time, someone is staring at Chu beauty with a cheap smile, after a few glasses of red wine down Chu Yunyan, face climbed a touch of moving red, looks very tempting, the key is to see Chu Yunyan that charming face, Qin Tian can not help but think of a while ago the two entwined.

"Bastard, can't you be more decent?" Chu Yunyan fiercely glared at Qin Tian, just now when several people did it her heart was already in her throat, this bastard is still acting like nothing is wrong now.

"I'm already very decent, and you've seen me at my most immodest!"

"Pervert!" Chu Yunyan froze for a moment and quickly understood the meaning of Qin Tian's words, and most importantly, Qin Tian's arm actually unconsciously slid up to her waist once again.

"Pay attention, I was pulled by you to be a shield, always show a little intimacy." Ring on that soft waist, Qin Tian comfortably moaned, Chu Yunyan rolled her eyes, very much want to give this bastard a kick.

"Have you seen your due north, that man wearing glasses is Song Hai's second brother, you just hit his brother, you should be careful to watch out for him."

Following Chu Yunyan's gaze, Qin Tian couldn't help but take an extra look at the man wearing glasses, seeing Song Hai beaten into a pig's head and still able to talk and laugh so much, it seems that this Song Tianming is not an ordinary person.

"Are you worried about me?" The line of sight did not stay long before Qin Tian withdrew, no matter what this Song Tianming is, it is best not to mess with him, he is not a good man or woman.

"I just don't want you to invite any trouble in a rare way." Chu Yunyan lazy to pay attention to Qin Tian, this bastard eyes in addition to women I'm afraid there is no other thing.

Soon, the lights in the hall dimmed, Qin Tian's eyebrows raised, this ball was finally about to start.

"Thank you all for coming to the Clear Moon Villa ball, I hope you can have fun today." The lights once again enveloped the entire hall, only this time the lights became even more dynamic and dazzling.

"I can't believe Miss Yi didn't show up, I thought this time the ball would be hosted by Miss Yi!"

"Yes, yes, it seems that this time we are not blessed." There was a chatter from the crowd, sounding a bit disappointed, but it didn't seem to dampen their enthusiasm.

The whole hall became lively, although this time the ball is accompanied by the business nature, but some people also take this ball as a good place to hunt for sex, after all, can attend the ball are very high status people.

"Yun Yan, can I ask you to dance?" The ball had just started when a voice came to Qin Tian's ears.

A person elegantly walked over from the back, it was Zhao Lin, only at this time Zhao Lin's face was not as gloomy as before, instead, his smile was very soft.

"Sorry, I have a dance partner!" Chu Yunyan frowned in annoyance, turned around and smiled like a flower and rushed at Qin Tian, "Qin Tian, can you accompany me for a dance?"

"Happy to accompany!" Qin Tian stood up naturally, without even looking at Zhao Lin, the two of them slid into the dance floor.

Seeing the two walk away intimately, Zhao Lin's elegant smile instantly disappeared without a trace, and this naked smack in the face made his whole face gloomy.